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Furtopia button for websites?

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Link buttons: That may be something we have a difference of opinion on.  Furtopia does not require a link back to the main page/Furtopia.  So any graphic that links back here is a courtesy given IMO.  I have no problem with it.  Having a closely themed banner available would be nice.  I was offering you a paw to help if you could and not to shut you up.

The Furtopia web site CAN see room for improvement.  That has been mine and Kada's decision for many months.  Site layout/design "is" open to change.  But as the original creators we will have final say on look and feel.  But we will try and be fair to others opinions/points of view.  We have been requesting examples from furs who have offered to help.  I understand my opinions are just those with there own strengths and weaknesses.  To help speed things along as far as updates to design I will request examples and an "open" discussion from the staff.  The pool of ideas and discussion Kada will eventually put into the main site design.

On Chaz: Chaz wanted to see the main site changed and asked if he could do anything to help.  We agreed improvements could/should be made.  He agreed to help me on this but moved before he was finished.  Us busy with work and projects we were not expecting his situation or time away.  In any case before his move I was having almost daily conversations with him.  We were to pick up with his ideas after he got back.  We were not aware of his grievance.  But since this project and all submissions will now be open discussion to staff discussion I feel this should help remedy this problem.

My use of "coolest" at near the bottom of the post was to imply the bridging of two camps of thought.

As far as my final post it was not meant to anger you.  I know this issue is a past grievance of yours.  I thought of adding it to my previous post.  But I felt do to the mood/length of the previous post a fresh start would be better.  Especially a post trying to encourage a fresh start and participation.  As common courtesy to you DrakonianDancer and for the finer points of netiquette.  I will combine my post and delete the second post.

Again I would like to appologise to Kada-Ru and WhiteShepherd.

I am sorry for my comments before. I have just found out that some of my emails did not reach the intended recipeant and so I did not get the answer.

Both WhiteShepherd and Kada-Ru have put alot into making this a great place for us all and I wish them all the best in the future.

Okay I am leaving this topic now before I put any more feet in my mouth.

Chaz Ravenwolf

Sorry to have upset some great furs and frends becouse of overreacting..


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