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Richard Smith:
As always, the topic says it all. I have a kid at my school who spends all his time downloading anime, which he then burns for me onto CD, so I'm looking for some good series. 'Good' meaning 'with at least one furry character' in most cases. So, I'm trying to compile a sort of list of furry or semi-furry anime to watch. So far I've seen these (all of which are good, in case any of you are in need of something to watch)

Inu-Yasha (Lotta animal-demon thingies)
Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto (Kitties!
Naruto (Fox-demon thingy)
Star Ocean EX (Well... it has Leon the cat-eared dude...)
Hack/Sign (Wierd cat-thingy)
Noir (One episode with a wierd cat thing)
Cowboy Beebop (Super-intelligent dog!
Flame of Recca (Erm... fight-refs with animal ears and tails...)
Princess Mononoke (Wolves... monkeys... boars...)

And that's about it... any help on other such series would be greatly appreciated.

Hyper Police (Catgirl, kitsune, wolves, etc.)
Yu Yu Hakusho (No main chars, but features a quite a few every now and then)
Dragon Ball (monkeyboys, other furs all over the place)
Escaflownes(sp?) (Catgirl... Again)
Please Save My Earth (Kyaa!

Spirited Away has some anthro animal characters in it, plus an Eastern style dragon.

Dragon Ball Z? I'm no big fan of it but it has some anthro chars, non of which are featured, more like background chars. But they have cats, pandas, dogs, bears. Mostly the helpless people in the back ground.

Maybe not your sort of thing, but series such as 'Pok√©mon', 'Digimon', 'Monster Rancher', and even 'Flint the Time Detective' have a number of anthro creatures in them.  I'd recomend them all, apart from 'Flint the Time Detective', really.  Many dismiss these series as silly kids' programmes, but I personally think they're wonderful.

Some episodes of the different 'Tenchi' series, and at least one of the movies, feature an anthro lion who works as part of the space police.

Other than that, and the ones that have already been mentioned, I cannot think of any more.  On a related note, a while ago, I started collecting names of anime series and movies that feature Dragons in.  Due to my location, we don't get much anime here at all, and so the likelyness of me actually seeing any of them is slim.  Here's the list I got, anyway.

Dragon League
Dragon Drive
Dragon Century
Dragon Chronicle
Dragon Half
Dragon Pink
Dragon Rider
Spirited Away
Record of Lodess War
Dragonknight 4


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