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A picture to start this ball rolling!

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This photo is of a rainbow that was behind the fish house on Jan. 16th 2003. We were getting ready to leave for the day and WS pointed it out to me so I grabbed the camers before it disappeard and it was just fabulous!

glowing rainbow

VERY cool stuff.  
Really beautiful shots.  

Thanks for starting this section BTW.  
I'm a bit of a photographer myself and I'm looking forward to seeing s'more great stuff on here.  

I'm actually taking it at school and slowly getting the hang of things (though the developing process can be frustrating at times    ).  But I'm really enjoying it now and it's proving to be very rewarding.  

Heres 3 of my piccys. All are of my aunts horses
1. Bay grazing is Rebel 18 at the time her ex barrelracing champion. He passed away last year at 23.

2. Looking back is Cajun on of her home bred babys. Mom is a golden sorrel QH dad is a leopard appy. I had just said his name and he looked back at me.

3.Sleepy is Baby another homebred baby. Her mama is a pinto shetland and dad is leopard appy. Shes Cajuns half sister. Yes he is marked with patches and spots.


Those are wonderful horse pics, Savaaha! (smiles)

I especially like Baby. I love uncommon markings. (smiles)

Rukan Hisashi:
*puts fingers together and taps them a bit.* umm... am I ever gonna get that story forum that I so kindly and meekly requested?

I do lurve the pics. Great job on all of them.


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