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Shedding the Human Form

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During the last topic I posted up here, I've had many responses all of the greatfully recieved and I will respond t othat as well, however for some reason something that was said suddenly kicked my brain into action and I htought I would share a bit of it with you

"Some things we just have to deal with because we are humans by birth. Scary thought but can't change it now. (At least I haven't found a way as yet and I don't think any one else has either.)"

Call me sad, I don't care, but for a while now I have been having discussions with a therianthrope of mine and we started to come up with a method for PHYSICALLY shifting from human to, well in this case, wolf.  

You see (I am not a professor of biology so I may get this wrong), there is actually a THEORETICAL possibility that physical shifting could happen.  I know that there are a few on the boards that don't like science that much so I won't go into it unless I'm asked to but I thhought it would just be interesting to point it out.

I know that there are those out there that can physically shift (I don't wish to step on anyone's toes here) however, I just htought it was an interesting fact.

The process would require hospitalisation and would be ireversible and a lot of energy would be expended so a large amount of carbohydrates would be needed and fats, but it could ALMOST work.

It could "almost" work?
How close to working is that, and what's the consequence of it "almost" working?
Curious big cat here.

And how would it be executed, exactly?

How exactly do you KNOW that there are phys shifters?  I believe that technically EVERYTHING is possible, but there's a serious difference between knowing it's possible and knowing it gets done.  I believe that phys. shifting would be more of a higher level than mental shifting...something you move on to when you're that darn good at Mshifting...would be Pshifting.  

Just my take,


That's deep.  Sure, I've read articles on surgery that theoretically could give people prehensile tails, but... I can't even picture how a total shift would work.

Could you possibly go into detail?  I already know I'm not going to understand a lot of it, but I'm still interested nevertheless.


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