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What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?

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Thank you Kada.

I also wanted to add here.


Free hosting, free forums, free chat, free all kindsa other stuff.

It is run on a PRIVATE SERVER. That means the OWNERS of the SERVER say what goes on here. We play by THOSE RULES.

If you don't like the rules, move on and try and find another site that offers as much, and is as well protected.

Everything we do here is progressive. We are constantly moving to bigger better things, always updating, always looking for a way to make our community better. Why? Because we care. Because we love the fandom, and we aren't elitists to say who does or doesn't belong. We don't charge for services, and each new member is greeted with a pounce helmet, and a flak jacket.

Furtopia has been here since, what? 2002? Yeah, and it's THRIVING.

I've been on here for about two years. I think all the mods/staff do a wonderful job. People who blame the saff when they get caught are everywhere they're just mad becuase they got caught.  If ya'll ever need to correct me I'll still love ya and furtopia.

As the others said its not an easy job, many of us are up late taking care of alot of things. And if we do our job right youll never know a troll hit at 3 am or that the forums went down to a mail spammer even for a few mins.
   Its our job to make sure all is well  on the frontlines and in the back ground.

Lots of <3 for Furtopia!

This is, honestly, one of the most mature forums I've ever been on. Everyone here are basically friends XD

And Peaches is right. To those who complain: This all is FREE. You don't have to pay a single cent, so if you don't like it, simply go somewhere else and stop complaining.

I've been here since....huh....a while back, and I don't think i've found a friendlier forum. You are all so accepting and nice! (with a few execptions^^)  
You mods are doing a super job, heh, without you, Furtopia wouldn't exist.
Love you all!


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