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Luckily, my own writing fills such a small niche that most would never even think of stealing it.  And those that do...well, the particular community I write for would recognize that pretty quick.

As for  Just a friendly warning to everyone: It's a scam.  It's part of a very old phenomenon known as 'Vanity Press'.  Yes, you do get your poem printed in a book, but *anyone* could get into that book if they paid. It's no indication at all of your talent, and who buys the book?  You do.   I don't know about the copyright they offer, but I really wouldn't trust them for anything. ;K)

Quote (cyber_lupine @ July 12 2004, 4:57 am)Could you show me an example, i dont go looking around the art here
Not particularly, sorry, but if you're quick on the draw, you can see some stuff posted, then some arguements and name calling once it's identified as stolen, before the admins either delete it or lock it, or whatever.  Things more or less seem to have been fixed for a while though.  Which is nice.  

For a start, over the internet things seem very easy to copy, or steal. A lot of the time, if someone has something of theirs stolen online, and complains about it, they'll just get the "if you dont want it stolen, dont post it" type thing... which has never seemed entirely... right to me. Even if there are a lot of people online who will steal, or copy, there still are a lot more, from what I've seen, who just want to be able to look and enjoy. And... being an artist myself, I know it can feel nice to show off art, and get feedback for it, even if you do run the risk of having it stolen.

A main cause, I would say, for theft, is those who are stealing, simply lacking the ability to do what it is that they're taking, or thinking something along the lines of "That is such a great idea! must... labell as mine!" ... sort of thing.
Jealousy, and wanting to look good is a big issue too, I think. I've known of reasonably good artists, who seem to still feel the need to steal from others, despite the fact that if they tried, they could possibly do as good as what it is they're stealing. Although... when you catch people doing that, and try to expose them, I've found that you often get the "I'm an artist. I dont need to steal" ..thing, which to me just seems like a cheap excuse x.X;

But... it would be nice if people worked more towards becoming as good as what they were stealing, rather than flat out... stealing it. I know it can take a long time... even years to even start to get anywhere...but being able to do something that is your own, and taking credit for it, seems a lot better than taking something of someone elses, and taking credit for it.
There are artists, and writers who I've always looked up to... and I think all I can really do is work towards becoming as good as they are

Registering it also allows you to sue for statutory damages as well as attorney's fees in case of infringement, as opposed to basic "actual losses", which may be difficult to calculate.

The mythical "mail myself a copy and don't open it" method offers little more protection than the non-registered copyright, and is generally a waste of a stamp.  In the U.S., only registration with the Copyright Office is acknowledged as legal registration.

Pasted from

Copyright FAQ

I didn't post this to be mean, but for protection. I'd hate for something to happen where someone stole someone else's work (Trust me, I know what it's like). It's be best legal way to protect your work is for a copyright. Anyone can say they created something before you and the mailing thing wouldn't hold up in court as well as copyright. Not that it's not contestable, but it's more reliable. I got the site from a fur on my livejournal, but I forgot who. I hope this info helps anyone out. It helped answer quite a few of my questions.  

RedFeather Posted: July 11 2004, 11:41 am
Quote I've noticed a recent rash of claiming other's work as their own in Furtopia, whether it be art or writing.  I think you all know what I'm talking about here.
Uhm.... before we go blaming Furtopian's for such things, I think it would be best to send a PM to the admins to first investigate things so that things don't get out of control any more on these forums then they already have in the past week.

Instead of posting something on the forums pointing fingers, send a message to the admins with your 'proof' for the admins to take whatever action is deemed.

Thank you all for your cooperation.


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