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Cure a sunburn

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Autumn Fire:
I'm a redhead with fair skin. I burn easy. A friend of mine dragged me to the beach and Now I'm a red as a lobster. I wore  a new bathingsuit so I burned in places I've never burned before.

*Squeels as she peels her pink back from the leather chair*

If anyone has any secret family things or knows any good creams to help cure a burn, I would be more that happy to here.    

Just take a cool shower, not much else you can do about it.
Next time use strong sun protection cream  

I dont think there is really any way to cure it. But...  sunburn is horrible. Just one reason why I stay out of the sun during summer...

My arms burn fast.. Painfull  

NiGhTmArE has it right.  

Cooling, cooling, cooling.  Best if done as soon as you realize the burn has occured.  After that anything you do is for comfort as your body heals itself.  There are some lotions that will help get rid of the sting and keep the skin moisturized.  If you keep it in the refrigerator it will feel even nicer going on.

Ya know if you had a nice coat of fur that never woulda happened.

I lived in Florida in my younger days and burned a few times so I feel your pain.


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