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Jade Sinapu:
I'm at Denfur 2023. Not bad.  I'm getting worn out. However.
Didn't do as much as I thought I would do.
May dance some tonight.
I want to do fursuit games tomorrow but it's when my room checks out.  So..........  I may pack up suit very early in the morning or late tonight so I can check out easy.  This means skipping the fursuit games.  Which I love.

I'm sort of lonely here.  I think this was my last convention.
I met a few who adored my basic easy simple German Shepard dog costume.  I'm glad they liked it.
Got some art. Watched a kick butt band caked the fleabags who apparently are from my town.. go figure.   They are a punk rock group. Pretty dang pawsome too!

cause the rat:
I had to go buy two equal size small jars for the experiment. I ran out. Everything is running smoothly. Going to set up a spread sheet to keep track of all the experiment results. Keep it all in one place instead of a pile of paper.

Fixed my ceiling fan! One of the arms was coming loose. Had to take the light fixture off. Both screws that hold the arm in place were still there. All I had to do is retighten them. Checked the other four blade ares as well. No more knocks!

Picking some red cabbage. Turned out really bad. Followed an old icebox pickle recipe. Good for cucumbers. Not so go for cabbage.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Made a tinfoil template of my fox partial's nose button. May cover the damaged area in either black felt or EVA foam.

cause the rat:
I know I keep talking about these experiments. But I have to share this. Something just happened that has me doing a happy dance. Even at my age. I had what i thought was a failed experiment. It didn't reach the same viscosity level as the first. However the molecular clarity was well improved. So I'm in the middle of doing the same usability experiments and ended up with new information. It's the clarity and NOT the viscosity that improves the performance of the product. Being a HUGE benefit to the end product. The heavier the viscosity the shorter the usability time.  I promise to tell all after I do the patent thing. It sounds more exciting than it really is.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Working of video shorts for FPS. Gotta do a third take on the puppet skit though.


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