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Super Bowl Plans

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What are you planning for the Super Bowl? I'm not all that interested in football, so I will be going to the local casino Sunday to play  NLHE (no limit Hold 'Em -- Poker is the only way to make +EV bets)  as I expect there will be lots of fish there, waiting to give me their stacks. Being that I don't have anything football related, I'll wear my fursuit instead. Any excuse to fursuit, amirite? The added benefit is that everyone at the table will be thinking about what I'm wearing rather than how I'm playing my cards   ;)

So, any plans you'd like to share?

cause the rat:
Simo, I wouldn't think you'd be allowed to wear something covering your face at a casino. And by the way, your hands give as many tells as your face. Good luck.

I'll be watching the game. Football is the only reason i own a TV. When the game is over I'll wait patiently till August for next season to open.

The head will have to stay home, of course. I don't watch much TV myself either. Watch alone or invite friends over?

I need the bad luck to stay out of my way. Vera Variance is Lady Luck's uglier, meaner sister.

I've never been a Super Bowl fan. Not with Tom Brady winning, what........7 or 8 Bowls? Talk about stroking his ego.  :P Thank God he's retiring. I can't stand the guy.  >:(

If I had to root for anybody during this weekend's Super Bowl, I'd probably root for the Rams. More than likely I'll watch some DVD's instead that I just bought or continue work on a model kit I'm building.

Jade Sinapu:
I have never been a sports fan. 
I don't mind watching golf because it can be serene.

For this super bowl, I will probably be getting food, gasoline, cleaning house, walking dog, etc...


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