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I'm sorta scared...

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Last tuesday, I went to a psychologist; it turns out that I might have Ausberger's and/or depression... -_-

I just don't want to feel cold inside anymore... but I'm scared, in any case...

That's a pretty heavy development there.
At least if you know what you've got, you can seek help and treatment for it. It's better than to never be diagnosed and ending up going through life just feeling down and not knowing that something could have been done to help it.
Good luck to ya, Joel.

I have been seriously depressed for a while...even attempted suicide...but I got help...and worked out the feelings I had (it all led back to my father rejecting me after my mom pased away). I did alot of activities, such as drawing, going to the gym and playing cards...little things to get my mind off these feelings...and I let my friends know, which is important. If you ever need to talk, PM me on ICQ, MSN or email or anything

Since you have found out what is the 'diagnosis' now is the time to talk with others, professionally or otherwise, as they have offered here. Some times the best 'cure' is just being able to talk things out that are troubling you, even if you don't know what they may be yet, just ramble on about anything in your mind and you will find the source, I am sure. Seeking professional help is best, in most cases.

Most of all, try and keep a positive out look and get creative or anything that you can to keep yourself/mind occupied, as Ecco mentioned.

I wish you luck! Let us know how things are going.

Wow, Joel. I've seen you as one of the more spontanious and poppy people I know. I sorta find that hard to belive. Like everyone has been saying, Its good to talk. I firmly belive in that if you hold things in, it'll pop and drive you mad. I don't really follow through with such advise, as I don't want to dump my probs on others, but do talk. It helps you, and others will be more understanding towards you. It can also help find new avenues in helping yourself.

Keep A positive outlook, Don't let anyone get under your skin, and best of all, Keep busy. Bussiness is what spawns creativity. Creativity releases emotions. Emotions released makes you a happier person. Do what makes you happy.


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