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Why do people need an AR-15?

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Chewy, I'll have to send you a PM. Furtopia won't let me reply in this thread for some reason.

Chewy, God of Rats:
Well Kobuk, you should consider reaching out to Furtopia's admin team to see if they can solve this problem you're having with replying. Seems pretty serious.

Ask yourself this: Why do we need the 2nd Amendment?

Most, but not all of the time, people will say we need that amendment to protect ourselves from an overreaching tyranical government. People need to think back to Colonial times over 200+ years ago and what society was like when that amendment was written/ratified. It actually wasn't written/ratified due to Britain invading American colonies and/or fear of an oppressive government. Though those two things probably did weigh on the minds of our Founding Fathers and may have helped in the creation of the 2nd Amendment. Some of the reasons for having the 2nd Amendment actually started way before the Revolutionary War.
Things like, but not limited to:
Indian attacks
Slave revolts/uprisings
Territory and trade disputes
Protection of people, towns, farmland, etc.

The first and second items above were the most important.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The more I look at and read that amendment, the more I begin to think it was not about allowing all citizens to buy, own, and use however many or types of guns they want. But rather about people forming citizen militias for the items I mentioned above. It is the right of the "citizen militia" to keep and bear arms to deal with the above threats that shall not be infringed.

Society in America has changed dramatically over the last nearly 250 years. But the United States Constitution.........and especially the 2nd Amendment..........hasn't.
The 2nd Amendment is an ancient artifact of a bygone era. There are no more Indian attacks. No more slave uprisings. And no more territory disputes and so on. The 2nd Amendment is so vague and poorly written that it hasn't been updated to keep pace with changes in 19th, 20th, and now 21st century America.

We are not living in Colonial times anymore. So why have the 2nd Amendment? And again, people will go back to the same answer of the citizens overthrowing an oppressive government. But is our government really that bad?
If our Federal government really wanted to be tyranical and oppress the people, they would have done it long, long ago by now. The fact that they haven't is not necessarily because of people having guns. But because of the checks and balances we have in our government, the ability of people to vote and protest, freedom of press and speech, and so much more. Granted, not everything is perfect (and nothing ever will be), but I don't see any troops on street corners, do you?

We need to either abolish the 2nd Amendment or it needs to be rewritten.

Chewy, God of Rats:
Well I'm glad to see you were able to figure out how to reply. Congratulations!

Furthermore, I personally don't think the reason for the 2nd Amendment to remain has anything to do with a tyrannical government.

But I find a few of the statements you've made to be kind of misleading and or racist.

You said the government isn't really that bad, which I mean I agree with you.

However, for you to say or imply that the government hasn't been or isn't tyrannical and oppressive is beyond ignorant and blatantly racist sir.  Even CNN, the news media you used as a source, says our own government is oppressive and has a history of being oppressive and tyrannical, especially towards people of color and women.

example sources of CNN stating systemic racism and oppression by our systems of power and or government:

Chewy, I'm sorry if some of my comments in my post came off as racist. That wasn't my intent. I kind of rushed through typing my post last night and didn't quite explain things like I wanted.
What I kind of wanted to say was that our government isn't the type that people see in those dystopian/authoritarian movies or books, etc. I don't think we're anywhere near that. I mean, there's no fences or walls seperating Nevada from Utah, right? You don't need travel documents to cross state lines. We're sure as hell nowhere like North Korea or China. And those are two of the worst dictatorial countries I can think of. They tell you what to think, what to read, what to wear, where you can go, and so on and so forth. Is America anything like that? Far from it. So for all the people complaining about overthrowing a tyrannical American government, ask yourself if it is really as bad as what you've seen in dystopian movies and books, or as bad as some other dictatorial countries in the world. Yes, we do have problems. But does that always mean we have to grab our guns and shout at the top of our lungs that we need to overthrow our government? I don't believe so.

Anyway, getting back to the AR-15 issue...........

There is no reason whatsoever for civilians to have them. They are a weapon mainly used by the Military and Police forces.
You can't go hunting with it.
There's no zombie apocalypse or alien attack happening where you'd need one.

It's just too much firepower to be having.
If a person needs one to protect him/herself and/or their possessions, I think it's overkill. I mean, if your house is being robbed by 1-2 individuals, couldn't a regular 9mm gun do the same job? Why get an AR-15 with a 20 or more round clip to prevent a burglar from stealing your tv or whatever? It just doesn't make sense.


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