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Christmas/Holiday Specials That Never Were.

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Rocket T. Coyote:
Make up a Christmas Special/episode for your favorite television program, cartoon show, band, or entertainer. Include a descriptive paragraph. I'll go first:
The Rat Patrol Christmas Special

Sgt Troy and The Dessert Rats set out on a special mission to rescue a USO Santa from the clutches of Hauptman Dietrich.

Rocket T. Coyote:
A Scooby Doo Christmas

Scooby and the gang are visited by the ghosts of Chirstmas past, present, and future.

Death Metal Christmas

Green Day: Christmas Idiot

Green Day remixes popular Christmas songs into punk-rock hits.

cause the rat:
Star Trek 'Next Generation'.
Each member of the Enterprise mysteriously finds a box. When opened the box becomes a portal to a different reality. All these portals threaten to rip the ship apart. Until Wesley Crusher ( ya, can't stand that character myself ) discovers if you put all the boxes inside one it becomes this reality.  Side story. Data finds a mysterious gift giver with an improbable delivery system. Side story. Captain Picard discovers he really is Scrooge. ( One of my favorite versions of that movie.)


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