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Christmas/Holiday Specials That Never Were.

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Rocket T. Coyote:
The Santa Clause III

Tim Allen reprises his role as Ol' St. Nick. This time, he has to establish toy-making operations to Antarctica in order to keep up with demand. Expect a segue from Last Man Standing.

cause the rat:
'A Christmas Carol. Second Verse.'

After Scrooge's change of heart he looses his skill for business. Seeing this his associates drive him to near poverty. Fearing the death of Tiny Tim Scrooge teams up with the dead Jacob Marly and the Ghost of Christmas Future. On one Christmas Eve they seek revenge on those who brought him to this state.

Mister Initial Man:
The Hoofers Save Christmas:

When Santa's Reindeer come down sick, it's up to the Cervine Furries to save the day!

cause the rat:
Cats. The Christmas special.

They've won your hearts with the hit movie 'Cats'. Now watch them spray, claw and knock things off a Christmas tree! All wile singing and dancing to new versions of the classic Christmas songs you love.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Earthworm Jim Saves Christmas

Marvel as Earthworm Jim and his pal Peter Puppy battle the forces of evil and save the day from the likes of Psycrow, Prof. Monkey-for-a-head, and Queen Slug-for-a-butt. Expect lots of singing of all-original holiday-themed tunes.

To coincide with the release of the aptly-titled video game .


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