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Hacker T. Dog On The BBC


Rocket T. Coyote:
  Maybe you've seen him on YouTube or on BBC TV. Well, Queen Elizabeth II certainly has. He's Hacker T. Dog, a pawpet canine host of his own show in the UK. He's got a craving for tinned dog food, or "meat paste", and his catchphrase is Hello Cockers! He often interviews young celebrities on his program.

  We note that one could post comments on his YouTube videos at first. This howler always received a nice response from Hacker. There must have been some hostile comments posted as comments have since been disabled. His last video was posted two months ago. But here's a sample of him in action:


cause the rat:
Checked out a few of the Hacker T. Dog vids on Youtube. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up Rocket.


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