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Jade Sinapu:
I have stumbled on Art and Biro, a short comic of a fox and raccoon.  It is only one chapter right now, but there will be more.
It is made by Paco Panda, and the art is very nice and the characters are good.  It is an innocent story of two friends.  I have to say, parts of it resonate with me, and I am sorry I missed the kickstarter campaign.  I would love to have a printed version of it so far.  I love Paco Panda's drawing style, and i like the fact this story is very charming/endearing and SFW.  For me, that is a big reason I love furry so much.  This comic had me lost for a bit because I was absorbed into it and was somewhere else.  And I needed that right now.  Reminded me of myself and my best friend growing up. 
It won't be a favorite of many, since it is honestly a simple tale of friendship and brotherhood.  But I guess that is why it hit me.  I miss my brother and my old school friend.


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