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Ukraine vs. Russia

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First, let me say in this thread that I support Ukraine. I hope they kick Russia's tail.
Second, for any furries in Ukraine, please stay safe.

By now, most of you have been watching the news regarding Russia's invasion of the country of Ukraine. Putin has vowed to retake Ukraine back into the "Soviet fold" so to speak as he believes Ukraine has, and always will, be a part of Mother Russia. Ukranians however, see things differently and have vowed to continue fighting for their freedom and independence.

What are everybody's thoughts on this conflict? Will sanctions by the U.S. and Europe hurt Russia? Will NATO get involved in the fighting? Could this ultimately lead to WWIII? Your guess is as good as mine.

Updates from CNN:

If you want some really good military reporting and updates, I'd suggest reading articles from The War Zone here:

Things just got a little bit more uglier as Putin has ordered his deterrence forces.......which include nuclear be placed on alert.  :o

Either because of this action, or due to the whole war which started days ago, the U.S. has gone from DEFCON 5  to DEFCON 4. And if you don't know what that means, read here:

Jade Sinapu:
9/11 was Defcon 3.  That was bad enough.
I never lived during Cuban missile crisis, but that was Defcon2 and the doomsday clock was about run out, right?

I DO worry about Putin using nukes.  This is obviously no joking matter.  Some is posturing but Russia has nuclear arms.  So it can't be thought of a all a bluff.
I fear that if Putin uses one nuke, all heck breaks loose.  No one is ready for that.  Everything needs to be done, to avoid it.
Where I live is a PRIME target for nukes.  Think the place that controls USA's GPS satellites etc.  Think NORAD.  If Putin somehow launches a nuke here, I am toast.

Putin and Russia are believed to have 54Megaton thermonuclear bombs.  That is enough to vaporize an island.
So according to OUR rules Russia is on Defcon 2 or maybe 1?  We are taking it easy at Defcon 4?

My fathers grandparents are all from Ukraine.  My fathers father used to go to a Ukrainian catholic church in America.  So in some way I have "connections" there.  My father is livid with Russia over this (mostly Putin).
I myself do not feel that same level of connection, but am stunned this is happening.  I am glad Ukrainian peoples are giving Putin a good show so far!

I think the sanctions will hurt Putin some, but he will not give up.  I would like to remind people that when he said troops were pulling back, they instead increased.  He lies about everything.
Never trust him, diplomacy does not work on him.


--- Quote from: Kobuk on February 26, 2022, 02:50:20 pm ---Second, for any furries in Ukraine, please stay safe.

--- End quote ---
ESSSSSS-loads of Furries in Russia. I hope they stay safe.

"Updates from CNN":

If CNN told me that 2+2= 4 I'd check with a reliable source like Wolfram. If I heard on CNN that the sun was rising in the east, I'd look west. As for Putin, he doesn't want NATO on his doorstep any more than America would like to see Russian military bases outside Mexicali, Juarez, or Tijuana.

America doesn't have a dog in this fight, and needs to mind our own business.

Jade Sinapu:
I can't help but wonder if the work by Putin to secure the nuclear power plants is not only an obvious attempt to control literal "power" in the area, and thus get what he wants, but he could use these places as dirty bombs if he is "forced" (gets mad).

If Ukraine survives, can they join NATO?


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