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Furry weapon of choice


Jade Sinapu:
Not that we are a hoping jumping hot bed of activity here...
What weapon(s) would your furry character have? And what for and when would it be used?
I can't remember if i ever asked this.

I would have a laser on my car so my character could take out the bad guys, or just to clear traffic. Or... occasionally do something good with it somehow. He made the laser , it's a flowing gas transverse CO2 laser of 2000 W input,  with auto focus and red dot sight with servo driven aiming which is driven by an eye tracker in the vehicle.  All he has to do is look at something and push a fire button.

Else he would have a petsonal device which he made himself,  that shoots electric shock to stun not kill. It would look like a thick cellphone.  Not a taser.

Lastly he uses teeth and claw for that personal touch when he is fighting for his life in close combat, like when he is attacked.  He never starts a fight he always stays away from drama but always gets dragged into it somehow.

Often he just is resourceful and uses what is at hand to improvise.

Kay Alett:
I'm a fan of westerns and I live in a desert out in California. My fursona Glenn would definitely use cowboy guns. Revolvers, repeating rifles, etc. Maybe occasionally a lasso.


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