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I think I'm turning raccoon, but how can I be sure?

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Jade Sinapu:
I keep thinking of them.
I like the look. They are cute.  I've had several close encounters with them in the last few years.
I've helped one recently.
I feel so bad for them when they are killed or thought of badly.

I am active at night and wash my hands all the time,  haha!
Opposable thumbs are good. 
Raccoons can be mean,  but seem to shy away from trouble for the most part.

I do not involve myself in the sexual side of the Fandom much at all.  So I do not know if there are any sexual connotation of being a raccoon. 

Am I raccoon? Am I still dog?
Am I both??

I want to have a raccoon full suit.  Seems hard to get.  I wish I could make it myself but my life... no time.


--- Quote ---Am I raccoon? Am I still dog?
Am I both??

--- End quote ---

You can be both. I have three fursonas: dolphin, kitsune (fursuit character) and otter.

Jade Sinapu:
Well for me. It's a bit of a therian thing.  Normally I connect with wolf stuff but lately I'm getting a raccoon vibe in my life.  Hard to explain.

I is a Fox-tiger hybrid, not sure how it happend. I went to a party one night as an arctic fox, the next morning I had stripes on meh.. not sure if it was a prank or what but the stripes wont wash off so now I own it!  :D (:

Rocket T. Coyote:
Frequent washing of paws is a raccoon thing.


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