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The History of Furtopia.

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Please excuse me for being a curious fur, but this has been something that I've been curious about ever since I joined Furtopia.

I was just wondering about the early history of Furtopia.

Who thought up the idea of creating this community?
How did it go from idea to Internet?
What were the early days like?, and What were some of the earliest members like?
Do any of the earliest members still visit?

I myself didn't join Furtopia until Nov. 2003, but for those furs who were here longer before then, can you share some stories/history? What was it like when you first joined?

Sorry if I seem inquisitive. Just curious, that's all.  

WhiteShepherd had begun the hosting here at Furtopia, of course. He runs the servers and all, and could likely fill you in on the earliest details of Furtopia's history.
Me, I got involved about two years ago. I was looking around WS's site, since I've been a friend of his for a while, and saw that he had these rather horrible forum scripts for the users to communicate on. At that point, I suggested Ikonboard and offered to help out by setting one up and admin'ing it... and he took the offer. I set up the board, designed the graphics and all, and have helped lead it toward the success it is now. A lot of work has gone into this board, and not just from me.
What was also nice was that the look that I gave the board was eventually adopted for the hosting site as well.
Quick note here... The board here turns two years old this coming Thursday, the 25th of November, 2004.

" was savage then...a mere fight just for survival...and life was short, harsh, and brutal."    

"a land without law, were the just and criminals engaged in war on the open road, and gasoline was more precious then gold"

Quote The board here turns two years old this coming Thursday, the 25th of November, 2004.

Happy Birthday Furtopia!

Congratulations on a wonderfull two years running and hopefully many more wonderfull years to come!


*pops open a Mt. Dew, raises it in a toast, then chugs it in a few gulps to celebrate*


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