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The History of Furtopia.

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I came in when I noticed that WS hadn't a web designer in his staff list. He had posted on AFF asking for people to help. This was probably mid 2002.

I refused to sign onto the forums for a very long time as the sign-up script required a gender to be filled in. One day I downloaded the page, edited the source and applied as a neutral party.

I was never particularly active in the forums. I remember them being quite a bit smaller. The same names would keep coming up in almost every thread. There was a real feeling of closeness, you could say.

it all started tens of thousands of years ago. When the first man emerged from the ooze. and he battled with the beasts for dominance
*Rambles on for the next ten minutes, fake FX fog rolling in behind him*
And that is where babies come from.

Quote ...*Rambles on for the next ten minutes, fake FX fog rolling in behind him*
And that is where babies come from.

O.O *interested look*

Seriously,'s hard to believe that Furtopia has only been around for two years, since I can't imagine furry life without it. -- Guys, you done good!  (gives WS and the other founding furthers a standing "O"  )  

This had been a dream of WS's for several years. When we got together in 6-2001 we discussed at length about this dream and I suggested to him to 'just go for it'.

We worked out a design, on paper, very much in its' infancy, (which I still keep for nostalgia) and worked on what we wanted it to have etc. It went live on the internet on 3-21-02.

At that time it was only a hosting service. A few months later we added the forums, (giggles) as Benjamin stated, horrid but it worked. It also didn't have all the other things then that you see for the members today.

Then WS chatted with Benjamin about redoing it and like magic it was created anew! It is still the same now as it was when Benjamin took over because it looks great. The only difference between then and now is it has GROWN tremendously with the wonderful furs you see today! Yes, many are still around from the beginning but not as active at times as life has a way of getting in the way of having fun.

WS can describe more about his feelings and the things in the background that keep Furtopia running. How it used to be in our apartment, run on 8 separate computers and is now hosted elsewhere because it had grown so immensely that it needed more space. (smiles)


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