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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap


So saw a post on Facebook today about the stuggles of 90s kids playing game boys in a car at night and only being able to play when a street light illuminated the room.

I had to post that I didn't have a problem with this as I had a game gear with it's own back light.

and then noted the hours spent playing sonic spinball and Wonder Boy 3: The Dragons Trap.

At which point I discovered one thing and realized another.

I discovered they actually re made this game for Switch, PS4 and PC a few years ago and did a FANTASTIC job, I would recomed you check it out.

Second I realized I liked "anthro" animals much earlier in my life than I thought.

as this was easily my Fav game at the time because the main character got changed into a Dragon Man, then a mouse, man then a mer man, a lion man  etc XD

Worth checking out if you enjoy puzzle platformers and playing a character that switches between many different anthro species ^_^

Jade Sinapu:
 Thanks for that info!
I have a Nintendo switch I don't use a whole lot,  so maybe I need to check out this game.

Yeah... when u dig deep,  anthro-animals seem to be embedded in so many things and have been there for a while.  And as you said , when we were much younger than we realized.


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