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Title: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 18, 2016, 12:23:52 pm
Now that the election is over, I thought it would be good to have a place
to post how Trump, the GOP and Democrats work together. Along with
problems they may have or proposed laws and or changes.

We can give some opinons, but let's not make it a debate. We have
a place for Debates.

Currently Trump and the two major parties are in a transistion, so it's hard
to know what will happen after Jan 20th of 2017.

Trump is testing the waters as he looks to fill his cabinet.  So far he hasn't
really made any solid picks, but he wants to enclude some of his family which
is  likely to cause problems as there are laws against hiring family. Also it's
interesting how Trump is bypassing the same security he called Clinton out for
as he talks to foreign leaders on a unsecure cellphone. Trump tweeted that Ford
wasn't moving it's SUV plan in KY to Mexico, but he didn't pass on the info that
Ford had never planned to move it, but implyed it was because he told Ford not
to. It appears Trump is learning to be a politician.

The GOP is flying high hoping to pass laws to change medicare, ACA and other
things people depend on. Trump said he wouldn't support changes to medicare
or social security, but time will tell.  Also they are talking about starting the wall,
it's likely just talk. They know Mexico won't pay for it. I heard some day the GOP
has their eye on the social securiety fund to cover new expenses. They have done
that in the past, so they may again.

The Democrats are in a tisy trying to figure out how to gain seats in governlment
not only in the federal goverment, but across the country. Also they are makiplans
about trying to slow down the GOP hoping to limit changes to things they worked
hard for. I think they best return to their roots helping the common man, and not
the rich people who can help them selves.

I will post more as I feel there is something to pass along.  I will post links on
significant news reports. This is mostly a commentary on government.. I get my
information at MSnbc.  www.msnbc.com
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Dimocrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 19, 2016, 11:11:22 am
The freedom of the press is very important for a people of any
country.  Trump seems to be trying to convince the public the
press isn't trustworthy. He hides from the press every chance
he gets. He should know as president he is in the public eye, with
no privacy. He constantly tries to hide from the media that he doesn't
control, and still hasn't released his tax returns.

Trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle his university fraud law suit. He
said it was because it would enterfear with his transition work. I wonder
how many people would give away that much money to save a few hours
of testimony.  I have a hunch he was afraid of the questions he might be
asked to answer under oath. Seems Trump feels he has much to hide, Should
we be worried? It might only be a habit he has from being in big business.
Only time will tell.

Not much new on the GOP other they have been showing some concern
about some Trumps proposed cabinet members. Along with the Democrats,
and the media. I think it's odd how the GOP was against Trump untill after
the election and now they practically bow in his presence. Seems a bit
of hypocrisy  to me. Will the GOP show the same concern for any suspicion of
corruption by Trump and family as they did for the Clintons? Politics being
what it is I doubt it, but time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: cause the rat on November 19, 2016, 05:12:34 pm
you can bet it's all going to be the same. The same broken party is in control of the house and senate. Trump will be looked upon as a temporary annoyance. They will block any of his efforts to 'change' things. I hear trump wants to do a new deal bill to get the economy going. For those of us who don't know what this was. FDR paid people to build roads. As someone put it. Paid one man to dig a hole. Paid another to fill it. This got many people working again and helped fix the slump the economy was in at that time. Until some unscrupulous people convinced FDR it wasn't working. Anyway trump wants to do this with both government and privet monies. This is how I see this going down. He will put the bill forward. The house and senate will hold America hostage over Obama Care. Trump will refuse to get rid of Obama Care. The republicans will refuse to pass any new deal bill. The republicans will also defeat any of trumps proposed changes in special intrust or lobbyist groups.

The irony of  trumps proposed 'truth in media' is it will shut down every media outlet that supported him. If he does try to force this he could be seen as unconstitutional and impeached. Trump has no idea what he's got himself into.

Acting like a spoiled brat will only turn more people against him. Trump is a pathological lier. He will say one thing. Then say something else. Then deny he said either things. He is a psychotic narcissist who wont be able to help himself.  He's going to make Clinton's "I didn't have sex with that woman" sound like Winnie the Poo's "Now were is my honey jar".  There is a pun in there. I do hope you get it.  :)

What would really be fun to watch. If the republican party looks to favor a truth in media bill will fox news network suddenly see the light? Start preaching the glories of the democrats and the evils of the republican empire......... :D

I really hope after these next four years America finally gets it. There is only one way to get Washington to work. Vote people in who are willing to do the job.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 20, 2016, 12:06:12 pm
I think time will show who Trump really is. He had a meeting with Romney for
secretary of state. On "Meet the Press" one of Trumps people said the meeting
went well. Trump will continue to have problems with mixing his business and
his presidency though. Just saying he won't isn't enough.

Senator Sandors says he will work with Trump on some of his progressive ideas, but
will fight him and remind Trumps supporters if his promises turn out to be lies. He
feels Trump should apologize for all the bad things he said during the campain. Also
tell the extreeme right to stop harassing people, and tell them he has no plans to
support their racist ways. He should also publicly apologize to Obama for his claims
that Obama wasn't an ameerican. The statement he made saying Obama was an
american wasn't an apogee.

World thoughts
Some leaders around the world are concerned that we have elected a fascist. Or at
least a man who could turn into one. Several countries have racist nationalistic
movements. Similar to before WWII.. I hope we don't see it grow here.

If the GOP isn't carful  their ideas could lead to a world depression. Much worse than
the recession we had in 2008. Turning the economy over to the rich without regulations
is a dead end for the middle  class, much less the poor. Our economy is strong, but the
middle class is loosing ground. That's why many people voted for Trump. I fear he will do
little to turn it around. Much less the GOP.

Go to www.msnbc.com    If you wish to read more about about current political news.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: cause the rat on November 20, 2016, 01:02:07 pm
First MSMBC has the same love of propaganda as fox news network. Not to be trusted. Secondly it would be ridiculous for trump to tell people to not be racist. Seeing the cabinet of hard lined racist he's building. Fueling a divide in this country would only serve his push for trickle down economics. Not going to speculate here. Just going by what he's said and how he's rhetoric has played out through this election. Then adding who he's surrounding himself with.

No matter who our psychotic pathological lier is he doesn't have the power he he wants. No matter who he surrounds himself with.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 21, 2016, 12:05:47 pm
First MSMBC has the same love of propaganda as fox news network. Not to be trusted. Secondly it would be ridiculous for trump to tell people to not be racist. Seeing the cabinet of hard lined racist he's building. Fueling a divide in this country would only serve his push for trickle down economics. Not going to speculate here. Just going by what he's said and how he's rhetoric has played out through this election. Then adding who he's surrounding himself with.

No matter who our psychotic pathological lier is he doesn't have the power he he wants. No matter who he surrounds himself with.

The legislature has the power, but the president can cause problems by appointing people
to jobs they shouldn't have. Be it due to politics, racialism, ignorance or just being
incompetent. Of courese Trump wouldn't be the first man who became president that
gave government jobs to people that shouldn't get them. I imagine most will manage to
do well. If I remember right President Reagan sent about 3000 people home who thought
they were to get government jobs because they were supporters. I imagine they were
sorely disappointed. Apparently he felt handing out jobs for political reasons was wrong.

I admit msnbc has some liberal pundants, but they do invite all parties to speak and answer
questions. Even if it's only to make a speech about their party line.  It was Senator Sanders
who said Trump should appoligize for his comments and to publicly say he doesn't support
racist ideas..  He said that on "Meet the Press" last sunday. Not an exact quote.

I know the news media tends to be biased at times, but who else do we look to? The
internet is full of questionable stories and lies. Most of what I have seen in the major
media outlets is not telling the whole truth, but what they think will keep the public's
interest. After all it is largely a business to make money.

If we discard everything, but what we hear our politicians say directly. We would know
only what they want us to hear. At least the media gives us information we couldn't
know otherwise. If it's biased or full of half truths it will catch up to them in most

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 23, 2016, 12:17:58 pm
It's been a couple days. and Trump has given us what he wants to do in
his first 100 days.  Like Obama he wants to improve our infrastructure, and
work on trade. Nothing said about the ACA or the Wall.. Trump claims he can
mix business with his office of president. It may be legal, but I have a hunch it
is full of land mines for him and his family.  One big problem is he can be impeached
for taking a bribe of any kind. Our founders worried that foreign powers might try
to influence a president with gifts, property or money.

Isn't it interesting how busy the GOP plans to be now that they have Trump. Obama
wanted to work on infrastructure for years. The GOP said no. Now they appear to be
for it.  They may be looking at Trump with a bit of worry in their hearts. Lately he hasn't
been quite as conservative as they hoped.

Though the democrats are the minority party they can make it difficult to get laws
or appointments through the senate. They need to be watching this infrastructure
bill as it arrives. It's likely to have a lot of incentives and tax breaks for rich contractors
in such a large deal that has billions of dollars involved.  The public might not care if
someone gets a lot richer as long as jobs are made, but sometimes it's the job of
government to see that crooked deals are not made even if it looks good in the
short term. We should remmeber it's the generations to come that will pay the
price, and the costs should be kept down where possible.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 24, 2016, 11:36:04 am
He is spending the Holiday with family.. That is fine. But when he is
president will he take off for holidays instead of doing the countries
business? Being president of the USA is a 24 hours a day seven day
a week job.

At over 2 million votes behind Clinton in the popular vote
shouldn't he consider those who voted for Clinton when making
decisions? He may say he owes his supporters, but he has no mandate
to do so. Just because a outdated system that catered to the slave states
put him in office, he shouldn't forget he wasn't the peoples choice.

The GOP doesn't want to talk about the popular vote. They don't want
rock the boat that gave them more power. Will the GOP make sure
that Trump follows the constitution with his business practices? Only
time wil tell..

The Democrats should be pushing for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and
Pennsylvania. There are some irregularities that need to be checked out. Not
so much to change the outcome, but to make sure the vote was accurate with
no corruption.  We can be sure Trump would want the same if he was on the
loosing side..

The Green party is raising money to have a recount for this reason.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 26, 2016, 11:25:43 am

He claims to be working to keep the Carrier company from moving to Mexico. I hope he is able
to keep Carrier here.. I do wonder how or what incentives Trump can promise to keep the
company profitable enough to provide good wages in the USA. They do have to compete with
other large manufacturers. If they can't compete they will go out of business.

Even if Trump managed to get Congress to raise stiff tariffs on Carriers products, they would
just sell to other countries to make a profit.. If Carrier can continue where it is by making
less money for their stock holders, perhaps they will. We  live in a country that holds free
enterprise, and Capitalism high so it's going to be hard for Congress to stop Carrier if they
really decide to go.

GOP is mostly talking about the death of Castro of Cuba. They want to undo Obam's work
trying to normalize relations between our countries.

Dem is keeping an eye on Trump.

Recounts are staring in Wisconsin. Promoted by the Green and Reform party. Trying to
show the integrity of the voting process. Though the Clinton campain is over seeing
the count, all interested parties are invited to do the same.

During the election millions of ballots were thrown out due to claims they weren't legal.
We need to work to make our voting process better to give all people equal representation.
I fear the GOP has little interest in helping make voting easier. They worked and were
successful in getting the voting rights law weakened by the supreme court.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 29, 2016, 01:20:43 pm
Ihere are rumors that Trump is looking at privatizing the VA, Medicare, social security, and
doing away with Medicaid. At least the federal government side of things.

Somehow I think the GOP isn't foolish enough to proceed with such ideas. Millions of people
depend on these programs. The Poor, Veterans, elderly, and the handicapped.  I haven't heard
exactly what privatizing means other than people getting vouchers. Then use that to pay for
insurance plans.  Now I really don't think our money grubbing insurance industry is going to
give out insurance to people that have medical problems without charging huge premiums.
Where are these people going to get the extra money? To get on medicaid if it's still around requires
one to be practicaly starving and destitute to qualify.

That would throw a huge expense on the states. If medicaid goes away, nursing homes will
close due to people not having the money to use them. That leaves everything to the private
sector. The private sector is stressed now. So it will leave people to die in the streets, and
homes if they have one. Few family's have the resourses to care for ailing relatives, parents, or
the time. This is another situation where the rich often doesn't understand the needs of the poor.
Or why they are poor.

I know this is a lot of gloom and doom, but it's possible. Hopefully the GOP will come to their
senses and not pursue such a dangerous avenue. Again Time will tell.

The democrats will try to prevent it, but they have limits since they don't control either house of
the legislature.

Personally I don't think there is enough greedy, uncaring people in congress to do such a thing
to those in need, but with everying shifting to the right anything is possible. They did reduce
the food stamp program by 5 billion dollars claiming they were trying to reduce the publics
dependance on goverment. Then turned around and give big subsidies to rich corporate
farmers. Guess rich people are more needy than the poor.  :P It's likely they have more

Hopefully this stays only a rumor, but one of Trumps appointments has been
trying to privatize everything for years.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on November 30, 2016, 11:13:59 am
Turns out the Russians were very envolved in trying to get Trump elected. Even though
the GOP and Trump played it down. They knew about it, but didn't want to talk about it.

Trump has made many promises, but his picks for his cabinet gives us little
to hope for.

For national security he picks a man who let his maid see secrete codes.

For health services he picks a man who wants to privatize all the health care the
government provides for the disadvantaged. and poor. Not to mention he is very
cozy with the pharmaceutical industry.

For the treasury he picks a billionair who made most of his money taking
advantage of people.

He picks a woman to represent our country in the UN who has no diplomatic

For publilc housing he offers a job to a man who's experience is based on
growing up poor. He might understand the need, but not how to fix it.

Trump campained he would pick the best people to help run the country, So far
he has been picking people who supported him and or helped him win. 

I guess we should expenct Trump to want people who support big business.

Turns out Carrier in Indiana isn't moving to Mexico after all. I understand the
state is giving Carrier incentives to stay, and of course Trump and his lacky VP
are claiming they did it. I doubt if we really find out what kind of deal Trump
made to get them to stay, but he had little power other than promises to leave
them alone.

I am very glad for Carriers workers who get to keep their jobs, but I hope the
cost wasn't too high.

They continue to plan for making changes according to the mandate they claim
to have. I hope they give Trumps appointments the consideration they deserve.

I wish they would change election laws so anyone could run for government office
instead of only rich or famous people. We need to have the government provide
money for those running for office. That way elected people wouldn't have to spend
all their time raising money, and taking bribes from rich people. They don't call it that
but it really is. That's one reason people voted for Trump. They felt he couldn't be
bought. I think they forgot about foreign countries buying him though. Besides
rich people are always wanting to add to their riches. They wouldn't be rich if they didn't

People have a habit of thinking people who make a lot of money are smart and very
intelligent. This may be true in some cases, but it doesn't mean they would be good
running a country.

My brother didn't listen to our father because he never had much money. But his
ideas lead to his own bankruptcy. Partly due to him not listening to our father. Just
because someone doesn't isn't rich doesn't mean they aren't intelligent. To me it
means they have other priorites in life. As long as they work hard and have considerization
for other people they are intelligent and good.

That goes for people in all political parties by the way.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 01, 2016, 12:37:47 pm
He is emplying he is turning over his business concerns to family, but what's to keep
Trump from passing information to his family to help those concerns.

It turns out that his VP paid Carrier $700,000.00 to stay in Indiana. One wonders why
it took him so loing to do that. I mean he could have done that soon after Carrier said
they planned to move. Some might say Trump threatened to cancel some governlmelnt
contracts for Carriers parent company, but I reeally  doubt they would believe that as
it would have cost many more jobs than saved if he did.

It's likely Trump and his VP the govenor of Indiana decided to use those workers as political
pawns to help Trump get elected. Since Gov Pense waited till after the election I doubt if
he would have tried to stop Carrier if Trump and he lost the election. Of course it's likely
we will never know.

Trump complained about Clinton wanting to help Wall Street.  Well seems Trump is turning
the cabinet into a gaing of billionairs club. Wonder what happened to his belief that we need
to get wall street out of government? Just more of his lies showing up I bet.

The more time passes Trump seems to be trying to make the USA after Putins Russia. Billionair
crooks and him running the country. Or wanting to get richer while they can.

GOP.. Will they put a stop to Trumps plans to grow richer at our countries expense?  I have
my doubts assomey of them are Billionair wana be's too.

I hope the Democrats get their act together so the public will have a choice in 2018, or many of
us may be in bread lines in a few years.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 02, 2016, 12:15:34 pm
Trump starts his thank you ralleys, or is he campaining for 2020?  People said when he
is elected the lies will stop, he will be presidentual.  I listened to it. He sounded like the old
Trump to me. Playing the crowd loving the cheers with his lies, and exaggerations.

More on Carrier,  seems he saved only 40% of the jobs. 60% are still going to Mexico even
though vp Pense gave Carrier 7 million dollars of state tax incentives to stay.  Carriers
corporate owner gave their CEO over 150 million in goodies  so I doubt if 7 million over 10 years is much of an incentive to the corporatioin which has 6 billion in federal contracts. Not counting Billions in profits last year alone. During the election Trump was blaiming the
government because giving tax breaks to business was a bad idea. Odd it became a good
one suddently. Or was it another one of Trumps campain lies?

By giving a big company money to keep workers here is a bad presidence as other companies
accross our nation can say. "Hey we can say we are moving and get tex breaks. Even if they
have no real plans to do so.

It is good that 40# of carriers workers here  in the USA will keep their jobs, but the other 60 percent will have to find nnw jobs., or hope to.

By the way Trump has added the CEO's of EXON Mobile to his list of possible Secretary of state. The CEO of EXON is a good friend of Putin, so the Russian connection thickens farther.

Trump claims Billionairs are the best smartest people in the world. Why? because they know
how to make money. Just because someone knows how to cheat, step on people, and lie
doesn't make them a good cabinet member, much less a president.  In my opinon anyway.

Trump still claims he won by a landslide. That's a laugh with him 2.6 million votes behind
Clinton in the popular vote. Trump hates this, so he does his best to divert attention away
from it.

The speaker of the house says he talks to Trump every day. Even though he bad mouthed
Trump before the election he is licking Trumps boots now. I do hope there are enough
people in congress to see Trump for what he is, and not go along with every crazy idea
he throws out. The man he is wanting to appoint as secretary of defense is a retired
military man. This is against the rules. He would need an exception to be eligible as
the military are not allowed to be cabinet members. This guy is even under probation
for lying to the FBI..

Democrats are still trying to figure out how to gain seats in legislatures across the
country. They need to listen to the people. They want good jobs and a decent life.
They seem to feel the Demcrats have failed and are turning to the GOP with hope
things will be better. Problem is many of the problems were created by the GOP. If
the public would educate them selves more they would know better. The social media is
a terrible place to look for the truth even though many think it's better than the news
media. Turns out the Russians fed much disinformation online during the election to
favor Trump.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 03, 2016, 12:13:37 pm
Wasn't it odd that Sarah Paylan started bad mouthing the GOP for paying Carrier
to stay. I guess Trump didn't give her a good government job. Could it be she wasn't
rich enough?

Trump loves his billionair friends.  Of course most people would love to be rich, and
tend to admire those who are. We should remember though. most Billionairs care
nothing for the common man.  They would throw food away in front of starving children.
They would destroy a forest rather than let people cut it for fire wood..  They only like
us when we have something they want.  Our hard work, and our money. We should
never, never let them run government. Where do you think Unions came from. People
got tired of being stepped on by the ultra rich.  I am sure Coal miners remember living
in company towns, having to buy from company stores. Givem credit so the worksers
had to stay.

I am not pushing for socialisim, people need incentives to work and grow, but getting
rich is like an addiction to drugs. The richer you are the more you want. Most times you
won't care who you hurt in the process.. So we need regulations and taxes to keep a
society healthy.  Other wise it will degrade into two classes. The rich and the poor.

Time will tell how Trump and his Billionair friends do, but we must keep them on a
short leash, or they will likely destroy our dreams.

They are mostly preparing to run the country as they think best.

They are still planning to stand their ground where they can, and work to gain
seats during in 2018 mid term election.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 04, 2016, 11:19:36 am
He continues to claim the media lies about him. I worry that if he can convince the
public to believe him over the major news media he will likely only use the office of
president to enrich his self and his rich friends, and who is going to pay for protecting
all his business interests and properties around the world?

He can say "Much of what I said in my campain was just talk, and wasn't meant to
be taken seriously. " But I imagine when the people get tired of waiting for all those
jobs and tire of his excuses. The truth will start revealing it's self.

Trump said he supports the oil pipeline that is being protested by the Sue Nation.
Apparently he or the congress doesn't care about the problems it might cause now
or in the future. Much less Indian treaties. (Money Rules)

On a lighter side. You think he will try to get the GOP to pay for a monument to his
greatness? Perhaps a nice big statue in front of the Capital building?  Or a bust added
to mount Rushmore?  This of course is silly, but you never know what Trump might

They were ready to investigate Clinton over the next four years, about anything, but
now "Let's give Trump a chance, he just got elected."  Trump who has much to be
investigated. Even those he is appointing. It's time the GOP works for the truth
and not politics. They are hearing from the public to investigate Trump, but so
far they are making excuses not to.

They will try to push for hearings on Trump, but being in the minority they will have
a hard time. So the public must press the GOP even harder.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 05, 2016, 12:37:28 pm
He continues to talk to leaders around the world. Even to Taiwan wich was a NO NO
according to our agreement with mainland China. 

It's likely Trump is working out deals for his businesses around the world along with
his leadership conversations.. There are rumors his businesses are getting approvals
for permits he had been having problems getting prior to the election.

If the GOP isn't careful they will be tossed out in 2018. They are going to own any
thing they cause or do over the next 2 years, good or bad. Trump and his crowd
might be in for trouble without the GOP to protect them. So they best be careful too.
That mandate they claim to have is pretty slim if it esists at all.

Haven't heard much new. Just fretting about needing to win more elections. I hope
they get their act together. It won't be easy as the GOP has set up many congressional
districts across the nation to favor themselves.
I know the democrats haven't been working for the little guy as much as they
should, but I think the little guy will soon find the GOP makes a lot of empty
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 06, 2016, 12:58:34 pm
His people continue to lie either by his orders or their own. They
said that OBama had been slower doing his transistion than Trump
has. Well Obama had his people picked by December 1, 2007. It's
December 6, and Trump is still deciding. I guess Trump can't
stand people thinking he isn't the best at everything.

Another lie by one of Trumps team was the cause of an attack on a
popular Pizza restaurant in DC. It was claimed the restaurant was involved
in gathering children for sex slaves by the Clintons. These kinds of disgusting
lies seems to be what can expect from the Trump team in the future.
Trump just says. "Could be, I don't know. All I know is what' I see on the
internet."  And this is to be our President?

Trump the Tweet master. He said on 60 minutes he was going to stop
tweeting, but so far he hasn't.. He apparently doesn't understand or
care that the world looks at every word he says. The most powerful office
in the world must have credibility. If our allies and enimies stop believing
our President it could lead to disaster. Other countries may start wars
or cause economic problems because of what they think Trump says or
means. No one man, no matter how smart can keep up with all the worlds
troubles and economics to make the correct or best decision without guidence.

So far he hasn't picked people that he can depend on to be honest. The kind of
people he has picked have their own agendas. They may or may not tell or give
Trump the best or correct information. One of his picks is and has spread lies
to make the Democrats and others look bad. Someone like this is dangerous to
our country, and Trump seems to think he is very smart. I fear he is smarter than

Our friendly GOP legislatures are objecting to some of Trumps picks. Enough that
Trump has changed his mind for some. The latest news about the ACA (Obama care)
is the GOP is going to pass a bill that will get rid of it in 3 years. They know getting
rid of it in 2017 might cost them dearly in 2018 so they are putting it off till 2019.
"We will have a repacement by then" they say. They have no plans to,.It's noting to
but a way to hit and run from something they know will hurt them.

Truth be known the main reason they are againsts the ACA is because Obama got it
through congress. It's the same plan they had all the way back to president Nixon.
The ACA is nothing more than a marketplace for insurance companies. Along with
protections for those who have existing problems and to help subsidies premiums
for the poor. It's possible the GOP will come up with a new name for the ACA and
tell us how much better it is now that they have done it.

They hope to keep the worst of the GOP and Trumps plans at bay, but time will

How I get most of my information. I watch MSNBC, and "Meet the
Press" on sunday mornings.

I know some of you feel the news media isn't always honest, but
I will say I haven't found msnbc misrepresenting anything. Also
if they do make a mistake they say so. There is fake news out
there and it all isn't on the internet alone.  Though msnbc leans to
the left. I haven't caught them in a lie yet, but do exaggerat a bit to
make a point sometimes. . The one thing I have noticed is they don't
try to make Trump or either party look good unless they earn it, and
they invite all politicians no matter
which side they are on.

Some of the other major media outlets do have commentators that do
exaggerate and lie to build their preferred audience, but I won't name
them. It's not my place to do so.

The following link is to msnbc's comments and news about Trump. If you
prefer a different source of information that of course is up to you. 

http://www.msnbc.com/topics/donald-trump (http://www.msnbc.com/topics/donald-trump)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 07, 2016, 12:58:44 pm
Gop and Trump are using corporate welfare when the free market and
trickle down economics failes to produce jobs or keep them in the country. Japanese industrialist plans 50 billion investment in US. Trump emplies
credit for it, but the plan has been in the works for months. Also much of the money is coming from Saudi Arabia apparently via Japan. Another rich guy that Trump looks at with much favor.

Some feel a business man will make a good president. That might be well in some
cases, but not the super rich.Money means too much to them. Exon and Russias Putin have worked together to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico.This is before
Trump was elected. Now Trump may appoint the Exon CEO for secretary of state.
With Trillons of Dollars at stake it's no wonder why the oil inndustry is against
climate worries. Another good reason to keep billionairs out of government.

The GOP  plans to put a wavier in a spending bill to make it possible for Trump
to appoint a favored retired General as sectretaray of defense even though he hasn't been retired long enough. The current law requires 7 years, but the general
only retired 3 years ago. What else does the GOP plan to tweak for Trumps benifit?

It appears the GOP isn't helping Trump keep some of his promises. Trump campained on requiring the Pharmasutical industry to negotiate prices on drugs
they sell to medicare. This would help lower the price of medicine. Senator
Sandors asked the Senate today to add this to a spending bill, but the GOP run
Senate said "No". I wonder if Trump will press the issue?  I will be surpised if he
does. The drug industry has much of the GOP bought and paid for. Probably some
democrats too.

Carrier's union exposes Trumps lie that over 1100 jobs were saved when it was
less than 740. Trump may not want American aircraft maker Boeing to build the
next Airforce One. If not it will have to be Airbus of france. Trump claims it's due
to price. Trump should be supporting american jobs, not those in other counties.
It's good to try to keep costs down, but with his lies it's hard to know what is true.

If your a political junkie like me, here is a good
place to keep up with politics online.
http://www.politico.com/ (http://www.politico.com/)
and of course all things political.
http://www.msnbc.com (http://www.msnbc.com)

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 08, 2016, 12:15:33 pm
Well it seems our man Trump is anti union. The man who claims to be
for good jobs for americans.  Of course the GOP hasn't been a fan of
unions over the decades. Pushing for right to work laws. It sounds good, but
many business take advantage of their workers if they don't stand together.

Trump said it was the Unions fault Carrieer and other businesses move
outside the country. Trump said they didn't work hard enough. Sounds
like he is calling american workers Lazy. Doesn't it.

He said he would punish those businesses who move with high tarrifs, but
this will only cause problems. Higher prices for products, and trade wars. Our
country used to use Tarrifs to pay for the government, but this mainly punished
the lower class due to higher prices for all goods. So we went to an income tax
instead. This opened up the markets which helped our country to grow.

Trump thinks only the super rich are smart enough to run our country. That's
why he is appointing all those Billionaires.  He likes people who know how
to manage money and people. The military manages people so he has
appointed several retired generals too.. Time will tell how well our country
does under their control.

Nothing much new, they are just being political claiming they have a mandate
as usual. The Senate did vote a good service award for vice president Biden. He
served for over 30 years in the US legislature.   I think it was unanimous since it
didn't cost the GOP anything.

They continue planning and working to keep the GOP from destroying the
progressive rules and laws which have been passed over the years.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 09, 2016, 12:17:22 pm
Trump continues making his thank you ralleys, they are more like campain
stops to me. Perhaps he wants to keep his base stired up so they will support
his plans to make money for him and his friends.

He still claims his Billionaire friends are the smartest because they know
how to make money. Well government isn't all about making money.
There is concern for the publics health, security, and our environment.

He is appointing people who have a record of not caring about our
environment. Or health. He appointed a doctor to run public
housing. Why because the doctor grew up poor. That doesn't make
him a good manager of housing.

Seems Trump is giving jobs more as favors to those who supported
him than for ability. Knowing how to cheat, lie, and step on people
may make one rich, but it isn't likely they care enough to make
decisions for the good of the country. More likely it will be for their
own good.

Trump still plans to manage his business enterprises since the law
allows it. Even to produce a new version of the Aprintist. I suppose
as long as the GOP looks the other way he can break any rule or
constitutional rule of law he wants.

The moment he takes the oath of office it's likely he will be eligible to
be impeached by a responsible congress. Perhaps that's why he is still
campaining. To pressure congress to leave him alone, and do what
he wants.

Many in congress are making excuses for Trumps appointments. So it
will be interesting to see if they can pass them over the heads of the
democrats. Of course it's still over a month before the inauguration so
things could change.

Not much new other than talking about Trumps appointments. I think
they are going to try to make sure the GOP owns everything they
pass.  You can be sure the GOP will try to blaim any problems on
the democrats. If we remember. They tried to blaim Obama for
the recession even though it was GOP's lack of bank regulation
that created most of it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 10, 2016, 11:55:16 am
Trump gave Clinton heck for being tied to Wall Stret.
Now Trump puts Wall Street in his Cabinet. Trump continues
to prove he lied and is nothing but a money grubber.

Trump says "We will hire americans" Turns out one
of his businesses in Fla just requested 64 working
visa's for foreign workers. So they can hire them.
Isn't that innteresting. Trump tells you and me to
hire our fellow americans, but he hires foreigners to
save a dollar. Trump tells the public any lie he
thinks will make his supporters feel good.

People that knew Trump said he was a Con Artist, but
the voters wanted to believe Trump. I am sure Clinton
with all her faults would have ben 10 times better as
president than Trump. She is leading by 2.8 millon
popular votes. Trump still claims to have won with
a landslide and a mandate.

The GOP and Democrats were informed in September that
the Russians were trying to help Trump win the election
for president. Obama tried to get a bi partison report
for the public. But the GOP wanted to cover it up. So
Obama knew the GOP would claim it wasn't true and dicided
not to persue it. I feel this makes the GOP complicit in this crime
and should be ashamed of them selves. They are
not true patriots, but people who only care for their
self interests.

I am not sure it would have made much difference, but
the public had the right to know. I understand Trump is
claiming the CIA report is wrong. I wonder why he would
care as it won't change the election results. Perhaps he
knows the truth, and fears it will hurt him with his supporters.
If they found out he knew he was being helped by the Russians.

The democrats arn't perfect, but they usually don't
look us in the face and lie. They may tell half truths
and exaggerate, but not black lies that can be proved
as such almost instantly like Trump has and still does.
At least the Democrates try to help the disadvantaged.
The GOP promises Jobs that usually fail to pay enough to
live on, and work to help their rich friends.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 11, 2016, 12:25:00 pm
It seems Trump can't get away form being a showman as he continues to
do ralleys.  I think he should be trying to learn how to do the job instead of
trying to convince people he is number one.

He is still worrying over the Russian hacking reports. Is he worried that it might
make his election illegitimate? I doubt it would ever come to that. Though it is
possible he knew about it and hoped it would help him. I really think he would
be happy to accept their help. He asked the Russians to look for Clintons emails.
This was asking another government to break our laws. Now Trump is trying to
say it's all politics with no evidence. I doubt if Trump knows enough about the
internet to know or say what is possible.

Trump has been friendly in business with Russia for decades, so why not believe
he would have friends there that might help him.

Trump says "Lets be friends." when talking about other countries. Surely he isn't
that ignorant about world leaders and the ambitious nature of many of them. I
imagine many would stab us in the back if they had the chance.

Trump claims the man from Exon Oil is a great business man and knows leaders
around the world. As I have said government isn't about making money it's about
working to get along with others around the world. Talking about the things we
believe in. Human rights for people, womens rights. Would he talk to Russia or
China about hacking? I have my doubts the man or Trump cares about human
rights among other things we stand for.

The GOP claims they weren't hacked. Now I would be surprised if they are so
much better at keeping hackers out than anyone else. Though they deny it there
is evidence they were hacked. Besides if they truely weren't hacked. Was it to
help Trump? Seems odd the GOP would want to say it was one sided because it
does make it look like they had the Russians favor.

Well as I said before the election the GOP and Trump are wanting to get rid of
the right to have abortions for women. This of course is the wish of the GOP's
religious base. Without them the GOP would have a hard time getting elected. Some
of the GOP run states have been working to make it hard if not impossible for women
to get abortions or even contraceptives and reproductive health care.

People seem to forget that thousands of women, teenagers and adult both used to
die in the past getting illegal abortions. Some by doing it to them selves and dying
from bleeding to death or by an infection. This isn't just a physical choice, but a
mental decision women have to deal with. I think some get the idea these are
just people wanting to have fun and don't care about the one who is aborted.
It's a hard decision for any woman. Not a do it and forget thing at all.

To those women who think I couldn't know. They are right, I am just relating info I
have read about on the issue.

They are trying to keep Trump and his people honest, but their power to do so is
very limited. If the Democrats want to win they are going to have to show the
common man they care about them. Not just the upper middle class.

It's human nature to have comfort zones. People who work in factories and other
jobs that are going away due to automation and out sourcing have to be willing to
learn how to do new jobs. People in the GOP like Trump tell them they can keep
those jobs, but it's all lies. People like Trump feel all they have to do is tell the
public what they want to hear then later after elected say it was just generalizing
talk. Another thing is many good jobs don't require 4 years of college, all that is
needed is going to a Trade school. I think the Democrats should talk about Trade
schools and not just college.

We need people for all kinds of work, even jobs that get you cruddy. I used to come
home from work covered in dirt, my dad used to dig septic tanks out by hand. We
have machine to dig out septic tanks now, but good hard work is nothing to be ashamed
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 12, 2016, 12:37:20 pm
I really don't have anything new. Trump plans to have a news conference on the
15th of December.  I hope it's not just a speech as he usually does when he
stands up in front of people.

I have heard him say. "I don't know", but when he does it's usually about something
no one really knows, or about some conspiracy theory. Sometimes I wonder if he is
suffering from some form of dementia. He seems to have trouble keeping on track. He
changes from day to day, even on the same subject. Many older people seem fine most
of the time, then loose track of what they are doing.  It would be possible his people
would cover up something like that. When your around someone all the time one
tends to  not notice things like that. Or if you do you don't want to think it's not as bad
as it is.  I think Reagan was having problems toward  the end of his second term. He
did die of Alzheimers desease a few years later. I had an aunt that died of it when she
was in her mid 60's.

More than one president has had medical issues they have hidden from the public. I
hope Trump is ok, but seems when he is really upset he starts snorting. I saw it in
all of the debates. It's like he has trouble breathing under stress.  The media ignored
it for some reason. Guess it's because Trump said his doctor reported he was in perfect
health. Well he never handed over the results of a  physical made by a disinterested
doctor. So unless he faints or staggers we may never really know.

Time will tell, but I think it should be a law that someone running for president sumit
them selves for a physical by a independant doctor. It's required to have a physical
every year or two to keep a pilots license current, and when you join the military. So
why not as president. A job that requires 24/7  365 days a year attention, someone
who could start a war because they couldn't handle stress.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 13, 2016, 01:13:42 pm
Clinton now leads Trump in the popular vote by almost 2.8 million votes. Trump says
it's due to illegal voters. No proof to show lying Trump is right.

Well he decided to postpone the news conference. Perhaps next month maybe?  It
seems he feels the public only needs to know what he wants to tell us. A news conference
might embarass him with unwanted questions perhaps. Trump always wants to control
his enviroment. No people that oppose his ideas, no minorities, at least those who might
ask why he fires black people because he doesn't like how they look. Fire women because
they arn't pretty enough to suit him.

He talks tough to a camera and supporters, but seems to be scared of anyone who
might not agree with him. I wonder how well he will stand up to foreign leaders.

He appears to have nothing but business on the brain. I understand when he talked
to the leader of Turkey he mentioned how much he liked the owners of some hotels
he was involved with there. Now it turns out the leader of Turkey has arrested those
people. Accusing them of being part of those who tried to take over the Turkish
government.. That same leader has been asking for an american naturalized citizen to
be returned to Turkey to face prison because he has opposed him in the past. The
Obama administration has refused to send the man back.

You suppose Trump will bend to the leader of Turkey's wishes to  get his friends out
of prison? To send this naturalized american citizen back to face prison or death, if
the leader there promises to free his hotel owner friends. Trump stands to make
millions if they are released.

This is only one thing our man Trump is involved with. Who knows how many
people Trump will sell out for a dollar. Perhaps none, but we may never know.

Our friendly GOP plans to reduce social security payments and medicare. There
are many people who barely get by as is. Do they care? Apparently they don't.
They don't want to raise taxes on their wealthy friends. We should watch to
see who votes to do this foul  deed, and vote them out in 2018.

Clinton lost the election by 80,000 votes over 3 states. So in reality the
democrats didn't loose by much. It seems there are 10 electors asking
to see the CIA report on Russian involvement in the election. I understand
there is omse rumors the GOP will have hearings on this issue, but some
are saying they see little proof. The Democrats need to  push the issue as
this is a bad deal. The government should be hopping mad over this, and
wanting to get to the bottom of it. Trump claims it's just a rumor by the
democrats. Who wants to believe a lier like Trump?
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 14, 2016, 12:41:30 pm
Not much new other than talk about the Russia connection. I
have mentioned before.If something new comes up I will pass
it along.

Our man Trump does feel those who know how to make a lot of money
are very smart. I agree, they are smart when it comes to running a
business or corporation.

But running a business is like being a dictator, an emporor of your realm.
Government requires comprimise. Human rights are paramount. A man
or woman who has no experience in government will find it hard when
they find their commands are thrown back at them.Those in business
do have to make deals with customers, but in business you can walk
away from a problem if there is no profit in it.  Often those in government
can't walk away. If they do many people can be hurt.

Turns out Trump has put together a group of Billionairs, and retired
military generals to advise him. I think the Generals are probably the
smartist of the group. They know how to work with government and
people to get things done. Billionairs generally just bulldoze their
way to get what they want. If someone is hurt,  they don't care.

The speaker of the house is making plans to have several bils ready for
Trump to sign. He knows with both the house and senate in GOP hands
they can ram bills past the democrats with few problems. They expect
Trump will go along with everything they want. I think thats why they
are pretty much kissing Trumps feet over the past month.

I just hope we don't end up under those feet when they are done.

I hope the democrats can find a few from the GOP to put up a roadblock
against the GOP's express. The GOP has been saying "NO" and done such
little work over the past 6 years they have much they want to pass.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 15, 2016, 01:24:48 pm
He says we should get along with Russia. Perhaps it would look that way
to a billionaire business man, but not to the average person.

I know some of us here in the USA might not feel Russian involvement
in our elections is no big deal, or even care.

To those who may feel this way best wake up. Russia is about nationalisim,
and they don't care about human rights. They have been working over the
last several years to change Nato countries and other countries to disrupt
their elections. To move their governments to favor the Russian way of
doing things.

You will loose your rights to have guns, to have your own lifestyle, high
taxes. No religious or human rights. The Russian government my seem
efficient, most dictatorships look that way. Russia claims to have a
Parliamentary form  of  government, but Putin and his gang run the
country. He is committed to  make the world over to fit his idea of
running things and the people.

If you wish to live that way, just ignore him, he will see that you

Some are taking this serious about the Russian connection, but some
are talking like it's no big deal or not something we need to really worry
about. It seems they don't want to oppose Trump who claims it's a
democratic rumor.

I hope they push hard for hearings on the Russian thing. Even
to create a bi Parisian commission on it to prevent Trump and his
gang from putting a iid on it when he takes office.

Time will tell. But we should watch, and let our congress know
how we feel.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Holt5 on December 15, 2016, 08:14:13 pm
Anyone have some links to what these Russian connections actually are?
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on December 15, 2016, 08:24:44 pm
I know who the Russian spies are! It's Boris and Natasha!  :D  :D

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 16, 2016, 11:06:49 am
Has the GOP of NC gone crazy?  Here is a story about the state lefislature removing
power from the newly elected Democrat governor.. Even with crowds of people
calling "Shame" from the gallery the GOP controlled legislature continues it's dirty
work. It wasn't long before the crowds were removed. The NC GOP has been guilty
of making it hard for minorities to vote, and setting up congressional districts to
favor white voters.

http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/north-carolina-gop-tries-strip-powers-governor-elect-n696576 (http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/north-carolina-gop-tries-strip-powers-governor-elect-n696576)

Anyone have some links to what these Russian connections actually are?

Here is the latest on the Russian Putin connection. The CIA and other government
agencys have evidence to show they were involved.

Trump has been claiming it's all democrats wanting to discredit his win. I don't
see how anyone could believe someone who lies half the time. If Trump doesn't
want to believe the CIA, who is he going to believe? His rich friends?  I hope not.

If the actual way they found out about Putins attack was revealed it would likely
comprimise future detection. So don't expect to hearor see that.

Here is a video link on the subject.. It's from www.MSNBC.com if you want to
read more about it. 

http://www.msnbc.com/brian-williams/watch/obama-vows-to-take-action-on-russia-for-election-hacks-834534979839 (http://www.msnbc.com/brian-williams/watch/obama-vows-to-take-action-on-russia-for-election-hacks-834534979839)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on December 16, 2016, 04:28:38 pm
If Trump doesn't want to believe the CIA, who is he going to believe? His rich friends?

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 17, 2016, 11:48:23 am
As much as our man Trump claims his election was a mandate, it will always
be tainted by Putins involvement in trying to help him win.

I think this is why Trump never wants to agree that Putin helped him. It would
discredit his election. It is discredited and history will paint Trumps victory
as such.

We must watch this man to see that he follows the constitution and the
people who voted. Not electorally but by the popular vote.

Trump has huge conflicts of interest to deal with. He owes millions in
foreign loans. Will he give favors to those banks who he owes money
to if they pressure him to do so?

Is the GOP kissing up to Trump to get his signature, or to do what's
best for the country?  So far it seems to be for Trumps favor. We
must hold the legislatures feet to the fire, let them know they will
be looking for another job if they continue to step on our country just
to make their rich friends richer.

They always make the claim."We are for jobs". Sure as long as the jobs
are cheap with no benefits. They don't work to help the common man
have a better life. They cut benifits to the poor and give the rich tax
breaks and welfare. Why? They say "Its for Jobs." The same old tired
line. If we continue voting for them more of us will be begging in the

If those who call themselves progressive don't get out and vote next
time the GOP will continue treating minorities, gays, and women like dirt.
Look at what Trump does to women and minorities. It's just the tip of
the iceberg. Look at NC. The GOP there said."The new governor has the state
mansion to live in what else should he want?"

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 18, 2016, 12:14:53 pm

The news has been under attack by Trump. Those who support him
and others have been posting news that are misleading or just plane lies.
Trump plays on peoples fears and needs to steer them to his way of thinking.
to say if your not for me your against me. He won't talk to a reporter, because
he wants to only make speeches. So people will only hear what he wants
them to hear. He doesn't want to explain why he says things. Much of what he
says is lies, so why would he wan 't to explain a lie?L

Many people listen to talk radio. Talk radio is a terrible place to get  news. Talk
radio works to buid an audience, not to tell the truth, and at best the only
part of the truth that pleases their audience. They are much like politicians.
who needs votes, instead of votes they need a big audience or they are off
the air.. Keep this in mind when you listen to them.

Actually I think Trump too a cue from talk radio. Tell them what they want to
hear, and they will follow you. What was the first thing he said? "Let's build a
wall to keep out the bad Mexicans." Many people felt here is a guy that can't
be bought and thinks like I do.  Turns out he can be bought, and only acts
like he thinks like his supporters do I think when he falls out of favor he will
crash. I hope he doesn't take us with him.

He finishes his last so called Thank you campain for the year.  I suppose
he has refueled what it takes to make him feel good about his self.  He
like most people in show business love adoring crowds. He says anything
to make them cheer. Even if it's a black lie. Later he claims it was just a
game to make people feel good. If so why believe anything he says?

The people need a presidend who is honest, not some kind of money grubbing
con artist.

Sorry if you don't like it, but he hasn't proved he is for anyone but the rich. After
all they are the smartist people on earth. They know how to make money. I guess
that's why he likds Putin. He is supposed to be the richest man on the planet. I
guess the fact he stole most of the money is imaterial to Trump.

Trump has appointed a jewish radical as our ambassador to Isreal
A man who wants all of old Palestine for the Jews.  If this happens
the middle est will explode.  I imagine any property with Trumps
name on it wil then be a target. Who will pay to protect them? and
do we want to risk american lives to protect his businesses?

Those of us who need medicare, and social security have few friends in congress.
they want to cut it. If not they might have to raise taxes on the rich. Heaven forbid.
Trump campained he wouldn't sign anything that would hurt social security, medicar,
medicade. Time will tell if he was being honest or not.

Many are saying they need to change, but what needs changing is rules that let
one party or the other have an advantage over the other. The GOP have set up
voting districts to favor white, non minority voters. Elections should not be
controled by either party. Untill we do the GOP and the far right will make gains
they don't deserve.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 19, 2016, 12:51:31 pm
It's Dec 19th and election day for the electors to vote. I am sure Trump will
get the 270 he needs. If not the GOP congress would give it to him anyway.

Our man Trump is in Florida working I think.. Anyway he says he is
having a working vacation after all his so called "Thank you ralleys" .

I probably won't have much to say till after Christmas. Our politicians make
sure they have their time off for holidays. They spend more time off than
working. I bet Trump let's his Lacky VP do most of the work after the new
wears off..

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 21, 2016, 12:26:11 pm
Well after all the bad mouthing Trump did toward Clinton about doing favors
for money. It appears Trump is playing the same game. He started a foundation
in Texas, and he promised photo ops with him  Only 1 million dollars a shot.

When this hit the news he made some quick changes.  Well I will say this to our
man Trump. He is going to have a hard time pulling this kind of stuff without it
being in the news. Even if he doesn't like it. He is going to find out that unlike
in business practices he can't cover up the dirt. There are a lot of people
watching his every move. That includes his family and friends.

That could be why he wants to discredit the press.

Many world leaders are watching Trump close, as they have no idea
what he really plans to do. Except perhaps Putin?  Who can say.

Some of the GOP are pushing for investigations about the Russian connection. I
hope it ends up being more serious than just show. Some are trying to make
light of it. Perhaps wanting to please Trump.

It would be good to have better relations with Russia, but we must stand up
for what we feel is right. Putin is working to disrupt the governments of Nato
countries. He knows Russia can't win an conventional war against the west, but
he might do it politically.

The GOP was asked about getting rid of the electorial system.  "Oh my no" they
say. "It's a part of our constitution, it protects states rights."  I have a hunch if the
election were reversed with Trump having almost 3 million popular votes over
Clinton and lost due to the electorial system they would be ready to see it go.

This is the second time in less than 20 years the GOP has won while loosing
the popular vote. So it's no wonder why they wouldn't want to change it.

They are still trying to decide how they are going to work with Trump and the
GOP. I am sure it would be tempting to do what the GOP did over the last 6
years, but they would just point a finger at the Democrats and say."It's their
fault why there are fewer jobs." Or what ever else went bad. I say let them
own the dirt they do, but they should try to protect the poor and disadvantaged
from ideas aimed to only help  the rich.

Democrats should be more outspoken. Many times they are called the
silent majority. Well it's time they started hollering, and voting. If they
had Trump would be in his tower pouting instead of being elected

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 22, 2016, 12:26:23 pm
Our man Trump is likely to get stuck in the swamp hisself if he isn't careful. He
was saying he would get rid of government corruption. Well if he doesn't get
rid of his business interests around the world he could become the most corrupt
president in history.

The last I heard he was planning for only having a half trust if there is such
a thing. If not I guess he plans to create one.

Well our friendly GOP in NC has turned it's back on the LBGT in that state after
promising to undo the law to keep them out of the bathrooms they need.

Now Senator Ted Cruz of Texas plans to introduce a bill restricting the rights
of Gays, Lesbians, and Transgend people over the whole country. He claims it
s to protect riligious rights.  Well he may actually believe his religion wants
him to  do this, but our country is supposed to have seperation between
church and state. Since I am sure some on the forum will be interested I
will try to keep track of how far this bill goes. Trump has already said he
would sign such a bill.. One mans religious rights can be religious bigotry
to another. I have a hunch womens abortion rights will soon be attacked as

The supreme court could declare such laws unconstitutional, but right now there
are only 8 judges with a liberal/conservative even slpit. So a lower court decision
could end up standing if the court voted 4/4. Of course the GOP wants to pack
the court with conservatives. If they do such laws could end up being approved.

Hopefully the democrats can slow or stop unfair bills from becoming lawas.
Only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 23, 2016, 12:11:27 pm
Our man Trump tweeted that we need to expand our nukes. We have
5000 atomic weopns now. We are currently doing upgrades to those
that are needed. Telling the world he wants more is going to s tart another
arms race. Ever since President Nixon we have been working to reduce
the number of atomic weopons in the world,  not increase them. Trump
shouldn't talk about things like this. I doubt if he even knows what he
is talking about. He should at least wait ill he is president to make such

I find it hard to understand why the government and or Obama doesn't tell
Trump to shut up. He isn't the president yet. Sure he won the election, but
he is still a private citizen till he takes office on the 20th of January.

We only have one President at a time. I can guarantee if Trump was the
current president, and a president elect started interfering in government
business he would be hopping mad about it.

It's Trumps business to get his cabinet and other appointments selected, but
that's as far as it should go. Making policy with other governments should be
illegal if not treasonous. I have a hunch if I personally was making a deal with
another country without permission  the FBI would be on my neck in no time.

I suppose Obama is doing his best to not turn the transistion into a fight with
Trump and the GOP, but with Trump trying to act like he is already president
with wierd tweets is making us look bad around the world.

Seems our friends in the legislature is bowing to Trump a lot. I imagine they will
have a stack of bills ready for him to sign on January 21st. At least they hope he

I understand some of Trumps supporters are beginning to wonder if they made a
mistake. I heard some say they figured Trump didn't mean some of waht he said
during the campain. Now they are afraid he meant it. 20 million people get health
insurance via the ACA (Obama care) When it goes people who have health
problems won't be able to get insurance. It's likely they will have to sell everything
and go on Medicade to get medical care.  Time will tell. But the GOP feels every
one should buy their own insurance, and if they can't afford it..Well. It's the Ebenezer
Scrooge bit. "If they die it will reduce the excess population."  The democrats will
try to stop it, but they are a couple votes short, so if they can't find 2 or 3 from the
GOP to help it's over.. Perhaps for a lot of poor people too..

I know there are a lot of good rich people, but seems the bad ones find a way
to take advantage of the rest of us. According to Trump only smart people are
rich. Well I can tell him that money isn't everything, and taking advantage of
the needy is isn't the kind of smart I want to be. Just because there isn't a law
on the books doesn't make something right But Trump and his friends apparently
think it does.. Trump said it was smart to not have to pay taxes on the money he
makes, but I bet he would be the first to holler help if he needed protection from
fire or the police. Services we who are not that smart pay for.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 24, 2016, 12:34:14 pm
Our man Trump is giving Obama a hard time for being on the golf course
so much. Strange for a man who owns several of them. I hope the media
gives Trump credit for all of his activities.

Trump plans to give Israel help in adding new settlements in areas captured
in past wars with the Palestinians. Trump wanted Obama to make a UN vote
allowing new settlements, but knowing how this would create more trouble we
voted against new settlements. 

Other wise I think all our friendly politicians are celebrating the holidays.
Many of them claim to be religious. I hope they show it by caring about the
poor, elderly, and others who are disadvantaged over the New Year.

Except Trump who will likely be tweeting every weird thought he comes
up with. He is probably counting up all the money he plans to make
while being president. I have a hunch by this time next year people
may be calling Trump the Grinch who stole their Christmas. Hopefully he
doesn't get us in a war as well.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 25, 2016, 12:42:13 pm
Trump was on "Meet the Press" this morning.. Perhaps he will make a
habit of having a discussion with the press .. We might not hear much
truth, but perhaps some unfiltered words from Trump.

There was some thoughts from the press that those Trump has picked
might balance each other out. Time will tell, but I kind of imagine we
will see Trump out making speeches pretty often. Probably not answering
many questions though.. 

That's all for now. Hope everyone is having a nice Chrismas today.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 26, 2016, 11:47:18 am
I don't have any thing new to say about politics today. I am
sure something will happen I can mention tomorrow.

Santa would probably have needed a trailer to carry all the
coal he would've given Trump for being a bad boy. Hopefully
next year he will deserve something better.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 27, 2016, 01:12:24 pm
Our man Trump is fussing at Obama because he said he  could have
won against him.. Trump needs to quit worrying about his image.
He has a country to think about, not to worry if people think
he is a winner or not.

Trump should keep his fingers out of government till he is president. This
business with Israel could blow up in his face, or blow up the middle east.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 28, 2016, 12:43:08 pm
There is serious concern that Trump may cause another arms race. Putin
did say he wanted to make their missles less vulnerable to anti missle
tech.. How successful the Russians are is hard to say. I have little or no
idea if they can make them so they can't be shot down. I think Putin is
thinking about in theater use of missils. Many missils are cruise now
days whcih are hard to detect and defend against.

With over 5000 atomic weopons we don't need more, just better ways to
deliver them. I think Putin feels much the same.

I hope Obama takes our missile system off of a hair trigger. Trump is so quick
to respond to insults he could start a war. I hope someone with a cool head
is looking over Trumps shoulder all the time.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 29, 2016, 12:30:39 pm
Our man Trump is up to his old tricks. At a impromto news
conference he claimed credit foe almost 8000 new jobs. Turns
out these are the same jobs that were in the news a few weeks
back.  Trump is playing games with the public trying to claim
credit for the same jobs more than once and pretending they
are additional jobs..

Besides 8000 jobs are great for the familys who get them, but
that is a very small number for a nation as large as ours. Obama
saved 1.5 million jobs when he helped the auto industry a few
years ago. Many millions of jobs have been created under Obama
,but he didn't stand up and brag about it every week or two.

I think we can expeect Trump to take credit for how well the
country is doing as long as ithe news is good, but I imagine he
will try to find a scape goat at the first sign of bad news. In fact
he already has claimed credit for some new numbers about the
economy, and he hasn't done anything but blow hot air.

I imagine we can expect Trump to be the biggest speech maker
in the history of the presidency. He loves to talk to a crowd. He
desires praise, the more the better. Just tell him he is smart or
a nice guy and he claims to be your friend.

I hope the public will hold our friendly legislators accountable
for how well they obey the constitution.  Somehow I think they
are going to break their oath of office when Trump takes office. It
is their responsibility to hold Trump accountable to breaking his oath
of office if and when he does.

Our only recourse is to vote them out in 2018 if they refuse to do their
job.  I wish the constitution required dismissial of any legislator for
breaking their oath of office. The way it is the congress has to vote to
do it. Kind of like having the fox guard the henhouse.  Of course
humans being who they are I doubt if a constitution that strict could
have been ratified in the first place.

Just hope they can keep the GOP from destroying the safety net the
poor, elderly, handicapped, and other who are disavantaged depend on.
Only time will tell. I think the GOP is under some kind of delusion that
the public wants them to do it.  If they do I imagine the GOP will find
themselves without a job in few years.

People haven't seen people starving and dying in the streets like they
did in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Farmers leaving land that was
nothing but dust. I hope we don't have to repeat it.

A democracy can only exsist if the people are willing to do their part.
Otherwise the country could fall into an autocracy like Germany had with
Hitler, or like Russia has with Putin. It's the easy way out. The public is
treated like children to be taken care of, and if one gets out of line they
slap them down or kill them. Works fine for those who don't mind handing
their life over to the state. You don't even have to think for your self.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 30, 2016, 01:07:52 pm
Our man Trump is still worried that his win will be discredited. He
is so narcissistic . One wonders if he doesn't stand and look at his
self in  a mirror. Loving his self, thinking he is so smart, and how
we should appreciate his greatness..

What he does when he is alone is fine as long as he understands  the
job of president and how it can affect the world when he makes offhand

He still wants to deny a proven fact the Russians tried to  help him win the
election.. As close as it was it's very possible they did.

I wonder if he will keep the sanctions on Russia, or will he forgive Putin
for what he did. In effect thank him for the win.

I think better relations with Russia would be great, but we can't give up our
principles in doing so. Putin would have the world in his image. Authoritarian
leaders around the world. It's true one man leaderships of governments can
be more efficient, but hardly ever fair to the population of a country

I understand some in congress and the senate don't have the same warm feelings
toward Putin as Trump does. So he may have a bit of trouble making nice with
Putin over the objections of congress.. Especially with the computer hacking Russia

I imagine the Democrats will join the GOP in punishing Russia over the hacking.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on December 31, 2016, 01:11:12 pm
I guess all the politicans are out partying so nothing new for

I wish the news media would headline. "Why does Trump lie about...? "
this or that. That way it would plant the question for people to think
about. As is peple just ignore  the report of a lie as a bash at Trump..

It might even work on Trumps mind where he would have to come up
with a reason. As is it he just bad mouths the press. It's harder to justify
a lie than to just call a press report a lie.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 01, 2017, 01:20:20 pm
Not much to tell. "Meet the Press" was about how the main media
covered Trump over the campain, and since the election.

The one thing they failed to mention was how the media competes
to get the news out first. This competitions colors the reporting. They
are more likely to say what gets attention in Headlines.  Working to
get at the truth is pushed back in favor of sensationalize.  Trump
knows this and uses it to manipulate the press.

Trump is still trying to divert attention away from Russia's hacking. Trumps
Russia connection is still in question. He is still defending Putin.  I think we
should know why he is. Is it business, or is he only worried about war with

War wise I think we have more to worry with North Korea than Russia. An
engagement with Korea would likely drag China into the fray.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 03, 2017, 12:51:00 pm
Trump gets approval to build a new hotel, golf course in
Indonesia since he was elected.

Trump had a big new years party in Florida in a private
club. Members paid $500.00 to be there. With 800
attending he netted $400,000.00 for the night. Odd
thing is he complained about Clinton making big money
making a speech. I don't see this being any different.
Trump is using his position as president elect to
make a lot of money as Clinton did.

Trump called Putin smart for waiting for him to
be president. Not Treason, but likely broke the Logan
act by communitcating with a forign government in a
way that affects the policy of our government.

He has been stepping on Obama's toes ever since he
won the election. I imagine the reason Obama hasn't
been making a big deal out of it trying to avoid a
fight with the GOP and Trump during the transistion.

independant ethics investigation commitee shut down by the
new GOP.. They want to investigate them selves. and
this way they can keep it from the public eye.

The "Just say no" crowd in congress has been making
plans to produce many bills ready for Trump to sign.
I think there will be a lot of suffering for the
disadvantaged, and less taxes for the rich.

A $200.00 reduction for someone barely making enough
to live on. $25,000.00 reduction or more for someone
who would see $200.00 as pocket change.

Remember that when you vote next tiem.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 04, 2017, 12:06:49 pm
This is a bit long, but I thought I would add a bit about jobs, and what people
will need in the future. Things the GOP and Trump don't seem to be concerned
about. Our politicians have a bad habit of leaving the future to those in
the future. After all they want credit for what they do now..

The world is changing and jobs are moving from manufacturing to high tech. Those
who can't or won't move with it will fall behind. Big corporations around the world are
moving their factories to poor third world countries. Even those are becoming more
automated to cut costs.

Trump and the politicians can promise all they want, but the days of factory career
jobs are becoming a thing of the past. Most jobs are showing up in the service
industry. Auto repair, resturants, cleaning, building, plumbing, ect.  Some of
these jobs can be a career job with a pension, but not very many. Many service
industry jobs don't pay much more than minimum wage.

With the advent of the internet and now smart phones, many people are making
extra money selling services, and objects online. Problem is people are going to find
out when they get sick, injured, handicapped or old. They are going to be hard
up for money to pay for food, rent, doctor, ect.

Also this same transformation is making a small percentage of the population
extremely rich. This is dividing the country into the haves and have not's. I know
the GOP and Trump don't like redistribution of wealth, but if we don't a
disaster is waiting to happen. I don't think any of us like taxes.. How can we call a
country great if in the future the streets are filled with beggars and the sick. Robots
doing work that the average person depended on for a living.

It's time the government moves to see that all our people have at least enough
to live on, sutable housing, and the health care and medicine they need. We educate
people through high school. Why not college, or at least trade schools. If a person
wishes to go on to a higher level on their own. Fine. But we need engineers, mechanical
and electrical. Cyber techs are in high demand now, and more will be needed in the

The GOP is living in the past, and they are ignoring the majority of the population about
social issues. I am not for full socializim, but if we don't accept a degree of it there
will be many suffering and dieing in the future. We have many in that position now.
We shouldn't give a free ride to those who can work. That would do more harm than
good. If a person gets aid, see they do something for it. Even if it's just sitting in a
office chair 8 hours a day. I think most would rather be doing something. Food aid
should be for food people need, not easy to fix food unless they are handicapped.

The public doesn't like to see a healthy person living off the government doing
nothing, living as well or better than they are. It's good to help, but those who
are helped should be willing to help themselves.

The GOP points to the lazy bums when they want to take food from the mouths
of the needy. Instead they should be changing how they are helped.

The GOP found that getting rid of the independant ethics commitee was a bad idea when they got thousands of phone calls from the public telling them to leave the committee alone. Trump jumped on the bandwagon tellhing the GOP to work on better things. Could be the mandate they claim to have isn't as strong as they act like it is. They lost seats in the Congress and the Senate and even though Trump won he still lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.

Trump  continues to  take credit for jobs saved due to 
Ford not moving to Mexico. Keeping 700 Jobs here in the
country. Turns out Ford had decided to stay sometime ago
due to falling sales of small cars over the past 2 years.  The hybrid cars they plan to build is part of a program Obama worked with Ford about.  As usual Trump tries to grab the spotlight. He would likely claim credit for the sun rising in the morning if he thought it would benifit him.

Trump made the tweet that he was going to have to wait till friday to meet with the intelligence people. Like they were putting him off. The meeting was set for friday in the first place. Trump seems to be still trying to discredit them. He is going to need these people in the future. So he best play nice with them.

The only credible jobs Trump can claim is 800. Though he
is trying to claim 8000.. A very small number so far for the nation, though any jobs saved it good news..

Our man Trump loves using Twitter. If he continues doing so as president. Wouldn't it create a security risk if someone was to hack Trumps twitter account? They could fake a Trump tweet about anything. It could embarass Trump or cause a crisis with a insult to a foriegn leader. He should forget about Twitter as president.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 05, 2017, 11:32:19 am
Trump plans to revamp government inteligence, apparently
fewer people to do the job. With the terrorist threats, and
other dangers we face. Seems irresponsible to me.

Seems the only people Trump credits for being smart are those who
are extremely rich. Perhaps that's why he likes Russias Putin. He is one
of the richest men in the world. I guess getting rich by theft is smart
too, for Putin at least. Oddly enough Putin called  Trump a clown when he
was running for the nomination. I guess if your rich enough Trump doesn't
mind what you say about him...

He continues running down the national media as if only he
tells the truth, and everyone else lies. I see no reason to
believe much of anything he says.

Starts committee reviews of Trumps cabinet picks.
The GOP leader of the senate had the gall to say the public wouldn't stand for
delays to pick a new judge for the supreme court. After he and others in the GOP refused to even give hearings much less vote on Obamas supreme court
nomination last year. I think some politicians actually believe the public is
totally stupid at times. I hope the public tosses some of them
out of office next time.

They plan to stand against cuts to social security, medicare, ACA, VA, and
medicade.  Also against any right leaning pick for a supreme court judge.
The democrats already have rallies planned in several states to inform
the public about what Trump and the GOP plan to do. No doubt the
GOP and Trump will counter, but they won't have Obama to blaime this

Grass roots groups are showing up across the country. A large
number of anti Trump people plan to show up in Washington DC on the 21st
of January. I will try to pass along any links to sites
with more information on this, and other demonstrations.

These groups are planning to let Trump and the GOP know how they feel about
their plans to undo social gains since the 1950's. There is a chance the GOP
will get some of the same medicine the Tea Party gave the democrats a few
years back.  Trump may find out the swamp his supporters wanted him to drain
includes many of his friends. I kind of feel the only people he wanted to get rid
of was those who didn't support or agree with him.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Varg the wanderer on January 05, 2017, 06:44:53 pm
They plan to stand against cuts to social security, medicare, ACA, VA, and
medicade.  Also against any right leaning pick for a supreme court judge.
The democrats already have rallies planned in several states to inform
the public about what Trump and the GOP plan to do. No doubt the
GOP and Trump will counter, but they won't have Obama to blaime this

Grass roots groups are showing up across the country. A large
number of anti Trump people plan to show up in Washington DC on the 21st
of January. I will try to pass along any links to sites
with more information on this, and other demonstrations.

These groups are planning to let Trump and the GOP know how they feel about
their plans to undo social gains since the 1950's. There is a chance the GOP
will get some of the same medicine the Tea Party gave the democrats a few
years back.  Trump may find out the swamp his supporters wanted him to drain
includes many of his friends. I kind of feel the only people he wanted to get rid
of was those who didn't support or agree with him.

I am not happy about a lot of Trump's viewpoints on things, but I think it would be worth noting that the ACA NEEDS to change. The way it is currently written it only increases the cost of health care of those that work... to the point where it is expensive regardless if you have private insurance, government insurance, or no insurance. The only winners here are the insurance companies. I think the act should be gutted, while retaining the mandate that insurance companies insure those with per-existing medical conditions.

Social Security is a by-the-book Ponsi Scheme. The only way it stays afloat is that more people are paying into it than are withdrawing. Many people my age (myself included) have accepted the fact that we will never see a dime of it when we retire, and are getting pretty sore about having to support people knowing there will be no support for us. Social Security needs to be transitioned into a mandatory retirement savings account or some other form of investment so that there is no longer a can to kick to the next generation. In your post above you covered some things I thing should be looked into. If both parties are willing to actually take a look and make some sustainable changes without immediately denouncing the idea simply because of who said it they might actually do some good.

As for college: All is well, but rather than pumping money into subsidizing undergraduate student loans (which people by and large use to get degrees that will have little use in employment), take that money and use it towards putting people through graduate school. We need more doctors and researchers and pharmacists. These are expensive degrees to get, and currently these people have no help in education costs, all while the public screams about them being paid too much. How about we focus money where we want more people to be.

Also, there is a lot of evidence that George Soros is funding these so called "grass roots" protests. Which makes me wonder: Where were these protests when Obama was re-elected? The election is supposed to be the people's voice. Why then are people protesting and rioting over what the majority of their fellow citizens chose? I'm not saying they should be happy about it. In fact I think they are justified in being upset, but what do they expect a protest to do after the election?

There is a funny pattern I've noticed in Congress: Whenever Democrats have something they want passed, they preach about bipartisanship and make promises of compromise, etc... Yet when the republicans want to pass something in the same way it is met with a firm "Over my dead body" and any compromise won't even be considered. Party opinions and platform aside I have to say this seems a bit childish, much akin to (but going on much longer than) the NC GOP members undermining the Governor's power.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 06, 2017, 12:43:36 pm
Yes the ACA does need to be fixed, but all the GOP wants is to do away with it
instead. The big reason premiums have jumped is due to not enough young
people on the program. Another thing the ACA was a plan the GOP supported till
Obama touched it. If they do get rid of it, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost, not
counting hospitals going under due to people not able to pay for insurance or even
get it. Then of course many more people dieing.

Our man Trump was asked about news people Putin had killed. Trump responded saying people are killed here as well. Is he emplying it's ok for Putin to kill news people? What
connnection does Putin have with Trump? Putin claims Trump win is a victory for Russia. Perhaps Putin has promised Trump hotels all over Russia.

I did hear on msnbc that Trump has been selling high priced
real estate to Russian oligarchs. Some going for 100 million
dollars each. I think that would be a good incentive to be friendly with Putin. Imagine the fees Trump gets from a sale like that. I believe the fees run at least 5 percent. I
can't say that's why Trump is nice to Putin, but it's a good bet.

Anyone see the National Inquirer funny paper lately? it has been running rediculous political stories since last spring.Trump is claiming the paper is respectable, and people should believe it. No thinking person  takes that paper seriously.

The GOP is planning to run hearings for nearly all of Trumps cabinet picks on one day. The same day Trump is planning to have a news conference. It's likely all this is being
run at the same time to keep the national media busy. Since it's Trumps first press confernece in six months the media will likely use for headlines while congress gets away with raming Trumps picks past the democrats. I am sure they hope this will keep more of the hearings out of the major news. Makes one wonder if the GOP thinks they have such a mandate why are they bing so sneaky about what they are doing? Why be in such a hurry? Are they afraid the public will keep some of the GOP members from following the leadership?

To me it proves the DC swamp is still full of crooked politicians.

Former CIA director quits Trumps transistion team. That is rather
interesting. He said he didn't have anything to do so why stay.

I think the democrats can say. If your one of the tens of thousands who lost their job when Obama care was removed. Ask the GOP. We tried to keep it. The democrats should be able to do a lot of finger pointing. The GOP won't have Obama to point at any more.
Perhaps they will fix it if enough people complain. Then they could call it Trump Care.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 07, 2017, 10:56:59 am
These links are for information only. Use your own judgment if
you visit them.

Womens march on Washington DC
https://www.facebook.com/events/2169332969958991/ (https://www.facebook.com/events/2169332969958991/)

Indivisible Against Trump: A practical guide to fighting back.
Has info on properly contacting your congressman or senator.
http://wilwheaton.net/2016/12/indivisible-against-trump-a-practical-guide-to-fighting-back/ (http://wilwheaton.net/2016/12/indivisible-against-trump-a-practical-guide-to-fighting-back/)

Info blog Msnbc.
http://info.msnbc.com/ (http://info.msnbc.com/)

Our man Trump continues to lie. He can't stand the fact the
Russian hacking appears to discredit his election. Trumps
image is so important to him he will say anything and lie.
Seems to me lying would make a person look bad. So if he
cares about his image he should start being honest with the
public. If he continues as is he will leave office in disgrace.
Then he can lie to his self, and friends for the rest of his

Also he claims to support the military. He should remember when
he discredits those in inteligence. Many are the same people.

It seems the GOP is running a race to pass bills, and approve
Trumps appointmens. Perhaps they are afraid the public will try
to stop them by changing the mind of some members of the congress
and Senate.

Seems strange the legislatures would be afraid to hear from
those who elected them. One of the above links leads to a web
page that tells how to properly contact your elected congressman or senator. I think they need to be reminded of who put them in office..

Will the GOP hold Trump accountable if he breaks his oath of office?  Trump has
many business interests around the world. What if he put them above our country?
I heard on Msnbc he is involved with the Mob. Trump claims it's part of doing
business.. Will the GOP investigate Trump or will the GOP allow Trump to do
anything as long as he signs on to the their anti social ideas. I think it's time
we hold our legislature accountable for not doing the job they were elected to

I am sure the GOP is hearing from people who had big jumps in Premiums with
the ACA, but if they have a pre exsiting condition any coverage they might get
without the ACA will cost them dearly. Not counting returning to life time limits on
coverage. People should be telling the GOP to fix it not get rid of it. The GOP should
tell the truth about the ACA, not play politics with it.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 08, 2017, 12:57:07 pm
Our man Trump continues to discredit the briefing on Russian hacking. Trump says
the hack didn't help him win, but he sure liked to use wikileaks which was fed by Putin
ordered hacks against Clinton. If the hacking didn't help him win then why did he use
that information in his campain? He said the RNC didn't get hacked.. The brief shows
they were hacked. But the information wasn't made public.

The GOP seems to be tip toeing around when talking about the Russian hacking. They
seem to be afraid to say anything really bad about Trump. Trump still refuses to single
out Russia on the hacking. Here is a link to the unclassified version of the brief.

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/06/us/politics/document-russia-hacking-report-intelligence-agencies.html?action=click&contentCollection=Politics&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article (http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/06/us/politics/document-russia-hacking-report-intelligence-agencies.html?action=click&contentCollection=Politics&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article)

The GOP seems to be fast tracking Cabinet appointments even though they haven't recieved
the needed papers from those who were appointed. The ethics committee is raising issues
on this. The GOP is currently ignoring it.

A GOP leader is saying it's all politics, and that Obama's people were installed quickly in 2009.
I doubt if they would have unless all the "I" s were dotted and "T"s crossed first at the time.

Some supporters of Trump are still saying "Who Cares if the Russians helped. as long as Clinton
lost."  I wonder if those people are looking at facts or want to believe Trumps lies? I did a lot
of checking and Trump is much worse for the country than Clinton would  have been. Almost
everything was conspiracy theories, with little or no facts to support them. I don't doubt that the
Clintons have a few skeletons in their closet, but you probably would be buried with them if you
opened one of Trumps. He was hiding everything he could, and still is.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 09, 2017, 01:25:16 pm
Our man Trump is supposed to have a news conference this week. Time will tell as he has
avoided to have any for months.. Perhaps it's because he isn't good on his feet. Some people
have trouble answering questions or making speeches without a script.

Trump has stuck his foot in his mouth more than once when talking to the media.  That's one
reaon they put a teleprompter in front of Trump during his campain speeches.

Just working to get what they want. Doing all they can to reduce government, cut taxes on
the rich, even if it hurts the disadvantaged..

Still working to delay the GOP and working to improve their image.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 10, 2017, 12:56:14 pm
Our man Trump has hired his son n law to be a major adviser in the white house. Even
though it's against the law to give government jobs to relatives.  Seems Trumps
lawyers feel they have found a loop hole. I think it's saying the white house isn't
really a government agency. Seems pretty iffy to me.

Trump and his rich gang are having lots of problems getting rid of all those conflics
of interest they will likely have after Trump takes office. Time will tell if the GOP has
the guts to hold them accountable or not.

Run dog run, you cought it, now what? The GOP have control to rid the country of the
terrible Obamacare, so they are having trouble finding a politically safe way to do it. Now
that they know millions of people (voters) will likely loose their health coverage. When
Obama was in the white house they could pass bills to get rid of it knowing Obama would
save them with a veto. Now they will own the trouble they may create.

They are using the same delaying proceedures the GOP used when the Dem had control. For
some reason the GOP is complaining. LOL ..  Last I heard the Senate was still working after
midnight. They may be working 24/7 . I wonder if the GOP who did little but complain over
the past 6 years will be willing to put in the time.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 13, 2017, 01:00:42 pm
It's been a few days. Trump had a news conference. The GOP have
started the process to take affordable health insurance from the
people. They say they will replace it with something better, but
after 7 years of complaining they don't have any plans they can
pass through congress.  Trump says it will be replaced almost
immediately, but government doesn't work that way except with
a dictator.

I know the insurance rates have gone up, and people blame it on
the ACA. At least the GOP does. I imagine when it's gone, people
will find out how much it really costs to have insurance that has no
lifetime payout limit or to cover existing health problems. A friend
of mine had to pay $750.00 a month to even get coverage due to a
heart problem. I was paying $40.00 a month for full major medical
at the same time. Now I hear it costs $1500.00 a month for coverage
through the ACA with health problems., and who knows what it will be
without the ACA with exsisting health problems. If they can get it at all.
Unlike the ACA there won't be any government subsities to help pay the
cost of the premiums. The GOP wants to give it to the Rich in tax breaks

We should move to a single payer system for all americans, but the GOP
would rather commit suicide than pass that. Even though it would solve
helalth coverage for everybody. Granted our taxes would go up, but I
don't think it would cost any more than most  insurance does now for  a
healthy person. Then if you lost your job you could still go to the doctor
or hospital without going bankrupt.

But money talks so it's not likely to happen in the near future.

People voted for Trump because he appeared to be an outsider, but
the big reason there is corruption in government is due to billionairs
like Trump. They don't care for the man/woman on the street. Oh
they make jobs. Then pay as little as possible for them.

Billionairs are responsible for high drug costs, High insurance rates.
High prices for fuel, electricity, and other things people need.

I am all for free interprise, and capitalisim, but it has to be
regulated. Otherwise the rich will stop at nothing to make a
dollar.  Even if it kills people.

They have control of people in government because it costs millions
to get elected these days. We should move to a government pay system
to keep the rich out of the loop. Untill then we will have corruption, no
matter what Trump or any politican says. 

I had a friend who was the cheif of the local fire department. He told me
a salesman tried to give him a bribe to get him to buy a firetruck he was
selling. So you can see how deep corruption can go if we can't put good
people in office. As is most good people can't afford it, and if they take
money from people they will expact payback.

Trump was supposted to be immune, but look at the people he has hired
Billionairs like Trump who made it rich by taking advantage of others.  They
say if it's not against the law it's okay to do. Just because there isn't a law
doesn't make it right, but they think it does. He also has lots of business
interests around the world. So he is not immune from corruption. He will
likely go for money over the country. He hides his tax returns and business
interests. So  it will be hard to catch him. I think thats why he is running
down the media. They can show the people who he really is.

He said he turned down a 2 billion dollar deal, but I bet he would never give
out the details. So it is most likely a lie. We can only guess why he defends
Putin at every turn. Sure it would be great to have good relations with Russia,
but not at the expense of our principles or allies.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 14, 2017, 11:12:06 am
Our man Trump stated in his press conference he wasn't going to
do business while president. He would turn it over to his son. Trump said it would cost him and family too much money. Now isn't thata too bad. It's likely he will be asking our military personel to risk and perhaps give up their lives, and Trump doesn't want to risk some of his money.. He could resign if he doesn't want to do that. I think it's shameful of Trump to act this way.

The congressional ethics committee is threatening the Government ethics office for what they said about Trump. Now isn't that
interesting that the GOP is defending Trump. It doesn't surprise me. Professionals, and partican polititicans look out for each other. They have no business checking each other for bad practice. It's like letting a fox guard a henhouse. They don't want to make each other look bad, much less get themselves in trouble.

I think the justist department can investigate wrong doings, but even then they are often partican. If Trumps pick for atterney general is approved. Will he support our constitution or his own beliefs? How much vigor will he have to protect voting laws, Minorites, women, and gays? I fear he will do little to do so.

The GOP senate intelligence committee is finally decideing to investigate the Russian hacking, and syber activity. They didn't really want too though. I wonder how hard they investigate the hacking to favor Trump? It will be interesting to see how much we the public find out.

The GOP had been complaining about Cubans getting special immigrint treatment. Now Obama removed this privalige, and now the GOP is complaining becasue he did what they had been wanting. Obama is only giving Trump some work to do. Once Trump takes office he will be accountable for what happens when he changes what Obama has tried to do over the past 8 years.

Congressman John Lewis said today that he feels Trump's election is not legitimate due to  the Russian involvement. This is a strong statement by a well respected man. I am sure the GOP will ignore it. He isn't asking for new election.. Also Congressional Democrates are agravated because the FBI gave Trump favor over Clinton. There was a ongoing investigation of Trump before the election and that wasn't mentioned. Why? Because they don't talk about investigations. But they did talk about Clintons. It  could have been a favor to help the GOP, but we may never know.

I hope any stink caused by Trump and the GOP will get strong enough they can't cover it up. Though they will try as politicans usually do. Trump couldn't stand it so he responded to  congressman Lewis comments about him with a disrespectful tweet.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 15, 2017, 11:57:07 am
Isn't interesting that Trump complains because people think Russia helped him get elected,
it was ok when he called Obama  illegitimate for 6 years. He is going to have to live with
it wither he likes it or not. If he wants respect, then become a honerable man, and stop
lying at the drop of a hat.

He continues to belittle the media and now he is moving the media outside the white house
for briefings. He claims the room that has been used is too small. It wasn't for previous
presidents, This makes it look like he is afraid to have the press too close. Or is he making
room for partisan news people to help support his nonsense.

I noticed "Saturday Nite Live" is still running skits about Trump. Perhaps it will thicken
Trumps skin over time, but I doubt it.

Some say it's just a new normal. Well much of what is called normal has been created
over many years for good reason. The normal worked well for President Reagan. So why
not Trump.

Trump scolded Congressman Lewis , said he should work and quit talking. The congressman
has done much to help his district. Not to help his self, but those who elected him. Trump only
hurts his self by running down a good man.

They continue to  say. "You lost live with it." I am over the loss, I just want the GOP to
do the job they were elected to do, and stand by the oath they take to support the
constitution of the country. Are they going to look the other way if Trump breaks his oath of
office? If they do we should hold them accountable. Politics should be set aside when the
constitution isn't being followed.

Congressman Lewis said he would have a hard time supporting Trump. Many in government
support Congressman Lewis and his statements. Though many in the GOP complain that the
congressman is being partisan, and should accept Trumps presidency.

It's sad, but people haven't changed since the countries founding. They still think of themselves
first. It's  human nature, but at least there are some who do think of the country first. I hope
they are able to prevail. A democracy can only last if the people work to keep it. Letting others
do all the work will lead to corruption. People who have been in office for years tend to start
working to stay in office instead of doing their job. We need new people who want to make the
country better for all, not for themselves. Trump claims he wants to make the country
better, but I think it's all about how much money he can make while being president. Directly
or indirectly. Time will tell, but he will do his best to hide it.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 16, 2017, 11:40:12 am
It's a big week in Washington DC. I am sure our man Trump will
have a big speech for all his supporters. He gave a 89 year old
man the boot who had spoken at all inauguration since Eisenhower.
Trump gave the job to a supporter instead.

So a local TV station is putting him on TV to anchor their coverage.

Trump seems to think nothing is sacred.

They are predicting the better part of 1 million people to watch Trumps
 inauguration and parade. I wonder how many art just going to see the
parade.  It's Trumps big day. So you can be sure he and the GOP want
to make a big deal out of it.

The next day there is a big event that women are holding in Washington DC.
They are there to show their disapproval of TRump and the GOPs plans. At
last count there were 1200 bus parking permits issued.  So it should have
quite a gathering on the 21st. I wonder if our shiny new president will notice?
I am not sure how welcome he would be at the gathering, but I am sure he
best keep his big hands to hisself.

I understand there were many groups out yesterday on the 15th showing their
disapproval of the GOP's plans to get rid of the ACA.  At last count over 3000
local groups across the USA, who are currently notifiying their congressmen and
senators to keep  the ACA, and other programs that the people need.

The GOP say they will replace it, but so far they have no plan ready, much less
working on one to replace the ACA. Trump says he wants it rplaced, but will he
deny the GOP their goal untill they have a replacement? Only time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 17, 2017, 12:18:23 pm
It seems our man Trump is wanting his new job to be 9 to 5, monday
thorugh fraiday affair.  He plans to take off the weekend waiting till monday
to do anything at all. Perhaps he expects his VP lacky to watch the store
while he tends to personal business.

Seems our congressional GOP members were a bit overwhelmed over the
weekend as many people showed up asking them to not get rid of the ACA
and other things they plan to change. One Colorado member escaped out
the back door when he tired of meeting his voters. 

I kind of imagine this is just the beginning if they continue only helping
their rich friends.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 18, 2017, 12:29:57 pm
Our man Trump was defended by Russias Putin.  Makes one wonder
why he might be worried about Trumps credibility. I understand Obama
has moved a lot of troops to Poland and Norway. Seems Putin doesn't
like this at all. Now why do you think Putin would not like american troops
in boarder countries?  Would be he has a plan to invade them after causing
instability in those countries government?  To protect Russian people I
suppose. Perhaps Putin thinks Trump will pull those troops out, and if
he doesn't? Could be Putin plans to blackmail Trump so he will.

Putin has used blackmail to get what he wanted in the past. What if
Trump had a friendly party while there last time. It is a fact that Putin
has cameras and recording equipment in all hotels and many other
buildings.  I remember many years ago our diplomats discovered
cameras and listening devices in the American embassy the soviets
built for us. Putin was in the soviet KGB so he knows all about spying
on people. So it's very possible Putin has something that Trump wants
kept quiet, no matter what.

I fear we will have a president who will sell our allies out to protect some
dirty little secret Russia has on him. Only time will tell.

Will the GOP hold Trump accountable?  I think as long as his supporters
like what Trump is doing they will look the other way. At least most will.

The GOP is considering a healt plan that would give those who have
pre-existing contidiions a way to have insurance. Only thing it would be
a plan for high risk people with high premiums and limits on how much it
would pay. They did mention they might enclude subsidies to help with
the cost. They should tell the voters this plan was tried once before, and
failed because the small states couldn't afford it, and with low lifetime limits
it's not much of a health plan anyway.

I hope the Democrats can get their act together so they can hold the
GOP accountable. If not it's up to the people in the end.

Some people may feel this business between Trump and Putin is no big
deal for the USA. Might be innocent, but if we allow Putin to invade our
allies in eastern Europe it could lead to full scale war. I fear once Putin
moves his troops in it will take war to get rid of them. Some might say
give  Putin those small countries, they aren't worth going to war over.
Perhaps  not ,but where does it stop? People have let agressors have
their way in  the past and it always leads to domination by the agressor
or war.  Authoritarians like Putin only respect strength, just like any bully

Facing world distruction perhaps we should let people like Putin have
their way. After all living under a dictator might not be too bad. If you
could call it living, I doubt if many would. :P
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 19, 2017, 12:21:19 pm
At noon on January 20th 2017 we will have a shiny new
president with the name Donald J. Trump. A billionaire who
feels he knows how to make the country great again. Seems
to me the USA is a great country. In some ways not very
compassionate, but almost anyone can become a billionaire
president.  In my opinon the rich are notorious for not
caring about the disadvantaged except for what they can
squeeze out of them. Time will tell if this
man proves to be the exception.

Our man Trump seems to think only billionairs are smart
enough to be in his administration. Perhaps thats why
he hasn't filled many jobs yet. Several of those he has
appointed have like many billionairs been involved in
suspicious activities putting money above all.

The national security council will be practically empty of
his appointments, because Trump hasn't found qualified people.
At least those he likes. There will be people there, but will Trump
listen to them?

We can only hope nothing blows up this weekend, because
there are few other than Trump to help him with decisions on
what to do. The job of President covers too much ground for
one person to handle it all. Trump may claim to know how to 
handle a foreign crisis. Only time will tell.

I think we can be sure Trump will be tested by China, Iran,
North Korea, Russia, and others during the first few months
of office. So he best get busy filling the jobs. Very few require
senate approval.

Previous presidents had most jobs filled by now, especially
those dealing with the security of our country. Trump hasn't
done it yet.

Many of Trumps appointments are not having a easy time in
their hearings.. Of course they are largely friends of the GOP
so it's not surprising it's mostly the Democrats who are
bringing up their poor activities. The GOP is mostly ignoring
this and plan to confirm them all. If they do we can expect
to see changes, and some may cause more harm than good.

The man chosen to run the EPA doesn't seem to care if we have
clean air or water. Just leave it to big business. Isn't it odd, those
who run them live in pristine areas. While letting the rest of us deal
with their pollution.

I hope the voters give our politicans the credit they deserve
in 2018.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 20, 2017, 11:29:34 am
Our man Trump still has over 650 appointments to make for
government agencies. So far only 30 have been made and those need senate approval. What has Trump been doing? Just Tweeting or watching the news on tv? He has had over two months to fill jobs. Some of these jobs deal with national security. It appears it will be months before this work is done. He had time for speeches and bluster. I am thinking Trump isn't much of a manager. I think over the years he hired people to do what it takes to run a business. He just bullied his way through life, and still does. This is the man we allow control of our nukes. We can only hope Trump really understands what he can do to our world.

Those jobs unfilled. Trump is asking some of Obamas appointments to stay
while he figures out who to replace them with. Odd Trump claimed Obama
created isis. Still he wants Obamas man who has been helping Obama stop 
isis to stay. If Trump felt Obama started it why would he want to keep any
of his people? Could it be Trump was lying about Obama? Or worse yet 
was he just guessing, or listening to Putin.

Now Trump takes office with his people under investigation for collaberating with the Russians to get him elected. He has a huge conflict of interest problem as well. He will be open to law suits from people his businesses are causing harm to. I have a hunch his lawyers are going to be very busy. If Trump tries to stop investigations it will add to suspicions of wrong doing. That's what caused President Nixon to resign.

Another thing Trump as president he can no longer promote any private interprise including his own. Also many agencies that regualate business are appointed by the president. So will he tell them to do favors for friends or hisself.

Trump has no business being president with all the possible conflicts of interest he has. I am sure he plans to make millions as president, but he could loose just as much if he isn't very careful.

Today he claimed his cabinet had the highes IQ of any cabinet. Why? because
he thinks billionairs are the smartist people in the world. I don't think knowing
how to get by with not paying taxes, bills, and other debts shows intelligence,
but mostly greed.

I imagine many of his supporters held their nose when they voted for Trump,
he better of two evils so to speak. I hope the nose holding decision was a good
one for us all. I think we should know in a few months. He told the GOP he
would  sign whatever bill they send him. If so we will see his true colors very

I know how people were treated in the 1950's. It's possible we will get to see
it again if the GOP has their way. Only time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on January 20, 2017, 10:18:19 pm
Trump said on Day One of his Presidency that he was going to make IMMEDIATE changes to how things are run. Well, here's 3 of them for starters.  :o

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 21, 2017, 12:13:28 pm
Trump said on Day One of his Presidency that he was going to make IMMEDIATE changes to how things are run. Well, here's 3 of them for starters.  :o


Thank you for your post Kobuk. I am afraid this is only the beginning.

I hope the womens march gives our friendly GOP something to think
about. Trump lives in his own worlld so he probably fussed because
of the extra traffic. If he even noticed them.

Trumps Speech.

President Trump. In his speech he said he was looking ouf
for all americans.  So let's see if he defends hispanic and
black voters in Texas. Obama's Justice department was.

He also signed a exective order telling to not strongly enforce laws
regulating the ACA. To weaken it.. Now when the ACA starts to falter
because of this they can say. "Look we said it wasn't any good see how it's
failing? "  More people he isn't looking out for. Unless he presses congress
to replace the ACA first.

He is still planning to build a wall along the boarder with Mexico. A waste
of money since walls do little to stop determend people. Over the last few
years many people are going south into Mexico instead.

Our new President is not so much a republican as he is a nationalist. This
country is great due to it's diversity. If we turn inward we will loose much
more than we will gain.

Nationalisim won't protect us from foreign terrorists, in fact it will make it
easier for them to attack us. Trump uses fear, and hate to spread his way of thinking. I hope the good people of this country tell our legislature how
the feel about Trump and their ideas.

Trumps speech also appeared to say he plans to increase police around the country. Perhaps to start profiling as well. So minorities may have even more problems. More people he isn't looking out for.

His speech was aimed at his supporters not those who arn't. After loosing
the popular vote by almost 3 million votes he should be reaching out to all
people not just those who voted for him. If he doesn't I fear the country is
in for bad times. Only time will tell. 

Some probably say "Hey he hasn't had time to do anything." Well his cabinet
picks show what he is. He picked an atterney general who is against voting
rights, Gays, minorities, and womens rights. A head of education who wants
to do away with public schools. A man who doesn't care about the enviroment
for the head of the EPA.. A head of human health and services who wants to
get rid of the ACA, and womens health care, cut mdicare, and medicade.
This is just four of his picks, and the GOP is mostly fine with them.

THe GOP talks about unity, what about the un-unity they had when Obama
was elected. They have no shame.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 22, 2017, 12:23:06 pm
Women stood up on the 21st and let our polititicans and Trump know
what they thought. It made me proud to see people stand up for what
s right. Millions around the world, but if they don't organize our friendly
legislature and Trump will say. "Just a flash in the pan. by next year
they will be gone."

President Trump
He is such a egomaniac. The first words relayed by his press secretary is
about how big his crowds were? Then on Meet the Press Kelly Conway never
replied to the question "why talk about crowds?". As usual all she did was
try to divert instead of answering any question from the press. Does  she
expect us to believe this and can't see what she is trying to do? Why not just
answer the question? She always avoids questions that might make Trump
look bad. I guess Trump pays her a lot of money to make up stories for
him. After all when she worked for Ted Cruz she wasn't nice when she talked
about Trump. Just shows she is working to make Trump look good. Really
kills her credibility though.

Ever heard of alternative facts? What would they be? Sounds like fake
facts to me. She came out and claimed there was alternative facts.
Perhaps she was referring to other facts, but she didn't say "Other facts"

Our new President is going to loose credibility if he worries about petty
things and makes false claims. When he was a canidate we could expect
flip flops, but as president his words count. So swiching position/truths
every day or so will harm him and the country.

I kind of think Trump feels what made him successful in his campain
will continue to work as President. Time will tell. I think it's Trumps plan
to make the Press a whipping boy because there isn't anyone like Clinton
or Obama to blame.  He has blamed the media in the past to cover his

 Authoritarians like Trump get the idea they are smarter than anyone
else, and end up being loosers. He had 4 bankrupcies so now he is going
to run the country?

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 23, 2017, 12:38:02 pm
This is Trumps first real working day. So it will be tomorrow before I will have
much to say about it.

I do feel that Trump should never have run for president. His habits are going to
cost the government billions of dollars over the next 4 years.  Each trip to his
tower in New York and back will cost 10's of millions in security and travel costs.

I don't think Trump will be happy sitting in the White House for weeks at a time. I
understand he may be leaving each weekend. Each trip will cost 10's of millions
more of hard earned tax dollars. If he really cares about the the deficit he will stay
put unless he really needs to travel.

The secret service needs a lot of infrastructure where ever the president is. So they
have fly several plane loads of equipment where ever he goes. They have to fly at least
two or three airforce one planes so people on the ground won't know which one the
president is in.  In New York there is a constant security force to keep his residence safe.
The military flies fighter jets over New York making sure no one tries anything from the air
especially when Trump is there.  The City of New York will have to be paid for their round
the clock stationing of men and material.

Even a man like Obama who didn't maintain a out of Washington DC residence cost
the government 10's of millions to travel around the country.  It's just part of the
cost of keeping our leader safe from those wishing him/her harm.

With all his properties around the world I hope we don't have to put our military people
at risk to keep his property safe, but it's likely we will. 

I doubt if most people who voted for the man thought about this. It's another reason he
should sell off his properties. He won't because it would cost him some of his precious
money, and his money is more important to Trump than the lives of those who will have
to protect it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: GrayWolf448 on January 23, 2017, 06:16:33 pm
@oldrabbit from what iv heard he stepped down as CEO and place someone else in charge of his companies so he is no longer working at them, but still majority stock holder i guess. not completely sure about this but hopefully he does realize how expensive it is, and limit his visits anywhere.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 24, 2017, 01:29:54 pm
@oldrabbit from what iv heard he stepped down as CEO and place someone else in charge of his companies so he is no longer working at them, but still majority stock holder i guess. not completely sure about this but hopefully he does realize how expensive it is, and limit his visits anywhere.

Yes he did turn over his control over his business to his family. Only thing I rather
doubt if he stops visitiing with them. How do we know he doesn't tell them when
he is going to change a policy that could affect one of those businesses.

He is already being  sued for taking money from foreign governments which is
unconstitutional. As long has he has any control even second hand control of
his properties he will be under suspicion of wrong doing.

Our president continues to worry over crowds and the popular vote. He
continues to call the media liers even when they report his own words.  It
appears he is  wanting to discredit the media. To what end who can say.

A press conference was more like one seening a country with a dictator, They
took questions first from news services that support the State (Trump) Not to
say they didn't take questions from the major media, but it makes one
wonder where this is leading. Then again it may be nothing at all.

The GOP did approve his pick to lead the CIA.  I imagine most all
his picks will be approved. Time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 25, 2017, 01:31:57 pm
So far his exective orders are much the same as any other
republican president would have done. So Trump isn't being
greatly different so far. Even though his ideas about the
media are not good

We can't really say if he is being enfluenced by the VP or
others he respects. Time will tell if he keeps his political
promises or not.

The pipelines he resurected are supported by the GOP, but
claims its to create many jobs is baseless. True it will
create temporary jobs, but once done there will be less
than 50 jobs for pipe line inspection over all. The
Pipline going to the  gulf is for the benifit of Canadian
oil interests not ours.

These pipelines risk polluting the aquifers that supports
much of the central food growth for the country. If it is
polluted we will have to depend on rain alone to grow
crops in the plains states. It happens that Trump owns
stock in the canadian oil companies. With the earthquakes
in Oklahoma will the pipelines stand up to them?

Trump and the GOP are putting much of our fresh water at
risk for temorary jobs. Trump has effectivly shut the
EPA down. The employees are under a gag order as well.

Trump has done much the same to several other government
agencies as well. Web site data for these agencies are being
cleared as well. Time will tell how this works out.

I hope Trump isn't planning to control what they put out
for the public to see.

Trump signed an excectave order to not let federal funds
support abortion or any help for it anywheree in the world.
This is supported by the GOP and any GOP president would have
done the same. I know many people hate abortion and some will
even kill to stop it, but this order will cause more abortions. Since
Obama allowed education for women about abortions the number
of abortions have decreased over the years. This short sighted
idea to defund planned parenthood will cause a lot of suffering
for women and will cause more unwanted pregnancies.

As with many issues, the idea there is a simple fix for a presumed
problem rarely has the wanted effect. Instead it will likely
make the problem worse.

Trumps idea to get rid of the trade agreement with east asia he
promised to do is causing farmers in the midwest to loose a lot
of money because they won't be able to sell their grainn to
the far east. Saving jobs in one part of the country can often
kill jobs or business in another part of the country. I think
president Trump will find out fixing one problem can cause
another. It's not like running a business that usually only
effects local areas.

Another thing the GOP continues to complain about the growth
of government though the federal work force hasn't increased
during Obamas presidency. Even though the population has
continue to grow. Much of what the GOP claims is nothing
but a whitewash to cover aid to their rich supporters.
Through tax breaks and less regulations. Also it turns out
most annoying regulations for business is at the state level
not the federal.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: GrayWolf448 on January 26, 2017, 12:11:41 am
These pipelines risk polluting the aquifers that supports
much of the central food growth for the country. If it is
polluted we will have to depend on rain alone to grow
crops in the plains states. It happens that Trump owns
stock in the canadian oil companies. With the earthquakes
in Oklahoma will the pipelines stand up to them?

Trump signed an excectave order to not let federal funds
support abortion or any help for it anywheree in the world.
This is supported by the GOP and any GOP president would have
done the same. I know many people hate abortion and some will
even kill to stop it, but this order will cause more abortions. Since
Obama allowed education for women about abortions the number
of abortions have decreased over the years. This short sighted
idea to defund planned parenthood will cause a lot of suffering
for women and will cause more unwanted pregnancies.

Trumps idea to get rid of the trade agreement with east asia he
promised to do is causing farmers in the midwest to loose a lot
of money because they won't be able to sell their grainn to
the far east. Saving jobs in one part of the country can often
kill jobs or business in another part of the country. I think
president Trump will find out fixing one problem can cause
another. It's not like running a business that usually only
effects local areas.

that pipe line thing is a little worrisome... hopefully those things hold, and if any issues/faults in the pipe line are detected they will stop using it.

as for the not letting federal funds support abortion i am all for that. i dont see why our tax dollars should go towards people who are not careful. with rape victims i can mostly understand though this depends heavily on why they got raped. if they went out at a bar with minimal clothing and got drunk with some random guy they should have been more careful, if they were walking down the street with normal clothing they should get our full support. people need to start realizing that in some cases the rape victims have alot of fault placed on themselves, though i do still support federal funding for abortions in rape cases.
though for the women who just go out with random guys for sex, get pregnant and demand the government pay for the abortion forget that... i dont want any of my money going towards you just so you can go around having unprotected sex when ever/with who ever you want.

and as for the farmers hopefully they dont fall too far. i dont really know what the trade agreement did, but hopefully even if things get really bad for the farmers it will create more jobs than the jobs lost.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 26, 2017, 01:00:51 pm
I don't favor doing abortions just because it's inconvenient for the mother
to have the child. But some people who don't want any support for
abortions don't care if the mother will die, or if it was a child who was
raped, or due  to any rape. Including incest. One ignorant man running
for the US Senate as a Republican said."The womans body will abort a
pregnancy on it's own if it was rape." He wasn't elected fortuantly, but I
am sure the GOP wished he had been.

They don't want birth control, or education on how to prevent pregncies. They
say once sperm hits egg it's done, and nothing should stop it. Being a man I
can't understand what a woman deals with when she is pregnant, but from
what i have heard having a abortion is very difficult thing for a woman
emotionally. Then when politiicans think they have a right to interfere I am
sure it makes it even worse.  Most of them are MEN who haven't the slightest
idea of what it's like to be pregnant.

Women should have reasonable control of their bodies, and the government
shouldn't order them to give up the right. No more than a homosexual should
be told who they can love or marry.

I know many people do understand there is a need for abortions, but the
radicals who don't create a lot of problems for women who need reproductive
health care. This business of not funding Planned Parenthuood is a snowjob.
Their purpose isn't for abortions, but for womens health..They usually try
to counsel the woman into having the child.  For the most part the GOP
uses this issue to get votes at womens expense.

The president continues to harp on voting fraud, and how illegal voters
gave Clinton such a lead in the popular vote. Now he plans to have it
investigated. To what end, who can say.

He signed a order to go after illeagle aliens in our cities. The cities have
protected them unless they were shown to be danger to the public. They
will not help goverenment agents to find aliens. The reason? because they
want their residents to feel secure when calling the police to report a crime. Otherwise they likely would not.

Trump is starting the process for the Trump wall. Or perhaps Trumps folly
before it's done. I was wondering to my self, will Mexico let us stand on
their side of the boarder to work on their side of the wall?  Or will we have
to build it set back on us far enough to have room to build it. A interesting
thought at least. What if the river that seperates our country from Mexico
moves. Then the wall could be in the wrong place. I wonder if it will be built
in the middle of the Rio Grand river. Also if I am not mistaken the boarder runs through a large body of water near the southern tip of Texas. Are they going
to buid a wall through it down to the lake bed?

Trump is saying we should take Iraq's oil. Perhaps to pay us for helping
them. I don't think we were invited in the first place. This will cause bad
feelings  between us and the middle eastern oil countries at the very
least. Trump really shouldn't make policy like this publicly untill he
finds out how the leaders of these countires feel. His words alone could
cause misunderstandings that may lead to problems.

The GOP has turned the Voice of America radio into a partisan state
radio station run at the pleasure of the president. To brocast inside the
USA as Trump pleases. He has already appointed people to run the station.
This is no different than state radio under adictatorship. Trump can brodcast
his opinons, and lies about anything he feels is good ro him or the country.

This station used to be to be broadcast abroad to keep people in other
countries informed of news and intertainment. Also to tell other countries
about our policies. Untill last november it was alwasy ran by non parisan
group of people knolegable about broadcating in general. The GOP changed
it so the president can appoint anyone to run it. I don't think it was an
accident they made this change after Trump was elected..

It seems our politicians will stop at nothing to get what they want politically.
If we let them decide without opposition who knows how far they will go.
Even good people of consious can do bad things when convinced they

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on January 26, 2017, 04:47:34 pm
I don't favor doing abortions just because it's inconvenient for the mother
to have the child. But some people who don't want any support for
abortions don't care if the mother will die, or if it was a child who was
raped, or due  to any rape. Including incest. One ignorant man running
for the US Senate as a Republican said."The womans body will abort a
pregnancy on it's own if it was rape." He wasn't elected fortuantly, but I
am sure the GOP wished he had been.

They don't want birth control, or education on how to prevent pregncies. They
say once sperm hits egg it's done, and nothing should stop it. Being a man I
can't understand what a woman deals with when she is pregnant, but from
what i have heard having a abortion is very difficult thing for a woman
emotionally. Then when politiicans think they have a right to interfere I am
sure it makes it even worse.  Most of them are MEN who haven't the slightest
idea of what it's like to be pregnant.

Women should have reasonable control of their bodies, and the government
shouldn't order them to give up the right. No more than a homosexual should
be told who they can love or marry.

I know many people do understand there is a need for abortions, but the
radicals who don't create a lot of problems for women who need reproductive
health care. This business of not funding Planned Parenthuood is a snowjob.
Their purpose isn't for abortions, but for womens health..They usually try
to counsel the woman into having the child.  For the most part the GOP
uses this issue to get votes at womens expense.

The president continues to harp on voting fraud, and how illegal voters
gave Clinton such a lead in the popular vote. Now he plans to have it
investigated. To what end, who can say.

^ I don't see this as being an issue. It's only an issue because crybaby Trump is having a temper tantrum because he lost the popular vote which seems to have hurt his pride. Oh boo hoo.  :P Cry me a river.
Is this how the voter fraud issue got started?

He signed a order to go after illeagle aliens in our cities. The cities have
protected them unless they were shown to be danger to the public. They
will not help goverenment agents to find aliens. The reason? because they
want their residents to feel secure when calling the police to report a crime. Otherwise they likely would not.

Trump is starting the process for the Trump wall. Or perhaps Trumps folly
before it's done. I was wondering to my self, will Mexico let us stand on
their side of the boarder to work on their side of the wall?  Or will we have
to build it set back on us far enough to have room to build it. A interesting
thought at least. What if the river that seperates our country from Mexico
moves. Then the wall could be in the wrong place. I wonder if it will be built
in the middle of the Rio Grand river. Also if I am not mistaken the boarder runs through a large body of water near the southern tip of Texas. Are they going
to buid a wall through it down to the lake bed?

^ Mexico's President has canceled a meeting with Donald Trump. He has also repeatedly said that Mexico will NOT pay for the wall. Guess this is one campaign promise DT may not be able to keep. Score: Mexico - 1, Trump - 0.  :D
Trump wants 20% tax to pay for border wall.

Trump is saying we should take Iraq's oil. Perhaps to pay us for helping
them. I don't think we were invited in the first place. This will cause bad
feelings  between us and the middle eastern oil countries at the very
least. Trump really shouldn't make policy like this publicly untill he
finds out how the leaders of these countires feel. His words alone could
cause misunderstandings that may lead to problems.

^ Trump doesn't care about other people's feelings.  :P It's bad enough we were in 2 Iraq wars, now Trump may be signaling about a possible 3rd?  :o If we go back in again, it's just going to inflame more anger and tensions with Middle Eastern people's and create more radical extremeism against us.

The GOP has turned the Voice of America radio into a partisan state
radio station run at the pleasure of the president. To brocast inside the
USA as Trump pleases. He has already appointed people to run the station.
This is no different than state radio under adictatorship. Trump can brodcast
his opinons, and lies about anything he feels is good ro him or the country.

This station used to be to be broadcast abroad to keep people in other
countries informed of news and intertainment. Also to tell other countries
about our policies. Untill last november it was alwasy ran by non parisan
group of people knolegable about broadcating in general. The GOP changed
it so the president can appoint anyone to run it. I don't think it was an
accident they made this change after Trump was elected..

^ Source for this?

It seems our politicians will stop at nothing to get what they want politically.
If we let them decide without opposition who knows how far they will go.
Even good people of consious can do bad things when convinced they
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 27, 2017, 01:04:43 pm
Here is the link Kobuk.
Voice of america issue.
http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/voice-america-has-concerns-about-team-trumps-takeover (http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/voice-america-has-concerns-about-team-trumps-takeover)

Trump went to talk to the GOP in I believe Pennsylvania. I
hope the GOP paid for the cost of flying Trump there. After
all it appeared to be a political meeting for the GOP.

It appears President Trump is using unsecured devices for
phone calls, and Twitter. Trump was ready to lock Clinton
up for using unsecured emails during his campain. Now he is
doing much the same. As it stands his Twitter account
could be hacked. Imagine the problems that could cause
Trump and the country.

Trump proposed adding a 20 percent import tax to pay for the
Trump wall. Even the GOP isn't looking at this with much
favor. I imagine Trump is going to have to find another way
to fund it. A import tax would cost US citizens not Mexico.

The Mexican president canceled his visit because of Trump. Of
course Trump claimed it was a joint agreement. Couldn't
be Trumps fault of course.

Anyone notice how Trump starts snorting while talking? He did
it in all three debates...I think it happens when he gets
really upset. I noticed him doing it when he was talking
about voters being registered in two states. He has family
members who are registered in two states. So he best talk
to his family first.  I wonder if he is ever going to
get off this voter and crowd business? He asked the DC park
department to provide photos to prove his crowds were
bigger than Obamas.

I understand Trump may sign orders to undo Obamas sanctions
against Russia for their envolvement in our election. Will
Trump removed more of them? Only time will tell.

Trump may have to rewrite some of his executive orders due
to mistakes and being unconstitutional. I think he will be
finding things aren't as simple as he thinks they are.

A Russian Cyber security man has been accoused of Treason.
Perhaps it's becouse he spilled the beans about the hacking
and the story on Trump.  No way of knowing, but it's very

Few people in the USA like Putin and his actions. Even among
Trumps supporters. Trump will only say we should get along
with Russia. It's becoming very strange how Trump
continues to support Putin. Even over our allies.
The resistance against Trump and GOP is starting to crack
some of the GOP's solidarity. Time will tell, but it looks like
the peoples resistance isn't slowing down yet, instead it's

This resistance isn't just against Trump and the GOP. The
democrats are being asked why they are supporting Trumps
cabinet picks. With phone calls and groups of people at
their home offices.

Public pressure is causing Trump to back off a bit with his
gag orders on government agencies. Time will tell if it

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 28, 2017, 01:08:03 pm
The president signed a executive order preventing people from some
middle east contries coming into the USA for 90 days. Some were
caught in mid flight and have been stopped even though they have
legitimate visas. Some are people that work for our government.
Those from Syria are barred indefinatly.

This also affects refuges who are looking for a better life. Even for
their own personal safety. Should we let fear change the principles
of our country that we have had since WWII..

I find it odd there are over 40,000 people killed on our highways
each year, but we feel we need walls or armed guards to protect
us. The number of people killed by Terrorists is few in comparison.
We are way more likely to be killed by home grown criminals than a
terrorist. In fact most of the shootings have been by home grown
crazy people.

That's not to say we shouldn't be careful, and try to make sure people
arn't comming here to hurt or kill. But I think we are going to far with
Trumps ideas.

Are we going to return to the way we were before WWII? Our government
refused German Jews entry apparently because they might be spies. Many
were children under 14 years of age. A ship load of 900 Jews were turned
back to die in Nazi gas chambers. Many or most of these people died at
the hands of the Nazies  Many German americans were discriminated
against  as well. It wasn't just the Japanese americans.

The US passed laws to correct shameful practices like this. I wonder if
it's because people today have forgotten, or is it just fear like it was in
the 1930's.

People do terrible things when they are afraid. Having a
president who uses fear makes the problem even worse.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 29, 2017, 12:17:06 pm
Our new president strikes again. The executive order he signed
to keep out refuges also included legitimate people who happened
to be traveling back to the USA. Even those with Green Cards.
People who worked with our military, and state department. Even
a 75 year old woman in a wheelchair returning from a visit to her

Fortuantly a federal Judge paused this action. Otherwise most would
have been sent back to possibly meet who knows what. Possibly even
death. Trump is likely trying to create a Muslim ban without really saying
it. People are still being detained under somewhat poor conditions.

After this thoughtless order can we expect people in foreign countries
to help our military, or even the state department. I don't think we
can expect any help when promises of protection are broken. It is the
very people that help us prevent terrorist attacks Trump is hurting.

This ban will give aid to the terroists who say the west (USA) is anti
Muslim, and will possibly help them gain support.

Trump is putting more far right people into the National security counsil.
People who don't support rights for minorities, gays, or women. Trump
needs to kick all those hard right people out. They will create more problems
for him and us in the future. I think they are at the bottom of much of the
radical actions Trump has taken.

On "Meet the Press" Trumps man was tripping all over his self making
excuses for Trumps refugee order. He is using the excuse "We are protecting
americans." I am not sure it will work out that way in the end.

One curious note. Some of the middle east countries he didn't enclude
in his entry ban have Trump properies and businesses. Suggests he didn't
want to hurt his businesses in those countries.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on January 29, 2017, 12:57:48 pm
Trump is putting more far right people into the National security counsil.
People who don't support rights for minorities, gays, or women. Trump
needs to kick all those hard right people out. They will create more problems
for him and us in the future. I think they are at the bottom of much of the
radical actions Trump has taken.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 30, 2017, 11:11:39 am
Trump is putting more far right people into the National security counsil.
People who don't support rights for minorities, gays, or women. Trump
needs to kick all those hard right people out. They will create more problems
for him and us in the future. I think they are at the bottom of much of the
radical actions Trump has taken.


That link doesn't get into the National security council issues very well. This
link takes you to a video that goes in depth about it. You will have to watch
it for a bit to see it.


Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 30, 2017, 12:52:44 pm
I suppose Trump is trying to protect the public. I just wish he would take the
time to work out a reasonable order with people in the know. Seems like he
is trying to use common sense methods that will backfire on him. Common
sense rarely leads to good plans. The world is too complicated for simple ideas
to work.

Stopping an 88 year old blind man, and a 5 year old, or a  wheelchair bound 75
year old woman from entering the country isn't going to win Trump any favors..
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 31, 2017, 01:10:20 pm
Not much new since the problems with his refugee ban. Many people
are out demonstrating against Trump and his cabinet picks.

Republicans and Democrats alike are being swamped by calls and
demonstrations at their home offices.

Time will tell. If this continues Trump is in for trouble if the GOP
stops their support of him. Many of Trumps supporters are still
saying. "Give him time." I wonder how much time they will give
him if he continues acting the way he has.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 01, 2017, 12:05:33 pm
Over 1000 professional Diplomates of the state department have 
protested Trumps order banning refugees. Trump can't fire them,
but I bet he wishes he could.

Well there it is, Presidnet Trump appoints a GOP conservative
Judge (Goresuch) for the supreme court. The GOP right picked
the man, and Trump gave them what they wanted. A Ivy league
man from Harvard or Yale.

Turns out when the GOP stood in the way of Obama's pick for
the supreme court. It was bought and paid for by corporate america.
Big business wanted a conservative judge that will support their
agenda in the future. They will likely have it with this Judge. He has
supported big business over the worker, and common man.

With this appointment we have another business pick by Trump.
He he has made decisions supporting his religious values over
the rights of others as well.

The GOP is saying this man is highly qualified to do the job
of a supreme court judge, but that doesn't make him a good pick
for the job. No one is perfect of course, but let's have someone
who looks at our nation and balances it against the constitution,
not following the GOP or any policical party when making a
judgment. Thats the reason they get a life time term. To prevent
partisan threats. Of course it's still possible someone could
try to bribe them. It's not very likely as the judges get paid
well and generally have a lot of integrity.

The judges are human of course and in 2000 the judges voted
on party lines for Bush over Gore for president. It's a shame
there isn't a way to keep religious feelings and partison
politics out of the equation. Our constitution was written
trying to do this, but human nature continues to put it to
the test.

The GOP has said that if Clinton had won they would not approve
any appointment of hers to the supreme court. In fact they don't
plan to approve any man that is appointed by the democrats from
now on. Now they are telling the Democrats they should approve
this pick? That is about as hypercritical as they can get. They have
complained in the past that the Democrats were out to pack the court
with liberals. Turns out the GOP wants it full of conservatives
instead. 3 Judges are close to the end of their ability to serve,
so it's possible they could get their way.

It's the constitutional duty of the Senate to advice and consent for
an appointment of the president.. It is not their duty to use politics
as a part of their process. They are supposed to put the apointed
people to the test. To see they are lawful individuals deserving of the
job. Our founders would be pointing their fingers in shame at our
politicians of today.

I have a hunch both the Democrats and the GOP will be
getting an earful of protests from the voters over this pick.
Even the pro life people aren't totally happy about it. Turns
out he wasn't openly against abortion, so they fear he might
not help them get rid of womens right to abortion.

As bad as this all sounds, on occasion a new supreme court judge
turns out to not be what was hoped they would be. So we can hope
if the man is approved he will realize how his dicisions will
affect all the people of the nation, and make them accordinly.

A link to one Senators comments about this appointment.


Link to MSnbc report on the appointment.


Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 02, 2017, 12:51:23 pm
Well it seems our new president likes to give foreign leaders a earful of bragging
and telling them how to run their country. Even to give a thinly vailed warning to

I really think all those leaks from the White House was more about diverting the
media away from the nomination of the supreme court judge. I am sure he is
aware of the public pressure on the congress to reject his picks. So he likely feels
he needs to help the GOP by diverting attention to things that sound even more
important. He did much the same when he was running for the office of president.

If Trump starts picking on Iran I think he will find his buddy Putin telling him
to back off. After all Iran and Russia are pretty friendly. Putin has a large Muslim
population to deal with, so he will likely put on a good front trying to show he cares
about them. Including Iran.

I hope Trump learns he can't treat other leaders in the world like they are his lackies.
If he dosen't we may find our selves in a a war before the year is out. Then I wonder
how his supporters will feel about their man Trump? Especially when the body bags
start coming home.

I don't think they ever expected to get so much flack from the public over Trump.
The GOP has always been the party of the Business man. They support them, and
it's not that surprising they would vote for people who are the riches people in the
country. They always make the claim they are for JOBS, but never care that much
about working conditions, wages except to keep them low. They hate Unions the
same way big business does. So the only way your going to get their attention if
to give them the fear of loosing their prestigious job in congress.

Our friendly democrats have been sucked into the big money love that many of
the GOP has. I think they are finding if they don't return to their roots they will
find them selves hard pressed to stay in office as well.

If things continue as they are. 2018 may become the real year of change instead of 2016. The 
Tea party made big inroads in 2010, but compared to the public outcry of 2017 they weren't
much more than a whimper. At their height they had an approval rating of 39 percent. The
current outcry already has an approval of 60 percent, and may still be climbing.

Only time will tell. Also I want personally apologize to our Aussie friends for how
Trump treated your countries leader, and to our Mexican friends for how Trump
treated your president, and the people of Mexico in general. I think Trump has little
or no shame when he trys to bully our friends.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 03, 2017, 01:30:34 pm
The GOP made the claim thei all the phone calls they are
getting are due to robo calling. Well they can lie to them
selves, but the truth will bite them in the end. They can quit
hiding and come out and talk to the voters too. A GOP senator
from Arkansas who's election was financed by a bunch of
billionairs finally said he would come speak at a townhall
meeting later this month. I have a hunch it will be after he
votes for Trumps picks. I am sure he wouldn't want to disappoint
his super rich supporters.Trump has said he will support
removing the law against churches supporting political
canidates. Another place for rich people to feed money to a
favored canidate. I wonder if the GOP realize a lot of minorities
go to church, and they will be able to support their canidates
via church too..

Trump should never talk unless it's a speech written for
him. He almost always sticks his foot up to the kneee in his
mouth when he tries to make a speech on his own. He like most
people make slipups when they talk to a crowd. With Trump it's
much worse because he seems to look at his self with  visions
of Godhood in the eyes of his supporters. And now as president
his words have real effects on real people.

I think this is why he falls apart when talking to other
world leaders on the phone. He runs off at the mouth about
things people have little or no interest in, and when they
don't agree with his bluster he gets mad and acts like an
idiot. Then people have to make excuses for him. This could
lead to serious trouble.

Now Trump is trying to place blaim on Obama for the problems
the attack he authorized in Yeman where we lost one of our
highly trained Navy seals, and several others injured. He is going
to own the next mistake he makes that kills our brave soldiers.

Trump was complaining about his replacement on the Apprentist
show. Does he really think the public really cares? Now I
understand he has removed the sanctions Obama put on Russia
for their hacking during the election. Put on your bib Trump,
perhaps Putin will spoon feed you some nice words in return.

Come on GOP, Democrats, Let's hold Trump accountable for how
he is acting. How he is ignoring the constitution. I know it's
only been 2 weeks, but he has squandered any good will the
american public might have had for him since he was elected.
His support in Congress is slipping, and if he starts a war
with Iran, who will support him then?

I have heard Trump really desires appreciation of his actions by
the american public if not the world aaccording to a friend of his.
That friend tried to talk him out of running for fear it might cause
him a mental breakdown.

Stubbernly he didn't listen.  The job of president is the  worse job there
is for appreciation, as almost always half the people in the country don't
like the president for one reason or another.That probably includes half
the world too. If this desire is strong enough he may end up having a
nervous breakdown after all.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 04, 2017, 12:22:48 pm
Trump flies to Florida for the weekend. Millions of tax dollars spent for
the trip. Turns out the GOP is having a super big fund raiser for their senators
in Florida this weekend. You suppose it's a coincidence? I think not, he will
stop by.. I think  we can depend on it.

Why is the GOP having a big fund raiser at this time. It's a year before
any primaries? I think Trump told his rich friends and the GOP party leaders
their senators need to be reminded who butters their bread. So send them
off to a big fund raiser for that purpose.

Trump meets pharmaceutical company CEO's. He never mentioned
controlling prices to them as he said he would during his campain.
Ok all you supporters. You should remmind your man Trump of this.
I bet if his supporters started shouting at him for breaking a promise he
like the GOP legislatures would go hide. Or call them paid anarchists.

Trump is he really in control or a figurehead?
It appears Trump doesn't like to read. He depends on others
and television for his information. So if this is the case
who is really running the white house? Is Trump the president
or a puppet of his advisers?

So far he seems to be following the advice of his avisers,
mainly Bannon, and Flynn. Two right wing racists. I have
said it in the past, Trump is a racist because the follows
Bannon and Trump has a record of treating minorities, gays,
and women like second class citizens.

I know many of his supporters felt there was a smart buisness
man behind his harsh comments, but so far that hasn't shown up.
Trump hates it when people disagree with him. So now he is
calling protesters paid anarchists, people against the state of
law. This from a man who defies the constitutioin for his own

I often wonder why he didn't tell his supporters he was going to put
the same people in his cabinet he was running Clinton down for associating
with. You suppose he was afraid they might think he was a hypocrite?
I imagine he did.

Trump said he felt a dictatorial government was more efficent,
and he appears to be acting like one with the help of his
puppet masters. If the american people don't stand against
him the GOP may give Trump the power he and his billionaire
frends want.

Dictators often use the excuse. I am protecting the people.
That's what Trump is saying about his travel ban, and is
already wanting an appeal to over turn a Judges stay, because
his ban supposedly protects the american people. Trump has even
revoked the Visa's of 100,000, people in secret apparently
trying to give his ban more credibility. To what end will
Trump go to get his way?

This is for the people in various states. Several GOP controled
states are pushing to control demonstrations. This could lead
to loss of the freedom of speech and assembly in our country.
The laws could require permit approvals based according to
partisan feelings. Say yes if your our party, No if your not.

The GOP can see the handwriting on the wall. They know they
are in trouble if this unrest by the people continues. The
GOP is a minority party. They can only stay in power if the
majority lets them by not voting. So they do things like
setting up voting districts to favor them, Restrict
voting for people who normally don't vote for them.

Most GOP leaders are people who think they need to control
the common man. They don't want the common man upsetting their
playhouse. They will lie to get their way. I have seen ads on
television already trying to convince people to support Trump
and his picks by contacting their senators.

House GOP members voted to let people who are so mentally ill
they can't be trusted to cash their own social security checks
to have guns. It's up to the Senate to vote next. The NRA doesn't
want any restrictions on guns. So I imagine they will vote the
same. And they worry about Muslims. (shakes head)

I think most people who voted for Trump feel it's too soon to bad
mouth him, but it's not so much the executive orders. He is putting
big business ahead of our country and the people. Above all a president
should follow the constitution which his business practices prove he hasn't.
Now he may start a war with Iran. If it happens the price of Gasoline will
go up fast. All thanks to Trump.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 05, 2017, 01:01:40 pm
He should like the Saturday night live skits about him.
They are getting better all the time. He should be
willing to laugh at his self. If Trump doesn't like
the skits he should act more like a real president. The
skit writers won't stop, but at least he could be proud
and not have to make up lies to prove why he is.

If he wants people to like him all he has to do is be
honest and care about people. Lying and only caring about
his rich friends will gain him nothing but false praise.
This can lead to paranoia, and mistrust of those under him.

Another thing he has to get over wanting everyone to
like him. No president has ever pleased everyone. One
mans like is anothers dislike.

Trump has to get over this egomainia as president. He
can't run the country like a CEO of a corporation. If
he starts firing people for doing their job, it will
cause him nothing but trouble. Especially if people
feel they have to please him instead.

If he isn't careful his approval rating will be as
bad as congress has been. Less than 30 percent.

It seems those who support Trump may be getting together
in groups to show their support.  I hope we don't have clashes
between supporters and protestors. This will only discredit both
groups.  I am sure our man Trump will point at his supports and
say "Look at the huge numbers of supprters out for me." Even if
there isn't a huge number.

I understand Trump has been studying President Nixon, even
to feel he was a good President. I don't think many from that
era would agree he was all that good. Nixon tried to defy the
supreme court. I wonder if Trump wonders if he can get
away with that? I think that just might get him inpeached if
he did.

Seems the GOP feels it's ok for them and Trump to not
follow the constitution to the letter. As if the fact they were
elected gives them the authority to do what they want. Where
will this lead? The court only has federal marshals to enforce
their rulings. Trump has the US military at his beckon call.
Would our military support Trump in that case? I would hope
not, but I hope we never have to find out.

I listened to one of his supporters talking to a reporter. The
way he talked sounded supishiouly like someone who was paid
to be there. The reporter then talked to a protestor, who sounded
more like a regular person would talk. Just there to show
they don't like Trump, not making a speech that sounded practiced.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 06, 2017, 12:22:24 pm
Not a lot to say for sunday. The Vice President decided to go see the
superbowl. I wonder if he even cared that his presence created problems for
many people who went to see the game, and not him. Not counting the
considerable expense it cost tax payers for his protection.

The VP was on Meet the press, and was trying to defend President Trump. He is
a smooth talker so when he was asked why even after bad mouthing Obama for
complaining about a court decision back when he was a congressman. He was saying
it's fine for Trump to do the very same thing now, He replyed "I have learned much
over the years in office." He then tried to change the subject. I paraphrased it, but
that was his excuse. I would say he has learned how to avoid questions.

I don't care which party a politician is in, they should answer the question or say
they can't, and admit it if they make a mistake. This business of trying to spin
something bad into something good just destroys their credibiity in my opinion.

It does seem our man Trump is going to be a president that plans to
travel around the country and the world alot. I imagine he has been one
who likes to travel. Otherwise why have a big comfortable airplane of
his own. Of course it did make him look important to some and a con
artist to others.

So to those supporters of Trump I say be proud. Your man may come
to your city soon, and you get to pay millions of tax dollars for his travel
and protection. Odd he said he wanted to cut government costs, but each
trip he makes costs 10's of millions. He should avoid UN-nessecary trips or
pay the cost his self. I mean a billionaire like Trump could afford a few trips..

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 07, 2017, 01:19:02 pm
He continues to fight the courts about his Travel ban. One
appeals court has supported the stay untill a hearing is
held. Now Trump says it will be the courts fault if we have
an terrorist attack. As if Trumps order was going to stop
any and all terrorist attacks.

Our man Trump is saying the media doesn't report terroist
attacks. Perhaps Trump falls alseep watching the news. The
media jumps on any attack terrorist or otherwise. They spend
hours on attacks.

He went to our militaries nerve center in Floria, and talked
to those in the military. Not that they could oppose anything
he might say. So it was a good place to avoid protesters while
making one of his usual speeches.

Trump implied our government kills people just as Russia does.
This accually got some of the GOP upset a little. Others made
excuses for Trump. Putin has people in the press killed along
with leaders of those who oppose him.. I really don't think our
government does that. I can't say it's never happened though.
I am sure there are some consperiacy theories out there
that would say it does.

There is some talk that President Trump isn't reading
some of the orders he is signing. The saturday night live
skit about being under Bannon's control might be more real
than we think. Trump said. I call the shots, not any
one else. He sure doesn't like anything that makes him
look wrong or bad. Now Trump claims he wasn't briefed on
the order to put Bannon on the security council. Well he
only had to read it.

I wonder how Trump felt when the guy they tried to
catch in Yeman called him a "Fool"

Well our friendly GOP voted for Trumps pick for secretary
of education this  morning. Another Billionaire added to the
cabinet. She has little or no knowlege about public schools.
She promotes privately owned schools, and of course she
owns some of them. Talk about a conflict of interest.  It
seems the GOP  will vote for anyone who gives them a lot
of money which she did for most of the GOP.

They totally ignored the outcry from the public to not
vote for her. I hope every senator who is running in
2018 who only cares about the rich are voted out. Along
with those in congress who do the same.

If we don't this country will be controled by the super rich,
and they think the common man is too ignorant  to make any
government decisions. Trump all be said so. He said I am going
to pick the smartest people when I am elected. Almost every
pick is someone who is a billionaire or a friend of one. I guess
he thinks regular people are too ignorant for the job.

Trump still has almost 650 heads of government agencies to fill. So
far he has picked about 40. I guess he is having trouble finding
enough super rich people that want to work in jobs that won't
give them a lot of prestige.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 08, 2017, 01:15:41 pm
He should cancel his order for a travel ban and draw up a new 
one that fits the constitution. Trump just can't admit he made
a mistake. It apparently goes against his beliefs. He seems to
fear it will harm his credibility of being a strong leader.

His new education secretary is a fund raiser and
donates to the GOP. She also wants to push religion
for schools. Her ideas have caused Michigan to have
the lowest test scores in the country. They used to
be one of the highest.She also doesn't want to educate
kids who are handicapped physically or mentally.

This is the kind of person Trump likes. I think all he
looks for is how much money they make.

Trump continues to use fear trying to make his self look
good to the public. Fear is what dictators use to gain
power. They say "I need more control to protect the people."

So at some point they gain enough to do anything they want
telling the people it's to protect them. This is how Russias
Putin works. He tells the people he is protecting them, and
since he controls the press the people only hear what he
says. I think Trump is using Putin as a model for how he
wants to run the USA.

There is about 20 percent of the population that would
be in favor of a benevolant dictator. One that agrees with their
way of thinking of course. These people feel it's a much
better way of government. Trump has made comments that
he feels it is more efficent.

Several dictators gained power by using fear, Congress possibly
could declare some kind of emergency to suspend the constitution
if they thought it was needed. Marshal law can be declared during
wartime or emergencies. Even though it seems unlikely. It's not that
big a step moving to a dictatorship supposedly only temporally. Often
once a dictator has power they find excuses to keep it. Since  we have
a highly educated military, its likely they would take over, and
reinstate the constitution if they felt the whole thing was  an attempted
take over by crooked people or another country.

Though we feel our democracy is safe, it's people who run it, and
they can make mistakes that sometimes are hard to undo. We only
need to look at other countries, and the bad leaders they often get.
Rich people often feel they know what's best for the public. Perhaps
they do, but they are humans with human failings, that's why we need
checks and balances for government.

Last night the majority leader of the US senate stopped a senator from
reading a letter from Coretta Scott King. The letter told of the racist actions
of the Senator Trump picked for the US atterney general. He implied it made
the Senator look bad, and he would not allow it to be read. Then the rest
of the GOP senators voted to agree with the majority leaders ruling.
I think this shows what kind of politicans who call themselves Republican we
have in the US Senate. I hear some are afraid of Trump . They should stand
for whats right and not keeping their seat in the Senate.

Later excuses have been made saying the woman Senator had been warned
to stop making bad remarks about a fellow Senator, and not the letter. I think 
they are trying to cover the fact they don't like minorities and what they say.
Especially since they often don't get their votes.

One other thing. The state of Missouri has passed a law making it a
"Right to work" state. If I understand right the AFL CIO union has
asked for a referendum for the voting public to decide.

It's not just a few states that have this law. The GOP is pushing to make
"Right to work" a federal law. I expect our man Trump will support it.

If it comes to a vote i will support the union cause. Big business
always tries to pay workers as little as they can along with few
benifits. This law is a union buster and the GOP knows it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 09, 2017, 11:52:10 am
I wonder how many people know the senates rule 19 was made
for the Senate to stop fist fights on the Senate floor in

Senate majority leader used it while a Senator was quoting
a honored black womans concerns of a racist the Senate was
about to vote for . I think he planned to use it on the woman
Senator from Massachusetts hoping to make her look bad.
Turns out she has been a thorn in the GOP's side since she
was elected to the Senate. The same Majority leader allowed
male Senators to quote the same latter the Woman Sanator
was removed from speaking for doing the same.

This majority leader has done much by this action to
stir up more women than almost anything else the GOP has
done. Though the GOP is afraid of Trump. The GOP may end
up destroying it's self trying to keep Trump happy.

After the unsucessful attempts to hack our voting
machines by the Russians. Our friendly GOP votes to
end the commission that worked to protect voting
mechanics in our country. I think this looks bad for
keeping our votes safe from those who would like to
change the results to their benifit. Rather strange
for a party who claims to want legal voting. I hope
this wasn't done to make it easier for GOP controlled
states to restrict voting even more.

He tells the public he is probably smarter than anyone
else, but then Trump turns around saying everything only
requires simple fixes. If there is a problem he seems to
think he can sign an order to solve it. Just like the
Travel ban. He seems to think this will prevent all terror
attacks. A wall which will keep illeagle aliens out. He
looks like a man who has a lot to learn about many things
as well as government.

All this sounds good, but it's never going to do what 
Trump claims it will. I wonder if he really believes
what he says. If so the country will go down hill
following his lead. It's possible since Obama got the
economy so strong it might coast along well even with
Trumps bad ideas till after the 2018 election.

If this happens the GOP will likely stay in power. Then
in 2019 or later the economy could crash. But if the economy
fails in 2018 the GOP will be out and the democrats will have
to pick up the pieces with Trump trying to blame them
for the problems.

A country the size of the US changes slowly, and unless
something drastic hamppens. Trump could ride the wave 
playing his games. I hope all goes well, but there
will be a lot of people hurt if it doesn't.

Like President Bill Clinton said when he fires tran for the
presidency. "It's all about the economy." That's True as
most people vote with their pocket book in mind. His
wife should have remembered that.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 10, 2017, 11:51:02 am
Our man Trump looses appellate court decision on his
Travel ban. All three judges voted to keep the
stay in place.

Trump was obviously upset over this loss, but instead
of trying to fix his executive order he continues to
fight vowing to win in the end.

Trump still claims he has greater power than the courts
when it comes to protecting the country. The court reminds
him the constitution and rule of law is to be obeyed even
by the president.

Trump calls it policial even though 2 of the 3 judges were
appinted by a GOP president.

He still claims his order is to protect the country, but he has yet to
prove it's not a religious ban as no proof was given to show terrorists
from the affected  countries have attacked our country. Also he has
made many statements saying he planned to ban Muslims if elected. He
could fix this by amending his order, but that would be admitting he made
a mistake. That is a no no for Trump to swallow.

A Poll of his supporters seem to think it's ok for Trump
to call the court names and even to ignore their ruling.
I wonder if they know it's the court that protects their
rights. Without the courts no ones rights would be
protected. The country would revert to strong man law.

It seems some of his supporters think Trumps word should be
law even if it's unconstitutional.

Apparently our schools are doing a poor job of teaching kids about
government if people know so little about how our Federal system
of government is supposed to work. Somehow I doubt if our new
Billionairess education secretary will try to improve it.

Untill the GOP congress and Senate get a backbone and tell
Trump there are some things he can't do. Trump will drag them
down with him.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 11, 2017, 11:38:55 am
It appears Trump is starting the alien roundup he promised
in his campain. Officials denied they were doing it. Seemingly
not wanting to warn those who might want to hide or seek
a safe haven. I wonder if they go after illegal aliens from other
countries like the far east, and Europe. Or just Latinos and

Trump threatens California  and other states for not following his 
unconstitutional orders. "California is out of control." was a statement
by our new president. If he has a problem with a state. Let him go to
court and prove it.

This will just add to Trumps problems. These actions may be
legal, but doing it this way is thoughtless as many children
will end up seperated from their parents.

Trumps security adviser has been accused of collaborating with
Russia to help Trumps election. Even to interfere with
Obama's sanctions due to the hacking. Flynn is claiming he
can't remember what he did. Before he said he didn't do it.
Trump is trying to say it's Fake news.

Now I wonder if the GOP will investigate this. They haven't
seemed to worry about other possible illegal or unconstitutional
activities by Trump and his people.

Our politicans continue trying to avoid groups of voters asking 
them questions about how they plan to vote and why. These groups
number from a handful to several hundred.

As time passes I think our politicans will realize time is
running out for them to vote and then make excuses for why
they voted to hurt those they might need in 2018 if they
want to stay in office.

Trump continues to harp that there was huge numbers of illegal
votes for Clinton during the election. I think this is part of
a GOP plan to restrict voting even more using Trumps claims as
an excuse to do so. There is no evidence of illegal voting, but
Trump continues saying there is. Trump lies all the time so
why believe anything he says without proof.

Now the new attorney general (A GOP favorite of the extreme right ) says 
he is going after voter fraud, protesters, gays, and minorities that cause 
trouble, with all the power of the US Justest department. I have a hunch many 
people will feel it's more like the injustice department after while.

I know people will try to protest Trumps justice, but they will have
more success in the courts and voting booth than in the streets.
Trump will use all the force needed  to combat unruly crowds. 
Perhaps even enough to finish his rule in the end.

I wonder how long Trump will last before he runs out into
the night screaming "I quit".. LOL.. I understand he is 
becoming very frustrated by protesters, news leaks and how
much work he is having to do.

Trump is keeping Airforce One busy. It's his second trip to 
Florida. Once last weekend and now this weekend. I guess he 
is entertaining the prime minister of Japan at his Florida 
mansion and golf course. Instead of spending millions of Tax
dollars going to his home in Florida why not stay in DC.  As usual 
Trump just has to show off to important people. Many many poor
children could have more to eat with the money Trump is
wasting with his running around.

Unfortuantly Trump isn't alone. Almost all rich people in government
are spoiled, and feel they have the right to use tax dollars for their
own benifit. Of course they don't talk about that to their voters.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 12, 2017, 12:08:45 pm
North Korea launched a large missile into the ocean perhaps to test Trump.
His only response was to say. "We are 100% behind Japan.  A obvious
answer since we have been behind Japan since ww2. We will have to
wait to see if he has anything more to say.

His policy adviser was questioned this morning on "Meet the Press". It was
hard to follow as as usual Trumps people and politicians want to make
speeches every time they see a camera.

He was asked if Trump thought just being in the USA illegally was enough of
a law breaker to be removed from the country. He wouldn't answer the
question. So we don't know what the accual line is as he kept changing
the subject by saying illegal aliens are dangerous people. I have news for
Trump. Drug dealers and gang members know how to stay out of sight, so
the people who are causht generally are people who just want to work and
have a safe life, not hurt other people.

I personally feel if someone has lived in the USA for 5-10 years or more contributing
to society and not causing trouble by breaking our laws and hurting people. They
should be given the chance to apply for citizenship. If they agree they shouldn't
be deported.

Trump is still trying to avoid the idea that  Flynn talked to the Russa about Obanas
Policies. Strange actions for a national security adviser.

We have to wonder if Trump and the VP knew the truth or did Flynn do it alone?
Either way it puts a shadow over Trump and his people.

When Kelly basicly advertised for Trumps daughters business she found that unlike
Trump she can't publicly support businesses as a government worker. I imagine
Trump gave her a nod for trying.

Will our friendly congressmen and women stand up for the country or follow Trump.
to the extreme right. Hopefully some will draw the line at some point. I understand
many of the GOP find Trump a problem, but are afraiid of his supporters.  I think
they need to be afraid of those who are protesting instead. I imagine those running
for office in 2018 are worried because they don't know who to follow.

I think it's nice Obama is enjoying his time relaxing after many years of hard work. I 
hope he can help the democrats get back to the people who supported the party in
the past. Working people, and Unions were the strength of the party, not the rich.

In a way its sad that the super rich really run the country even though the public
elects the politicans. It's true, I remember when Bill Clinton decided to run for president
he had to pass muster of a group of the richest elite behind the democrat party.

I sometimes wonder why I haven't heard of this since. Perhaps the rich people didn't
know this was to be told, and have taken steps to keep it under the radar since.

The super rich have a big stake in how the laws of the country affect them, and protect
them. Even with their riches they have to depend on the power of a country to protect
their way of life and they will do anything to keep it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 13, 2017, 12:13:13 pm
Canada's prime minister meets with Trump.  Trump says he wants
to change the trade agreement with Canada. It's probably a good
idea as it's been over 20 years and many things have changed over
the years. Trump best be careful as Canada is a very good friend and
trading partner for the USA all around the world.

Trump is planning to sign a new order to possibly fix his travel ban. Who 
knows if it will be any better. I really don't understand why he is making
such a fuss. Obama wasn't making a big stink about it, and people from
other countries were checked out well. The attacks we had under Obama
were almost all from people born and raised right here in the US.

Health care
Canada is giving better care for less money. They do more preventative care
than the US does. Our politicans should look at Canada to improve health
care in the US. The cost per person averages 47% less in Canada. Some claim you
have to wait for care, but that is only for elective care. More people die in the US
than Candians do to lack of care. Everyone is cared for rich or poor. I am sure
there are instances where people feel they didn't get the care they need, but its
more likely to happen in the US than Canada or many other countries.

It seems it's profit first and care second in the US. I am not placing blaim
on our health care workers, but those politicans who care more about the
relection money they get from the rich than health care for all americans.

Trump was caught discussing security information on N. Korea in front of
people who likely didn't have clearance to hear it. He jumped all over Clinton
for not being careful with security matters, what's his excuse?

Today there are large demonstrations happening in Wisconsin against  Trump
and his travel ban. More are planned across the country. People best work
to change local state canidates in 2018 if they want to make real changes. It's
the GOP controlled states who decide how to set up voting districts for congress.
In 2020 they will be changing them again. If the GOP is in power in your state.
They will set the districts to favor themselves.  I don't think either party should
be allowed to set districts, They should be set to balance voters for all concerns
as even as possible.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 14, 2017, 01:00:31 pm
I hear our man Trump canceled another one of his ralles. I
guess he was afraid there would be more protesters
than supporters. Maybe he is allergic to "Boooos"

His security adviser Flynn resigns. He should have left
sooner. It may be too late now as questions will be asked
if Trump told Flynn to tell the Russian ambassador the
sanctions would be taken care of once Trump takes office.
Trump has said he makes all the decisions so if one of his
men did something it's very likely it was Trumps design.

I wonder if Flynn is found to be guilty of breaking the
law, will Trump Pardon him? He might, but probably not
a good idea.

I think if Trump would get rid of Bannon too, his probelms
would become less. Only time will tell.

I understand the GOP is finding it more difficult to stand behind
Trump. More of them are speaking out against him and his people.
I wonder how long the GOP can avoid starting investigations on
Trumps activities. Some of which really should be since they have
little or nothing to do with partisan politics.

Trump makes claims he supports women, but Trump has a history
of treating women with little respect. They have to fit his
ideal of how women should look or act to get any favor from
him. He has only 2 women in his cabinet.

Trump gets his pick for secretary of health, and human
services. A smart man to hear Trump talk, I heard he
recieved 250 million to take the job. I guess that could
be considered pretty smart of him.

Trump plans another trip to Florida. Apparently he has gone
so often the secret sevice is saving money by keeping the
infrastructure in place. So that keeps the costs significatly
lower. Only 3 million dollars for the round trip. Stil they
have to fly 2 or 3 Airforce one planes. That requires fuel
and maintenance and man power. Trump used to complain about
Obama spending money to go on a vacation. Obama stayed in
Washington DC most of the time, and went to Camp David for
a weekend of rest now and then. That was just a short helicopter
ride away.

Just more hypocrisy by our man Trump. He also doubled the
membership fees for his club in Florida to %200,000.00 a
year. I guess Rich people feel it's worth it to have the
chance to talk to Trump.

Trump is using his office to make a lot of money. I guess
we should expect it, Most Billionaires acording to Trump are
very smart. As I said before, Trump loves money, and those
who have money. Just look at people around him, almost all of
them are Billionaires. People who will step on the common man
to get what they want.

I hear Trump is having problems finding people he wants for
heads of agencies. Apparently due to all the problems and
iradic behavior of Trump. Perhaps most of his friends are too
smart to get involved with him.

Billionaires may be smart, but they carry a lot of baggage
with them. Many of them do things that would get most of us
put in prison, but they have the best lawyers, and manage
to wiggle free in most cases. Trump is no exception. I think
he will have a lot of problems having his super rich friends
working with him. They all like to run the show, and some could
cause trouble by being loose cannons.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 15, 2017, 12:04:40 pm
As smart as our man Trump claims to be, I kind of
wonder if Trump is smart enough to know he should ask
for help. Help from more than one person, non parisan experts in
the affected field to compare with each. This idea of his that only
rich people are smartis going cause him nothing but trouble.  Trump
is said to not like reading, instead he  watches TV. He should be 
talking to experts not listening to some one on TV who may or may 
not know anything or just being political.

Trump needs to remember he is working for the whole country,
not just those who voted for him. This business of only wanting
to please his supporters is wrong. He unlike congress should
be non political. His business is working for us all, not his
friends and politics.

Our man Trump knew that Flynn was at risk for being
blackmailed by the Russians three weeks ago.Why did
Trump wait all this time to tell him to go? Over the
past three weeks Flynn had access to security secrets.
Perhaps even names of people who are putting their lives
on the line to spy on Russia and other countries that
don't like us. There are many who would love to see
the USA disappear into history.

Flynn may be the one behind Trumps kindly feel for
Russia. As he has been to Rusaia a couple years ago.
Where he spent time with Putin.

Our friendly GOP leadership feels there is no reason
to investigate Trump, his security adviser Flynn or
any one else.

They claim they are too busy to investigate wither
the president or his people were involved with
russia before the election and or after. They say it's
the business of their security hearings if they do. I
have a hunch they don't want a public investigation
on this at all.

I imagine if you let a fox guard a henhouse you probably
wouldn't want to tell those who owned the chickens where 
they they went, and why they didn't take their feathers.

The GOP man who was appointed as atterney general worked
in Trumps campain. So I really don't think he will do a good
job or want to investigate his self or those who were involved in 
Trumps campain concerning the Russian connection.  So far he hasn't
disqualified his self, and he should.

I can just about guarentee the GOP would be falling
all over them selves investigaineing Clinton if
she had been accused of this as president. This
has nothing to do with politics. It is about the
safety and integrity of our country. The GOP
should be ashamed for being political at this time.
There will be more than enough time to pass laws
for their ideals at a later date. I think they want to
pass their far right laws now with over a year before
the 2018 election. They know most voters have a short
memory, at least they used to. That might have
changed though.

If the public lets them get by with not doing
their job, where will it stop. I fear many people
will find their rights gone unless they are a white
male, and not gay. or anything ofther what some
religious people think is natural.

I heard they made some rule changes about how
people are quarantined due to sickness. Now this
sounds good on the surface, but they are even saying
if people have symptoms similar to the desase they
are concerned about quarantine them too. This is another
fear tactic. Some desease can take weeks to surface
after someone has been exoised to it. They would have
to quarantine entire cities to stop some diseases. I am
not sure Trump had anything to  do with this, but it's likely
one of his picks did.

There is nothing wrong with being carful, but a balance
is needed to prevent the abuse of human rights.

If the democrats don't get busy, and start working to
put good people up to run for congress who will.Perhaps
some independents can.. Other wise the GOP will hold

If we leave it up to the billionaire class this country
will continue moving to an authoritarian system of
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 16, 2017, 12:24:42 pm
Our man Trump still defends Flynn claiming the media and
illegal leaks caused the problems. I find this a shameful way
for Trump to defend anyone. If someone makes a serious mistake
it's better to find it out no matter who exposes it.

The cabinet pick for labor secretary was withdrawn today.
Due to some things he did in the past. There may be others who
may meet the same fate eventually. People who have a lot of
money are hard driving individuals. They work long hours
making the money they love. So they tend to be short tempered
if they feel their money or reputation is at stake. This often
causes them to do things if brought to light can disqualify
them to be leaders of government.

Of course many of them have powerful friends that can make
life difficult for anyone they want revenge on. This can make
it hard to expose them as people fear what these people can do.

I think we have noticed that Trump wants to sue people who
accuse him of doing bad things. Like the women who made claims
about him. So he like most of the super rich are ready to give
regular people problems if they get in the way.

Usually when we think of criminals we think of some poor slob
or punk wanting something they don't want to work for. Turns 
out those you wouldn't imagine do bad thing too. Rich people 
are subject to human nature as poor people are. Perhaps even
worse because they have the money to really hurt a lot of 
people when they get dollar signs in their eyes.

Seems more of the GOP are speaking out against Trump, and
his people. Hopefully more will find the courage to do so. Some
might feel this Russian thing is trivial, but our way of life
could be threatened with things like this. I hope those in
the GOP find their patriotism over politics.

Demonstrations are still going strong across the country. Sp 
perhaps some GOP congressmen are getting the message, and
feel they better listen a bit closer. I hope the democrats
get the message too..

Trumps plan to rid our country of immigrants continues with
hundreds of deportations. Even those with minor offenses.
I think the Statue of Liberty that stands in New York 
harbor would be crying if it could. At the base is a plaque that
reads.  "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming 
shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift
my lamp beside the golden door!"

Almost all of us who live in the USA are immigrants or
descendants of them. Even Trump. Instead of kicking good hard 
working men and women out, offer them the option to become
citizens instead. Many of our best americans were and are

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 17, 2017, 12:21:27 pm
Our tweeting president had a long news congerence today, with lots of
lies, and bragging as usual. Probably trying to divert attention about
his failure with security adviser General Flynn and connected troubles.

Twittering Trump claims his Travel ban was perfect till the
bad courts messed it up. He claimed a congressman wanted to have
a meeting, and lied saying the congressman backed out. He asked
a news reporter set up a meeting with him and the congressional
Black caucus. This would be impossible for a news reporter to do.
Trump called the news leaks by people in government are fake news.
Does Trump feel everyone in government lies but him? It sounds like

Our twitter man continues to say he is smarter and better than anyone
else. How can a egotistical man ever do a good job as president. A job
that requires the expertise of thousands of people he needs who I am sure
know their job much better than he does.

Trump doesn't like it when people ask him about being racist or our anti
somatic problems. The question wasn't about him personally anyway. It
was about the rise of  anti somatic activities in the country. But he
is so thin skinned he doesn't listen to the question enough to understand
it. He doesn't like having his administration said to be in chaos.
Instead he claims it's running like a fine tuned machine. Of course
all these things that are said by the press is fake news according
to Trump. Unless it's something he likes.

It's understandable that a politican wouldn't like the pres because
they are a light that shines to hold them accountable. Trump isn't
the first politiican who has hated the press, and he won't be the

Trump claims he has done more in the last month than any president since
Reagan. He hasn't accomplised anything except sign some executive orders
one of which was a travel band that has been shut down by the courts.
Trump had several bankruptcies. Perhaps we can understand why after
only a few weeks of him trying to be president. No one can succeed alone
as president, no matter what Trump claims. When Trump is caught in
an obvious lie he sometimes backs up and blaims  someone else by saying
 "That's what I was told."

We may see movement from Congress soon with or without Trumps help.
They will likely lay a bill on his desk for him to sign or not. Trump needs to
get on the stick and start working with congress instead of just talking
and tweeting. That is if he plans to get anything he can put his name on.

I really don't mind how long they drag it out.The closer we get to the 2018
election the more politicans will listen to the voters.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 18, 2017, 11:53:44 am
His pick for the EPA was approved by the GOP, A man who
has sued the EPA several times to help big industry in
his state. I have a hunch this guy doesn't live near a
fraking rig or pipeline. Few people if any who are rich
do. Obviously they can live where they want, but how can
they make decisions on thing they have no experience with.

The approval of this man is more proof that the GOP cares
more about big business than the health of the american

http://www.msnbc.com/hardball/watch/the-man-who-ll-head-up-the-epa-827504707659 (http://www.msnbc.com/hardball/watch/the-man-who-ll-head-up-the-epa-827504707659)

Trump and his family are running up high costs for the tax
Here is link to a page that shows how much our jet setting president is
costing american tax payers. It's more than just trips to florida.

http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/17/trumps-florida-trips-cost-taxpayer-money.html (http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/17/trumps-florida-trips-cost-taxpayer-money.html)

Trump is used to traveling at the drop of a hat and now he
thinks the tax payer should support his disire to be on the
move. Odd he used to complain about Obama spending money for
his travels. Saying Obama should stay in the White house.

Trump seems to still be in campaign mode. He seems to crave adoring
crowds. I am thinking those crowds will be harder to find as time
passes.. Also he should refund the Tax payer when he makes one of
these stops that masasges his ego.

I Get most of my info at these links.

http://www.msnbc.com/ (http://www.msnbc.com/)

http://www.politico.com/ (http://www.politico.com/)

Many of our friendly GOP congress members seem to be hard to find these
days. Are they afraid to tell peple in their district why they are
supporting Trump?  I would think they would be happy to stand up for
the twitter man.

Many conservatives in the GOP are saying these immigrates are here
illegally, Why shouldn't they be kick them out. I would answer them by
saying if you had went to the trouble to pick them up with a few days or
even months of their entry fine, but to let them stay for 10-20 years or more
then decide to enforce the law. I think that is just politics and not worrying
about law breaking.  If they are caught being a danger to the public, export
those that are. After all they would be in custody and ready to go.

Also many immigrants have been allowed to work here for the benifit of big
business, and the politicans have known this for many years and little if
anything has been done to stop it.

Trumps plan will cost the nation billions to catch 11 million not counting the
economic loss due to many providing needed services.

http://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/rep-castro-trump-admin-coming-for-undocumented-immigrants-880002627838 (http://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/rep-castro-trump-admin-coming-for-undocumented-immigrants-880002627838)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 19, 2017, 01:34:19 pm
He is still telling us how big his win was. How big his
electorial win was. Even bigger than any president got since 
Reagon. Well he best study the real facts as Bill clinton 
got more both times he was elected, and Bush got more once.
The media interviewed few of his supporters. Some traveled 
hundreds of miles to see him. I hardly think the average
supporter has the time or money to travel that far. I would 
say most that do are activists. You could tell by listening
they were strong supporters. 

Trump often hurts his self by talking about things like
his winning, how smart he is, or bad press instead of 
just doing his job. It's like he doesn't know how to
quit running for the office he won. In a couple years
or so he can start politicing again, but the best way
to win in 2020 is by doing a good job.

Our twitter man Trump falls back on fake facts when
he doesn't have a good answer for a question. I did 
hear he paid for the florida ralley he had. I believe
out of his war chest for the nxe election. I was concerned
that he would use tax dollars. So my hats off to him over 

Trump claims the media is the enemy of the american people.
He should know lies generally require more lies to cover them.
So the last thing the major media would want is loosing the
trust of the people. Putting out the facts is how they
make money.

Talk radio is the worst because they say what ever their
audience wants to hear. If they didn't they would end up
without an audience or money either. So talk radio is mainly
for entertainment, and a outlet for the coffee shop politican
to call in and complain or brag on their man.

Trump is trying to do the same thing as talk radio does. Tell
people what they want to hear, and deny what they don't. Blaim
the major media for his problems. Then in a ralley he gives a
few of his followers a place on stage to
make them feel like he cares.

People are saying Trump needs to lead the country out of the
division we are in. The trouble is Trump doesn't seem to know how to
lead. He is a "Pusher" not a "Leader". In business you have
to push push push to get things done. Trump may get his shoes
dirty when starting one of his buildings, but then he turns it
over to the general contractors because he has little or no
idea how to do the accual building. So he pushes the contractors
to get it done. I have seen people like Trump out on jobs. They
stand around talking to the General contractors who is the real 
leader of the operation. They ask can you get this done by such 
and such a date, or can you change this. Or I want this changed.

Most contractors hate to see people like Trump show up, because 
they act like they know everything, but just cause problems 
instead by asking for the impssible.  Trump hasn't hired people
fo most government agencies as of yet. They are the General
contractors of government. So get with it Trump.

Trump may never figgure out that he can't run our government
like a business, I have a feeling even many of his supporters
will eventually see through Trumps fake claims.

The american people are not stupid. Many look to Trump to improve
their lives, but if he and the GOP start hurting too many people
they will pay in 2018. Even the GOP's fancy voting districts may
not keep them im office.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 21, 2017, 01:01:49 pm
Our man Trump finally found a new security adviser. This one however isn't likely to be a yes man
for Trump. He appears to be more interested on our country than politics. Only Time will tell.

Trump is working on a new Travel ban. It may have to pass jugdement by the courts. But
perhaps he is taking his time to do it right this time.

The 25th amendmant of our Constitution allows the VP and cabinet to take power if they
feel the President is incapable of doing the job.. I kind of think Trump would start firing
his cabinet if he caught wind of something like that.. There apparently is a fair amount of
discontent among his people in the White House. So time will tell.

Our friendly GOP has a bill in congress to make abortions of any kind illegal. Even for
Rape, incest, or even to save the life of the mother.. The law would call a woman a
vessel for man to use to create a child. Thus removing any right of the womens
control of her body in that respect. The man would decide under the law if an
abortion was really needed.

This would be in effect from the point of conception, and to even outlaw
contraceptives or any protection. Seems our religious friends feel the act
should only for reproduction and anything else is wrong or sinful. They
should know you can't regulate sex even with pain of death.

I am not in favor of abortion to choose the sex of a child or due to inconvenience,
but this is going too far in my opinion. This will only harm women and will cause
the need for more abortions not less or none. Women died going to back alley
clinics and even doing it them selves, before it was legal.

Our friendly GOP congressmen and women are finding large groups of voters
are still showing up for townhall meetings. Some are even hiding from their
voters. If this continues I am sure GOP billionaires will start pouring money
into advertising trying to keep the GOP in power. I have already seen ads on
TV asking people to support Trumps picks.

This is a good sign people are starting to have an effect with their
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 22, 2017, 11:31:21 am
Our man Trump talked about how much debt our country has. Now he wants
to spend billions on defense, infrastructure, immigration deportation, and
a big wall  that will add over a couple Trillion dollars to the debt, and does he
advocate a way to pay for it? NO, in fact he is wanting to reduce taxes for
the richest people who have so much money they have trouble speding it

Our man Trump finally said the anti somatic ativities around the nation
are terrible, but he didn't say."I am fully against it, and I don't want any
thing to do with those who do., and I will have the attorney general go
after them as terrorists." I think he is afraid he might loose some
of his racist and anti somatic supporters who voted for him.

The far right doesn't like Jews, Moslims, LGBT community, women rights,
hispanics, and minorities. Trump has to say he isn't a racist or
anti somatic, but he is slow to bad mouth those who are.

Now investigations are starting about the possibiliy that Trump
and his people are involved with Russia and their war in Urcrane. It
appears there was investments into the gas and oil industry there. Only
time will tell. The new atternory general was part of Trumps campaign
fromt the beginning, so he has no business telling the Justice
department who or what to investigate. He should excuse his self,
but so far he hasn't.

The Trump admnistration is wanting to return to privately owned prisons.
Obama was trying to move away from them.

Our friendly GOP congress men and women are slowly starting to
oppose Trump on a few things. Some of course will never oppose

The GOP leader of the senate commented to a group of voters in
effect.  "Winners make policy, and loosers should go home."  Perhaps
that is how he thinks it should work, but if the winners step on the
loosers needs they will likely be the loosers next time.

They made up all kinds of misleading stories trying to stop the ACA
in 2009, but now those same people are having to defend the claims
they made, because many people have insurance that could'nt afford
it before, and don't want to loose it. So Congress will have to
fix it or they may find themselves wihtout a job in 2019.

The excuse has been made that those who fail to get insurance shouldn't
be able to buy it if they wait till they get sick. Now this may lbe good reasoning
on the surface, but a lot of people get heath insurance through their employer.
So what happens if they develop a health problem while they have insurance.
Then get fired, or the company goes out of business, and loose the coverage?

Oh not much, now they need insurance and can't get it if the GOP controlled Congress
has their way.  There are many ways a person could get caught sick without insurance.
Comparing  health coverage with insurance for your home or car is a poor example.
Personally I think coverage for health should be guaranteed like it is most of the civilized
world.  Health care should be for all. Not just for those who can afford it.

Our friendly GOP controlled congress sees to it they are covered 100 percent. So why
not us? If they think it would cost too much then let them pay for theirs too. After all
most of them are multimillionaires.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 23, 2017, 11:55:27 am
Trump starts his second month in office.
Not much to say about our man Trump. I do think he needs
to forget about twitter, and do his job. He still has hundreds
of people to nominate for the senate to vote on. Hundreds to 
fill jobs so the government can continue to operate.
Seems Trump isn't aware he is the president of all the people
not just those who voted for him.

Our new atterney general has shown his position on the LGBT
community. He has removed the order to schools to follow
Obamas order for schools to protect the rights of transgender
children and their needs. Technically the protection exists
yet, but he isn't enforcing it. I don't think he plans to either.

Our friendly house and senate members are playing hard to find
unless its to see a hand picked group that might be willing to give
them money. Those that do show up to talk to the voters are getting
an earful. They listen, but have  little to say other than they will have
their staff look into it. A common dodge by politicans.

As long as those who support Trump continue to do so our GOP
Congress will want to avoid their voters asking questions they
don't want to answer. Trump is trying to claim the protesters are 
hired activists out to stop him from doing what the voters want
him to do. Just more of Trumps fantasies, because he thinks he
won sooo big..

Many people are afraid of loosing their health care, and the GOP
only makes dumb excuses. Like "Oh people should get a job so they
can get good insurance. Or you shouldn't wait till your sick to
buy insurance."  All good ideas in theory, but a lot of people
don't have a job that pays more than minimum wage, and they are 
not going to get good insurance and feed them selves much less a
family with that kind of money.

What about people who are born with health problems. How could
they buy insurance before they got sick? What about people who loose 
a job, and without money the insurance companies will drop them due
to not paying the premiums.  Then if they had health issues they can't
get reinstated even if they are willing to catch up on the premiums
after getting a new job. I had that happen to me. The GOP used to
claim the ACA had death panels. Well I kind of think it's the GOP
who is the death panel for the working poor.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 24, 2017, 12:14:32 pm
Trumps white house
It has been reported the chief of staff in the white house asked the
FBI to knock down the validity of the russian connection with Trumps
campaign publicly. Since Trump says nothing happens without his approval.
Is he trying to block something we need to know about?

It has been reported Six people were fired for failing to pass background
checks by the FBI. Makes one wonder who Trump is hiring. Trump is very
smart (at least so he claims) so it's likely he knew them pretty  well when
they were hired. I don't think they should have even been in the White
house till they passed the checks. But they were there. They were all
removed the same day.

I wonder how many times the public and congress will allow Trump to say
"Oops I made a mistake" as an excuse.

The GOP and Trump continue to call the demonstrations against congress
a plan by paid activiests to stop him. He just can't accept the fact he lost
the popular vote. Hand to be millions of people illegally voting for Clinton.
Of course the GOP doesn't want to mention the Tea Party movment was
mostly started and supported by big business billionaires. This movement
is grass roots in spite of Trump and the GOPs claims.

Several doctors feel Trump has mental issues that could affect his ability
to see reality. To think something exists when it does not, and should be
removed from office. What  if he decided we were under attack. Would
others stop him, or would he be allowed to order a retaliatory attack. I
think the vice president should relieve  Trump of his power untill Trump
could be clinicly checked. The constitution allows this with the cabinets
help. I think most of us have noticed Trump  being strange in his actions
and speaking. Saying one thing then turning  around a few minutes later
saying the oposite. Even to claim he didn't. I am sure he would be very
put out if he was removed from power, even temporaroly, but when wars
can be started at the push of a button we should be very cautious.

I fear the VP and cabinet are more afraid of Trumps retaliation on them
if it failed to show he had a problem, than protecting the country or
the world. You know Trump (who claims to be the smartest, healthiest,
and best man of all time.) would want to choose his own doctor.

Even our allies are worried. They asked the VP who was really in charge.
I hope Trump doesn't get us or the world in a war we all will regret. At
least those of us who are still alive.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 25, 2017, 11:41:57 am
Our man Trump is going out of it's way trying to get
the FBI, Congress, and other securty agancies to play
down the Russian Connection with  the Trump campaign. 
Have them contact the press and say there is little or nothing
to it.

Why does Trump want to hide or prevent investigations about
him and Russia? Why not open it up, and clear the air so it
can be put behind him. Instead they just want to say it's
nothing and we shouldn't worry about it. This just adds
suspision to the whole thing.

Trump continues to lie. No surprise there. He was making
a speech in front of conservatives, and made a cliam there
were people lined up for six blocks outside. There wasn't
even a block or line of people at all. Just a group of
protesters across the streat. Trump needs to get off
this ego trip and get down to doing his job.

Now he is telling government security agencies to find a
good reason to keep poeple from the 7 Islomic countries
from traveling to the USA. He has already heard there
is little risk from traveling from these countries.

Trump is calling the major news outlets an enemey to the people.
So is this going to be an excuse for Trump to not let the major
press in on his news briefings?  He did that only letting in reporters
who show him in a favorable light. The only news he wants people
to see. If it makes him look bad it's fake news. Is this ego or is
he wanting to hide improper activites from the public?

The pundants and media have been dancing around it, but Trump is
an authoritarian. They may not want to make that next step, but
a person who is that way is a Fascist. I first heard it used to describe
Trumps actions today. His supporters may not want to believe it, but
it's a very small step from what Trump is doing now to one of Fascism.
It's a strong word, but accurate for someone who wants control beyond
law and the contitution of a democracy. Perhaps Trump doesn't mean to
be that way but the far right with it's extremist ideals may be willing to
push Trump in that direction. He should dump Bannon like a hot potato,
along with the Atterney General he picked.

I wonder how far Trump can go before Congress has spine
enough to hold Trump accountable to the constitutions and
the law?

Our friendly GOP congress and senate members are claiming
the people coming to town hall meetings are paid to be
there. Up to $500.00 each. I kind of thhink if that was
the case they could find the money trail.

The GOP may think they are being smart calling these people
paid demonstrators, but I think it's is going to backfire on
them. People don't like being called liers in the real world.

I haven't said much about the democrats lately. They are voting
against Trumps picks more. I hope they work to get more people
running for state government. Otherwise the GOP will hold power
in the federal goverment, becuse states can make it harder for
people to vote. Especially those who might not vote the right way.
Polictical partys tend to do bad things trying to stay in power.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 26, 2017, 12:19:55 pm
I heard Trump say in effect. "It doesn't bother me if someone doesn't
like me. Or say something bad about me." Now that is a laugh. He spends
a lot of time defending his self than much  else. During his campaign
he spent the better part of a week defending what he seid about a beauty
contest winner. Trump has the thinkist skin of a president since Nixon.

Trump is more like someone playing the part of being president in a virtual
reality show than someone who really trying to be a good presidnt. He
continues  to only speak to those voted for him insteaad of us all. He
doesn't seem to understand a president is for all the people not for party
politics alone.

Our man Trump, a president over a house of chaos, or is it a lot of
hot air by the media? Trump seems to be tripping over his own feet. The
best way to get rid of bad news is to lay out all the facts. No lie trying to
blaim it on leaks and the press.  I think his war on the press is going to
get old even to his supporters if he continues doing it for months.

The GOP continues to support Trump by saying it's too early to have
a special prosecutor. With a atterney generals connections to Trump
he has no business with the investigation. Someone who could bury
important data if it protected his career or the Trump administration.

Also a special prosecutor would take the politics out of it along with
the Congress. That way they could just say it's out of our hands.  As is
they are caught up in it as well.

Will the GOP in congress listen to the votors in their districs, or
the leaders of the party? Many of them got a earful at home over the
past week. I think most of them are too ariogant and think they know
what's best, and how much money they can get for their next election
cycle.. Also they tend to believe the demonstrations are paid 
activies for the most part. I think most will only be changed by how
voters treat them in the voting booth.

The GOP always claims the private sector is the best for virtually everything
except for defense and a few agencies like Tax collection, Treasury, and
other things that affect the people as a whole. Problem I see is anytime
you allow the private sector handle things people "Need". People in business
see dollar signs. When people need something they will pay about any price
to get it. Remember $5 gal gasoline? The $20 pills that went to $750.00. If
people need it they will do what they have to  to get it.  This destroys the i
dea of letting the market control the prices. If it's things people only want
then the free market works well. Seems those in the GOP want to ignore
this, and continue pushing to privatise things people really need.

The democrats elected Tom Perez chairman for the party. I hope he knows
how speak  to the center of the country. If not the democrates may have a
tough time in 2018.

Link to a video about the Democrate election of their Chairman.

http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc-news/watch/dnc-selects-tom-perez-as-new-chair-884928579885 (http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc-news/watch/dnc-selects-tom-perez-as-new-chair-884928579885)

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 27, 2017, 12:17:38 pm
Our man Trump is going to speak to the legislature Feb 28th
at 9 pm eastern. It will be interesting to see how often
he lies and talks about how big he won the election over
Clinton in spite of illegal voting. I understand he is going
to brag about how much he has done over the last 5 weeks. Well
other than making it harder for people to get home loans, exporting
people who have a right to be in the country, making life harder
for Transgender people, and over 10 million in travel expenses to
Florida. I don't think his administration has done much at all.

He will claim he created lots of jobs, but out of over 150,000 created
in January 2017 he was probably responsible for about 20,000 at the
most, and many of them had more help from Obama than him.

"Meet the Press" asked the Trump administration if they had
someone to send over for an interview. All they offered was
their deputy press secretary. So the program said no thanks
and had a GOP senator from Arkansaw instead. A man who was
bought and paid for by GOP billionaires in 2012.

When asked about how he felt about the large group of voters
who met him last week asking him about their health care. He
basically said he promised to get rid of the ACA when elected,
along with other things. So he didn't really care if they
liked it or not. I guess he doesn't care if people can afford
insurance or not. He did say he would support Medicaid..I got
news for him the working poor are rarely eligible for medicaid.

In Missouri you can't have more than $1000.00 on hand to be eligible.
These days that is barely enough to keep the bills paid for a month
or two. In cities rent alone can run more than that for a month.

I wonder how many of the GOP in congress feel the same way about
the demonstrators. If so they may loose their next election.

There are a lot of good people who claim the GOP for their party, but
the leadership needs to move back from the far right. It's easy to see
someone who is fat paying for food with food stamps and feel they are
lazy leeches on society. But looks is often deceiving. Seems our
friendly GOP likes to point to people who appear to be parasites as
an excuse to cut federal programs for the poor. People do cheat the
system, but I think it owuld be better to make the program so it incurages
those on aid to get off it. When people on federal aid live better than
you can on minimum wages, how can we expect them to work.

Thats why minimum wage needs to be raised. Our new labor secretary doesn't
want that , and isn't even wanting to support higher pay for overtime.

With people like this I find it hard to understand why people still support
the GOP and Trump. The world is changing, and people have to change with it
or they are going to loose out. Manufacturing is moving towared full automation.
This means fewer manufacturing jobs now and in the future. No matter which
party is in power. People need education and training to do the jobs of the
future, not empty promises from big mouthed politicians like Trump. Yes he
is a politician now even though he may not have been one to start with.

People are asking if the democrats are going to say no to everything Trump
wants. Just like the GOP did with Obama. They said they would support ideas
from the GOP and Trump if they were realistic, and helped the country as a
whole. Not only for Trumps supporters as he implies in his speeches.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on February 28, 2017, 01:02:04 pm
Our man Trump is working to discredit anyone or even government
agencies if they say anything that makes it look like had any
connection to Russia. The FBI, CIA, and the Media to name a
few. Even congressmen who are wanting a special prosecuter and
a non partisa commission. This smacks of a cover up no matter
what Trump or the GOP says.

What is the GOP trying to hide. They are claiming there isn't
any evidence of a Russian connection before they even start an
investigation. Trump made a statement he hadn't called Russia
for 10 years. Even though he ran a beauty contest there just a
few years ago. So why did Trump try to say he hadn't been there
even though there is solid proof he was?

After years of unwarranted investigations of Clinton and Obama
the GOP shys away from looking at Trump. Claiming it's a waste
of our time.

Appears the GOP is scared they will loose their chance to pass
tax cuts for rich businessmen and get rid of the ACA. If
Trump is removed from office first. They sure  don't want it
dragged out till next year when they are facing re election.

If Trump wants credibility then lay everything out in the open.
Including his tax returns. He says there is no connection so
prove it. He has lied too much to just take his word.

Trump called for streat rallies across the nation over the weekend,
but it was rather lacking. Only hundreds in total accross the nation 
showed up versus the 3 million protexting Trump the day after his
inauguration. To be fair Trump didn't give them much time to plan.
Guess his supporters are like him in that they figured so many would
show up they didn't need to.

Trump continues to bring in his billionaire friends. They might find
them selves caught up in a big scandle with Trump. Some of them are
friends of Russian oligarchs. Now isn't that interesting. Could it be
Putins interest in Trump is trying to find out where Russian money is

Billionaires have friends around the world, their activities could
involve anything one could imagine legal or not.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 01, 2017, 11:26:24 am
Trump stays mostly with his written speech. Will he stay with
with what he said or not? Time will tell.

Our man Trump made a speech that should make his supporters
happy.  Well written and well spoken, but Trump is a professional 
speaker. A man who knows how to say what people want to hear. 
Time will  tell how much of it was lies or misleading.talk just to
make us feel good. His speech did sound like it was more for the
country as a whole instead of a campaign style speech. Someone
did do a good job writing it.

Some of what he said was misleading, I can't say they were all lies,
but Trump never likes to admit anything but success. Even if he has
to lie to cover up a mistake in judgment or due to ignorance. I
wonder where the money will come from for all his ideas. He didn't
say much about that except for cuts in government agencies. There
isn't a lot of money to be saved cutting the State department, EPA,
and others. So I think he will have a hard time getting even a GOP
congress to agree. Of course the GOP is always willing to cut funds
in things they believe the private sector can do. Even if saving a dime
costs us a dollar in the end. I fear our space program will feel budget
cuts too. It's one agency the GOP has few problems whittling on. This
is short sighted as other countries will pass us when we should be a
leader in aerospace. People should remember NASA works to make
commercial flying safer for us all.

As I figured Trump did try to take credit for many jobs that were in
work before the election, much less over the last 5 weeks. The economy
is doing better because of Obama not Trump. Let's see how it's doing
by this time next year. Oh the stock market is likely doing better with
promises of lower taxes for the rich investor.

The soldier who died in Trumps raid is a hero who followed orders in
belief he was helping make our country safe..I just wish Trump had
used better judgment.Instead of what appeared to be wanting
to make a quick show trying to prove he will be a strong president.
Personally I think he shouldn't have mentioned the raid at all in a
political setting. Especially how it turned out, and with reports it 
gained little if any information which Trump tried to claim otherwise.
Trump should have taken full responsibility as commander in chief.
Instead he is trying to shift the blame to military mistakes, and Obama.

Trump signed a bill into law that allows people with mental problems
to buy guns. Yet he claims he is trying to make the country safer.

His speech was full of promises and ideas, some are good, but talk
is cheap, so let's see how he walks the talk. We need to remember that
Trump is a actor, a member of the screen actors guild by the way. So
he is very good at being a two faced lying con artist who will tell
voters what they want to hear. It is true when we like someone
we tend to only hear or see what we want to. So it's no wonder his
supporters want to overlook Trumps bad habits.  I wouldn't be so hard
on him if he didn't lie, and was willing to follow the constitution instead 
of his wallet.

Trump only cares about one thing. His self, and he will do anything to
make his self look good. Even to use a widow of a service man trying to
show he cares. Many people know Trump personally and agree that he
is this way. In rare instances he will do a kind thing, but not often and
it's likely just to help his image.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 02, 2017, 12:13:37 pm
Our man Trump thinks he did a great job with his speech. So he is
delaying his new Travel ban as not to step on the news reports of it.
When Trump first signed the Travel ban he was acting like the
country was at a terrible risk. Perhaps it was only more of his
misleading statements as news reports of his speech are more
important to him than his previously stated risks to the country.
He and the GOP are trying to sweep the Russian connection and
the idea of releasing his tax returns under the rug. They are
hoping it will go away.

Trumps atterney General claimed he didn't talk with the Russians,
but evidence shows he did talk twice to the Russian ambassador.
The question is. Why did he lie?

The GOP voted against asking for more information from the
Trump campaign about the Russian connection. The white house
was told to save all data and emails related to  it.. Trump made
the claim it was done to protect those in the White House.

Our friendly GOP is hiding their latest ACA replacement plan. I
guess to keep their telephones from lighting up to oppose it.
Personally this cloak and dagger way of trying to keep the public
in the dark will likely backfire on them. The GOP just can't
beleive people need help. They apparenly don't care if people
lay dying in the gutter. So they can cut taxes for their
rich friends that give them money to help them get elected.
I think it will take more than GOP double talk and passing
the buck to get re elected if they take peoples health
coverage away, or make it impossible to renew.

The GOP leaders are just like the guy who in stories used
to kick orphans and old people out into the streets because
they couldn't pay the rent or the mortgage. They will sit
in their fine homes and appartments while the poor are left
to beg from their neighbors. Their rich supporters will
put ads on TV telling everyone how good they are, with 
no mention of their heartless deeds. I wonder how they
can even call them selves religious much less pray
with a clear conscience.

Perhaps like the warning to Scrooge they will only have
their money to carry after they are dead. This is only a story
and no one is asking the rich to give away all their money,
but to only pay a fair share to a country they would  not have
all their riches without.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 03, 2017, 01:07:35 pm
Our man Trump continues to deny he has any connection to the Russian leader,
or any of his men. If Trump would come clean, reveal his Tax returns, require all
of his people to do the same. Perhaps all this business could be cleared up.

Unless of course he and his campaign is guilty of working with the Russians to win
the election. Or perhaps have done something illegal that Putin is holding over his
head. Either way it must be brought out into the open. His supporters may  want
to ignore this, but the majority of the country wants to know if Trump and his people
are being honest. So far their actions suggests they are not.

Just calling it fake news or lies by the press is not going to help, much less asking
other government agencies to support his claims. It just makes Trump and his
people look more guilty. Of what we don't know for sure. The attorney general
did finally remove himself from the investigation, but did he try to stop others from
investigating or cover evidence before he did? After all he like Flynn were working
for Trump from the beginning. The same people who said "Lock her up" during
Trumps campaign. Rather ironic they would end up looking bad.

They are still chasing their tails trying to figure out how to get rid of the ACA without
being kicked out of office. Perhaps it will go from Obamacare to Trump care. I just hope
they fix it. We should change to the same kind of health care Canada has. It works better
and is cheaper.

Also they need to stand up and tell Trump he has to get off his ego trip and start doing his
job. Not just talking about how big his win was, the leaks, and how bad the Press is.  Also to clean up the Russian affair so theyall can get to work. As is little is getting done, good or bad.

They are doing what they can to keep the GOP honest, but the minority party has little
control. I am hearing they are out trying to get more people involved in running for office
and voting.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 04, 2017, 12:23:58 pm
Our man Trump tries to devert attention from reports about 
him and the Russia. To trying to say some Democratic Senators 
had talked to Russians in 2003. Claiming they should be investigated.
This is typical for Trump wanting to strike back if he feels
attacked. Again Trump should open up with the truth instead of
trying to hide, or cover up a Russian connection, but he just
never wants to back down. I guess he feels it makes him look weak.

Trump tweets Obama put a illegal wire tap at Trumps tower to collect
campaign data. This is just another deversion. The president can't order
a wire tap. That the job of the FBI or CIA. and a court has to approve it.
Any taps would have been for foreign diplomats talking with Trumps people.
Not Trumps campaign data unless it was tied to a foreign intity like Russia.

A Russian oligarchs large passenger plane was seen in the same cities
where Trump was various times in and around Trumps election. This could
just be a coinsidence but suspisous at least. Trump may have been doing
some business with him, or perhaps the oligarch was ferrying some
Russian officials to see Trump or his people.

His atterney general has agreed to seen written aswers to questions
about his visits with the Russians. Guess he is afraid to talk in
a public hearing about his lieing previously. The GOP commmettee General
allowed the AG to just write answers to questions.

The State Department has had press briefings on a regular basis
for years, but since Trump took office they haven't had any.
They are promising to start. One wonders why they are so quiet
after decades of daily briefings.

Trump is pushing to seperate women from their children if they come
to our country to escape political terrorisim. To remove small children
from a mother is a terrible thing to do. Especially for the child. These
people are heartless in their actions, and I think Trump should be ashamed.
This is something one might expect from Putin's Russia not America.

The people are to be imprisoned by private intities who are in the business
of detention. Kids and adults alike. Up to 20,000 beds they say. I wonder if
the GOP wil provide the billions of dollars to do all this?

Seems Trumps supporters don't care if he lies. They seem to think
all politicans lie. That is a poor reason to excuse Trump of his
lies, and the kind of people he is hiring. People who live for their
money, not our country.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 05, 2017, 12:09:50 pm
Our man Trump is in Florida again. The forth trip since he took
office. He claims he is working. Well why can't he work in
Washington DC. and save the tax payer millions of dollars in
travel.. Not only does it cost the Tax payer it shuts down the local
airport while Trump is there. This costs tens of thousands in lost business
to people that depend on the airport to make a living.  This doesn't count
the cost in police protection, and other losses by the public to support
Trump and his people. So far the Trump administration hasn't reimbursed
any costs to the city or the airport. Just another rich guy stepping on
regular people.

Obama often went to Camp David for weekends. A helicopter trip away.
He accused Obama of traveling all the time. So I think he should
remember that the next time he flies to Florida on the Tax payers tab.
He should also move his family out of Trump Tower in NY which is costing
the government a half million dollars a day to protect. Not counting
the city of New York. Trump doesn't seem to care how much it costs
to do all this unnecessary stuff. I guess he thinks he can continue to
act like a billionaire even though it costs the tax payer a lot. I think a
elected official should have to show good cause to travel at government 
expense, and not just because they don't like the weather.

Trump tweeted that he found his Tower was wire tapped, but has shown
no evidence of it. Now if its true there could be something  illegal going
on with someone in his campaign or a court wouldn't approved it. If it's
not true then he is proving how unqualified he is to be president. A
president must tell the truth to be strong, otherwise he has no credibilty.

I wish Trump would quit tweeting nonsense. This just slows the government
down and makes him look weird. Putin called him a Clown early in his
campaign. It was a mistranslation that Trump thought was a compliment.
I really wish he had stayed on his TV show where he could act smart
without hurting anyone.

Our friendly GOP continues to support Trump and the people he picked 
for his cabinet. Trump still has almost 2000 people to nominate or appoint
to federal agency offices. Something he should be doing instead of tweeting
and playing Golf on weekends. Someone needs to tell him it's a 24/7 job.
Not some high society thing he and his super rich friends can play with.

I was told by some who voted for Trump because they wanted a man who 
wasn't beholding to anyone. Well it seems Trump is beholding to Russia.
If not why is he trying his best to cover or hide any information about his
people talking to Russia. It makes it look like he owes them something.
Perhaps he did something bad in Russia, I don't know, but all Trump has
to do is lay everything out in the open. This is going to haunt him
throughout his presidency if he doesn't. 

As is our government is not working well, and puts us at risk. Only a
strong government deters a war, a weak one that is unstable actually
invites attack.

The Congress needs to hold Trump accountable, and impeach him if
need be. I know they are scared of loosing their jobs if Trumps supporters
get mad at them, but they should think of our country first not re election.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on March 05, 2017, 07:53:26 pm
Trump tweeted that he found his Tower was wire tapped, but has shown
no evidence of it. Now if its true there could be something  illegal going
on with someone in his campaign or a court wouldn't approved it. If it's
not true then he is proving how unqualified he is to be president. A
president must tell the truth to be strong, otherwise he has no credibilty.

I'm willing to bet this is a ploy by Trump and his crooked Cabinet cronies to divert the public and Congress's attention away from the Russian investigations.  >:( It's just Trump trying to use any tactic he can, including making up "fake"  :D stories to get what he wants.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 06, 2017, 02:53:31 pm
I agree Kobuk its an deversion, along with most of the media too.
Even a few GOP congressmen. Trump is fretting because the media
doesn't love him. As long as he runs wierd tweets I doubt many will,
other than his supporters.

I don't have anything much as everyone is investigating his Russian
connection and his claim about the wire tap. I am sure something will
bounce down the road soon.

They don't want a special proicuter to investigate Trumps campaign
for some reason. Perhaps they are afraid they might find something
that would cause them problems with Trumps supporters.
Time will tell.

They are trying to win some special elections for congress due to
some GOP congressment being nominated by Trump to head agencies
or on the cabinet. Time will tell if the protesters will translate
into enough votes for democrats to win in a normally GOP area.

Time will tell.

It has seemed strange that voters claimed they wanted change in
government, but re elected nearly all of those in congress save
a vary few. The very people who sat on their hands instead of
working with Obama. If they wanted change they should have
voted them out.

Some are complaining the Democrats are saying no to Trump and
making it hard for him to acomplish anything. Well all I see
them doing is trying to make sure we don't end up with some
people who plan to do more harm than good. Though they can't
do much other than delay.

The ACLU is working to make sure Trump follows the constitution. 
Other than that Trump is tripping up on his own. Mostly due to
a lack of inexperience working with government. Not counting lots
of distracting Tweets that make little if any sense.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 07, 2017, 01:09:12 pm
Our man Trump has possible ties to corrupt people in other parts
of the world. Even those tied in a back door way to terrorisim.
 Is this why he doesn't want to release his tax records? These
kinds of deals make the big bucks because sanctions make it hard
to move money. So the Terrorists throw money at politicions or
dictators to launder it.

I don't think Trump is really out to support terrorisim, but the
law says a business has the responsibility to make sure the people
they deal with are honest people.

Perhaps this is why Trump is pushing against any investigation with
his connections to Russia, for fear he or his family could be guilty
of a crime that people are put in prison for.

Or even worse Putin might have evidence of such a deal by Trumps in
that part of the world. A way to blackmail Trump. I am sure Putin
would be happy to hold something like that over Trumps head.

People who are billionaires want to be multibillionaires, and bad
people around the world know who have money, and they do approch
them with fantastic deals. Deals that are hard to turn down by mony
mad rich people, but if they aren't careful they will find them selves
involved with crimminals, and many of them launder money for
anyone including terrorists.

Now Trump is pushing to purge agencies like the FBI, CIA, and
others in government. If they don't support his ideas he may
accuse them of treason. Trump accused Obama of McCarthyism,
but it is Trump who is guilty of McCarthyism.

It seems Trump was mad about the AG excusing his self from any
investigation into the Trump capmaign. Makes one wonnder why
he would feel that way unless he was afraid of the investigation,
and expected his AG to cover something.

Our friendly GOP is pushing to change or remove the pentalties
for those who don't have insurance. They know this will drive insurance
premiums even higher. Also they are going to limit medicade substies
for new people. Offer tax credits for the poor who would get little or
nothing since they pay little tax. The hurtful changes will kick in after
the 2018 elections, and in 2020 it will basicaly be gone as far as makeing
inssurace availble to the working poor.

Already 4 GOP senators are opposing this idea to basicly destroy the ACA
by 2020 instead of replacing it. So they may have to come up with something
different without a majority in the senate to vote for it.If Trump stands by
his word he wil throw this back in the GOP's face anyway.

It shows the GOP  feels if someone can't afford health insurance they should
get a job. Well the day the working poor could afford good insurance has past.
The cost of insurance has gone sky high. Some people don't make neough to
pay the premiums and eat too. The only good way is to spread the cost across
the nation like most countries do. That way the big pharmaceutical houses would
have to deal with a nation instead of individuals they can step on. Also much could
be done to reduce health costs with preventive care the poor can't afford.

I hope the public doesn't allow the despicable tactics of the GOP to succeed in
hurting the health of the working poor of our country.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 08, 2017, 12:29:35 pm
Trumps 47th day.
Our man Trump is claiming the new GOP health care thing is what he
ran for office on. I kind of wonder how many feel it's what they
really thought he was talking about. Lower premium costs? No. More
people covered? No.. Medicade substies, lower if any. Oh and not to
forget. Big Tax Cuts for millionaires and billionaires. Bless their
hearts. You know they really need it. Perhaps the GOP is saying
thank you for all that money they gave them to get re elected.

If your between 50 and 64 expect extra big premiums with this plan
because you all are generally sickly.

They should lock Trump in the White House. His running around could
help pay for a lot of insurance.

Trumps new travel ban is already on the rocks. He is still trying
to block Muslims from entering the country. Hawaii is already filing
suit to stop it. 

The GOP had the appointment for the deputy AG was in committee refusing
to say he would appoint a special prosecuter for the investigation of
Trumps campaign and the Russians. I am amazed how many people feel they
can get by with refusing to do a proper investigation of Trump. The new
AG didn't excuse his self untill pressured to. Now he is trying to explain
why he didn't own up to talking to the Russian ambassador when asked.
He is still making excuses.

If they think the media will let it go, I feel they better think agains.
Even if some of those in government are ready to sell us out over money
and politics, I don't think the media will.

The GOP can claim they are following a mandate, but they just might
find out how shallow it really is in 2018.

It seems the GOP and Trump both listen to those weird far right
talk radio shows. All those people give is conspiracy theories.
Trump listens to Fake facts and claims the media reports fake news.

I think it's time for Trump to go back to his Ivory tower and
sulk.. Or go back to his apprentist show. He doesn't seem to
know  our government isn't run by one man with a board of
directors. This works well for a large corporation or a dictatorship,
but not for a nation of free people.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 09, 2017, 12:03:37 pm
Trumps 48th day
During the GOP convention the Trump campaign faught to remove
from the party platform any support to help Ukraine with weapons.
Trump and his people claimed they didn't have anything to do with
it even though they did. Now they are admitting it for some reason. 
Seems the Russian connection with Trump just grows and grows. It's 
even possible that Putin offered to help Trump win if it was removed
from the party platform. There is a bit of evidence for this because
weekieleaks first posted hacked info about the democrats a few days 
after help for Ukraine was removed from the GOP platform.

It's also strange how the Secretary of state totally avoids answering
questions by the press, even to kick them out. This is a first since
WWII ended.  I wonder if Trump has told him not  to. He also fired 
several career workers from the State department. Some of which
had been there for 30 years or more. Is that more of Trumps plans?
I did hear Trump is wanting to cut the size of the State department. I
wonder what will happen when a diplomatic crisis occurs? Especially
with few or no experienced people there to help.

With the State department reduced what will happen to people
we helped to work against dictators and other bad governments. 
I am sure Putin will be happy to see less of this. Does Trump
really think Putin will play nice if we play nice? I hope not. Because
Putin has no loyalty to anyone but his self and wants to rebuild what
he thinks is the power, and influence of the old Soviet Union. He will
step on anyone to accomplish it, including us if he can get by with it..
I hope Trump doesn't learn the truth at our expense, and the GOP is
crazy to let Trump lead us all down the garden path.

Our man Trump has conspired with the GOP to ruin government 
supported health care. This new plan of theirs is mainly
designed to cut 250 billion with a B in taxes from the top 2
percent of tax payers. I can guarantee when this plan is found to
cause increases in insurance premiums. Which it is designed to
do. They will say. "We told you government supported health
care won't work. Even with our improvements."

They are already claiming the ACA is crashing, but those who
know say it isn't. It's just fake facts by Trump and the GOP
leadership. If they really believed health care by government
was harmful to the country I might feel different, but as is it's
all about cutting taxes. They would rather let the working poor
struggle and die than add a dollar in tax to their rich friends.

It's up to the American people to decide. I think most would find
a good single payer plan is much better. To go to the doctor and just
show them your medicard, and your in. If people want fancy health 
care, like face lifts, tummy tucks, private rooms ect. Let them pay extra. 
The rest of us can get the care we need without going bankrupt.

If Trump and the GOP leadership threaten and brow beat Congress into
voting for it, I kind of imagine those people who voted for Trump will
feel differently by the mid term election. Then I imagine the GOP
will wonder what happened to their so called mandate.

Today working women were out in force protesting Trump. It wasn't as
big as the the march on jan 21st, but considering it was working
women during a workday it was a good turnout. I say stand up for your
selves. My mother worked for less than minimum wage for years with
little or no credit for doing a good job.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 10, 2017, 12:50:31 pm
Trump 49th day
Our man Trump in his campaign complained that Clinton was
giving favors for money. Trump as president is doing that very
thing to fatten his wallet.

The GOP leadership has no shame. They are using lies to take
health care from the working poor. Rushing their new plan through
congress because they are afraid the public will talk GOP
congressmen into not voting for it. No hearings to get input
from health professionals, and insurance professionals.

It seems this business that the ACA is crashing is because a
huge insurance company wasn't able to get it's way in federal
court. It's that company's ceo who is spreading the lie.

Also there is little or no premium price control for health
insurance. This is one reason prices are so high. More money
grubbing by rich executives. The ACA has made the insurance
companies a lot of money because more people have insurance,
but they want more, more, more, to feed their craving to be
billionaires. Then multi billionaires. A billion dollars is
a incredible amount of money. More than any one person ever
needs. You could spend 10 million a year for a 100 years.

I am surprised the insurance companies aren't lobbying to keep
the ACA. The GOP has run down the ACA from the beginning. Made
false claims about it. So why wouldn't a lot of people feel it
needs to be replaced after the GOP pounded it into their heads.

So now the GOP is trapped by their own lies, and feel they have
to replace it. Why? Beecause those who voted for them wanted it
done away with. That's their excuse anyway. I think it's an
excuse, because they know 66 percent of the nation want to keep
it and expand it. Of course the other 33 percent are probably
GOP supprters..

Also hospitals and other medical care facilities will loose money
with the change to Trump care. This will result in higher
costs for us all.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 11, 2017, 12:29:25 pm
Trumps 50th day.
Even after almost 2 months Trump still feels he has to lie. I guess
as long as his supporters don't care he will continue. Today there was
a nice increase in job growth reported. Trump laid claim to it of
course. Odd thing though this same reporting entity was said to be
wrong by Trump before. Now he agrees with it.

It turns out Flynn was a lobbyist for the government of Turkey while
he was part of Trumps campaign. Turkey paid him A half million dollars
for his work. He just now officially filed as an agent of a foreign
government. Trump and his people claim they didn't know Flynn was
working for Turkey as a lobbyist. Even though congress told Trumps
white how about it. Did some one keep Trump in the dark? Or is it just
another lie, but why the lies instead of just admitting the truth.

Also it seems people who are responsible to investigate Trumps
recieving money or favors from foreign governments are being fired.
Now isn't that interesting. Is Trump wanting to cover up payments
from foreign government for his self? I mean the GOP loves him after
all. So he can break his oath of offece to suit his self as long
as those responsible to hold him accountable look the other way.

The GOP Speaker of the house bragged about taking Medicaid away
from the people who need it. Mental health, poor, children, and
I presume older people. Medicaid helps when people are virtually
broke. If someone did this as a private citizen they would be
in jail instead of being a congressman. Not only that Trump supports
his ideas  even though in his campaign he said he would protect
Medicaid, medicare and social security if elected. Trump uses lies
to get his way just like a politician. People might have thought they
were electing a outsider, well they didn't. He is a insider wanting
more monty for his self and his family.

If this plan succeeds I have a hunch the GOP will suffer a huge
defeat in the next election. Of course this plan is stepped in over
several years to hide the effects. More despicable acts by the GOP
and Trump. All this to cut taxes for the rich who make their money
selling to the American public. Also they move company offices out of
country to pay even less in taxes. Trump thinks this is smart.

They appear to want to return to the days of poor houses where the
elderly poor lived half starved and in filth. Perhaps work houses for the
poor, and children eventually. Once we start down this path where does
it end? It took a long time to bring most of the poor out of squalor. It
would only take indifference by the public for it to return.

In the past it was the rich who enslaved the (Lower class of people)
and I think they would do it again if it was allowed. After all the poor
are just lazy ignorant bums, deserving of no ones help. It's the rich man
who has made the country great and the poor are just anchors on the
economy. This is how I see the GOP leadership acting even though they 
would never say or publicly admit it.

This was common a hundred years ago when the super rich stepped on the
necks of the poor. If the public allows this, they will find out first hand what
life was like in days gone by.

I think most government agencies will be under attack. Agencies for the
arts, humanities, Public broadcasting, NPR. The GOP has wanted to limit
this kind of thing for years. They feel this among other things should be
in the private sector and not government. I suppose they have a bit of a
point there, but this is a small expense for government and provides a lot
of good for many people across the country.I think the GOP would close and
sell all the National parks if they thought they could get by with it.

I imagine some feel I am over reacting, and I hope I am, but I say what
I see, and I have been around long enough to know history will repeat it's
self if the people aren't careful. Human nature unrestrained can be a terrible
thing. We already have homeless people in the streets and living out of
cardboard boxes and their cars. People that only go to emergency rooms
for health care and can't pay for it. Many private organizations are doing what
they can to minimize suffering and starvation of the poor and their children,
but they can only do what donations allow.

What makes a country great is how it treats the poor, not how it treats the rich.
Nationalism will make us poorer as a nation not richer. This country was built
with immigrants, and became great because of it. 
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: cause the rat on March 11, 2017, 08:15:13 pm
Trump needs to get rid of everyone who is against him. So he fires those who are investigating his ties with Russia. Because every mobster knows. If you get rid of the witness it's like you never done anything wrong. Trump has also trademarked his name on a few more businesses in Russia. Again breaking a constitutional law.

Less than 130 days till impeachment.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on March 12, 2017, 11:29:16 am
Trump needs to get rid of everyone who is against him. So he fires those who are investigating his ties with Russia. Because every mobster knows. If you get rid of the witness it's like you never done anything wrong. Trump has also trademarked his name on a few more businesses in Russia. Again breaking a constitutional law.

Less than 130 days till impeachment.

Of course he's getting rid of people who don't like him or could investigate him. Did you honestly think he wouldn't? I find it really odd and suspicious that Trump fired 40+ attorneys just now. Makes me think there's something fishy going on.  >:(
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 12, 2017, 12:56:16 pm
Trumps 51st day
Our man Trump has the right to fire anyone in the Justist edpartment.  I kind of wonder why
it's set up so he can.  The GOP put southern good ole boy in as atterney General.  Probably
about as far to the right as anyone since they kicked out the carpet baggers after the
civil wr.

It's the way he got rid of almost 50 federal AG's at once which was strange. I wonder how many
federal corut case were disrupted with this action. Were any affecting Trump or those close to him.
I wonder..

Our friendly GOP is still promoting their Trump Care joke.  I guess one has to give them credit
for trying. No matter how much it hurts people. The senate might be a sticking point though.

As bad as this plan is the Tea Party crowd  wants to get rid of it all together.  They ran on lies
now they have to deal with it. 

By the way GOP supporters are spending a lot of money putting ads on tv asking people to
support the new Trump care plan.  I guess they are worried they won't get enough votes to
pass it. Isn't that odd. According to the GOP their voters want it. So why the need to talk it up?
It would be nice to know who is spending all this money trying to talk up this plan.

A GOP leader was on Meet the Press this morning and he said people will have a choice. If
they want a better plan they can get it, but at their own expense of course. So the GOP is
offering  to pay, but only for cheap plans with little coverage. The ACA required sustities to
cover good plans not ones that did little to cover health care. He side stepped questions
about the higher costs not covered by their tax credits.

Just trying to do their job even if the GOP just stalls not really wanting to investigate this
Russian connection. with the Trump campaign.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 13, 2017, 01:09:44 pm
Trumps 52 day
I hope our man Trump is following the activities of world
events instead of local politics. Or his favorite conspiracy
channel online or tv.

North Korea is working to have missiles that can reach the
us mainland in just a few years. Then they can blackmail us
with threats of hitting us or our friends with nukes. If China
backs them up where does that leave us?

Trump has fired almost all the knowledgeable people in the state
department. So who is he going to ask for advice in handling
such threats. What does he plan to do. Send them billions in
money in hope they won't do anything? Seems to be a habit
with the rich. They seem to think money will buy anything.

They are still pushing their new health plan. Calling it "Obama light."
I suppose they will try to point at the ACA when their plan fails to
help people. "Told you private insurance is best." The GOP have no
desire to help the working poor or older people. If they had their way
social security and medicare would go too.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 14, 2017, 01:22:39 pm
Trump day 53
Our man Trump is now trying to change what he said about Obama
wire tapping Trump Towner. Now he says perhaps it was someone
in Obama's administration and not Obama directly. Trump hasn't
provided any evidence there was a wire tap. It's likely a
conspiracy theory he saw somewhere. Most likely to divert
attention from the investigation about the Russian connection.

Trump always says he wants to do what he promised in his campaign.
Well there was a lot more than a big Wall for Mexico, or immigrants.
Like good health care for all, and protect social securit and
medicare. Time will tell.

Trump and the GOP claim the free market will make health coverage
cost less with better coverage. As of now there is no free marked
system anywhere in the world that works to provide health care
for all. There is nothing but loss when you cover someone with
existing health issues, and no free market can make it affordable.
It requires nation wide cost sharing by everyone to make health
care affordable for all.

It looks like the GOP's new health plan is dead on arrival
unless they allow hearings and amendments. The GOP leadership
wanted to ram through before the government report came out
on it's effect on the people. Turns out 24 million could loose
health care by 2026. 14 million by 2018. The GOP is trying to 
say it's not accurate, but if 14 million people are out it's
likely the GOP will take a big hit in 2018.

Our friendly GOP is still being called to have town hall
meetings. One only said he would have one if there no "Boo's
directed to him. (Yes Really)

Others have gone out of their way to avoid talking to their
voters. This is not going away like the GOP hoped it would.
This is making the Tea Party uprising look rather limited in

I must admit I was suprised when Senator Cotton from Arkansas
spoke against the new health bill. I guess the town halls woke him
up a bit.  He seemed to be a bought and paid for politician before.
Time will tell if he stands against Trump or not.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 15, 2017, 12:39:32 pm
Trump day 54
Our man Trump is wanting to call the GOP's new health play Ryan Care
instead of Trump care even though Trump supprts it. Kind of odd since
Trump puts hiis name on everything he likes or calls his own. Perhaps
he doesn't like it as much as he claims.

One of Trumps family who is in the white house make a huge real esteat
deal with a Chinese company. One with ties to the Chinese government. I
understand this family member owed a Chinese bank 250 million dollars.
After the deal 200 millioin was declared paid. There isn't anything
wrong with making money, but if he is making deals via the white house
it's likely unconstitutional or illegal.

Trump was on the Phone with the Atterney General. Trump says it
was only a best wishes call so to speak. Trump called Bill Clintons
meeting with the AG suspicious. Why shouldn't this be as well. A
president has no business conferring with his Attorney General. The
AG is supposed to be independent of the presidents wishes.

It seems our man Trump puts his self and his family before the country.
It was his decision to be president so claiming he can't get rid of
his businesses is no excuse. If he is worried about keeping or not
making money he should resign.

The North Korean madman is making threats because he dislikes the
war games in South Korea. He has done this in the past, but we can
only hope it's just hot air.  He did make a threat against any navy
ship that enters waters he claims.

Here is a link to a website that has a lot of info on our government, and
people in it. Politics and all.

http://www.thedailybeast.com/contributors/dcreport-org.html (http://www.thedailybeast.com/contributors/dcreport-org.html)

Our friendly GOP voted to not make Trump release his Tax Returns. In
fact only one GOP house member voted to make Trump releast his
taxes. Even though a majority of the public thinks Trump should release
them all. The Clintons have released all theirs back 40 years.

Seems our friendly GOP are a bunch of cowards when it comes to being
against Trump. Never in the past has a congress been cowed so much by
a President.

Time will tell if this continues.

Haven't heard much out of them except they are  working to run people
against the republicans in 2018.  I wish them well. I think we can be sure
the GOP will use every trick in the book trying to win. Encluding keeping
people from voting where they can. Low voter turnouts tend to help the
GOP win elections. It's sad  when a minority party has the power to control
the government.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 16, 2017, 12:48:41 pm
Trump day 55
Our man Trump is out making his speeches again. Running down the courts
because they won't let him have his way. Claiming they are preventing
him from protecting Americans from bad Muslims. Well it's been 2 months
and no terrorism by Muslim immigrant..

He is still talking about hispanic immigrants. There are more asian
immigrants than Hispanic ones. He doesn't talk about them though.
I wonder why? Perhaps it's because he thinks he can get more mileage
out of the Mexican border issue.

Trump is bragging on the plan to replace the ACA. Saying the ACA is
crashing, and will leave millions wthout health care. This is a lie
generated by the GOP and the insurance industry hoping to make more
money with the new plan.

Also Trumps Tax cut is designed to benifit the rich. The new health
care plan is to benifit the rich via tax cuts. Remember the GOP
believes in Trickle down economics. If the rich have money they
will invest in jobs. It hasn't worked in the past except to make
rich people richer. Trump ran for president to make money for his
self and his family, not to help the American people. If it wasn't
true why hasn't he divested his self and his family from his vast
business enterprises. He has a lot of debt, and may be using his
office to help pay the debt.

Trump has plans to reduce taxes for himself and his friends. Another
way for him to make money as president.

Our friendly GOP is fighting each other trying to pass their new
health plan. The conservatives want it all gone, the rest are feeling
pressure to fix the ACA. The Senate looks like they won't approve
it. So it's likely dead for now. I am sure the Speaker is unhappy that
his plans to rid the government of entitlement programs isn't sailing
through the house.

He should be ashamed. Charities and foundations do a lot to help
people, but only the government has the resources to help all who
need it. Not counting putting limits on big business who often takes
advantage of the needy. Even with the best of intentions people often
find them selves needing a helping hand.

Before the ACA people bought insurance that didn't cover them like
they thought. So they ended up broke oweing tens of thousands in
health costs. Insurance companies would sell these cheap plans acting
like they would give good coverage. The average person doesn't have
any idea how much it costs to go to a hospital. I was in the hospital
for 1 day with tests that cost my insurance over 12,000.00. So
one can imagine what a serious stay would cost. Low cost plans
would not have paid it. Oh and I had a co pay of less than $100.

The ACA required people to buy insurance that paid the bills, not
plans that pretended to. It's very likely we will return to plans
that do not give the coverage needed if the GOP has their way.

They are working to do the best they can to keep Trump and
the GOP from causing more harm than good to the people. I
am sure the GOP will try to pack the Supreme Court with
conservative judges. This will likely hurt the LGBT and others
who look and act different for many years if they do.
Only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 17, 2017, 01:08:30 pm
Trump day 56   
Our man Trump floated his new budget today.

Money for
A wall between us and Mexico.
The Military. I wonder if Trump is planning a war? I
hear the military is buying large amounts of munitions.
cuts in taxes
giving Trump the life style he is used to.

To name a few.

To the state department
To the EPA
To the police
To the humanities
To the arts
to NPR
To food for the elderly.
To aid to the poor in general.
To health care for women.

To name a few.

Now I am sure some will agree with all this, but to
allow the elderly and children to go hungry so Trump
can fly to Florida to play golf, and protect his Tower
in New York , not counting big tax cuts for the rich, is
terrible. There are GOP members who think this is fine.
To say "I grew up poor and made it on my own." Well
some people win the lottery too. If everyone was a hot
shot go getter, there wouldn't be enough jobs for them.
Not even part time dirty jobs they might have worked
hard at to get ahead. They probably didn't have a fire or
got sick. Or lost a job when they really needed it. It's a
fact of life some people fall into poverty, and need help.

The GOP always complains that government help makes
people lazy. Most people want to make their own way. It's
called pride. I admit there are a few lazy bums in society,
but to punish everyone because of a few is wrong. Government
could save money by being more efficient.

The way it is it's hard to fire a person from a government job. Even
if they do poor work. A friend of mine who worked in government
as an administrator told me he had a secretary who spent more
time filing her fingernails than working. After several warnings he
fired her. She tried to say it was his fault not hers. I don't remember 
how it came out, but this kind of thing costs us all.

As long as people are willing to try we should be willing
to help them. If not we need to find a way to get them to
work to help them selves. Those who are not able should be 
helped anyway. Sometimes the State and local people can do
a better job of helping, but not always like the GOP likes to

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 18, 2017, 12:03:31 pm
Trump day 57
Our man Trump is the biggest waster of tax payer dollars ever.
To maintain his lavish life style the governemtn has spent almost
20 million dollars since he took office. The GOP is fine with it and
even try to claim Obama spent more on his travels. This lie is a
good enough reason alone to kick the bums out.

Trump is in Florida again. Costing the locals thousands of dollars for
security and loss of business. He claims it's a working weekend. Well
he could work in Washington DC.

A link to show comparison spending with Obama.


Trump and the GOP have the gall to cut food programs for the poor
and elederly that cost much less than Trumps personal travels.

His last ralley in Tennessee had 2700 protesters
out side the convention center he was in, and kept
out all but those who support him. This is a man who
represents the people? I think not.

Trump is still claiming his Tower was wire tapped. Even to
claim Obama asked the Britsh to do it. How far will Trump go
trying to cover a stupid tweet. To attack friends is wrong. I
think blaiming England is ridiculous. I personally apologize
to our British friends even if Trump doesn't have the decentcy
to do his self.

Trump apparently informed North Korea they were to discontinue 
their weopons program to attack the south or the US. Even if we
have to use force. The only real change is to say we leave all
options on the table to prevent an attack. Unless Trump has in
mind to do a premeptive attack to destroy a missle that could
deliver an atomic weopon. One could say this would be to prevent
war, but who can say what response it would cause. China is a
already defending the North Korean dictator and complaining about
the anti missle system we have sent South Korea.

Trump had a meeting with a dozen GOP house members. He then
claimed he changed their minds on the new health plan from a
no to a yes. Did he threaten to try to cost them their election
next year?  Who can say, but some of them said the would only
change their vote if the plan was amended to their liking. If
you don't like the plan now I am sure you wouldn't l ike the
amendments they would like.  They just want to get rid of
the ACA. No replacement.

Our friendly GOP is still working to rid the country of the
ACA even if it hurts the working poor. Why? because the voters
said to. That's their excuse. They are still cliaming the ACA
is failing, but the experts say it's doing well, and would
still be better than the GOP Plan.

What they should be doing is fixing it. They complain about
helping lazy people with welfare. Instead they want to give
welfare to the super rich. The poor will get poorer and the
rich will get richer. Every body shout. "Yes master" Because
thats where we are headed. In the past the rich enslaved the
poor, and it could happen again. Not tomarrow of course, but
in the future if we don't change it.

How long will people support the GOP and their far right activities.
The far right claims the immigrants will take over the country if we
don't keep them out. I have heard this kind of thing for years by the
far right. It's nothing more than a bunch of people who want to keep
the country for "White Christian People." and no one else. I wish there
was another land mass these people could go, and set up their muitual
admiration society. Then the rest of the world could ignore them all.

Holland voted down a far right populace politician for a leader. This is a
win for all people. It was a disappointment for the far right.  I hope they have many
more disappointments. Turns out Trump is having an effect on people around
the world. Showing others what having a far right leader is all about. Many are
deciding they don't want it after all. France is having an election soon, and the
far right person who is running there is loosing support since Trump has been
in office.

The Dutch had a 82% turn out to vote. We do well to get 60% I think it's time
we get out and vote. If we did perhaps our politicians would care more about
their voters. Instead of running a welfare system for the rich.

Not much to say. They are pushing for investigations about Trump and the Russians.
Since they are a minority in congress they can only pressure the GOP to do the right
thing, and hold Trump and his Cabinet accountable.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 19, 2017, 12:29:34 pm
Trump day 58
Our man Trump said he was going to be a full time president. Well instead of
staying in the White House sticking to business as president. He goes to
Florida about every weekend. A weekly vacation so to speak. I guess it's
normal if your a billionaire to go south for the weekend.  He claims he is
doing government business while there. But I think the $3.6 millon it casts
for each trip could be spent better elsewhere.

Also his wife is living in Trump Tower which costs the government millions
to protect. Why? So his kid can finish his school year.  I say send them to
washingto DC, and give the kid a tutor.  I mean lots of kids across the nation
have to change schools because their parents have to move for one reason or
another.  Trump should set a good example instead of acting like he and his
family should have special privileges. I suppose a billionaires kid might be
damaged mentally if he was treated like a normal kid.

Trump still claims Obama tapped his Tower. Trump just can't admit he is
wrong about anything. Even if he makes a mistake in judgment. I guess
he thinks it makes him look weak. Well it hurts his credibility as president.
When can we believe anything he says?

Now Trump is out acting like he is campaigning again. I have heard the GOP
is paying the costs as they should be. I watched some of a speech he made
at one stop. Sounded just like the old Trump. Blaiming and promising to
fix everything. "It's all easy to fix if congress supports me."  Well he has
had almost 2 months, and all he has done is ....

make a few executive orders. The  Travel ban was writting so bad the courts
rejected it. and his replacement isn't any better.

Another order was to make it harder for people to get a loan to buy a house.

He signed a law that allows mentally ill people to  have guns.

A budget that increases the national debt even though he campaigned he
would reduce the debt.

He supports a health plan that will leave 14 million people without health
insurance next year. 26 milling in the next 10 years.

I could go on, but personally I don't think our man Trump is doing a good
job. His cabinet is full of his Billionair friends. The State Department is in
disarray. The Atterney General is suspect of being involved with the russians.
Trump is suspect of being involved with the Russians.

I think it's high time the Congress should do it's duty and start impeachment
on a president who has violated his oath of office several times.
Only Time will tell.

Our friendly GOP is starting hearings on the Russian connection as well as
Trumps wire tapping claim on the 20th of march. The director of the FBI is
supposed to testify, but he has been known to refuse to answer on grounds
there is an investigation in work. The democrats will try to pressure the GOP
chairman to pursue a strong investigation, but I wonder how willing they are
to possibly show Trump in a bad light. Or guilty of accepting russian help to
get elected.
Only time will tell.

In a few days the GOP will have a vote for their replacement health plan.
They run the risk of it passing in the house, but loosing in the Senate. If
this happens house members will be at risk for voting for a failed plan. A
plan that will harm millions. So in 2018 there will be primaries with
tough questions. So I don't think they want to be tied to a bad bill that
ends up failing to pass.

If you are getting health care with the ACA medicade expansion I would
suggest conteacting your congress man or woman to let them know
how you feel about the new plan. If it passes you may find yourself unable
to afford health insurance that will pay the costs next year.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 20, 2017, 12:37:34 pm
Trump day 59
Trump complains about immigrants from latin america, but the number of
peaple from latin amerca went down by one million last year. But people
from asia, like China, and Melaysia, and others are staying here without
visa's or illegally. It's time we asked Trump and the GOP why they aren't
exporting these people as well as illegal Hispanics.

I think it's time for the GOP and Democrats to sit down and work out
a health plan for all americans. Canada offers care for all at a lower
cost for Canadians than we Americans pay. They end up with better care
with preventative care. A plan like this would work for all encluding
veterans, elderly, young, poor, and even the Rich. Of course there could
be private hospitals only for the rich just like there are nursing homes
that only the rich can afford..

Sometimes I think the reason the Rich don't want to guarantee health
care is so they won't have to share a hospital room with a poor person
much less a minority. I think some of them would just as soon the elderly
and sick would just die and get it done with. Unless of course it's one of
them. I understand Trump is scared of getting sick, and dieing. Many
rich people hunt down special treatments that could extend their lives.

It's normal to fear dieing, but most of us don't have the resources to get
the care that might help us live longer. I am not saying all rich people are
uncaring slobs. But it seems to go along with the territory. Even the Christian
Bible gives a rich man little hope for salvation. I guess that's why some of
them start setting up foundations trying to prove they really care.

It's time the GOP gets off their political backsides  and get this done so
we can move on to other things like drug abuse, repairing bridges. We
don't need boarder walls. If the government would enforce laws against
hiring illegal aliens the immigration problem would solve it's self.

The GOP is wanting to make people work to get medicaide. That's all
well and good if these people can find a job. Or have a way to get to
the job. Poor people often don't have vehicles, or even a place to live.
Or child care so they can work. So finding or getting a job without an
address or a car is often not possible.

If the GOP wants this so bad, then provide jobs for these people to do.
Even if it's just picking up trash. Or running  errands for the elderly It's 
still a way to show they want to help them selves. And those trying to
avoid doing work wouldn't have a good excuse for not finding a job.

There are many ways to deal with welfare cheats without going to 
extreme measures. Insurance companies investigate people for
fraud, the government could pay private investigators instead of 
having government workers doing it. That way if one started reporting
people improperly they could stop hiring them. I would rather not see
this, but it's better than letting people go hungry or going without health

The GOP wants everying privatized. That's all well and good, but when it
comes to giving aid, or other things they don't have a direct interest in. People
often grow tired of handing out money. Where as the government can appropriate 
money for the purpose. The money still comes from the people, but they don't
have to think about it. One GOP member was saying a person not making much
probably doesn't want their tax going to pay for the Arts, or PBS. But that same
congress man defended Trumps weekly trips to Florida, and that person shouldn't
mind helping pay for that. Good thing he didn't ask me.  :P

I hope the Democrats say NO to everything that causes harm to the working poor, 
and the country. They ought to lock Trump in the White House unless he has some
government work to take care of. Obama spent less than a 100 million on personal
travel over his 8 year term in office. Trump will hit 100 million in 6 months if you
count all the money spent for personal travel, protecting his properties and family.

Trump is a bigger risk to national security than the immagrants he wants to kick out.
I wish the Congress would impeach him before he starts a war we all may regret.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 21, 2017, 12:37:12 pm
Trump day 60
Our man Trump still claims his campaign was tapped even though
the FBI, and the Justice department both say there is no evidence
to support his tweets. The GOP is still brown nosing Trump. They
constantly make excuses for him even though they know it's wrong.
Trump just can't admit being wrong about anything. It goes against
his way of thinking. He feels it is weak to do so.

His Press secretary in the White House has the brownest nose of all. Not
counting Trumps spin gal Kelly. He ought to resign. He might think it's
a good job, but I think he will find it hard to get a job outside
the far right in the future.

Trump's downfall will likely be due to a cover up more than an actual
breakage of a law. After all few really rich people ever go to jail.
Un like regular people who go to jail for petty crimes.

Trump is saying those in his campaign who talked to the Russians were
just temporary volunteers for his campaign. Evidence shows otherwise.
So he continues trying to lie his way out of trouble.

The GOP health plan, continuing lies, and stupid tweets by Trump is
starting to drag his popularity down. I wonder if that will change
him any? Only time will tell. 

Trump sure likes to give jobs to his family. The presidency isn't a family
affair, but Trump thinks so. He isn't paying them because it would be
illegal to  hire family.  I wonder though. Once out of office will they find
a gift in their bank account from good ole dad? It's not likely we will
ever know.

Our friendly GOP is doing all they can to get their health plan passed 
in the house. Even to add 75 Billion to the tax credits for people 50
to 64. I am a bit surprised the conservatives would go along with that
much more spending. Perhaps Trump is envolved in this idea. Only thing
the extra money has no ties. It's just money with no real promises to
use it to help the older working poor. I kind of think that money will
end up somewhere else after the vote.

The GOP hearings about Trump and the Russians heard today from the FBI
that the Trump campaign had been under investigation since July of 2016.
The GOP played it down. More brown nosing it would seem. But there is
evidence some in the Trump campaign were envolved with Russia. Perhaps
to win the election. It may take time to find out for sure.

Will the GOP play politics while Russia destroys our democracy?
Only time will tell. What's strange is the GOP were always hawks when
Russia was concerned. Now they just act like it's no big deal that Russia
hacked the DNC.  Well Russia's Putin wants to be the world big shot, and
will do about anything to get his way.

That North Korean madman wants South Korea. His pappy wanted it since
the Korean War. If China had kept their nose out of the War Korea would
have been whole. For some reason China doesn't want a democratic Korean
next door. Somehow they seem to believe it would spread into China. That's
silly, because the Chinese already know about democracy, and tried to get
it in the early 1990's. But the crooked leadership managed to convince
the army to kill the demonstrators. Claiming they were out to destroy
China and it's way of life. The people of China are biding their time and
will try again when the time is right.

I often wonder why leaders around the world are so caught up with power?
They could live the life of a king without being cruel to their people. I guess
it's just the bad old Human Nature at work. Greed and the fear of loosing
control. Those Crooked Chiniese leaders had their bags packed and were
ready to leave the country if the army had turned against them. They knew
the hangman was in their future if they lost.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 22, 2017, 12:19:00 pm
Trump day 61
Our man Trump was in congress emplying threats to congress they would
loose their seats if they don't vote for Trump care. Trump is trying to
say if it fails it will hurt his agenda. I would think if he really cares
about the people who voted for him he ought to be rejecting this plan as
it hurts the very people he promised to help. Of course he may be one of 
those who are rich that feel helping the little guy will hurt the rich.

Trump lies about where the pipe for the keystone pipline will be made. He
says aamerica, but it was made in Rusaia and India, and it's already
sitting in the USA ready to install. So they exempted the Keystone line
from having to replace it with american made pipe. It's just more of his
lies to make his supporters feel good.

The GOP is pushing to have a vote for Trump care on march 22. Even with
Trumps pressuring members of congress it will be close. They even set up
special exemptions for some counties in New York state to gain a vote or
two. This whole thing has nothing to do with representation of the people.
It's just politics. Perhaps 2018 will be the GOP's Waterloo.

Our friendly GOP is wanting to approve Trumps pick for the supreme court.
They ignored Obama's pick saying he didn't have the right to  pick a
judge in his last year. The GOP is trying to sidestep the first amendment
by putting people in the court that support religious values. To do
so amounts to having a state religion.

The man Trump picked is right down the GOP's alley. He has sided with
big business several times as a federal judge. One case was where a trucking
company fired a driver for leaving his rig to get  warm. He had been waiting
for hours in sub zero cold, and could have died if he had stayed. This judge
sided with the trucking company saying the man should have stayed in spite 
of the cold without any heat. This shows he has more concern for property
than the lives of the working class. The GOP should be ashamed to even consider
some one like this. But as we know big business is king with the GOP.

If a democratic president was in office and was under investigation by the
FBI they would be crying "we can't approve anything by a president that is
under investigation." But the hypocrites don't have a problem since it's
their own man in office.

I think many Americans feel the Russian connection is much to do about
nothing. The problem is Russias Putin is wanting to use cyber attacks
to make democracy and the west in general look bad. Send out vast amounts
of disinformation that looks legitimate. They are already doing this in
Europe. They feel this will at least disrupt political systems to harm
democracies around the world. Putin and Trump both believe authoritarian
forms of government is the best way to govern the masses. The public at
large is just a tool for their use.

Perhaps many people feel Trump is doing a good thing following conspiracy
theories instead of real knowledge from the CIA and FBI, But it's dangerous 
to follow lies and false stories. Trump is either a con artist trying to fool his
supporters or he is being foolish. I tend to think he is a con artist.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 23, 2017, 12:57:38 pm
Trump day 62
Trump seems to think we should believe any and all things he says
as fact. Even if there is no proof to back it up. Perhaps this is 
how he runs his businesses. He has been in court several times accused
of not telling the truth. So perhaps he thinks if I say it it has to
be true. Could it be he is mentally ill?

The Chairman of the house intelligence committee took some evidence to
Trump about some incidental surveillance that might have envolved the
Trump campaign without telling the committee. The Chairman was working
with Trump during the transition for Trump. Seems interesting he should
even be envolved with his connection to the Trump campaign. This looks
like the Chairman is trying to help Trump which works against a
investigation. Could it be he is lying as well?

Our not so friendly GOP leadership is still pushing to pass Trump Care.
Even though it might fail unless they can get the conservative crowd on
board. They want to get rid of the ACA without any replacement. They
also want to get rid of Medicare, social security, and the Veterens
health care. They know they can't do it all at once, but thats what
their big business supporters want them to do.

I have mentioned in the past that money is adictive. The more you have
the more you want. Just like a dangerous drug. It's likely this adiction
that causes billionaires to step on the poor, the elderly, or anyone
who might stand in the way of their riches growing larger. Just like
Disneys Scrooge Mc Duck they would swim in it if they could.

Cutting the safety nets for the public will likely destroy the
GOP in the end. All this because the super rich doesn't want to
help anyone but them selves.

The GOP is supported by the super rich who think we should let
the  poor fend for them selves. Let the old and infirmed die. They
will sit  behind high walls with a private army to protect them from
the  chaos that will llikely result. Just as the nobility did in pas ages.

You might think this is all new, but the GOP faught FDR trying to
stop the passage of Social security. They faught to stop Medicare
and mdicaid in the 1960's The GOP believes these entitlement programs
will bankrupt the nation. It could happen if the GOP continues to
reduce taxes for the people who are calling to the demise of federal
entitlements. There is enough money to protect people. It's just the 
super rich wants to keep it all for them selves.

I am not against people being rich, but the idea of being multi billionaires
is nothing but greed. No one needs that much money. It's all un nessacaary
built on the backs of the middle class. Bringing down the super rich a few
billion would make the country better for everyone. I am not saying all at
once, but taxing them so they pay a fair share would do just fine.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 24, 2017, 11:42:32 am
Trump day 63
Our man Trump is is using his famous skills to convince the GOP
to pass Trump care. So far it's been rather dismal for Trump. He
is saying if it fails I am done with it. This just proves how
ignorant he is when it come to runing or leading a government. It
has little to do with how a business is run. So he is trying to
threaten the GOP membership  in to go along with him. This will
only make things worse with time.

Trump doesn't even care what the replacement plan has in it. He
just wants to stand up and claim I did it. Then to heck with
those it hurts.

Our not so friendly GOP is still trying to pass Trump care. It's
the speakers plan to put health care in the hands of the states
who may or may not have the money to provide the care people need.
The Speaker of the house wants to rid the goverment of all entitlements.
Medicare, medicaid, social security, and veterens health care.Send it
to t he states. Privatise it. Give the elderly money to buy cheap
insurance that won't cover their needs. The Speaker is a terrile man
who thinks private industry is the answer to everything. 

The GOP is listening to the insurance industry lobbiests for data. People
who are only interesed in makeing a profit. There is no profit in
comprehensive health care. Unless you remove the high risk people from
the coverage. These people are either idiots or on the take. They
sure don't care about their voters.

The Chairman o f the intelligence committee was out trying to
say he made a mistake by going to the White House before talking
to his commmitee members. Well it wasn't only his mistake it was
the Speaker of the house who likely told him to go to Trump with
something Trump could use trying to prove his claim of being wire

If they were to pass his terrible plan it would deregulate the insurance
industry. This would allow health insurance plans that give little coverage
at a lower cost.Also at government cost. People will go to the doctor or
hospital and find they owe huge amounts of money. If they can't pay it will
ruin their credit to boot. After all that they can thank your friendly GOP. and

I can remember health plans that promised to pay the bills. Only ending up
covering the hospital room, but not the tests and doctor visits. It's plans
like that people will end up with unless they want to pay huge premiums. Only
the young and healthy under 40 crowd will get insurance at a reasonable cost.
They may even remove the law that requires emergency rooms to care for
the uninsured. This costs hospials a lot, even to put them out of business.  Untill
the middle class wakes up the rich will get their way. No matter how terrible it is.

The ACA was designed to protect the public from those in the insurance industry
from taking advantage of the working poor and others who couldn't afford a plan
that paid the bills. It also covered preventative care. Health costs have gone up
at 1/2 the rate since the ACA has been in effect. The  GOP only lies about it so
they can cut taxes for the rich by getting rid of it. 

The GOP could work with the Democrats to actually fix the ACA, but no they only
care about cutting all entitlements.  Go back to the days where people died at home
in the streets and live in squaler so the rich can get richer. Return to the days when
deseases were rampent because a lot of people can't afford the shots to prevent it.
Or the  medicine to cure it. Return to the days of beggers and hungry children running
like packs of dogs looking for food. All to help the rich behind their gates and guards.

It's a shame the news doesn't go to third world counties and show the squalor and 
beggars in the streets. It's a small step to that kind of life even if most don't think so.
People worry about terrorism, well it's this kind of thing that breeds it. 

Only Time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 25, 2017, 11:29:19 am
Trump day 64
Our man Trump is crying. "It's the democrats fault. They didn't
give us a single vote." Here is a video about what happened to
Trump care. Trump never learns, it's always someone elses fault.

Here is a link to a video on the subject.


Trump seems to think running the country is a family affair. He has his
whole family involved. Perhaps thats how he has ran his own businesses
but he is the president, not his relations.  It's time they were sent home.
They can use government intelligence to make losts of money. This should
be illegal even  if they are related. In the past this would have been a
national scandle. When Carter was president his brother was under
investigation for possible help from the president. If Carter had had
him in the white house the congress would have had a fit.
It's time the GOP got out of bed with Trump.

The GOP has given up on replacing the ACA. It was more of a tax break bill
than a health bill. Cut this and that. The Tea Party people wanted to give
the store to the insurance industry. Just watch the GOP and insurance
industry will sabotage the ACA to prove the claim it is failing. The
GOP by cutting funding to the ACA and the insurance companies by raising
rates even higher.

People can't stop now, the battle has been joined and they have to keep
the pressure on the GOP to keep them accountable. We have to work to
give the american people good health care with single payer like Medicare
does. The people already pay into it. All we need is to make the super
rich pay their fair share. 

The intelligence chairman rescheduled indefinably the next open hearing for
the Trump campaign investigation. The Chairmans actions suggest a cover
up for Trump and those in his campaign. You suppose there will be some
revelation that Trump has found the one person who is a Russian spy? If
so they best have some good evidence or it will add to their problems.

There is reports those in the white house are purging their data devices
for fear of more investigations. Only thing they have been told to keep
the data. So if they are they may be facing jail time if true.

How long will the GOP stand up for Trump. as the days pass Trump and his
people are looking more and more suspicious of being in bed with the
Russians. Perhaps even to have a spy in the white house that is possibly
hearing security matters.

Will the GOP continue to let politics control their actions? Or will 
they get their act together and think about the country instead. Today the 
speaker said it takes time to learn how to legislate. Well they have had 
control of the house for seven years. How much time does it take? A Poor
excuse if you ask me.

If the GOP wants good legislation they should work with the Democrats. The
way it is their factions make it hard if not impossible to get anything done.
Legislation requires comprimise between all parties in most cases. Especially
if they are working on a bill that affects everyones lives.

People in the GOP are mostly business people. So they see the world from
a business perspective.  Even though many Democrats have business
backgrounds they are people who know what it's like to deal with
big business and it's greed. Many GOP members do care about people,
but there are many who feel private interprise will solve any problem
given enough time. Private interprise needs profit to survive, and health
coverage for high risk people is not profitable. They need governlment

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 26, 2017, 11:56:05 am
Trump day 65
Our man Trump is back in florida. He is saying let the ACA break
then we can fix it. If it breaks it will have the GOP's dirty fingerprints
on both pieces. Trump and the Speaker will try to sabatoge it, because
Trump has to win and the Speaker wants to privatise everything.
I could be wrong, but time will tell.

Trump has dumped on his supporters. He said he wanted affordable
health care. But went for a plan that would have dumped on the very
people who voted for him. Trump might be good at selling real estate,
but I don't think he can con congressmen, they are smarter than he is.

The secret service asked for an extra $60 million to pay the extra costs
for protecting Trumps family. So the Trumps can continue their rich life
style. Trumps weekly golf games in Florida for instance. I don't really
think the voters expected Trump to do this. In his campaign he complained
about politicians spending tax dollars for travel. The secret service also
looks for missing people and children. I wonder if Trump would put a few
trips on hold to allow the sevice to do the job of finding kids? I kind of
doubt it.

Trump did do something I felt was good. He signed a bill that helps our
space program. If we don't continue working to advance our ability to
be in outer space. We will find our selves falling behind China and
Russia. It's also a security issue that protects the  country.

It's sad how much the GOP leadership is letting Trump tell them how
to do their work. They need to stand up and tell Trump to start working
and quit bragging about his self. Also to tell his relatives to go home.
Tell his wife to move to DC with his boy to save the taxpayers millions.

Our friendly GOP is looking bad. Trying to work such a big bill in 17 days
was rather silly. I think they were worried the public would stop the bill
if they took the time. This bill was terrible. It took care from Children,
from older people, from women, ect. The voters are going to have to
change the GOP if they want good health care like most every other
democratic country in the world provides it's people.

The GOP  believes the free market can do it all cheaper. Perhaps it
could if human nature wasn't so selfish. Health care has gone up twice
as fast as inflation over the last 60 years. My father was in the hospital
for cancer surgery where they removed a kidney and the cost was less
than $1000.00 even though he was in the hospital for more than a
week. Granted that was almost 60 years ago, but today that would have
likely cost $100,000.00 dollars. I hardly think there is any justification for
that much of an increase. It's no  wonder why insurance costs so much.
The GOP needs to work to cut costs, not cut care.

Medicine costs have gone up just to make people very rich, not to make
a good living for those who make it. Rules could be changed that would
save people thousands, and the government hundreds of millions if not
billions if the GOP would tell big business lobbyists to get lost.

Also they need to make big business pay their fair share of taxes. If
they did the deficet would likely be much less. It's not entitlements
running the deficet up it's allow big business and super rich to not pay
fair taxes. Makeing rules that let big business set up their head office
outside the country to save taxes.

When CEO's of these businesses get millions in bonuses they have the
money to pay a fairer share in tax.

The GOP best tell the far right to get lost or they will end up being
a failed party in a few years. The majority of the voters are not
far right, and will vote against those who are.

In the late 1800's the industrial revolution began and when it did
enterprising people found ways to make things that helped people
live better. Then human nature took over and these people found
could get very rich by treating their workers like property, and put
others out of business to monopolize the trade. This way they could
charge very high prices. The voters forced them to sell off much of
their monopolies. The workers created unions to force big business
to treat the workers fairly. I think it's time once more to jump on the
necks of big business by voting for people who will make big business
and the super rich be good citizens of our country. In the end we all
would be better off.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 27, 2017, 12:41:48 pm
Trump day 66
Our man Trump says he is wanting to start Tax Reform, but with
the failure to change the ACA he may find Tax reform difficult. Most
of his health plan was to cut billions in taxes to the rich. Now without
that cutting taxes for the rich may be harder.

He like most big business supporters want less tax and regulations.
Claiming it will create lots of jobs. There is a problem, thousands of
jobs are being lost due to stores like Sears and others closing outlets
across the nation. Trump may wish to ignore this problem,, but it will
show up eventually. Many of these closings are in areas that supported
him in the election.

Our friendly GOP seems to be working to cover up Trumps mistakes.
Trying to make him look good. Even trying to shut down investigations
of Trumps campaign. They have been out of power for 8 years. So I guess
they are desperate to pass some of their plans that will hurt the enviroment
and help the rich get richer. Not counting making life worse for the working

Now they are wanting to install a judge to the supreme court that is out
to help big business over the little guy. It was pressure from big business
that caused the GOP to keep the seat open even though they should have
put Obamas pick for the court up for a vote. They wanted to use it as a
way to get more votes in the fall election as well.

The Speakers plans to privatize entitlements has been foiled for now, but
like a bad penny it will likely turn up again in the not too distant future.
The GOP believe entitlements are destructive to the country, putting us
deep in debt. This is true if we let the rich, and big business avoid paying
their fair share of taxes. After all other democracy's protect their people
with social programs so can we.

Private enterprise and the market place works well with items the average
person can afford, but only supporting the rich with claims it will help
everyone else is a bad idea. Except for the rich of course. With good
planning costs of basic needs can be controlled. Some things require
us all working together for the public good is needed. Even it has the
bad taste of socialism. Too much socializim is bad, but some is required
to keep a society from falling apart.

If we allow the rich to have most of the money the rest of the people
will work to change the government. In the great depression of the
1930's the country was being pulled in several directions. When people
become desperate they will grab at anything that looks better, even if
it's harmful to the nation.

Even then the GOP was against social programs like Social security, and
have been ever since. I think it was interesting the GOP used money from
the social security fund in the 1950's to help build the interstate highway
system.  The GOP always claim the Democrats are the Tax and Spend party,
but the GOP is always ready to spend money they see laying around like
the social security fund. Since the fund is falling short, and now the GOP
wants to get rid of it. They can always find money for their Pork Barrel
projects to get votes. I am sure both parties are guilty of this.

It all goes back to the voter. If we sit back and do nothing they will think
we are happy no matter what they do. If they run on some plan and get
elected they can say. The people want it. even though they were elected
by a minority of the voting public.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 28, 2017, 12:08:41 pm
Trump day 67
Our man Trump started out blaiming the democrats for the fail
of his health plan. Now he is blaiming the GOP. The very people
he will need to do the tax reform he wants to do next. Trump
seems to just decide and expects congress to follow his lead.
Well I think he will find it doesn't work that way. He isn't a
dictator like Russia's Putin who can have people who don't
agree with him eliminated.

Trump has his family looking over the shoulder of people working in
the White House. Like a bunch of watch dogs. Running to Trump if
someone gets out of line or doesn't want to follow Trump. Seems
that woulc make for a very nervous place to work in. Trump has
run all his businesses looking to family for advice. So now he is
doing the same as presid3ent. I wonder if the supporters knew
they were going to have Trumps family running the white house?

Trump left alone would be more to the left, but family, Bannon,and
the Vice President are pushing him to the far right. I think thats
why he is changing all the time. His battle with those around him
causes him to say one thing and do another.

During the campaign Trump claimed he would work very hard to get
his promises done. Turns out he is gone every weekend, tweeting,
playing Golf, and glad handing to make money. Out doing ralles as if
he was still running for office. Seems a lot different than the claim
he would stay in the White House almost with little or no personal
travel. A report showed him to be at a property he owns 1 day out
of 3. One of his golf courses, hotel, country club, ect.  I wonder how
much money he is making using places he owns instead of letting
someone else benifit from his travels.

The intelligence commmittee chairman went to the white House at night
saying he didn't talk to anyone. No one can get in the White house
without being noticed. The next day he goes with the Speakers blessings
to talk to Trump. No one really knows what the Chairman was up to. He
is a Trump supporter, and part of Trumps team after the election. He
really shouldn't be investigating the Trump campaign when he was a
part of it. Now the commmittee hearings have been stopped with no
real explanation. Makes us wonder who or what the GOP is worried about.

Conversations with the GOP has shown they are still are playing nice
with Trump. At least to the press.. The GOP should work with the Democrats
instead of trying to ram everything past them. They seem to forget they
are not a majority party. They have no mandate to do anything. Except to
follow their oath of office. To work for the good of the country not the
good of the GOP.

The past 7 years the GOP has used the ACA to raide money and get votes to
try to gain power. Now that they have power they can't even do what they
promised to do. They are so factioned they can't get a majority vote without
the democrats. Except for small bills to please some minor group along with
some political pork.

Bills to change regulations that help their friends get votes and make money.
Bills that hurt the enviroment, and make it harder for the little guy or gal.
The Politicians talk like they are there for the people. Only thing is which
people? Billions of dallars for a stupid wall when more asians are sneaking
into the country than hispanics from Mexico. They don't care as long as it
buys votes.

If they don't wake up and listen to the people they will stay out of power. We
need people who listen, and explain what needs to be done for the good of us
all. If businesses didn't hire illegal aliens they wouldn't come to the country
 except to avoid being killed in their own country. Seems rich people from
either party hire undocumented aliens.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 29, 2017, 11:23:34 am
Trump day 68
our man Trump is removing Obamas executive orders to push
for clean energy. He removed regulations to help coal
corporations make more money by letting them pollute rivers
with mining refuse. Even though coal is a dying industry in
this country.

Those in energy production have been moving to natural gas,
wind, and solar over the last decade. Trump is likely to
remove tax credits that incurage renewable energy use as well.
If we the US don't invest in renewable energy research other
countries wiil. Like China, Germany, and perhaps even Russia.
Leaving us behind.

There are well over 600,000 jobs created by renewable energy
development and use across the country. Trump actions will
likely cost jobs. Big business doesn't want renewable energy
so the GOP is out to see there is little help for it.

Trump is down to 36% approval. 2 points lower than Obama ever
was. I wonder how low he can go before the GOP is embarrassed by

There is a report that Trump wanted a military parade of military
hardware at his inauguration. He denys it, but he was wanting it. This
is something China, Russia, and North Korea likes to do hoping to
intimidate other countries, but I don't think we need to.

The GOP has faught against the idea of climate change for meany
years because big business knows regulations limiting emissions
will cost them a lot of money. The GOP Claims they are all about
jobs. But they never want unions, or require a good paying wage.
People in Big business have their eyes on the dollar, not workers
rights. Or the climate. That's the future and they don't care what
happens 50 to 100 years from now. High tides are already threatening
coastal cities. Especially during storms. The warmer the water and
climate gets the higher ocean levels will rise.

The GOP is truning it's back on holding Trump accountable for his
abuse of the constitution and laws. Who will hold them to it with the
GOP in power? The GOP seems to want to pass it's plans so bad they
will let Trump get by with almost anything. Apparently even the
Russians which is wierd since the GOP has always been afraid of Russian
involvment in other countries. 

Several of Trumps picks have been involved with Russia's Oligarchs.
Possible money laundering, Not counting the election hacking for
Trump. The GOP just makes excuses for Trump. If Clinton had done
1/10 th of what Trump and his people have been acused of they would
have had her up on impeachment in the first month.

Time will tell, but perhaps the protests will eventually put enough
fear in the GOP to get action, or at least a non partison investigation
of Trumps campaign and his picks. When Trump had Obamas atterney generals
across the nation to resign. The one in New York was getting ready to
investigate Trumps campaign. Though this AG had Trumps promise to keep
him, out he went with over 40 others. Perhaps he was encluded so it wouldn't
look suspicious when the AG who was getting ready to investigate Trump was
kicked out. Just another bit to make us wonder what is going on behind the

A link to a report about one of Trumps men and Russia.

http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/manafort-linked-accounts-cyprus-raised-red-flag-n739156 (http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/manafort-linked-accounts-cyprus-raised-red-flag-n739156)

This link has several reports  about Trumps possible Russian connections
if your interested.

www.msnbc.com (http://www.msnbc.com)

Fake news is the kind Trump, GOP, Russian oligarchs, and the Far
right  doesn't approve of.  I have to admiit there are some in the
GOP who do look to the facts instead of Trumps alternative facts.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 30, 2017, 12:01:01 pm
Trump day 69
Our man Trump falls to a new low 35% approval. Perhaps his supporters are
beginning to see him for what he really is. A con artist. A man who is only
wanting fame and money. Trump talked about new factories Ford Moters was
building. Acting like it was due to him. Turns out these plants were in
work before he was elected. Just another lie to make his self look good.

It appears the Trump white house wanted the investigation of the Trump
campaign shut down.Seems it has been, at least for the time being. It does
ask the question, why worry about an investigation unless there is something
to hide? According to polls the american public wants the investigation to
continue even if Trump and the GOP does not. I understand the GOP
intelligence chairman is even keeping information from their own committee

Apparently some rich supporters of Trump are worried about his poll numbers
because they are buying ads in 10 states trying to help Trump gain popularity.
These same people helped him during the election. Perhaps they are afraid of
loosing their investment. These people are billionaires and have influenced
Trump on some of his decisions. Also they are far right types. I understand 
they are spending a million dollars on the ads.

This is why we shouldn't let rich people pour money into campaigns of people
they want. The GOP managed to get the Supreme court to allow large donations
for those running for office. This is where these "Packs" came from. A place
where rich people can spend millions to support a candidate of their choice. I think
donations should be limited to what the average person can afford. Not huge
amounts by the rich trying to buy a politician. Hopefully when the democrats gain 
power it will be changed.

The intelligence committee of the senate appears to be bi partisan unlike
the house version. The senate committee said he was not asking Trump
who or what to investigate. The commmittee will follow the evidence.
Time will tell, but this looks much better than the GOP mess in the
house version where the chairman appears to be collaborating with 
the white house..

Seems the GOP is always trying to hide from the their voters or make a
speech with some kind of excuse. They may think all this stuff will go away,
but I don't think so. If the GOP leadership is trying to protect Trump or his
people because of  some wrong doing it will come back to haunt them. The
public is getting tired of them ducking for cover instead of answering

People tend to forget, but the two houses of congress are differenct in
that the house of representatives represent their voters. IN the Senate
they look at the bills from the house and decide if they are for the
good of the country, not because the voters like it or not. That doesn't
mean a senator won't listen to the voters, but they try to have a cooler
head about things. Not always of course. They are humans after all., but
I am not all that sure about the majority leader of the senate. He has
a bad habit of putting party over the public good, not counting his personal
interpretation of the constitution which tends to follow the party line.

Polititicans when in office too long tend to think they know what's best
for the people, and rich people tend to think the same. It seems to be
part of human nature to feel success equals intelligence. In reality it's
usually more about luck and good judgment. I heard some of Trumps
supporters voted for him because he seemed so smart on his Tv show
the Apprentice. This shows voter ignorance. Tv shows are fiction by
their design. Trump was scripted to be smart and wise on the show. It
likely had little or no reflection of the man his self. Just shows with
enough advertising anyone can look good. Trump is smart in that he
knows how to make a listener feel good with his lies. That's why he is
called a Con Artist by New Yorkers.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 31, 2017, 11:24:58 am
Trump day 70
Our man Trump is trying to get out from under the Russian connection, but
even with him trying to tweet away from it. There may not be much of a
connection, but if that's the case why doesn't he come clean.

General Flynn is offering to testify if given immunity. Nothing on what
he might be willing to talk about. Perhaps about the Russian connection
with Trump or his picks.

Immunity may be hard for Flynn to get. During the election Flynn as saying
if someone wanted immunity they were likely guity of something. This isn't
always true, but it is odd he would be asking for it after saying what he

I imagine there will be careful consideration before giving any immunity as
it could cause problems with other investigations.

The house intelligence committee is still stalled, but the senate committee
hearing is proceeding. In the senate hearing there was testomony about
Trump using Russian tactics in his campaign. Does this mean Trump was
tutored by the Russians? Or did he just like the Russian style of politics?
Hopefully more will be found as time goes by.

The speaker was making excuses for Trump saying the president was just
frustrated when he said he would reach out to the Democrats. In other words.
"Trump didn't mean it guys." Or something to that effect. The Tea party
who gave the GOP clout against Obama is causing the GOP problems now.
They are very conservative which makes it hard for the moderates to follow
them. Causing a split in the GOP.

They are pressuring the GOP to investigate in a bi partasan way to make sure
the Trump campaign isn't connected to a Russian conspearacy or not. Also those
in the white house as well.

The democrats are going to filibusterer against Judge Gorsuchs for the Supremme
court. The judge hasn't been open about his feelings about womens rights, voting
rights, LGBT rights, or health care. Also with Trump under investigation his
picks should be held in limbo untill the investigations are cleared up.

The GOP wants this  big business supporting judge so they will likely do what 
ever it takes to put him in the court. Instead of changing rules they should 
change to a more moderate judge that supports the constitution instead of
the GOP.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 01, 2017, 11:27:43 am
Trump day 71
Seems our man Trump is still trying to prove Obama put
him under surveillance. Well If I had been in Obama's
place I sure would have had any one who plays with
the Russians watched. Especially someone like Trump. A
man who has had  deallings with oligarchs. A gang who
jumps when Putin says "Rabbit"

Trump claims he was too busy running the country when he
was facing a law suit for calling a woman a lier about his
sexual misconduct. The judge may give him a call when
he decides to go on a vacation. Personally I feel he has one
about every weekend in Florida.

Trump doesn't like judges or courts. They hold him accountable
for his business practices. smf activities. I kind of think he feels if
someone looses money dealing with him it's their fault not his.

I wonder how the GOP will feel when the Russians hack the RNC. Sure
it's nice when the Russians attack their opponents, but they may be
next.Putin like Trump is looking out for his self.

Will the Speaker remove the chairman of the intelligence committee? At
this tim e he appears to be just as dishonerable as the Chairman and
The GOP seems to be covering up something. If not why not have a special
commission to investigate all this business with Rusaia and the hacking.
The way it is they are and Trump are doing the investigation.  how can we
be sure there isn't any thing crooked going on? I think any time there is
a question or investigation involving one brance of government a special
commission independant of politics should be created.

Most of the news this week has been about the house intelligence committee
and it's chairman. And his apparent complicity with Trump who is being
investigated. Then General Flynn has said he would talk if given immunity.
I think Trump may end up giving Flynn a pardon. After all Flynn was very
loyal to Trump during the campaign.

The ACA replacement was more about a Trillion dollar Tax cut than to help
people have good insurance for health. It seems the GOP is out to discredit
Obama any way they can. Even if it hurts the people. I don't think the GOP
as a whole is racist, but I think many are. Other wise why did they say no
for almost everything Obama tried to do. This hasn't happeend with any
president before.

We should remember the GOP believes the richer we make the rich the
more jobs they will create. Well if you make items they like to buy you
probably would be busy. They don't buy regular houses or furniture or
the average car. It''s all luxery items. Millions for huge homes, filled
with musem quality artifacts. It's the rest of us who buy the items
most people have jobs to make. Also they buy things from other countries
like Trump who bought the steel, and aluminum for his towers from China.
When Trump opened his hotel there in washington DC he bought silverware
and china from other countries. He claimed he couldn't get it in the USA. It
wasn't that it was a way to save money.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 02, 2017, 12:01:50 pm
Trump day 72
Our man Trump made lots of promises during the campaign. I wonder
how many of his supporters are still liking the man they voted for? Of
course some voted for Trump because they didn't like Clinton. Not
because they really liked Trump. Perhaps that's why his support is starting
to fall away.

Trump is starting to make threats againsts the Tea Party.  He isn't likely to
cause them much worry since they have their own billionares supporting
them. This may seem like a good idea to Trump in the short term, but it
could split the party even more. Even errode his own base of support.
Many conservatives voted for Trump only to help defeat Clinton. They don't
really like Trump that much. If he starts working with the democrats his
base will likely desolve. Many of the GOP feel the democrats are too far to
the left politically. The Tea Party (freedom caucus as they like to call them
selves) want to make government as small as possible. Just for the defense
of the country, print money, and to enforce the laws dealing wiht other
countries. Much as it was in the beginning.

It's the beginning of the baseball season. The president usually throse the
first ball to start the season, but Trump says he is too busy. It's likely he
can't throw the ball far enough to keep from looking like as they used to say
a girl. It turns out he did play when he was a teen ager, but was tossed out
for trying to club someone with a bat after striking out. This is a guy who said
he was the best player in New York against players like Mickey Mantle.

Oh Trump is out on the Golf course for the 14th time sence took office.
It's ok to play golf, but not every weekend. If he can't do the job then
resign. The Job of President is for the good of the country not the good
of the president.

Trump is increaseing attacks in the middle east. He ran saying he was
going to get us out of a war, but so far he is puitting more of our soldgers
on the ground to fight a war there. More civilians are dieing since Trump
took office. Apparently at our hands. This will only help Isis and other
terrorist groups when they say the west is out to kill Moslems.

Congress and Trump should be working to improve our infrastructure
instead of worrying about tax breaks for the rich. If road and bridges
fall down the economy will start to fail. Not counting all the food we
eat, and medicine many need. Also without good roads the gas
stations would go dry. If you use propane for heating you could end
up cold. Parts are needed daily to keep water and power working some
where across the country. Much of our infrastructure was built 50 or more
years ago. Our politicians have been lazy and more interessted in pork
barrel projects than keeping roads and bridges up to date.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 03, 2017, 12:29:57 pm
Trump day 73
The Chinese leader is meeting with Trump. Can Trump work out a deal
with China to curb North Korea's plans to deploy nukes on missles that
can strike the USA. This is a very dangerous situation for the world. China
doesn't seem to be interested in working to stop the North Korean mad
man. They also seem to be against us from doing anything to  stop
North Korea either. So do we wait for North Korean to go crazy and
start a war with nukes, or do we work to destroy their ability to do so?
We can only hope Trump or his people can find the right path.

Trump is meeting with the Egyption leader. A man who wasn't allowed
to come to the white house because of human rights abuses. 
Trump appears to be worried more about security of the middle east
than Egypts treatment of human rights.

Our man Trump sent his son in law to Irac as Trumps envoy. Seems
like a job for a more experienced man, but Trump has fired many 
experinced people who know diplomacy. So I guess he has to fall
back on family. Perhaps Trump doesn't trust anyone else.

Trump is still working to revive the idea of getting rid of the ACA. He
hates to move on even after failing. Will this fruther delay the GOP
keeping them from working to save taxes for their rich friends.
Only time will tell.

There are more reports talking about how much money Trumps
family has. Also who they owe money to. If they owe a lot to
foreign countries, will this keep Trump from making America
first as he promised?  Having a lot of money isn't a problem
legally. It's how they use it.

The GOP is using every excuse to vote for Trumps picks,
including a judge for the supreme court. They claim the
democrats would do the same thing. That's a poor excuse
to do something wrong because their opponents would do it.
Sometimes I think politicians act like kids instead of adults.

The leader of the senate is all but promising he will change
the rules if there is a filibusterer againsts the appointment
of Judge Gorsuch. Some may say Trump will just nominate
another conservative Judge. So why fight it?  I think the
democrats want to be on record as opposing this judge. So
if he makes decisions in favor of the far right they can use
it when they run for office. It's a shame the constitution wasn't
written to keep a simple majority from removing the filibusterer
that can stop a supreme court judge vote. I think we can be sure
neither party would want it added to the constitution.

Of course there have been surprises with supreme court judge
appointments.  Some haven't been as conservative as the GOP
have hoped. Also some haven't been as liberal as hoped either.
So time will tell.

I just hope this judge follows the constitution, not to give religious
zealots a way to take rights away from people they don't agree with.

The court shouldn't favor the Right or the Left. They should be in
the middle. It's not their place to create jobs, or decide if something
is moral according to any religion. It's their job to decide if a law
or a decision by the president or lower court is constitutional or not.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 04, 2017, 12:43:43 pm
Trump day 74
Our man Trump is letting his son n law be a defecto secretary of state.
He is running around the world talking to leaders. Perhaps as a go between
for his dad n law Trump. Or perhaps Trump is afraid to go to the middle
east since it might be hazardus to his health. I understand he is almost
a germaphobe.

Trump seems he has to hide his connections to Russia. He woud do
better being open with it.

Trump is still waking up early and tweets like some bird in spring.
It's  shame it's little about anything. Talking about Clinton. The
wire taps, and other nonsense. It's time Trump went to work. He claims
to be smart, but he doesn't show it.

Trump talked about jobs in ihs campaign, but he has done little to improve
the jobs. Oh he claims he is, but thosands are loosing jobs. Coal is not
a high job maker anymore. They use drag lines to carve the tops off small
mountains to get to the coal instead of digging mine shafts underground.

Even though Trump and the Speaker set the ACA replacement aside to
work on tax reform and infrastructure before returning it. They are
making noises that they want to go back to it. This may just be hot
air, but with the big tax break for the rich built into the replacement
they may try it again.

Trump invited the Eygption dictator to the White House even though he
has little clout in the middle east thest days.

We may be at war with North Korea soon if China fails to get the leader
of North Korea to back off with his missle program. I have a hunch the
little fat dictator has a fraidy hole or two to hide in if he decides to
starts a war with nukes.

Trump and the Speaker made a show they were respecting Autizim day when
the health bill they promoted was going to cut funding for the same. Such
hypocracy never fails the GOP.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 05, 2017, 12:16:43 pm
Trump day 75
Our man Trump is going to the freedom caucus to see what they would
accept in a health bill to replace the ACA. I have a hunch anything
they would agree to is getting rid of the ACA period or stripping it
of covering people who really need the plan with subtitles. Covering
people who have exsiting cronic conditions at a reasonable price is
not going to happen because there is no profit in it. Unless they charge
prices that exceed the yearly inncome of the average worker.

Trump may be leading us into a war with his enexperience. Hopefully he
will listen to people who understand the seriousness of fighting wars.
Just because we have a very powerful military isn't going to keep some
man like the leader of North Korea from destroying much of the south korean
infrastructure. We may destroy him, but not before many 1000's are killed.
Many will be americans. 300,000 live in South Korea. There isn't any
way to evacuate them fast enough

China wants us to leave North Korea alone. China is trying to take over the
south China sea. Russia is pushing to control countries around them. We can't
fight everyone at once even there wasn't any nukes.

Trump is ramping up troop deplyment in the middle east.Trump complained
when Obama sent troops there. Obama asked Congree about going into
syeria, but they just sat on their hands. Trump hides his dieticians to
send more trops. Or even saying why he is.

If you support Trump and the GOP here is part of
what they are doing for you.

removed Fee reductions for first time home buyers
removed Protection for alaskan bears ..
remove clean air regulations.
regulations for Coal mining.
signed the bill to allow internet providers to sell your browers tracking.
signed a bill to let the mentally ill to buy guns.
lessen health regulations for pesticides, clean air or clean water.
the EPA may be gone in the near future.
Reports that Trump is having private citizens investigated who don't agree with

Heck we may even have fires burning on rivers again. Fish floating you
can scoop up in nets. It will save money for the big corporations,
but you will be more likely to get sick or die of cancer.

I am sure there are several more that can be credited to
Trump and the GOP. I imagine if it will make big corportaions
money they will do it. Why? because it will create jobs jobs
jobs. Not saying they will be good jobs, or if you will have
clean water to drink or good air to breath, but there will be
jobs galore according to Trump and the GOP. Though I think it's
more about making rich people richer. Not counting stepping on
minorities, LGBT, women, and the poor.

Hundreds of businesses are going under across the country. I wonder
how the 1000's of people loosing their jobs feel about Trump
now? Polling shows Trump at 35% approval 57% not. Rather low for
a president in his first 100 days. Perhaps the public who were convenced
Trump was a better choice than Clinton are having second thoughts. Well
it's a bit late now, because the GOP isn't going to impeach him. That mgiht
change if Trump drops to 25%. But that's not likely unless he starts a war
no one wants.

I hope I am wrong, and Trump will be able to make the country better for all.
Not just to make the crooked billionaires richer.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 06, 2017, 11:52:28 am
Trump day 76
Our man Trump said what happened in Syeria was a crime against
humanity. Also he said he looked at Syerias leader differently now.
It's hard to say since Trump changes with the breeeze, but it sounded
like he may have thoughts of trying to prevent more chemical attacks.
He will have to be careful. Putin has already claimed a bomb hit a
chemical storage depot belonging to the rebels, and not a chemical

Trumps pick of Bannon to the security council was removed by Trump.
The reason given was Bannon was there to look after Flynn. Then why
did Trump wait over a month after Flynn was fired to pull Bannon from
the security council? Bannon is a far right polictical hack with no
business on the security council anyway. So the country is better off
with him removed.

Trump still hasn't filled 512 government jobs after 75 days. He has
time for golf, and weekends in Florida. But not enough time to do
his job.

It was reported Judge Gorsuch is guilty of plagiarism. Trump claims its
fake news or just plain wrong. It's doubtful this will change the GOPs
plans to shove Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court. Can't disappoint big
business GOP supporters by not putting him on the court.

Our friendly Vice Presiedent has been talking to some congress
members trring to revive the ACA replacement bill. Trump is still
upset because the first try failed, and is pushing to try again. It's
part of Trumps big tax cut plan for his rich supporters. Not to help
peple get better health care.

I have a hunch they are planning to get a plan that will pass the
house ready, then put iup for a vote so quick the public won't have
time to tell their representatives to not vote for it. This may work
but if it will pass muster for the conservatives it will likely cause
the GOP big losses in 2018. I don't think those moderates in the
house want to loose their seats to please the tea party.

Time will tell, but congress will be on easter vacation (bless their hearts
they work soooo hard)  over the next week or two. I have a hunch they
will be hiding from their voters. at least some of them.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 07, 2017, 01:14:56 pm
Trump day 77
Our man Trump made the decision to strike a airbase in syeria.  Our navy
fired around 60 cruise missles. None damaged the runways. Perhaps in
case a Russian plane needed to land later. One wonders if Trump talked
with Russia about an attack.. Probably won't ever know.

It's odd Trump was so concerned about Syerian children when he has
blocked them from coming to the USA to be safer. I am inclined it was a
descian based on politics as much as to let the leader of Syera know we
don't approve of chemical attacks. If Trump was so concerned why was he
saying he was ok with Syerias leader a week earlier. Chemical attack
s have been done several times before now.

Trump has claimed over the past several years he was against military
action in the middle east. Guess he changed his mind, or wanted his poll
numbers to rise. It's a dangerous game Trump could be playing and I
hope it turns out for the best. It will be interesting to see what Putin says
about it. I heard we warned the Russians to move out of the way.

Trump needs to get other countries on board against Syeria. Otherwise
the people in the middle east may think this is Americans sticking their
nose into their affairs. If middle east countries were worried about the
people of Syeria they would take care of the job them selves.

Is the attack legal? The GOP isn't giving Trump a hard time over this
attack. In fact they are saying it protects our troops from a Syerian attack.
I didn't know we were at war with Syeria. But we might be now.

Congress should vote to au8torize this action, but they are trying to say
it's all part of the anti terrorizim thing, and doesn't need it.

They are mixed on the issue, but feel congress should get involved
instead of just watching.

In the end did Trump have a gut reaction to a picture or was it politics?
USA Presidents have a bad habit of geting involved in other peoples wars.
Military attacks can often lead to getting a lot of our troops killed.

Some Police actions in the past.
Korean war
Vietnam war
Kuwait war
Iraq war

There were some in eastern Europe, and one in Panama if
i remember right.

It's no wonder authoritarian governments build up massive
armies. They expect the USA to attack them.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 08, 2017, 11:53:38 am
Trump day 78
It seems strange to me that Trump has been so pro Russia, and so hands
off  Syria he would see one news report about a chemical attack and go off
the rails and turn everything around. When he hasn't cared about Syrian kids
in the past. There were 2 other chemical attacks just prior to the one Trump
was talking about. I think his emotion was an act for the camera. Remember
he is a trained actor. Besides a leader whose actions are based on emotion
is a danger to us all.

This smells of a possible deal where Putin may have put Trump up to
attacking the air base. No damage to the runways. Limited to fuel, hangers,
radar, and some Syrian aircraft. Now it's all done according to Trump, and
the airfield is currently in use after the attack.

Putin hasn't even made it a big thing other than calling it an agressive 
attack on a soverign nation. This chemical attack made Putin look bad
because he had supposedly removed all of Syrians chemical weopons.
He was either made a fool of or didn't do a good job. Either way Syria
made Putin look bad and  Putin is not one to forgive.

Yes it's a conspiracy theory, but it has good possibilites. After all Putin
still plans to meet with the Secretary of state next week. I kind of think he 
would have at least refused that meeting if he was really upset with Trump.

Perhaps Putin saw Trumps polling going down and wanted to help make him
look presidential.. I wonder how long it is before Trump tweets his way into
something weird again? Also some of Trumps supporters have left him over
this attack. Trump was supposed to be america first, not world first.

Also it seems this attack may have caused some arguments within the white
house. Bannon was reported threatening to quit. It appears Trump is listening
more to  his family than Bannon or even the Vice President. What kind of
shakeup occurs is hard to say. The far right isn't happy with Trumps attack
on Syeria.  Only time will tell.

Well our GOP got their way today. We will have a new Supreme Court judge. Trumps pick to please Big business and the GOP has been approved. I hope I
and others are wrong about him being against voting rights, womens rights,
LGBT rights, and  Minority rights. Only time will tell. Some judges have been disappointing to the  GOP in the past as have the Democrats. We can always
hope he is a better man than his record shows him to be.

The GOP seems to be falling in line with Trump on his attack. Many are saying
it was a good response. Odd they didn't vote to approve of Obama wanting to
punish Syeria for doing the same thing only worse in 2013.

We should remember the GOP cares more about winning than rules of conduct.
It dosn't matter if it's limiting voting, or stepping on the rights of others. It it
gets money from the rich or takes votes from their oppoinets they will do it.
It is a sad thing to say about a major party, but I fear it's a fact. Those in the
GOP best remember governing in a nonpartasan way will end in desaster for
them and possibly our country. Dictatorships work this way. I think the GOP
is afraid of their demise. The country is moving away from conservationism 
and they want to stop it.

They are saying Congress should vote to approve attacks on Syeria before
Trump orders any more of them. The GOP still doesn't seem to want to be
on record by voting for it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 09, 2017, 11:51:46 am
Trump day 79
Our man Trump said his meeting with China was productive. Probably
not that much or Trump would have been bragging about how good a
deal maker he is.

Trump said he has no plans to  attack Syeria again, but leaves it open.
So it's hard to say. Trump shouldn't be attacking anyone unless there
is a plan for a ending, and the support of other countries in the area.
Anyone can pull the trigger, but it takes a good leader to finish it. Even
then it can lead to bad events. WWI was started by an assassination.

In todays world it's better to punish with sanctions instead of bombs,
bullets or missiles. Many bad leaders are very rich men, so cutting off
their ability to buy or sell goods hurts them much more than bombing
one of their air bases or those they support.

They claim Trump had the authority to bomb Syeria, they claim it
follows the approval to attack nations who support terrorist. I don't
know if Syeria supports anyone but it's leader. They don't like ISIS.
They even sounded confused, because they had been letting the
USA attack ISIS in their country without opposition. Syeria could
legally tell us to stay out if they wanted to.

The constitution says Congress is the only part of the government
who can start a war. The president can defend against an attack, but
not start one. Congress should get it's act together and vote to either
support Trump or not.

Tax day is bringing out protests against Trump not releasing his taxes.
70% of the people want to see them. So our congressonal members will
be getting an earful about not forcing Trump to release them, and not
really investigating Trumps Russian connection. They don't like the idea
of Trump refilling the swamp with rich elites either.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 10, 2017, 12:32:13 pm
Trump day 80
Our man Trump seems to be having troubles keeping his people on
the same page. His son n law, and Bannon appear to be at odds. I
think Trumps son n law will end up being top dog, but the first 
family has to get it's act together if Trump is going to anything

As far as Trump turning against Putin. It will take a while
to see if anything changes. We don't know what might be going
on behind the scenes. 

Trump has ordered a naval strike force to stand off the Korean
peninsula. I hope this doesn't push the North Korean leader into
doing something dumb. The Syerian strike has bound to have made
him a bit nervous. Hopefully China has some people keeping a leash
on him. They don't want a united democratic Korea, but I doubt
if they want a war either.

If there is a war products from south Korea will get hard to find.
They sell a lot of electronics and vehicles. If I owned a factory
there I would be sure I had the info to rebuild somewhere else.

Our friendly politicans are on spring break. I wonder how many
will be willing to meet with their voters?  I am sure they got a
overwheming cry to not approve Judge Gorsuch, but they did
anyway. Claiming the democrats wouldn't vote for any Trump
nomination. All Trump had to do was nominate a judge who had
the public interest in mind as a moderate, not right wing rhetoric.

The hard right would have the country run as a theocracy. You
only need to look at the middle east to see how that works.  I am
sure they would claim it would only be for guidance, but I am very
sure it would lead to laws punishing anyone who didn't follow
the state religion. If you doubt it all you have to do is look for 
"Blue Laws" Most of them were created to stop work or business
being  open on Sunday, but some went farther to include morality
laws to cover activities religious people felt were sinful. Fortuantly
most of these laws are ignored or have been removed. When I was
a kid the only place open was the bus station on sunday.

I am not against religion, but it should be used to set a good example
not punish those who decide not to follow the faithful. In the past
religion was a powerful force in any community and it still is in many
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 11, 2017, 01:16:15 pm
Trump day 81
Our man Trump is saying Syeria must stop bombing it's
people or he might do more.  Well I wonder why he didn't
have our military destroy the chemical weopons that were
at the air base? Or all the weopons stored there? Just hiting
aircraft, and hangers did little to stop or prevent fruther
attacks. Causes one to wonder why he held back? was it
a deal of some kind with Putin to keep the strike minimal?

Many people feel it was a good thing for Trump to do, but
a lot of people come out to support a military action that
looks good with no losses on our side. Numbers were 51%
liked it 40 % didn't.

Well sure enough most of the GOP members are hiding from
their voters while on break. Those who do talk to voters seem
to have the opinion it's just democrats fussing at them.

There is an election in Kansas today. The GOP is pouring huge
sums of money into the race hoping to not loose the house seat.
I guess they are afraid if the democrat wins it will scare members
of congress out of voting for the GOP agenda.

It's not too likely the democrat will win, but it does show the
GOP is worried.

They are out to win the few seats that were vacated by
the GOP for government jobs under Trump. If the Democrats
win even a few of the seats the GOP will be sweating because
the seats are in GOP strongholds. It would show they could
be in serious trouble for the 2018 election.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 12, 2017, 12:09:47 pm
Trump day 82
Our man Trumps 100 day honeymoon is drawing to a close.
He and the GOP are falling behind their planned schedual for
getting rid of the ACA, Tax cut, Trumps wall, and infrastructure .

Even though Trumps son n law is making claims the Syerian
attack proves Trump isn't in bed with Putin. Reports of the
russian connection became stronger with an investigation of
a Trump campaign man was working for Russia. The man had
a history of connections with Runssian spys. Odd thing Trump
tried to say he didn't know the man even though he did. Just
another lie. Only this one makes Trump look bad.

Trump is still havine trouble keeping his people  in line. His
Press secretary caused an uproar over saying Hitler didn't
use chemical weopns on his people. Well the Jews and other
undesirables in germany met their end in gas chambers. M ost
any fifth grader knows that.

It seems the far right is steamed at Trumps Syerian attack. I heard
Bannon didn't have a problem with brown people being killed.  Be it
gas or bombs. There is talk that Trumps daughter pushed Trump into
attaking Syeria.

I would hope military attacks arenl't made because Trumps family
doesn't like something.

Seems the Trump administration is all over the place on what to do
on most everything. Trump needs to sit down and work out a plan for
his administration or  he could find his self at the end of four years
nothing much done.  Except maybe to improve his golf game.

Well they did manage to hold on to the house seat from Kansas.
But their man only won by 7%. That sounds good for them, but
normally they would have won by almost 30% over a democrat
in a district that is mostly republican by their design. Not counting
the millions spent in advertising.

There are 4 more open seats, so you can be sure the money will
flow like water from a fire hose.They will do everying they can
to hold those seats. Time will tell, but there is a good chance
they will loose some of them.

Even though the GOP is claiming the protests are all bought
and paid for. (Perhaps its something they do) The anti Trump/GOP
movement is still well under way, and growing. About the only
theing that could save them is big growth in the economey or
a war. People tend to stand behind the leadership in times
of war. At least untill the body bags start comming home.

The way things are going we could be in one before the year
is out. Hopefully Trump will learn how to govern before then.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 13, 2017, 11:55:27 am
Trump day 83
Our man Trump is making more like a real president
again. Is this real or just more lies. He acts like
he never saw children killed before on TV.. There are
children around the world dying. Many from hunger.
Many by bad people. Firing missiles at a country because
they hurt kids is impossible for one country to do, and
would likely cause more deaths than not. Trump should
have went to other nations, and had them complain as well.
This would be more successful than military action.

If Trump doesn't get the state department put back
together it's going to be hard to keep up with
world problems. If we don't we may have to hide
behind a wall. The world isn't like it was 200
years ago when we could hide behind two oceans. We
have to deal with a dangerous world even if we don't
want to.

It would be nice if we could get along with
Russia. But we have to understand how Russia
Feels. Russia has been invaded several times
down through history, so they are probably
perinoid about any chance of being invaded
again. This is probably why they want to
have countries around them as a bugger against
invasion. The USA isn't wanting to invade them
but some future leadership of our country might.
That is what I have heard them say. We have to be
prepaired for a war. Never again will we be
invaded. They keep a large force close to the
boarder with China, just in case it's needed.

Problem now Putin being a crook feels he has to
keep control or end up dead or in prison. Not only
him but his oligarch friends. I think the Russian
people want peace, and a good life for their selves
and famiies. But with Putin on their necks they can't
do much, short of an revolution.

Trump needs to talk to people that understand Russian
politics. Putin like Trump hates to loose, and with
two men butting heads a lot of people could end up dead.
Trump needs to  give Putin a way to save face. If not he
may start a war. One that could end up very bad for us

I fear Trump has been playing with Russia wanting to
get elected. Now he doesn't know how to deal with a
bully who is bigger than he is. The Trump campaign had
several people who were connected one way or another
to russia. Perhaps thinking it's just good business not
realizing Putin had more than business in mind.

Trump tells China they need to  help get North Korea to
loose their nukes.. Well China wants to keep the North
Koreans friendly to them so it's likely they will stand back
and say use peaceful methods. Which is probably a good
idea. To protect against a missile strike from North Korea
we should set up missile defenses to deter an attack. Then
try to appease this mad man in the meantime. Bearing our
teeth will only give this guy more reason to strike first.

I was mistaken about the amount of money the GOP spent
on the Kansas election. Instead of millions it was #150.000.00
Which is still alot of money for a house race. We need reforms
on how much money that can't be spent on elections like this.
It's hard if not impossible to run unless your very well known
or a millionaire. Also get rid of these packs which can spend
huge sums for a canidate they want to win.

A Poll shows a interesting response to Trumps desision
about firing missiles into Syeria.

2013 When Obama wanted to GOP 22% for. Democrats 28% for.
2017 Trump does fire them. GOP  86% for. Democrats 27% for.

Some say democrats are the same as the GOP when following
politicians. Well this seems to disprove that. Those in
the GOP seem to follow a leader more than Democrats do.

If the protest movement holds the GOP could loose over a
100 seats in the house  in 2018, and several in the senate.

People should remember though. We will still have a GOP
president who can veto. Even if Trump is impeached. His
VP would take over and would likely veto any progressive
bills. If people want change they will need to stand
solid through the 2024 election to push the country to
the center or to the left, and you can be sure the
rich guys in the GOP will be working hard to regain
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 14, 2017, 11:56:26 am
Trump day 84
Our man Trump appears to have given the military a free hand in deciding
what weopons they wish to use. A 10 ton bomb was used to destroy tunnel
systems in Afghanistan against ISIS. The President should give final
aproval for special weopon use. The military see a job to do and likely
don't consider the politics before using them.

Perhaps this weapon was used to show North Korea even undergroud tunnels
may not be good protection. Of course if North Korea decides to use a nuke,
then all bets may be off. I fear the Korean people will suffer more than anyone
else. We might be able to knock down any long range missile aimed at the USA,
but that wouldn't keep North Korea from putting a bomb on a boat and sailing
into one of our harbors. Even a detonation 3 miles out would devastate a
coastal city.

Trump is threatening to sabotage the ACA by stopping the substitutes if
the Democrats don't help pass his health bill. It seems Trump is ready to
sacrifice the GOP by taking health care from many millions of people. Just
because they waon't pass his plan. I kind of think Trump is about to get
a rude awakening that he is not a dictator. The Congress isn't under his
control. He is not a CEO of the USA.

Trump signed an order to allow states to not give federal funds to health
care organizations for women who also provide abortions. Planned Parenthood
and others. The GOP has been promising to prevent federal funding of clinics
who preform abortions. It's mainly a promise to religous groups.

They don't seem to care that Planned Parenthood and others have reduced
abortions over the years. Getting rid of them will likely increase
abortions because women won't be able to get contraceptives and guidence
to keep from getting pregnant in the first place.

There are reports the GOP leadership knew people in the Trump campaign
had contact with Russians before the elections last summer. So why did
they not start an investigation of Trump and his campaign? It appears
the GOP was more interested in winning the white house than to protect
the election from russian involvement. If true they should hang their
heads in shame. Winning by any means is just as bad as cheating.

The Justice department is making excuses for bad activites by the
police. The head of the justice department went to the Mexican
boarder to make a speech about bad criminals crossing the boarder.

Shameful deportations are happening across the country. Including
taking mothers from small children. The Trump administration is
moving to hire private detention centers which are more like prisons
to hold people for an inteterment amount of time prior to deportation.
Trump claims it's for the criminal element, but they are holding people
of all ages, criminal or not.

Also the hiring practices for officers to pick up illegal aliens were
supposed to be such they wouldn't haire people with records of
mistreateing people or those with a bad attitude has been relaxed.
Apparently due to not finding enough good people willing to  do the

I hope there is enough oversignt to prevent human rights abuse.

Only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 15, 2017, 11:56:46 am
Trump day 85
The use of military weapons over the pas week seems to not
have much of a plan associated with them. Could it be that
Trump is using the miltary to gain public support? This might
work as long as we don't start seeing body bags coming
home. If he tries anything in North Korea there willl likely be
several thousand body bags on his hands.

Trump may want to be a famous president, but if he starts
a war, with nukes killing millions. He will likely be historically
infamous with the name of Trump one of shame.

When the secretary of state met with Putin he failed to
meet with civil society as had been done for many years.
Be it democrat or Republican. Secretary of state. We should
recognize that Putin isn't popular with everyone.

Though Trumps actions may look like he and Putin are at odds,
even more evidence is coming to light showing a possible colusion
between the Trump campaign and Russia before the election.

Trumps justice department is following ideas of Bannon and other
of the far right. Treating people like criminals wihtout due process.
The leader of the justice department is trying to make the public
think all Latinos are dangerous criminals.  It's this kind of activity
can lead to a police state where all of us are at risk of loosing our

Will the GOP follow the constitution or only think of them selves.
Some of their rich supporters are very selfish people who are wanting
to get richer, and are pushing to take food and health care from the
disadvantaged and working poor of our country.  This isn't much
different than what is happening in Russia. They want tough police tactics
claiming to clear the streets of crime. This kind of thing will just drive
crime underground  not get rid of it.

Simple ideas will not cure complex problems. They stand up claiming
they are going to do this and that, but rarely tell how they plan to do it.

Over 70% of the public wants Trump to release his tax records,
but the GOP won't vote to make him do it. Instead they stand up
and make excuses for Trump. Even for the millions of tax dollars
Trump is wasting for his weekend trips to Florida, and letting his
wife stay at Trump Tower, both of which costs us dearly. Obama
spent less than a 100 million in travel over 8 years. Trump is nearly
30 million in 3 months.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 16, 2017, 11:52:10 am
Trump day 86
Our man Trump seems to have flipped on a few issues.

In his campaign he was against attacking Syeria. Now it's ok.
Nato is obsolete, nnw we need  it.
China is messing with currency. Now they are not.
He used to say he was smarter than our Military Generals. Now he
lets them decide on weapon use.
He said he would limit lobbyests access, but many are getting waivers
to lobby for big business.

One big change is Trump plans to not report who he is seeing ore visiting
the white house.  What is  he planning to do that  he wants to hide?
Could it be a cover for making money for him and family?

His daughter said she was for womens rights. Where was she when
Trump signed a order to let states cut funding of woments reproductive
health care.

Trump has always been one to hide his activities unless it's something he
feels it's good for his image. So apparently he is worried that he might see
someone who if known might hurt his image.

One thing that hasn't been talked about. Is how the Wall will affect wildlife
by blocking natural migration routes. Sure birds can floy over it, but the
rest will be blocked like the Gray Wolf, Cougars, White tailed deer, and
others. Trump and many in the GOP care litttle for the environment or

Congress is saying. Trump is learning and is doing a great job. Even some
Democrats are giving praise for the military action.  It seems people like
to see bombs falling on bad people. At least as long as we don't get hurt
in the process.  Some of these people avoded military service because
they had money., so they should even be talking.

Thousands of people were out protesting on the 15th wanting Trump
to release his tax record. It's doubtful he will. Perhaps if the Democrats
gain control of congress all will be exposed. Including our man Trump.

There was a clash between protesters and Trump supporters in California
Investigations are going on to see who started it. Since protests have
been non violent one wonders if some radical faction was involved.

Perhaps the Chinese leader give Trump a good lecture about North
Korea and the politics there. What they are willing to do or not. It
appears China isn't happy with the North Korean leaders plans to
put a nuke on a misssiler. Much less starting a war with the south or

Hopefully China can convince the North Korean l ead to back off,
but only time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 17, 2017, 11:52:05 am
Trump day 87
It's a long holiday weekend, so Trump has been in Florida. Airforce 2 flew
his wife and son down to be with him. I guess his boy had an easter vaction
from a private school so could get away for a few days.

Trump went to easter services near his home in Florida. I doubt if he goes to
churcch except for show. Most everything he does is for his image instead of
the country.

North Korea attempted to fire a missile on sunday after their big parade of military
weapons. It's failure was a embarrassment to their leader.. I have a hunch those
responsible for the launch were afraid and full of excuses when the their leader
asked why it failed. Nothing new when living under a wild dictator who kills his
relatives and followers for any suspicion of being against him. I understand if a man
protests he and his family are either killed or imprisoned. Including three generations

Shows how paranoid this crazy dictator really is. Perhaps he studied Hitler, a man who
hung most of his advisers when things went wrong. One might wonder how he could
get people to follow him. Well all children are taught from a early age that he is a god
and the USA is planning to invade their country. To rape and inslave the people

Trump is letting China have a run at North Korea. They claim they will work to stop North
koreas plan to put nukes on missiles. If we give them time. They have said this in the past
so time will tell if they follow through this time.

If we start a war, it's likely millions could die in Korea before we USA could stop their
attacks on South Korea.  It is such a sharm the leader of North Korea is such a idiot.
North Korea and it's people could live well given the chance to be more than a police

They are still on spring break. Some are talking to voters. Most not. Some that are
do it over telephone networks. They and Trump claim all the protests are bought
and paid for by the democrats.  I have a hunch if the GOP loose control in 2018
Trump will claim it was due to illegal voting.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 18, 2017, 01:16:51 pm
Trump day 88
Our man Trump did make it back to the white house for the yearly
easter egg roll. Trump was camped out on a balcony with family
and someone in a rabbit suit. The style was similar to the rabbits
in Zootopia. Those stiff pop stick ears.

I guess Trump was afraid to mix with the kids on the ground so he
sent the atterney general down to read a rabbit story to the kids.
Oddly enough the story was about a rabbit who left home lookinng
for a better life, but decided to return home. Makes one wonder
if it wasn't hinting at imigrants they feel should return home.

The justice department is pushing to deport all hispanic aliens
who are not documented. No word on the Asian aliens yet. Even
those who have no criminal record are being gathered up. Some
have been here for 15 years or more. They pick them up leaving
children with no parents to care for them. Seems the Trump
administration  only wants to create a huge deportation system
that will make millions of dollars for private detention centers.

Trump is claiming his 2016 tax return is under audit and can't be
released. Trump may be hiding who he owes money to and perhaps
money received from foreign governments, ect. In my opinion Trump
will never release them unless he is forced to.

Trump is asking businesses what regulations they don't like or
would like to see go away. BP the notorious oil exploration
outfit had a blow out in northern Alaska. Fortuantly it was
plugged after 2 days. If regulations are removed who knows
what risks these companies will take to make a dollar. Damage
to the enviroment and people is likely.

Trump is trying to say after almost 100 days he has done more to
make american better than Obama did during his 8 years. Even after
all his failures and no fix for health care, no wall, no tax reform,
and no infrastructure.. All he has really done is have the military
bomb Syeria, and Afganistan. Also he could be giving away the store
to get China to stop North Korea.

There is an election for a house representative today. It will be
interesting to see who wins. Across the country democrats have
been winning local elections over the GOP.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 19, 2017, 11:54:14 am
Trump day 89
Our man Trump congratualted the Turkish leader for winning a
referendum that basicly turned Turkey into a dictatorship. To
congratulate a dictator by an american president isn't good.
we should be pushing democratic ideals not authoritarianism.
Turns out Trump owns not one but two Trump towers in the
capital of Turkey. So is Trump being nice to protect his personal
interests or americas?

Trump has businesses around the world. It's time he released
his tax records to see what his financial interests are.

It appears the carrier strike force that Trump said was heading
for Korean waters was found 3500 miles and heading south not
headed for Korea. Trump should fire the people that told him
otherwise. unless of course it was another Trump lie.

The election in Georgia has been a big interest for both the
GOP and democrats. The GOP has been running hundreds perhaps
thousands of negatives attack ads trying to make the democrat
look bad. Encluding  robo calls from Trump calling the canidate
a liberal.

Looks like the Democrat failed to get 50% so a run off will be
done in June of this year. Even though he didn't quite get the
needed votes for an outright win he did do better than expected
in a district designed by the GOP to be easy for them to win.
I think gerrymandering should be made illegal for any party.
The people shouldn't have to defeat an artifical majority to
put a candidate of their choice in office. The GOP sure doesn't
like it unless it's to their advantage. They changed the rules in
the senate so they could appoint a judge to the supreme court
they wanted without having to deal with a artifical majority.

Seems many in politics are hypocrites anytime it's to gain
an advantage for them selves or their party.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 20, 2017, 12:23:10 pm
Trump day 90
Our man Trumps inauguration recieved over 100 million dollars
in donations. A show that likely only spent 50 million. One
might wonder what happened to the money that wasn't spent for
the inoguration of Trump. Money that can likely be used for
anything Trump wants to use it for. It has been claimed it will
be donated to charities. So far after almost 3 months there has
been no report of what they have done with it if anything at all.

Apparently there were secret meetings with Trump people and
Russian officals during the Trump transistion. Trump claims these
people had nothing to do with his administration. Even when they
had been part of the Trump campaign. Seems Trump wants to
hide from anyone who is under investigation for being secret
agents of Russia. Even though he knows them well.

Appears Exxons old CEO who is the Secretary of state is deciding
if Exxon can get a waiver to drill for oil in Russia again. This
is something Putin dearly wants. Perhaps this is why Putin wanted
Trump to be president. They need Exxons expertise to reach the
vast lakes of oil that rival those of the middle east.

Will the GOP ever hold Trump accountable for anything? The
investigation about his connection to Russia is continueing, but
will they follow the facts or end up saying nothing so they can
protect Trump? Only Time will tell. The country is changing,
moving to the left wither the GOP wants it or not. All they can
do is try to delay it.

Since the beginning of the 1980's only the top 10% of the
people has gained. The other 90% have stood still or lost
ground. Unless we change the laws to help the middle class
instead of the billionaires the middle class with continue to
go down, and the poor will become poorer. A vote for the GOP
appears to be a vote for the rich, not for those who work hard
every day.

If the politicians won't work to change it. Then we need to put
people in the parties that will make the democrats and GOP work
for the middle class, and not to make the billionaires richer.
This includes state, and local governments, not just the federal.

How long can the billionaire class keep the GOP in power? Only
the way to push back against them is to get out and vote. They
feed on fear and discontent to control the people.

The cable news for the far right. Fox news is in a turmoil over
how it has treated women. Trumps favorite tv news channel. They
apparently fired a far right commentator that Trump said he liked.

Seems working women are speaking out against rich men who think they
are gods gift to women. I say stand up women, these men need to find
out they can't get away with treating women like second class citiizens.
Including Trump.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 21, 2017, 12:10:30 pm
Trump day 91
Our man Trump is pushing to change the ACA again. It's not
likely to go anywhere. Trump just can't stand to loose, and
he wants to finish the work on the ACA to move on to Tax cuts
for his rich friends, and  perhaps for his self and his family.

Trump was fussing at Iran, claiming they were living up to
the spirit of the agreement even though they have been following
the letter of the agreement to not work to make atomic weapons.
We have enough trouble with Korea without attacking Iran.

Trumps atterney general was complaining about the federal district
judge in Hawaii stopped the Travel ban. He said a small island
in the Pacific shouldn't be involved in stopping Trumps travel
ban. I guess he forgot Hawaii is a US state with all the rights
as much as his state of Alabama.

Trump made a big deal about not allowing "Pay for Play" in his
campaign. But it appears Trump has been doing just this since
he has been in office. Takeing money from foreign governments
and others when they want the ear of the president. It appears
much of this money was considered donations for Trumps inauguration.
He got a total of 107 million for an inauguration that likely
cost less than a third that much. Did Trump tell people to
donate to his inauguration to get money he can use for
personal use or debts? Seems congress should be looking into
this, but the GOP doesn't care if Trump is guilty of "Pay for
Play" Perhaps it's something they do as well. 

Trump accused Canada of hurting Wisconsin dairy farmers with
restrictions of sales. Trump is wanting to get rid of Trade
deals which will make this Kind of thing even worse. I don't
think Canada has done anything near as bad as Trump claims. I
wish Trump would quit jumping on our friends trying to make
his self look good.

The GOP comes back next week talking about the ACA, but they have
to pass a continuing spending bill or the government will be shutting
down the following week. The democrats are not likely going to help
the GOP if they try to pass a Trump plan along with it.

The GOP is dragging it's feet on investigating the Russian
connection for the  election and the Trump campaign.

There is word a supreme court judge might resign this summer. If
true it will mean another senate fight because the GOP will want
to put another conservative judge in. If it's a liberal judge  who
resigns the balance will shift to the conservatives, and it will likely
mean the end of some rights for voting, women, LGBT, and minorities.
Once installed a judge is there till he/she dies or resigns. The
only way to remove one is if they break the law, and that would
be tough to prove or get done. Look at Trump if you don't believe it.
He has already done things that would have gotten other presidents

Hopefully they can hold out to after the 2018 election. By then
the senate could be in the hands of the democrats, and they
won't approve a conservative judge for the supreme court. Even
if Trump is still around to nominate one.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 22, 2017, 11:27:06 am
It's earth day, and the GOP tells us our environment is doing fine.
Including Trump. In the future people can look back and tag these
politicians as bad guys who didn't care if we have a place to live
not. We could be energy independant in less than 50 years using
renewable energy. But the oil and gas industry doesn't want it.
There is billions to be mad in renewable energy, but big business
can't see it, and doesn't want to retool for it.

Big oil is trying to discourage people using solar and wind by
promoting laws that will make it more costly, and we shouldn't
be suprised they are supporting the GOP. It's all about money
not the health of our planet.

Trump day 92
Our man Trump and the GOP have an idea to blaim the democrats
if they fail to pass a continuing spending bill to keep the
government running. Now isn't that interesting. The GOP basicly
owns the government, and they are going to pass the buck if they
fail?  Some of the Trump base might believe it, but I donbt if
many more do.

Trump and the GOP are making threats that if the democrats don't
help they will cut funding for health care, and insurance payments
that could hurt millions of americans. It's likely these are empty
threats as it would hurt them more than the democrats.

Trump is saying he isn't telling who is visiting to protect the
security of the USA. Trump complained about secracy during his
campaign, and now he is doing it. Likely to cover up profitable
meetings that have nothing to do with security except for his

Apparently Trump met with two Columbians who don't want the USA to
support the peace talks in their country. They happen to be prior
leaders of that country. So they may have financial reasons to stop
the peace process. Columbia news reported the talks with Trump were
productive. Trump called the meeting just a friendly handshake.

The atterney general was calling cities who refused to help with
rounding up undocumented aliens soft on crime. He got a blistering
response from the New York PD. Seems Trumps men are sticking their
feet in their mouths trying to make Trump happy. I wonder how long
thes people will last or even continue to support Trump?

Trump pick for the Supreme court voted to let Arkansas kill a death
row inmate today. His vote was the deciding vote. So Trump and the
GOP should be very proud.. I can't say wither it was a good decision
or not, but it shows Judge Gorsuch is a conservative.

Trumps 100 day honeymood is about to be over. Probably with no real
wins in congress. Other than his dictatorial rule by executaive order
hhe has failed to do anything. No wall, no health care fix, no tax cut,
and no infrastructure plan. Jobs he has created? Very few compaared to
what he claimed he waould create. In fact thousands have lost jobs
since he has been in office. Trump is calling the 100 day honeymoon
rediculous, since he has nothing much to show for it.

Is the GOP too fragmented to pass any big ticket legislation? Even
the Wall is running into problems. People who live along the border
are filing suit to stop the walls construction on their land. If these
people don't want it, why is the GOP pushing for it? After all most
states along the boarder support GOP members of congress. I wonder
how long congress will follow Trump down the garden path.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 23, 2017, 12:06:45 pm
Trump day 93
Our man Trump is bragging about how much he
did in the first 100 days of his office. Well he should
just be honest, Most presidents don't get much done
in the first 100 days. It takes a while to learn
how to do the job. To learn what is right or wrong for
the president.

Here is a few things I don't like about Trump

He doesn't care about anyone but his self.
He spends most of his weekends at his home in Florida.
He lies most of the time.
He brags about everything he does.
He claims to knows everything.
He watches tv for information on other countries
He tweets too much.
He can't stand to loose.
He can't admit being wrong about anything.
He has his family working in the administration.
He thinks the government should pay for anything he wants.
He is using his office to make money for his self and family.

This is a short list of faults he has.  Trump has been a
salesman most of his adult life. Much of what he is doing
is due to habits most salesmen have, and Trump is a
master salesman.

To sell
You must be sure of your product.
Brag on the product
Never admit you don't know.
Tell people they need it.
Repeat the claims about how good something is.

There are more, but you can see how Trump is using
sales tactics as president. Doing this to get elected isn't
so bad, but as president he needs to forget it.

The people in congress and world leaders are smart enough to
know sales tactics, and are not likely to be snowed by them. 
If the GOP didn't need his signature on laws they want he would 
have been impeached by now., and of course they want the
support of those who voted for Trump. Otherwise the VP would
sign off on their plans.

Of course the worst thing that can happen to a salesmen is
for his product to fail. So unless Trump can keep his promises
he will be in big trouble. I just hope he doesn't do something
that will harm the country trying to win.

Trump seems to not like Muslims. He seems to think they all are
terrorists. Some Muslims here in the USA feel the Trump administration
is against them, and might even put them in containment camps.
Trump ideas will likely cause more problems with terrorisim. We
need to treat Muslims fairly, not like they are terrorists waiting to
happen. We have had more mass shootings by native born americans
 than anyone else. Placing blaime on any one religion is wrong.

They have to work to keep the government open this week and
I doubt if Trump wants a government shut down at the end of
his 100 days. If it happens he will belaim the democrats.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 24, 2017, 12:47:22 pm
Trump day 94
Not much new going on. I hear Trump is still trying to pressure North Korea
to stop making nukes and missiles. Trump is expeccting China to  solve
the problem, but it's doubtful they will do all that much.

Trump wants something to brag about even if it hurts a lot of people. I
hope there are enough thinking people in the GOP to stop him.

Trump is planning a big ralley in Pennsylvania this comming saturday.
I am sure if the government has been shut down he will be blaiming the
demcrats, but if it's not he will take the credit. He should be doing his
job instead of making speeches to his supporters at rally's.

We did see thosands of people out for Earth Day. The GOP is still trying
to discredit Global warming, and other dangers to our planet. Trump
appointed a man to run the EPA who cares little or noting for the
environment. So all we can do is hope there isn't too much damage
before we can get back to responsible government.

I guess some people feel the save the planet people are all liberals. I
am sure there are some that are overly zealous, but if we leave it to
the conservatives who only think about the now to save a dollar and
not the future it will be our children who will pay.

The GOP claims they will make jobs.
The Democrats claim they want good jobs.
I think good jobs are best.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on April 24, 2017, 05:10:23 pm
Should be pretty interesting to see what happens at the end of this week. Congress needs to pass a budget bill by the end of the week to prevent a government shutdown. I doubt they'll make it in time. The main sticking point is that the Toddler-in Chief (Trump) and the Republicans want money to build the border wall. One way or another, they say they're going to get it. And they say they'll blame the Democrats if they don't get it. Well, there's a few Republicans too who are opposed to the wall and giving money. So if the Toddler-in-Chief doesn't get what he wants, you can be sure he'll throw a hissy fit and major temper tantrum.  :D

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 25, 2017, 01:10:41 pm
Kobuk I would be surprised if the GOP shuts the government down. Trump
or the GOP wouldn't have much to brag about.

Trump day 95
Our man Trump has many many conflicts of interest as president. Any man or
woman who is a billionaire is likely to have connections to the crimmial
element. Even if they don't want the connection, big money draws criminals
like flies to road kill.

Trump owes a lot of money to foriegn governments like China, and who knows
how much to Russia and others. Trump claims he made a Blind Trust, but he
knows what businesses he owns. He should be required to sell all of his
businesses or resign. I know he doesn't want to, but he wanted to be
President. So he should be willing to accept what it requires of him.

Being president is being a public servant, not a way to make millions using
the office. He should be required to release all of his finances to show
he has no conflict that could cause him to save his money instead of our

Trumps wall will not be paid for by Mexico. Even tariffs will cost
the american people and not Mexico. Trump is trying to get congress
to appropriate moneys for the wall. Tax payer money. A wall won't
stop drug traffic, most of it flows across the boarder in cars and
trucks. Any money spent on a wall would be better spent fixing
infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Trump wants to cut taxes by half to big business. Trump claims to have
drained the swamp. That drain led right back to the White house. He
is in bed with all the rich bad guys he was saying Clinton was working

The investigation of the Russian hacking of our election, and possible
connection to the Trump campain is going very slow, Even the senate who
started out well has slowed. The GOP leadership appears to be telling the
chairman of each committee to go slow so Trumps supporters won't turn
against them as they might if things go bad for Trump. If he is found guilty
of working with the Russians they would have little choice but to impeach
him. Or be seen to be guilty as well.

The GOP already may have dirty hands trying to protect Trump. They may
find themselves answering hard questions before it's all over. Protecting
someone who breakes the law is just as bad as the law breaker.

The GOP best distance them selves from lying Trump if they
want to stay in power.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 26, 2017, 11:36:28 am
Trump day 96
Our man Trump has refused to provide information about Flynn that
was requested by the Ethics committee. Perhaps the GOP chairman will
push the issue, but I wonder if he will.

Trump claimed to make 30 executive orders in his first 100 days. I
hardly think that is something to brag about. Trump bad mouthed Obama
for making excutive orders saying is was a sign of poor leadership. I guess
that makes Trump a poor leader too. Executive orders can be over ridden
by congress at anytime. Or by the courts, so they have little authority
over the other two branches of government.

Trump is still saying he will push for his wall. The GOP isn't supporting
the idea all that much. So will Trump refuse to sign the bill to  keep
the government running if the money for the wall isn't there?
I think he will continue to put it off as he has many things he can't
get congress to do. He brags about Judge Gorsuch, but the senate leader
changed the rules to get the judge approved. Not for Trump, but for
the GOP. They wanted a conservative judge that favored big business.

Trump said in his campaign that Obama made executive orders like a
emporor, and played golf hundreds of times. Hypocrit Trump is doing 
the very same thing he accused Obama of.

Trump said he was going to work to help women, but he has done little
for women. Except for family he hasn't changed. His Cabinet only has
one woman, and one in the Unitied Nations. Others he doesn't like he
offers them ambassadorships in distant lands. His opposition to  Planhed
Parenthood is more proof he doesn't care about women unless they are
pretty enough to grab.

I heard Trump is trying to get all 100 members of the senate to come to
a meeting on the white house grounds. I guess to hear Trump make a
speech, or perhaps to make threats saying he won't sign a bill to fund the government unless he gets his way. The GOP needs to tell Trump if he
wants to speak to the senate he can come to the senate chamber. Not to
act like he is  a dictator or some kind of King, and do his job.

A meeting like this would be a security nightmare, but Trump doesn't
seem to care. I think it's time the GOP leadership tells him to grow up.
If he tweets and pouts so be it.

They have a lot to do this week. So they best do more than visit
with each other to get their jobs done. Or the government will be
on vacation while cthe GOP and Trump play games.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on April 26, 2017, 04:37:40 pm
Trump's preliminary tax cut plan has been released. It seems to raise more questions than it provides answers.  :o Nothing new there I guess.  :P  Looks to be another "Take from the poor, Give to the rich" plan.  >:( Be interesting to see how many Trumplicans actually support this tax proposal.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 27, 2017, 12:53:08 pm
Yes Trump wanted something to brag about at his big Ralley this
weekend. Gotta get those cheers to feed that big ego of his.

Trump day 97
Our man Trump laid out a one page tax plan. It's just an outline but
enough to show it's a big tax cut for Trump and his billionaire friends.
Also allows the very rich to give much of their wealth to decendants. A
term for that is "Old Money" It is bad for regular people in that it
keeps a lot of money in the hands of a few people instead of spreading
it out into the economy.

Trump like the GOP are claiming big business will create more jobs if they
have more money. Well "Trickle down economics doesn't work." It just makes
rich people richer and the middle class poorer.

Trump had his senate meeting today. It was obviously a photo op trying to
show he is doing more than he really is. Most senators were discusted by
being dragged to a meeting where they learned little or nothing.

Trump, and the GOP is pushing a new health plan that would allow states
to set up plans that would cost people with health problems a lot more
money. Also even to let emergency rooms turn people away that can't pay.
This plan is even more draconian than their previous plan. Appearently
trying to get support from the Tea Party extremists.

If Trump has his way the people who voted for him will likely end up
worse off than they were in 2016. Less health care, and paying more for
it. working harder to make the rich richer. It's likely we will have more
soldiers fighting in the middle east. Perhaps even in Korea at the rate
things are going.

Trump has failed to hire enough people to run the state department. The
one agency that can prevent wars. To work with other countries and their
people. If a disease pops up somewhere that could spread around the
world. Like the Obola break out in africa a few years back. The state
department works to send aid and health care trying to stop such events.

Nafta will stay. Trump agreed to keep the trade plan with Mexico and
Canada. Another flip by Trump who campaigned against it.

Will the GOP do the job the constitution requires? Or will they continue
to make excuses to keep from finding Trump or his people guilty of
anything. If that is the case only the voters can correct it.

If the GOP vote to take health coverage away from millions of people
they will likely be needing new jobs in 2019.

If the GOP tries to pass Trumps tax cut that is designed to make the
rich even richer including Trump. The Democrats can put a stop to it
since it would need 60 votes to pass. Trump calls it tax reform, but
it's nothing but a tax cut when the deficit is growing bigger every day.
The GOP complains when the democrats spend money for social programs,
but they turn around and want to give money to the rich who have more
than 99% of working people have or ever hope to.

Real estate prices are shooting up. I hope the banks don't repeat the same
thing they did prior to 2008 recession by making too many high risk loans
to people speculating on real eastate. At the time house values were
climbing fast. A person could buy a house and sell it for a big profit in a couple years.

Trouble is people were betting on price increases to pay the loans,so when
the real eastate bubble burst thousands of loans went unpaid. Others ended
up with homes that dropped in value so much they couldn't refinace for
gor enough money to keep the home. So the tax payer had to keep the banks
from going under. With less regulations on banks they might do it again.

Trump among other real estate mogals made a killing picking up repossesed
homes for half their value.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 28, 2017, 11:42:45 am
Trump day 98
President Trump said he hopes to have a deplomatical solution
with NK, but it's possible there could be a major conflict with
them. Not a quote, but close. Could this be a vailed threat to
NK. Presidents usually don't say things this directly, but Trump
isn't like a normal president. We can only hope nothing comes of
it. Trump shouldn't be making statements that could be seen as
a threat of war by that paranoid leader of North Korea.

Our man Trump seems to be worried about Flynn. They don't want
to talk about him. Or provide any information on him. What is it
about Flynn is Trump worried about? Trump even changes the subject
or leaves the room if asked about Flynn.

The Trump administration doesn't want to talk to conngress about
Flynn. Will the GOP press for the information or just make more
excuses for Trump?

No vote on the ACA replacement for now. I guess they are working
hard to keep the government open.

The chairman of the oversight committee is leaving and may resign,
claming to have a foot injury. Seems odd when it comes to Flynn
Trump and the GOP want to change the subject. What is it they fear? 
Might they fear it could be so serious that it would force them to
impeach Trump?. I guess  that would worry the GOP, and for
sure Trump.

I am sure Trumps supporters would be very upset if congress gave him
the boot for any reason. I think the GOP would dump Trump if they
weren't afraid of a negative response by Trumps base. They still poll
over 90% in favor of him.

The GOP controlled congress has till midnight on the 28th to pass a
spending bill. If they try to tack on something for Trump it's likely
the democrats won't go for it. Trump is already blaiming the democrats
for all his problems. Odd since the GOP pretty much owns the

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 29, 2017, 11:49:58 am
Trump Day 99
Our man Trump laments his first 100 days. He said I didn't think
it would be so hard. Well if he had taken the time to study
the duties of the President. He should have studied the
constitution. He should have studied government, and how
laws are made.

Trump has spent his whole life selling real estate, and managing
business, and going bankrupt a few times. Taking advantage of the
public with mind games. This doesn't work with smart people.
Congress may be the slowest working body in existance, but they
are smart enough to see Trump for what he is.

Now with over a third of the congressional year behind him, Trump
is going to have even a harder time getting his ideas passed into
law. Members of congress get more nervous as the next election
cycle draws closer. The public may have a short memory, but each day
brings us closer to 2018.

Trump continues to shoot his self in the foot by hiring people with
no experience working in government. Instead of putting good people
in government jobs he puts friends in. That is one reason he had Flynn
and others who helped run his campaign. Trump should have looked to
other presidents to guide his desicions. Not people like Bannonn or
other people who come from the far right.

I think Trump is worried about Flynn because he let flynn sit in on
security meetings while Flynn was a foreign agent, and it's likely
Trump knew Flynn was, and should have fired him 3 weeks sooner. Trump
claims he chose Flynn because he worked for Obama. Well Obama fired
Flynn. So Trump should have checked to see why, and had the FBI
see if he was still good to be in security meetings.

Trump made a campaign speech to the NRA. He was in his old form
getting lots of cheers telling them what they wanted to hear.

Trump is playing with south Korean trade agreements, and telling
them they need to pay for our protection. This seems like a bad
time to get the people of South Korea upset over Trade and protection

The GOP passed a bill to keep the government open for a whole
week. I guess they feel they can twist more GOP arms to get Trumps
plans passed pver the next week. Somehow I don't think GOP house
members are going to stick their necks out voting for a bill that
the senate isn't likely to pass. The last thing they want is having
to run for relection with a bad vote on their record. The speaker
should know this, but continues to push for a bad replacement for
the ACA.

By the way the GOP will make sure they can get good health care
even if we can't. Almost all of them could pay for health care out of
their pocket. Billionaires could build a hospital dedicated for their
care.  So why would they care if we have any.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on April 30, 2017, 06:31:40 pm
Trump Day 100
Our man Trump seems to still be on the campaign trail. At least
it sounded l ike it at his ralley.

It was sad to hear he quote a poem calling immigrants scaley snakes.
No president should run down anyone like that. But Trump isn't too
proud to step on anyone he doesn't like or agree with. He was still
talking about Clinton, and running her down. Even though he has
has done some of the things he claimed she did and should be put
in jail for. He can't get away from his oversized ego even after
100 days.

Trump hasn't tried to bring the country together once in
the first 100 days. He hasn't tried to make any comprimises. It's
his way or no way. He is smarter than everyone else to hear him
talk. It is a shame the GOP run congress is so cowed they won't do
their duty to investigate Trump and his people. Instead they make
excuses for him.

Now we start the rest of Trumps term in office. It's likely he won't
be held accountable as long as the GOP runs Congress. Perhaps that
will change in 2018, but  only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on April 30, 2017, 11:29:44 pm
Looks like a government shutdown has been avoided........for now. Gov't will keep running till September.
Why is it we can only keep the gov't running for just a few short months, but never longer for like a year or more? Pretty disgraceful and sad if you ask me.  >:(
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 01, 2017, 11:20:34 am
Looks like a government shutdown has been avoided........for now. Gov't will keep running till September.
Why is it we can only keep the gov't running for just a few short months, but never longer for like a year or more? Pretty disgraceful and sad if you ask me.  >:(

Politics of course.  The party in power tries to hold the government
hostage trying to get their way.  I think both parties have been guilty
of it. Seems I remember Bush 1 was forced to sign off on a tax increase
when the Democrats threatened to shut the government down. Bush 1 ran
for president with the promise of "No New Taxes"
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 01, 2017, 12:16:55 pm
Trump Day 101
Our man Trump was wanting S Korea to pay for the new missile defense
system. The Koreans are not too happy about having  the missile defense
as it is. They would rather we wait till their new president has been installed
to decide. Of course the NK leader has been making threats over the defense
system too. But the NK fusses if S Korea does anything military. Nothing
new about that. NK has been fussing since the Korean war.

Trump apparently feels authoritarian leaders are better because they
show strenght. I guess killing people is a sign of strength for Trump.

Congress will pass a spending bill, but what are they going to fund? They
can leav anything out if they want to.

The house is working on a health care bill to replace the ACA. The big thing
is the state wavier allowing states to opt out to cover people with pre existing conditions by setting up a high risk plan. These high risk plans often have
limit on ccoverage as well as costing much more than other plans. The
ACA kept prices the same for all not higher for people with problems. This
is just a way to to get the conservatives on board, and hoping to keep
the moderates. Even if this is passed by the house it's not likely to make it
through the senate.

As long as the rich gobs run the country we are not likely to have anything
close to a right of good health care for the people like other democracies.
They seem to think anyone who can't pay for insurance is a lazy bum not
deserving of help. After all they think anyone can get rich if they work at it.
They say the poor and sick are the business of Charities not government.

When I was a kid the poor, and sick often died in poor houses that were
filfy with little or no health care. When we let people get sick and die in
large numbers. We set society up for epidemics of diseases that can cost
much more than providing assistance and health care to begin with.

When people grow up in societies that show little care for others they can
often end up feeling it's a dog eat dog world. This can lead to crime and
other antisocial problems.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on May 01, 2017, 01:42:07 pm
Congress will pass a spending bill, but what are they going to fund? They
can leav anything out if they want to.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 02, 2017, 12:40:54 pm
Congress will pass a spending bill, but what are they going to fund? They
can leav anything out if they want to.


I am rather skeptical when it comes to the GOP and Trump. Hope Trump
signs it as agreed to.

Trump Day 102
Our man Trump calles the NK leader a smart cookie. Even an honor
to visit N Korea if possible. All that would do is make the NK
leader look important or at least feel more important to have a
visit from the most powerful leader in the world.

Trump feels he could have prevented the civil war. One wonders
what kind of comprimise he would have offered the south? It was
about slavery, and states rights to decide to have slaves. So
you think Trump would have allowed slavery to prevent a war? It's
hard to say. It's just speculation as the war is history.

Trumps favorite president is Andrew Jackson. A tough president who
had slaves, and had the government move american indians to the
Oklahoma terriorty.

Trump fired the surgen general. Don't know if he will hire another.

Trump signed a excutive order to allow schools to have less nutrisous
foods to the kids. Probably will be liked by the kids.

Trump administration removed enviromental data from the EPA website.

Trump signed a excutive order to open up protected areas of the arctic
and along both coasts of the USA.. That included Califoria. Trump is
likely to get lots of protests over this order. If big business wants
it. Trump gives it to them.

All this may get a few cheers from his supporters, but not from the
majority of the american people.

Trump doesn't seem to understand regulations are for public saftey, not
just to hurt the bottome line of big business. He should set up a
commission to look at all regulations, then remove any that are reduntant
or do little but increase costs.

The GOP is warking hard to pass the replacelment health care plan. Likely
because the plan they are trying to pass is more of a tax cut for the rich
than a health plan for the people. That would give them a big step toward
the Tax cut plan.

It was good Trumps wall hasn't been funded under the spending bill.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 03, 2017, 11:13:42 am
Trump Day 103
Our man Trump is spinning the spending bill trying to
make it look like he got what he wanted. Even though
it was a win for the democrats. I still wonder if
Trump will sign it. He is saying it might be good for
the country if the government was shut down for a while
this September. He said he wants more senators or change
the senate rules so he can get his way.

Trump didn't mention that all the states along the Mexican
boarder don't want his wall. Trump didn't mention the
house has a GOP majority. If Trump would work with the
democrats. A bit of comprimise with the democrats could
accomplish quite alot. If Trump would work for the good
of the country instead of his self and rich friends he
would do better as well.

Trump continues claiming any news that puts him in a
bad light "FAKE" But if it is good it's the real deal.

Trump wants to run the country as if he was a dictator. To
sign orders that have the power of law that the courts
and congress can't stop. Possibly to punish people for not
agreeing with him.

Trump appears to have little knowledge of foreign affairs.
He seems to feel he can make deals with foreign governments
as he did as a CEO. Trump needs to spend all his free time
learning about diplomacy. Otherwise other leaders will walk
all over Trump. They will get the good deals while we get
the left overs.

They are still trying to pass a draconian health plan
to replace the ACA. If they do it will likely cost them
dearly in 2018.

The GOP seems to be wanting to forget the Russian attack
on our election last November. Not even push for sanctions
against Russia. The Flynn story may expose more people in
government. Several GOP members of congress were involved
with the Trump campaign. By trying to protect their fellows
the GOP may wish to drop the whole thing. The democrats
will not likely go along with it.

This is speculation on my part, but the GOP seem to be working
hard to keep any investigation on Flynn or the Trump campaign
quiet. There should be a independant bipartsan commission to
do a real investigation that will settle it once and for all.

Working to protect lawless people is bad for the country. If our
leaders don't follow the law how can we expect the public to do so.
This can lead to anarchy. snd cause the country to end up moving
to an authoritarian form of government like Russia. There if you
don't like the leadership they kill you.

All together now...   HAIL TRUMP!!!  j/k  :D
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 04, 2017, 11:39:37 am
Trump Day 104
Our man Trump is still pushing to change the ACA. It
has nothing to do with making it better. It's nothing
but a tax cut for him and his rich friends. The ACA as
is requires people making over $300.000.00 a year are
taxed to help pay the costs of the ACA. The change will
relieve them of this tax.

Trump still hasn't filled agency jobs for t hie government
since he took office. He should have had most of them
before he took office.

Bannon and the VP are still pushing for far right people
to be put in government. Nominating  those who have wierd
ideas, or have opposing views of ideas that have been proven
by science. Apparently they are looking for people who don't
believe anything but conspiracy theories instead of facts.

The ACA change will make it impossible for people with health
problems to afford insuracne.People with cancer could see
premiums of over $100,000.00 a year. This plan allows insurance
companies to charge any price they want to people with health
issues. It also returns limits to coverage for people. If a state
wants they can limit coverage for most anything they want. This
encludes people who get health insurance through their employer.

The GOP has been promising to kill the ACA for 7 years, and now
even with their lies about it. People want to keep it. This puts
the GOP between a rock and a hard spot. If they vote for it they
will be marked as cruel uncaring bad people. If they don't they
will have to explain why they didn't after 7 years of saying they
would. They should put politics a side and do what it takes to
prevent death and suffering for tens of millions.

There will be substities to help pay the premiums, but this bill
creates a 200 billion dollar shortfall over 10 years. The 8 billion
is not enough to help those who can't afford insurance.It just more
GOP talk designed to misslead the public.I wish these greedy people
had to personally see the results of the harm their actions cause.
Instead they hide from the public or offer snow jobs claiming it's
to help make more jobs.

They claim the states can do a better job of spending money to
help the poor, and others with health care. History has shown
many states do a poor job, and try to avoid spending money to
help the needy. Unless it's for their rich friends.

The FBI director tried to use the excuse he was protecting
the reputation of the FBI when he told the GOP they were
investigating more of Clintons emails. Even though he kept
from the public that he had Trump under investigation, claiming
it was improper to do so. He was crying alligator tears saying
he felt so bad that it may have affected the election. He and
his GOP friends were afraid they would loose the white house
and the senate if nothing was done. It was his job to follow
the rules, not breaking them to protect one political party or
the other.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on May 04, 2017, 02:58:46 pm
Whether anybody wants and likes Obamacare or not, the House just voted shortly ago and passed to repeal Obamacare. The vote was 216 to 211. Now it goes to the Senate where it will be debated and voted on.
I'll have more links to this developing story later, but here's a few samples for now:
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on May 04, 2017, 05:29:10 pm
For those who didn't want Obamacare to be repealed for whatever reason and were angry with the Trumplicans for voting Yes today to repeal Obamacare, here's a list of all who voted so you know which Trumplicans (or Dems) you want to vote out of office next year during the midterm elections.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Storm Fox on May 05, 2017, 12:56:10 am
For those who didn't want Obamacare to be repealed for whatever reason and were angry with the Trumplicans for voting Yes today to repeal Obamacare, here's a list of all who voted so you know which Trumplicans (or Dems) you want to vote out of office next year during the midterm elections.

The pendulum swings both ways.
Those who lost their insurance because of Obamacare, those that go to the website to see no plans listed for them or be told by one of the marketplace operators "There are no applicable plans available for you.", those offered a %60 private hmo plan for the low low price of $400 per adult per month, or those who can't buy any insurance because no insurer covers their county... All of those people will also know who to vote, or not vote for.
But of course that is only if people make their choices based on the outcome of one vote over one issue and completely ignore everything else a particular politician may or may not support. ;)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 05, 2017, 01:08:03 pm
Trump Day 105
Our man Trump bragged today that the house voted to change
the ACA. A change if it becomes law would deny coverage for
millions of people. The people have no shame. It's nothing
more than a tax cut for the top 2% of the rich. It cuts over
900 Billion from medicade to suppliment premium and drug costs
for people who can't afford insurance other wise. People may still
be elegible to purchase insurance, but no protection to keep it

Costs to people with health issues will go into the tens of
thousands of dollars a year. More money than many people have
for an income. Older people 50 to 64 could end up paying 5 times
more. Small rual hospitals are in danger of closing due to less
people having insurance.

All you young healthy people out there can smile. If this bill
becomes law you will have the choice to not carry insurance.
Just think if you get sick and go into a hospital you will
likely come out owing more than a $100,000.00.. Won't that
be fun? That's the gift our man Trump is offering you.

You all may not care if some poor guy dies due to lack of care,
but what you pay for your own health care  goes up each time
a hospital or emergency room doesn't get paid. They just raise
prices to those who can pay.

One day in the hospital with texts can cost over $12,000.00.

The house GOP members today just jumped off a cliff with Trump 
thinking there is a net of supporters below to catch them. I have
a hunch that  net will be very flimsy, and they will fall out of office
in 2018.

It seems many of the GOP feel if someone can't pay they should
die. Or I don't want to pay for some lazy bums doctor bill. Or
some kid a sluty woman had out of wedlock. It's this kind of
thinking that creates social problems across the country.

These people stood cheering for a law that could kill  thosands.
I did not vote for Trump or any GOP man or woman last november.
I used to be a solid supporter of the GOP, but no more.
The GOP I knew as a young man is gone.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 06, 2017, 11:59:51 am
Trump day 106
Our man Trump visits with Fox news about every day. This isn't
big news as Trump hangs on their every word. I think Trump should
use his time for the job of president, and not to visit with
with friends. Who can say what they might be talking about. People
had conspiracy theories with the Clintons. Seems there are good
reason for many about Trump.

Trump fired the white house Usher. A african american woman who was
hired by Obama. Now Trump can decide who works at the white house,
but one wonders if perhaps this person wasn't pretty enough. In
the past Trump has been known to fire women over their looks, and
possibly due to race. The report was she left quietly. It's doubtful
we will never know the truth unless she talks about it.

Now that the house has the ACA replacement out of the way. They
will likely jump to the tax reform bill. This is more of a tax
cut bill for the top 2% of rich people. The cut to medicade was
the first step. It gives the GOP and Trump more room to cut taxes
by 15% for corporate america and those smart billionaire friends of
the GOP and Trump. I have a hunch GOP members will get money
for that generosity if it passes.

The GOP claims big business needs these cuts to create more jobs. I
wonder  how many of these big corporations even pay 15% in taxes
now. Besides they will likely use any money they save in taxes to
update their manufacturing process so it's more automated. I don't
see how that creates more jobs. It will likely end up cutting jobs.

Large sums of money has been donated to help  people run against
the GOP members that voted to  kill the ACA. That was just since
the GOP vote. 30 hours, and it continues. The next 11 days of
recess will see the GOP members facing large crowds of angry
voters. I have a hunch most will hide from their voters.

I heard one democrat say he was getting calls from people
asking how to get in touch with their GOP representative. He
told them to keep trying as he couldn't help. But he did offer to
speak at their town hall if their GOP representative didn't want
to. Many were happy to have him speak and answer questions
their own representative isn't willing to do. I hope more democrats
offer to do this in other GOP districts where the Representative hides
from the people.

I heard two GOP congressmen being interviewed for their support for
Trump care. It seemed I could hear fear in their voices as they tried to
spin how good the plan was. Almost like they were trying  to convince
them  selves along with the interviewer.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 07, 2017, 11:56:22 am
Trump Day 107
Our man Trump went to New York for the first time since he
took office. More campaign stops. I guess Trump is worried
he will loose the 2020 election already. I think Trump is the
first president to spend more time talking about his self
than doing his job. Any time he stays some place other than
the white house it's a motel or club he owns. To make money
for his self. This president seems to care more about money than
the country unless that care benifits him and his businesses.

He didn't run for president for the people. He ran to make money.
There isn't anything wrong with makeing money, but the job of
president is 24/7  about the country, not your self.

Trumps push to change the ACA is more about cutting taxes than
heath care. He needed to remove the ACA tax on the rich first. Now
he will try to get a big tax cut for him and his billionaire friends.

Trump and the GOP leadership have likely tossed their members under
the bus with this health care vote. Time will tell, but it's real possibility
Trump will loose both houses of congress in 2018. So you can be
sure they will work hard to change government while they can.

I heard one GOP rep say. No one ever died due to not having health
care. Hard to believe isn't it? It's people with this kind of ignorance
who are running the country. If not do they really think the public
is this stupid?  Many people have died due to a lack of health
care. Granted many die due to illness, but if you can't get the care
you need or pay for drugs. You will likely die sooner than later.

I heard something said by a GOP senator. We can set up homes
for those who can't afford care. Sounds like the old folks homes f
from a century ago. Places where the poor waited to die in terrible
conditions. Many rest homes have give poor care. Homes for the
tpoor would likely be even  worse with the GOP wanting to keep
the costs low.

It seems the GOP wants to return to the days where people lived or
died based on their income, be it shealter, medicine, food or health
care. Other countries feel people have a right to what they need to
live. Why shouldn't we, the richest country in the world?

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 08, 2017, 12:37:11 pm
Trump Day 108
Our man Trump had his people on all the news and talk shows telling
everyone how good his new health plan is. It's always easy to tell.
They always have a speech ready. Pat answers for questions. Hard
questions are avoided.

The plan allows States to decide how to use Medicade. Many states
have GOP run governments.  So it's likely they will cut back all they
can. Saying the local charities should handle the poor. Yep just like
the GOP in the national government. Bottom up politics.

Trump is planning to head to the Middle east claiming he will make
deals to stop all the problems there. Well if he succeeds he will be
the first president since WWII to do so. I think he will be sorely
disappointed with the outcome, though  he will never admit failing.

I wonder how long the Senate takes to pass their version of Trumps
health plan? I am sure the GOP leader will try to  ram something
through. Trump and the GOP want to move on to Tax Cuts for their
rich friends and supporters. The sooner the ACA's tax on the rich is
gone the better. Nothing like making the little guy pay high health
costs so the top 2% of the rich can pay less tax.  They keep saying
the working poor and older people will be protected. I wonder how
medicaid will work better with almost 900 billion less to work with.
It's stretched pretty thin as is.

They keep saying Tax cuts will make jobs. It hasn't worked in the
past. The rich people invest their money in real estate, play the stock
market,  or other high end items. It's the little guy that makes the
economy run.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 09, 2017, 12:56:53 pm
Trump Day 109
Testimony by the acting justist department atterney general
appears to show the Trump administration ignored warnings
that Flynn was a possible risk for the countries security.

Why did Trump keep Flynn for another 18 days when he should
have removed Flynn from acess to security matters till they
could investigate him and those he assosiated with.

Was it just Trump not wanting to believe Flynn was a risk?
Or did Trump know and kept him anyway, putting the country
as risk. Trump ignored Obamas warning to not hire Flynn. Trump
still claims he didn't have Flynn checked out because he worked
in defense security for Obama.

Trump stated he was renewing the war in Afghanistan today. Was
this to push the Flynn investigation out of the headlines?
I wouldn't put anything past Trump. Seems Trump hasn't any
plans to get us out of war in the middle east.

Visas to the US can be basically bought for 1/2 million dollar
investments here. It appears the Trump family is using this to
raise money for new building projects. This is legal, but
there is a report they implied president Trump would expidite
them getting green cards. This would be a conflict of interest
for Trump. They claimed it wasn't intentional to cause people
to think they would get special treatment, and apologized.
Was this the first time? Who can say. Trump got an extension
for this pay for these Visas in the continuing spending bill he signed.
So perhaps Trump wanted to keep this golden goose on the nest.

Trump made a big deal during the campaign that Clinton
was guilty of "Pay for Play". It appears Trump and company
has been making money this way ever since he has been in
office. The GOP just grins and looks the other way.

The GOP is lying about their new health plan. Not just
spinning or twisting the truth, but out right lies. Seems
they think it's ok to lie when it comes to health coverage.
Just like they have for the past 7 years about the ACA.

These anti tax people will do anything to save their rich
supporters money. The GOP and Trump don't care if it costs
the working class person everything they own for health

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on May 09, 2017, 08:41:24 pm
Trump just fired FBI director James Comey.  :o This'll put a serious crimp in the Trump/Russia investigations.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 10, 2017, 11:00:49 am
Trump Day 110
Our man Trump has shot his self in the foot once more. Firing the
FBI director for his actions with Clinton? This makes no sense at
all. Trump was bragging on The FBI director last October. If he
really felt the director needed to be removed why wait over a 100
days to do it?

Trump claims to be a professional, but he fired the FBI
director without even giving him a chance to resign. The director
found out while making a speech to new people in the FBI. I can
imagine it would have been an embarrassment to him. Could it
be Trump wanted to fire the director while he was out of town?
Perhaps to prevent the director from protecting files prior to
leaving. The reason I think this is when he asked the New York
federal attorney general to resign he refused giving his self time
to protect files from possible loss before Trump fired him. If
Trump has something serious to hide who knows what he might
do, or have others to do.

This all smacks of a cover up by the Trump administration. Every
time someone in government appears to be putting Trump at
risk it's time to fire them. Starting with the Acting atterney
general. A new york federal atterney general looking into
money laundering and the Russians, Now the FBI director who
said the FBI had the Trump administration under investigation.

Trump has been complaining the investigation of the Russian
connection with him is all fake news by the media. He wants it
to go away but he continues to do things to add suspicion. If
Trump wants this to go away. He should ask congress to set up
a special investigating committee, as it he just makes his self
look guilty of a cover up.

Now will the GOP work with the Democrats to set up a special
prosecuter, and special non partisan committee to finish the
job of investigating the Russian connection and hacking to
benifit Trump.

Or will they again make excuses to protect the white house
from a proper investigation. As long as this cloud hangs
over Trump it will grow and be more likely cost them
control of congress in 2018.

Trump and the GOP may say the public doesn't care if the
Russians are involved, but that  is their fantasy and not real

Trump may think he is safe with the GOP and his friends
put in control of investigations. But he best hope the
GOP keeps control, because 2 years from now he could
be impeached and perhaps going to prison along with
many of his friends. This business makes the Nixon water
gate thing look small. Then it was just bad judgment over
a break in to a democrat office. This time it's about the
security of the nation. The very thing he was saying
H. Clinton should be locked up for.

Trump could just be paranoid with no improper connection
to the Russians, but cover ups get people in trouble more
often as cover ups prove intent to deceive.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 11, 2017, 12:57:50 pm
Trump Day 111
Our man Trump has made a few excuses for his firing the
FBI director. Just last week his press secretary was saying
the director was doing a good jop. Now the white house is
saying not to believe what the press secretary said.

The whole thing smells like a cover up, but we have to
depend on the GOP to investigate.. Talk about a conflict
of interest. The GOP should want to set up a special
non partisan committee. But the GOP leadership is standing
against the idea. They say they believe the Director was
properly fired. Perhaps he was, but I didn't hear any
complaints from them when the FBI director broke the rules
to let the public know of a new investigation on Clinton days
before the election.

Here is a thought. Could the GOP want the help of the
Russians during the next election? They know the country
is shifting to the left. So they may be looking for any
help to slow or stop this shift. It's doubtful we will
ever know. But I think the leadership is too smart to
be believing everything Trump feeds them. Even
though they act like they do.

I think the GOP and Trump will stall any investigation
looking into the Russian connection, and the hacking of
computer records of the democrats. It's possible the GOP
wouldn't mind if the Russians did the dirty work of
spying on the democrats again while they benefit and
wash their hands of it.

There is evidence of the Trump campaign meeting with the
Russian government. The FBI director has been fired, its
likely because Trump may have been worried about what the
investigation might find. Trump likely used the Clinton
email business as a diversion for the real truth, and
the GOP say they have no reason to not believe it.

Will the GOP want a new director that is friendly
to Trump? Or will they do what's right and only
support a director that is willing to follow
the evidence where ever it goes?
Only time will tell.

I heard last night that Trump often screams and shouts
at his tv when he see's something he doesn't like. There is
a report the ex FBI director commented that he felt Trump
was crazy. We may find out more now that the ex-director
isn't tied to his job now. Also there is a report the FBI
director was wanting more resources to ramp up the Russian
investigation just a few days ago. Trump may feel this action
will stop the probe, but the director sits at the top. There are
many under him doing the actual investigation.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 12, 2017, 12:54:49 pm
Trump Day 112
Our man Trump has admitted firing the FBI director to put a
quicker end to the Russian connection investigation. This could
cost Trump the presidency. Obstructing an lawful investigaions
is an impeachable offense. This may only be the tip of the iceburg.
The invsetigation by the FBI is following business interests of
the Trump family and Russia.  Trump claims he has no business
interests in Russia. One might wonder if this is what Trump is
worried about.

With the GOP in control of congress and the justice department it's
not likely they will move to do anything soon. I kind of think some
of the GOP members  may fall away from the leadership if more evidence
comes to light.Trump hasn't a lot of support from the public over this
firing. Even from his base.

Reports that Trump asked the director to sign a statement to pledge
his loyalty to Trump. The director wouldn't do it. This alone is a
form of obstruction as well. There is reports Trump requires everyone
he hires to sign a loyalty pledge. Also a non disclosure pledge.
If not he won't hire them.

Trump spends most of his evenings alone in the white house. He invites
supporters and cabinet secretaries for dinner. At night he goes up
to the residence and stays up half the night with his phone. Here is
a mon who could do most anything just spends time alone wanting to
show the world he is number one. Such a waste and sad. If he is
impeached he will likely spend the rest of his life blaiming others
for his failure.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 13, 2017, 12:19:48 pm
Trump Day 113
Our man Trump will say anything to get approval of
his base. That doesn't mean he will do it. But he will
say it. I have heard several people say Trump is mentally
unfit to be president. Not just Joe Blow, but Physiologists.

We should amend the constitution to make people prove
they are mentally and physically fit to run for president.
People who care more for themselves than others is
dangerous to the country. Of course in previous years
congress would stand up to a president instend of cowing
to him.

If you watch Trump make a speech in front of a large
audience you can see him work the audience. I have had
a bit of training in public speaking, and Trump is using
every rule in the book to get an audience to follow him and
believe what he says.

People think of them selves first, so learn what they
want and promise it. Use their language so they will
think "He thinks the same as I do." Trump isn't a good
president because his salesman training doesn't work
with the media. Or other professional people. His
con artist games will hurt him as president.

He blaimed the FBI direactor for being a show boater. I
laughed out loud as Trump is the biggest Show boater in
the country. Trump firing the man who is investigating
him for possible collusion with the Russians was a bad
idea. Cover ups put more big shots in jail than most
anything else.

The GOP would be better off selling their souls to the
devil than going along with Trump. He will lead them
down the garden path, and walk away when he is
done. Trump wants them to follow every weird  idea he
has. You might have noticed he has trouble getting good
people to join his administration. They know what he is
and run from him.

I acually blaim the GOP for letting Trump get by with using
the office of president to make money, or encourage the
Russians to help him.Sure he has strong support, but
they are  not puppets. They have minds. They should do
their jobs first and worry about staying in office later.

Members of congress are still trying to cliam their new health
bill is better. They say it will cover just as many people due
to cutting waste. Well if 880 billion is waste. Then use it to
pay down the national debt instead of giving it to the
millionaires and  billionaires who don't need it.

The Atterney general is moving to get rid of Obama's
idea of letting non violent criminals out. Instead give
them the harshest punishment possible. Why. Because
punishment stops crime. Well that's been tried before
and it doesn't work. It just fills up the prisons. Of course
those who build prisons or run them like all that money.
It's likely a Trump idea because he said he would be
tough on crime. I say lets be smart on crime not tough.

Trump is starting a commission on voter fraud which is
silly. There has been perhaps 30 cases of voter fraud
across the natiion. This is a GOP plan to make it harder
for people to vote nation wide. Especially the elderly.
People of color, and anyone who might not vote for the

This is the most discussing thing yet by Trump. We should
be encouraging people to vote, not make it harder. Without
the right to vote we will cease to be a democracy.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 14, 2017, 12:28:03 pm
Trump Day 114
Our man Trump may be in firing mode. I understand he plans
to fire some of his staff, and possibly Cabinet members. He is
angry because everything is moving so slow. Well Trump is
the mover and shaker. So he is slowing the process more
than anyone else.

Of course Trump never blaims his self for anything. A man
who is perfect in his own eyes. Smart because all rich people
are smarter than anyone else..

Trump will be traveling through the middle east this friday
so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I am sure
Trump will say it was great. as everything he does is.

The GOP is making excuses for Trump fire of the FBI director.
A few comments that it was bad timing, but probably a good
move.  Some times I think Trump could walk out and kill a
few people in front of a news camera, and his supporters
would say."Must have been a good reason for it." GOP would
say "We will look into it." It just seems that as Trump is the
original Teflon man. Nothing sticks to  him.

Basically it seems Trump is leading an anti Washington DC
movement that is tied to the GOP because Trump ran as a
republican. I am not sure they are really pro GOP. This is
probably why the GOP congress is so cowed. They are afraid
that Trumps base supporters will leave the GOP if they turn
against Lord Trump. His followers cheer almost every time he
goes against the constitution, and government norms. I am
afraid his base is blind to the needs of government and law.

Will the GOP hold the president accountable? It's doubful.
The GOP feels all these public complaints are from a small
number of democrat activists. Perhaps, but if it continues
to grow they may change their mind.

The GOP following Trump on voter fraud. They have been
working to limit voting by minorities because they don't
vote for the GOP. They have been pushing voter fraud for
years in the states.. Now they want to make voter limitation
nation wide.  Trump has used the voter fraud excuse ever
since he lost the popular vote. There is no good evidence of
significance fraud except in the minds of the GOP.
In Wisconsin alone hundreds of thousands were removed from
voter roles. Clinton lost by 20,000 votes. It's likely if those
people could have voted the results would have been different.

There is evidence how ever that across the nation states removed
hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions from voter roles. The
supreme court relaxed the rules to keep tabs on state voting laws
at the request of the GOP. Ever since many states have moved to
limit voting. If the democrats ever gain control over the federal
and state governments. They best work to restore the right to
vote across the nation. It should be easier to vote not harder.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 15, 2017, 12:03:53 pm
Trump Day 115
Our man Trump made the comment that leads us to believe there
are recordings of Trumps activities as president. Trump has had the
habit of making recordings of his business deals. So there is a
significant possibility there are recordings Tape or digital.

I wonder what happens if Trump claims there are no recordings? Will
the GOP press for a investigation to see if Trump is recording activities
of his presidency? I have my doubts..

Trump claims the Loyalty question didn't happen. But when someone works
for the government they take an oath to be loyal to the country. Trump has
the habit in his business to require loyality to him. This is likely more of
Trump wanting to run the government as he has done with his business.
He seems to think he is the ultimit boss as president, like he was with
his businesses, but he is likely finding out that isn't the case. The
president is one of a triad of government control. President, Congress,
and the Judicial.

Trump has to learn how to work with others to run the government. Even
if he doesn't want to.  Trump never had to work out compromises in his
businesses. So this transition is difficult for him.

Trump wants to say. "You will follow my orders." Or "You will sign an oath
to be loyal to me." Or even Congress will do what I tell them." and finally
"The Courts will follow my decisions." If not he wants to fire them.

It's likely when the FBI directore refused to be loyal to Trump the man..
Trump  decided to fire him.

The GOP is making noises like they are wanting more information from
Trump, but will they subpeona records from the white house? So far they
aave been reluctant to do so. This congress will likely go down in history
as being concomitant. Especially if Trump is impeached in 2018.

Congress should put party aside and work for the country. They keep
saying they want to  follow the wishes of the voters. Well a majority of
the voters don't agree with them. Their claim of voter fraud is another
way to disregard the wishes of the people for their own benifit.

Some GOP congressmen are saying they don't want a partisan pick
for the FBI director, but it's likely Trump wants a man who will be
loyal to him.

The voters of N Carolina had a victory. The chief justise of the supreme
court stated they wouldn't take up an appeal to reinstate a law the GOP
state legislature passed that would restrict minority voting.  So it's effectively
dead, but I am sure the GOP will keep trying to limit voting in other
states. The GOP should hang it's head in shame, but they will do anything
to win elective office. The Democrats aren't totally innocent, but it's rare
to see them trying to limit voting.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 16, 2017, 12:07:12 pm
Trump Day 116
Our man Trump apparently gave Isis intelligence that was
supplied by a foreign entity to the Russians. The provider
apparently didn't want the Russians to have this information.

Did Trump give this information to make his self look good,
perhaps to gain more favor with Putin? This was a bad call
for the president. Especially when the providers of secret
information can't depend on us to keep the information from
people they don't want to know.

This may cause providers of valuable info to stop providing
it. This kind of info can protect our own people from terrorist
attacks. If people are killed due to loss of valuable info you
can be sure Trump will be playing his blame game.

Trump has the authority to pass on info as he wishes, but
doing it this way is dumb. Trump seems to think he is so
smart he can make the decision on his own. Not to ask the
CIA, or other security professionals.

Trump has in the past said he can work deals on the
fly with anyone. Trump may be a good business man, but
I don't think he fully understands how information like
this can affect the lives of others working to spy on
dangerous people.

The white house is trying to come up with an excuse for
what happened. Seems they are having to cover for Trump
on a regular basis. Trump never wants to admit making a
mistake. Instead he blames his staff or the press, or
anyone but his self.

Trump had the meeting with the Russians in the oval office
in the white house without American press even though
a Russian media photographer was there. Trump needs to
have the press around for his own protection, but it seems
he wants to keep the press at arms length, and blame them
for his problems.

This event among others is putting more strain on the GOP in
congress. They are having to defend Trumps ideas and actions
even though they make little sense, and hurt national security.

One or two  congressmen have filed to impeach the president.
Obviously the GOP will stall or reject it. Impeachment is in the
house is like a grand jury. To investigate wither or not the
president has committed crimes. If has been determined he
has then it moves on to the senate for trial. At the end the
senate votes to remove the president or not. I think it takes
a 2/3 vote to remove a president.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 17, 2017, 12:39:40 pm
Trump Day 117
Our man Trump apparently asked the FBI director to not
continue the investigation on Flynn. If this is true Trump
is sliding ever deeper into trouble, possibly guity of
obstruction of justist. Perhaps not enough to get the
GOP to start impeachment, but it's putting the GOP's
credibility at risk with the American people.

The GOP has been and still is avoiding the evidence
about Trumps activities that could be unconstitutional.
Do they feel their agenda is so important they will risk
loss of power to keep old man Trump in office? After all
the VP would likely sign anything they want to pass after
Trump was removed. If they continue to stall around 2017
will be gone, and they will be in an election year. Congress
rarely does anything of significance in an election year.

Perhaps the reason they are stalling is the worry that the
VP might be as involved as Trump is. However the GoP is
being pressured by supporters who give the big bucks to
get on with the legislation promised to them. if not the
GOP may not get those big bucks they need next year.

So our friendly GOP is between the proverbial rock and a
hard place. Impeach and loose Trumps support base, or
keep Trump and loose the big money support. Isn't politics

If Clinton was president and guilty of any one thing that
Trump has done to violate the constitution the GOP would
be falling all over them selves to impeach her.

Unfortuantly the far right press is doing all they cana to
discredit all reports of wrong doing by Trump. Due to this
Trumps supporters are living in the dark believing it's all
fake news and Trump is innocent doing his very best for the

I watch MSnbc. I know it leans to the left and favors
democrats. I have not seen any reporting that looks unfair.
They offer air time to the GOP, but they rarely ever take
the offer. I haven't seen Trump on there. I think it's
because they know questions will be asked that will not be
designed to make them look good. Truth isn't required to make
anyone look good. So they go to Fox news where those in the
GOP can get by with spinning their stories to make them look
good and the democrats bad.

It's no wonder Trump is good friends with the owners of the
FOX network. Trump watches Fox news and requires all TV's in
the white house to be set to fox news. I have heard it's even
required in most government agencies.

It is odd how loyal Trump is to Flynn. Trump fires most people
if they don't agree with him. But Flynn is almost like family
to hear Trump talk. His loyalty to Flynn may end up causing
him to be impeached when it's all over. Suppose Flynn has
something on Trump? Only time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 18, 2017, 12:12:55 pm
Trump Day 118
Our man Trump is now facing an independant investigator. He can't
directly fire him. Except by telling the assitant atterney general
to do it for him. If Trump tries to fire the indepenant counsel he
will be digging a hole he may not be able to climb out of.

The indepenant counsel is to deter-men if there is any connetion
betwee the Trump campaign and Russia. The possible obstruction
of justice investigation will continue in Congress. The two may
come together in the end, but the American public needs to
see public hearings where possible. The independant councel
has no obligation to make his findings public except to
congress and the justice department.

Will a new FBI director nomiated by the assistant atterney
general best be non partisan or it will create more suspicions
of a cover up.

A report tells of the GOP saying Trump is being paid by the
Russians. They have denied ed the report till they found there
was a recording of it. Now the speaker is calling it a joke. I
wonder what they will say if it's proven Trump is working for the
Russians after all?

The GOP. They claim they are out there with the best interests
of the counntry in mind. Then we find out they hide their dirty
laundry. Many politicans in this country republicans and democrats
alike are wealthy people who want to stay that way. It seems to
me the GOP is worse. The democrats want to help people by providing
basic human needs, and the right to live with good health. To be paid a
decent wage. On the other hand the GOP wants to let people live very
well, or die in poverty, blaming people for being sick or poor. Along with
racial bigotry, and lack of respect for women's rights. It's the stand on
your own two feet way of thinking. This works much of the time, but
there are always those in need.

Not all politicians in the GOP are this way, but the leadership is.
I think many feel they knows what's best to keep the county strong.
Even if it means allowing some to lay sick and die. A healthy society
must work for the good of all. Not just hand outs, but to help those
who are in need. Local charities do pretty well, but have limited resources.

The story of Ebeneezer Scrooge was a morality story at a time where
in England they had debtors prison, work houses for the poor, and people
died of sickness and starvation. The words "If they die it will rid us of the
surplus population" was likely the thinking of the wealthy at the time. 
People of means have a habit of making excuses for not helping the poor.
The popular story helped to point out the suffering of the poor to people
who rarely thought about it at the time.

I think the far right would like to see us return to debtor prisons and work
houses for the poor. There are reports of some states wanting to make people
do extra work for Medicaid. It would be a small step from that to work houses.
Society is never perfect, but to ignore the needs of the disadvantaged will
cost us all in the end.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 19, 2017, 11:52:41 am
Trump Day 119
Our man Trump is calling the investigation of his connection to
the Russians a witch hunt. Even though Trumps connection with
Russians over money continues to deepen over time. I think it's
the early calls for help by Trump to his supporters. To put pressure
on the GOP so they won't push to have him removed even if he is
found guilty. I think he will be crying for help. "Keep me and the
GOP in power so I can do the job I promised to do."

I will make a prediction. If Trump is found guilty of law breaking
the VP will pardon Trump. The VP's credibility is running thin though.
He has been claiming to be in the dark of things during the campaign
when he was running Trumps campaign. He has even told lies to help
cover Trump. Time will tell but if the house of cards called the
Trump administration falls it might take the Vice president with it.

Trump is immune to prosecution as long as he is president, but that
doesn't protect his aids, or others working for Trump in the white
house. I understand some are already looking for other jobs.

The FBI director that Trump fired has memos recording his conversations
with Trump. If these memos have been properly recorded they may put
Trump on the hot seat of obstruction of justice. Even if he isn't
guilty of being in bed with the Russians. If the VP has knowledge of
this and tried to cover it up. Even at Trumps direction he could be
in trouble as well.

Demonstrators in front of the Turkish embassy were attacked by the
security forces of the Turkish leader who was watching nearby. Claims
were made they were protecting the leader of Turkey, but reports of
the leader telling his men to attack the peaceful protesters were made.
One GOP senator called for the expulshion of the Turkish ambassador. When
asked Trump didn't have any comment much less calling for an apology
from the Turkish leader who he just had a meeting with. After all Trump
has a Trump Tower in the Turkish capital. This is why it's bad for a
president to have business interests in foreign countries.

If the GOP keeps power Trump will likely stay till 2020. Even if Trump
is removed. The VP will likely fill the rest of the term. They want to
pack the supreme court for their own benefit. If one more member or
two of the supreme court is replaced with a conservative. The rights of
the LGBI, minorities and women could return to the way they were in
the 1950's. I fear if this happens it will cause massive demonstrations,
and riots across the nation. Much as we had in the 1960's.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 20, 2017, 11:46:12 am
Trump day 120
Our man Trump leaves the country. For the middle east, and
Europe. It was reported that Trump called the ex FBI Director
names (very childish) while talking to the Russians. Saying the
business with the Russian investigation presure is off.. Some how
I think Trump will be feeling more pressure than less by the time
he returns.

There is a press report that there is a person of interest in
the white house. Someone close to Trump. I wonder if the
investigation gets closer will Trump start firing investigators

It will be interesting to see how his overseas meeting go after
all his bad mouthing of the Moslem people over the las two years.
Will Israel  be happy to see him after he hands their info
to the Russians?  Then on to see the Pope. I kind of think Trump
plans that visit to be more of a photo op than anything else.
Trump cliams to be religious, but I think he is only that way
when it's politically advantageous.

I understand Nato members are working to learn how to handle Trump
when he meets them. They want to keep Nato strong, but who knows
what Trump will say. I think this ia a trade meeting of the G7 so
Trump will likely come out bragging.

When president Nixon was threatened with impeachment he resigned
for the good of the country.I kind of think if Trump is impeached and
removed. He will fight to the end, and probably will go on TV to
rant that the presidency was stolen from him and his supporters.
Trying to devide the country instead of admitting he was wrong and
work to bring the country back together.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 21, 2017, 12:07:08 pm
Trump Day 121
Our man Trump has apparntly signed agreements
to sell hundreds of billions in arms to Saudi Arabia.
Of course he is bragging about it, but we have been
selling arms to the Saudi government for years.

He claims it will create thousands of jobs, but I have a
hunch the arms industry is fully employed, and likely
has been for years. Though the jobs are good, I don't
think the arms business is anything to brag about.

Trump was greeted with pomp and ceremony even
given a gold medal. The Saudi's see Trump as someone
like themselves. Who likes to be treated like a sovereign
or king. I am sure they know Trump is a sucker for a
kind word and a smile.

Trumps speech to the arab world was strong against supporters
of terrorisim, but was likely accepted with approval, but probably
not much else. Trump will have a hard time getting them to work

The secretary of state, the ex CEO of Exxon is likely good
friends with the Saudi leaders. I am sure Exxon does a
lot of business there. The Saudi government has used
their oil money to spread a conservative form of Islam
around the middle east for many years. This has likely
helped to spawn terrorists like Isis, and others.

If the Trillions of dollars spent by governments around the
world on arms had been spent on peaceful pursuits  there
would be a lot less suffering and poverty. I think people
who build arms sometimes sell to both sides of a conflict just to
make money. It's likely it will never change as men of greed
think little of others. Be it an arms dealers or a dictator wanting
more power.

Trump moves on to Israel.  It will be interesting to see what
happens there.

GOP and Democrats
It seems politics has become a path to riches these days.
In the past people ran for office to work for the good of
the country. Now it's for their own good. Run for congress
then after a couple terms leave and be an lobbyist or some
other high paying job.

I have said in the past people should be in congress as a
public servant, not as a career. Or a way to gain riches. If
we only have money grubbers in office we are not going
to have good government.

There isn't anything wrong with making money, but when
someone follows a path that takes advantage of others to
do so it's wrong.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 22, 2017, 11:51:46 am
Trump day 122
Our man Trump and the current leader of Israel are good
friends so we can expect to see Trump getting the royal

Trump makes the statement that he wants peace as every
president hast 50 years. 

Apparently Trumps giving the Russians the info we got from
Israel isn't going over well behind the scenes. Time will tell
how it affects how much informatioin we get from Israel in
the future. Trump and the leader of Israel tried to give the
impression Trumps meeting with Russia didn't hurt the info
partnership and trust. Behind the scenes the people providing
info are worried that Trump won't protect it.

Trump was bad mouthing the agreement with Iran to stop
their weapons program. Trump said Obama helped save
Iran's economy is wrong. Obama made the agreement to
stop or slow the nukes Iran was gettng close to producing.
Economic snctions weren't working fast enough on their own.

Trump made the statement he wouldn't allow Iran to have
nukes. This would likely lead to war. Their labs are underground.
It would take an invasion to destroy it along with any misssle
program they might have.  I hope we can find a peaceful way
to deal with nukes and missles, not war.

N Korea is still firing off missles, and claims they can hit american
military bases. The Trump administration is still working to find
a peaceful solution.  One wonders how long it will last.

The GOP is working on their health bill in the senate, and likely
their Tax cut bill they want to call tax reform. The health and
tax bill both are designed to cut billions in taxes to the top
2 percent of the american rich.

The public best keep the phone lines and town hall meetings
going or the GOP will cut millions from programs to help the
poor. Including health care for kids and food programs.Cuts to
mdicaid that help[s the elderly and disabled. They claim it's
all about making the programs viable, but I think it's
all about cutting taxes for their rich friends and supporters.

I suppose many people will have to suffer and die before the
public understands what the GOP is up to. There is no reason
we can't take care of the needy inspite of GOP claims.

Elections. Trump is already putting ads on TV bragging about
how much he is doing for the working class. I saw on that
said he was making it easier for young people to go to college.
Hopefully it's not another university scam.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 23, 2017, 01:02:16 pm
Trump Day 123
Our man Trump commented he had left the middle east while still in
Israel. Guess he isn't very good with geography as Israel is in the
middle east. Also he commeented when asked about security, Trump
replided defensively. I didn't mention Israel to the Russians. No
one ever said he did. So did Trump spill another secret?. The
leader of Israel was taken aback for a moment. Trump doesn't make
it easy even for his friends.

Flynn apparently is going to take the Fith instead of talking
about the Trump administration and his connection to Russia. In
the campaign Trump made the statement complaining about people
taking the Fifth amendment.Because if they did they must be guilty.
I wonder what Trump will say about Flynn doing that very thing?

The possible obstruction of justist by Trump is continueing to
grow even with Trump outside the country. Trump has spent most of
his life telling others do this or that, and if they didn't he
fired them. He is finding out that doesn't work as president. I
wonder if he will learn from his mistakes? It's hard to say as
Trump seems to have a very short attention span. So when he talks
unscripted he says what comes to mind. Even if it's irrational
or dumb.

There was a terrorist bomb attack in England, President Trump
condemed the attack, and wishes to rid  the world of such
activities. .

I understand they will start working on the new budget. Trump wants
to cut funding for medicaid, food, health care for kids, women and
the disabled to name a few. In the campaign Trump said he wouldn't
be for cutting help for the needy. Just more of his lies. Perhaps
some of his supporters will be hurt if his ideas are passed.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on May 23, 2017, 07:13:44 pm
Read it and weep, folks. The cuts President Trump wants in the 2018 budget. It ain't pretty. This is Trump's equivalent of "Let them eat cake." or He continues to rob from the poor to give to the rich. >:( The sooner we get this idiot out of office, the better.  :goldpissed:

A few sample links:



Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 24, 2017, 01:03:36 pm
Read it and weep, folks. The cuts President Trump wants in the 2018 budget. It ain't pretty. This is Trump's equivalent of "Let them eat cake." or He continues to rob from the poor to give to the rich. >:( The sooner we get this idiot out of office, the better.  :goldpissed:

A few sample links:




Yes Kobuk. The new GOP and Trump have little compassion for the disadvantaged.
They claim the states will take care of the needy. Well unlike the Federal government
the states have to balance their budget. So if they run short the needy are just out.
Even if it means they will die, be they child , disabled, or elderly.

They claim cutting taxes will create jobs, the age old cry of the rich. We make jobs.
Unions were created due to the kind of sorry jobs the rich create.

Trump Day 124
Our man Trump sent some of his staff back to washington DC.
Perhaps he was wanting to have some people covering him while
he is in Europe. After all the investigation is rolling along.

Turns out the Treasury department is dragging is feet after
saying they would provide the financial records on the Trump
campaign. Perhaps it's just slow going, but is Trump
asking others to slow down the investigation as he did
the FBI?

Truns out Trump asked several people to not investigate himself
and flynn. If this isn't obstruction of justice what is? Seems the
GOP is more worried about leaks of information to the press than
wither Trump obstructed justice or not.

I think the GOP feels they can still win in their highly
gerrymandered districts. Turns out the GOP lost a supreme court
ruling  that will change some of these districts the GOP created
to isolate minority voters. This may raise a few beads of sweat
on the foreheads of the GOP, where they will have to win in a
more fairly set up district. I think gerrymandaring was origianlly
created to balance districts to prevent unfair advantages, but both
parties have been guilty of abusing it. More so the GOP staring
in 2010. Voting dstricts should be setup by a bipartisan commission
not by the prevailing party.

The GOP can say the town hall meetings are full of democrats,
but the election in 2018 will tell. Even if the GOP is tossed out
people shouldn't expect a big change. The GOP will fight to have
their way, and even if Trump is gone the VP isn't likely to sign
bills that go against the GOP way of thinking. So it will be 2020
where we can choose a new president. It's possible the GOP
could regain control of the house even if they loose the white
house. If people want the country to shift more to the center left
they must keep the GOP out of power, because they believe the
super rich should run the country.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 25, 2017, 12:34:52 pm
Trump Day 125
our man Trump is pushing to increase the numbers of troops going
to Afghanistan. Trump seems to think we can stop alkida with the
military. These bad guys hide among non combatants or run to
Pakistan. Are we going to follow them, and spread the war? Who
knows with a man like Trump. If we start destroying villages the
population will turn against us.

Trump ran on getting us out of foreign wars, but now he apparently
plans to get us deeper into one.

More reports that the Trump campaign people were possibly
involved with Russian officials before the election.

Trump told the Philippine President where two of our submarains
were.This is a possible security violation. The military doesn't
tell anyone where our subs are.

Trump calls the super rich very smart. It's possible he
thinks the poor, and minorities are loosers. Perhaps any
one who hasn't made it rich is a looser to him. I had kind
of forgot, but in the past the term looser was used for
people who end up poor or on homeless.

This came to mind when Trump called the suiside bomber a

The reported changes created by the ACA replacement bill passed
by the house of representatives is out. 14 million loosing coverage
by 2018, and 23 million in 10 years. premiums going up in the first
year. Coverage costs for older americans could increase by 800 percent.
Not counting the loss of medicaid coverage for children, the working
poor, disabled and elderly. Costs to people with existing illness
could go very high, perhaps $100,000.00 a year for limited coverage.

A man running for congress from Montana apparently attacked a
news reporter. The GOP canidate claims the reporter was agressive,
but evidence doesn't support that claim. It will be interesting to
see if the public in Montana want a man who can't control his temper
when faced with hard questions. Our law makers should be able to deal
with tough situations, without turning to needless violence.

The GOP should distance them selves from anyone who acts like a bully.
It's unamerican in my opinon for our lawmakers to attack the press
physically or otherwise. The constitution provides protection for the free
press. Even when politicians don't like it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 26, 2017, 12:23:52 pm
Trump Day 126
Our man Trump was giving some of the Nato members a hard
time because they haven't been paying their share. This
is reasonable. Nato members want mutiual protection. They
should be willing to pay their share. Trump was scolded over
the information leaks about the suicide bomer. Trump said
he woul see it was checked into. Trump did push another
Nato member aside so he could be front and center for photo
ops. Not too suprising with a man like Trump.

When Trump met the Pope. The Pope told Trump he should watch
his diet. Trump is fat even though he doesn't want to admit it.

It appears Trumps son in law is being looked at by the FBI.
Perhaps to see what deals he had with the Russians. If they
look into his businesses who knows what the FBI might dig up.
I understand this guy is much as Trump is. A man after the
almighty dollar. Trumps problems may take his whole famly
donw with him. Only Time will tell.

With Trump gone overseas the staff has been working on ways
to respond to reports on investigations by the FBI, press and the
special council. People to go out and spin stories in the
presidents favor. Snow jobs would be a good name for it. Seems
Trumps staff has been keeping him too busy to wach cable news
and be on Twitter while on the trip. Trump will likely go back
to being his self when he returns.

The man running for the US congress in Montana has been charged
with assult. So far the GOP leadership isn't distancing them selves
from this person.They basicly said if the people in Montana vote
for him it's fine with us. Seems the GOP only cares about winning.
Even if it's someone who attacks a news reporter for no good reason,
then apparently lies about it. Of course the GOP and Trump doesn't
have any problem with telling lies.

The latest report about the ACA shows there are 27 million
people on the program. This is close to the prediction of
there would be 30 million by now. The ACA is failing due
to the GOP cutting subsities to help peple pay the insurance
premiums. Why? So they can cut taxes for the rich.

The strangest part is the ACA was originally a GOP plan, but
when Obama started pushing it. It became Obama Care because the
GOP did not want to help Obama at all. The first two years
the Democrats controled congress and that's why Obama was able
to get some work done. After 2010 the GOP took over the house
and said NO to everything. Including fixing the ACA. A plan
they first proposed, and now want to get rid of it at any cost.

The FBI is holding the memos of the ex FBI director till they
check with the special council who is investigating the Trump
campaign. The ethics committee has requested them, but it may
be sometime before they are released.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 27, 2017, 11:23:00 am
Trump Day 127
Our man Trump's son n law is reported to asking the Russian
ambassador for a secure line to the Russian government. To
keep it private. Perhaps it was just lack of experience or
was it intentionally wanting to keep a converstation secret
from the US government. I think if you or I had done this we
would looking at prison time. So it will be interesting to
see what happens. His security clearance should be pulled if
nothing else.

I imagine Trump will make excuses for his son n law. Though
there may be some back room teling him to be more careful.

This and other business the Trump administration has had with
Russia screams secracy. So what are they trying to hide? Is it
just money matters, or if it's something illegal like money
laundering? The federal country club jail may have some new
members. I am not sure even the GOP would try to protect all
those envolved.

Congressional investiaating committees are asking for all papers
from the Trump administration all the way back to the beginning
of the Trump campaign. Even though the GOP is still trying to
stall and make excuses with each new suspision.

During the Nato meeting Trump elbowed his way to the front sso
he could be seen during a press briefing. Treating other members
with a lack of respect. He should have made clear we would stand
with the other members if attacked, but he didn't. Nato stood with
us after 911 by goint to Afganistan and fighting along side our
troops. Was this because of Trumps connection with Russia? Only
Trump can say.

Trumps supporters might like his bluster, but respect is the name of
the game when talking to other countries. Especially those who are
our friends. Trump needs to learn this.

Trump continues to hide from the press. His claims the press is
bad is unamerican. His supporters should want to know what Trump
is up to. Not just say I am sure he is doing a good job. Trump should
have denouced the attack on the reporter by the GOP canidate in
Montana. People want their freedom os peech. They should demand
accountability from thos in government. The GOP never has liked the
press because they see it as affiliated with the left or democrats.

Is the GOP like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned? Seems like they
don't care what Trump does as long as they can cut taxes for their
very rich supporters.

GOP supporters may think attacking the press is a good thing. I think
they would feel differently if they had to accept new laws out of the
blue. With no acccountability.

The press shouldn't be expected to spin news to make one party or the
other look good, but the GOP thinks they should for them and not the
democrats. When they don't the GOP attacks the press verbally and  even

Without a free press president Nixon would have gotten away with his
obstruction of justice . Perhaps those in the GOP think he should have
gotten away  with it. I don't know, but if we allow our leaders to break
the law it will lead to anarchy.

I want to thank those of our military for their service and sacrifice
on this comming Memorial day.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 28, 2017, 12:07:42 pm
Trump Day 128
Our man Trump has been bragging on how much he accomplished with
his trip. He failed to mention what he said in Israel about his giving
info provided by Israel, who didn't approve it. He failed to mention that
he bullied the other members of Nato, and in the G7. I don't think Trump
is the president of Nato even though he acted like it. Several members
(allies by the way) were insulted by Trumps actions.

We need better relations with our allies not worse. Leaders of other
countries are not going to let Trump lead them by the nose. I understand
Germany has little confidence in Trump. The Baltics who have been there
to help us in wars were insulted by Trump. Putin must be grinning from
ear to ear.

Trump enjoyed how he was treated in Saudi Arabia. A country that spends
billions spreading radical islam, and has been for over 40 years. It's very
likely they were behind the 911 attack, or at least supported those who did
it. The Saudi's are scared to death that they will be over thrown if they don't
push conservative Islam. Trump has claimed he doesn't like radical Islam so
why treat the Saudi's like friends. He had complained that Clinton took money
from the Saudi's because of the things they do to their people. Isn't it odd
he accepted a large donation from them even though he didn't think Clinton
should. Trump only needed to be diplomatic, not cozy up to them. Just more
of Trumps Hypocrisy.

Trump is calling reports by the major media fake, or made up stories. Does
he really think the people of america are going to accept his word when he
lies all the time. Perhaps his supporters and GOP want to believe his lies, but
I don't. I have seen the news media tell half truths, or even spin, but I haven't
seen any outright lies. If they did it would catch up with them. Lies end up
needing even more lies. If the major media makes a mistake they correct it.

Trump never admits making a mistake. He is perfect, and smart. In reality
he is foolish and ignorant because he thinks he knows everything.

The GOP is calling the attempt to setup a secure channel to Russia vis the
Russian ambassador nothing to be worried about. Even though no other
president has tried such a thing GOP or DEM. How long will the GOP stall
and try to cover Trumps problems?  I suppose as long as Trumps supporters
do. I can only say they are walking a knife edge. If Trump falls out of favor
the GOP will fall with him.

I wonder if the working  class really wants the owners of Walmarts to get a 52
billion dollar tax cut? While cutting medicaid for  children, disabled, and the
elderly. We aren't talking about lazy people getting aid, but people who can't
help them selves except to suffer and die. I say SHAME on the GOP, and those
who support such a thing. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

Trump will lie to the bitter end. If he doesn't go to jail he will be on TV claiming
the presidency was stolen from him by the fake media.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 29, 2017, 11:40:24 am
Trump Day 129
Our man Trump has returned, and is claiming the media is making up stories
about his son n law. Trumps son n law will likely be with Trump in the white
house as long as Trump is. He has already said he is totally behind his son n

Being Memorial day Trump is out to lay the reef at the tomb of the unknown
soldier. Trump has shown a lot of support for the military. This is one thing I
commend him for. I hope he doesn't use the military for more useless wars. If
he really does care about those in arms he won't. The biggest honor any
president can give to those who died is keeping the peace, and only going
to war to protect the country and our freedom.

It's sad, but Trump has done things that put our soldiers, and intelligence
people at risk around the world. Now Trump is increasing the fighting in
Afghanistan. Trumps calling the free press names to cover his lies hurts
the nation. I hope he learns better but Trump only cares about his self
and will never really change. I wish Trump was as good a president as
he is at making speeches.

The GOP does little for needy people. So I leave it at that.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on May 29, 2017, 12:09:22 pm
Being Memorial day Trump is out to lay the reef at the tomb of the unknown
soldier. Trump has shown a lot of support for the military. This is one thing I
commend him for. I hope he doesn't use the military for more useless wars. If
he really does care about those in arms he won't. The biggest honor any
president can give to those who died is keeping the peace, and only going
to war to protect the country and our freedom.

I think it's a complete disgrace for Trump to be showing support for our troops when he himself dodged serving in the military for our country.  >:(
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 30, 2017, 12:11:04 pm
Being Memorial day Trump is out to lay the reef at the tomb of the unknown
soldier. Trump has shown a lot of support for the military. This is one thing I
commend him for. I hope he doesn't use the military for more useless wars. If
he really does care about those in arms he won't. The biggest honor any
president can give to those who died is keeping the peace, and only going
to war to protect the country and our freedom.

I think it's a complete disgrace for Trump to be showing support for our troops when he himself dodged serving in the military for our country.  >:(

I feel much the same Kobuk, but Trump is president, and as president he fulfilled a
tradition that has existed since the civil war.  Many people and veterans across the
nation would have been disappointed if Trump hadn't placed the reef on the tomb of
the unknown soldiers.  I have my doubts that Trump really cares about our soldiers.
We should remember the disgraceful way he treated the Gold Star Muslim family
last augest. Why? To use the fact they were Muslims to gain support from those
who hate and fear others due to ignorance.

Trump Day 130
Our man Trump is feeling the strain due to all the leaks and problems wiht his staff.
He has depended on his son n law quite often in helping him with decisions. Trump
is going to have to decide who to keep and who has to go or he will accomplish little
in his presidency

The big problem Trump has is he still feels a business model will work for running
the country. Running a large business is more like an autocracy than a democracy.
Untill Trump understands the difference he will continue to  have problems with
congress, the courts, FBI, and his justice department.

Trump should be trying to bring the country together. So far he only talks to his
supporters. If he has a ralley he only wants his supporters there. If anyone tries
to speak out against him he says "Get them out of here"  Anyone who hides from
the truth will continue to make the same mistakes. Over and over.

The GOP is split between the ultra conservatives. amd their moderates. Trump
needs to reach out to the democrats. It is always hard if not impossible to
get everyone in a political party to agree. The GOP is no different if not worse.
The GOP leadership has a very conservative agaenda. If they don't moderate
it's unlikely they will accomplish very much. The majority of the country iwants
to help those in need. Most want people to try to help them selves, but not

The GOP is more of a party for business people. People who start businesses
are hard working stand on your own two feet types. So they don't like to give
their hard earned money to those they consider to be lazy bums. They believe
in bottom up government because they have better control of local government.
Federal control often steps on the plans of local business. Makes them spend
money on things they may not believe in. The party leans toward people wiht
strong convictions. No Gun control, no land control, no labor contols. One could
say it's the "Me Party." Where as the democrats tend to be more of a party for
all the people. In the past both parties worked together, to strike a balance
between each ones beliefs. Untill we return to the days of compromise it's
going to be a mess.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on May 31, 2017, 12:35:37 pm
Trump Day 131
Our man Trump and the Russian connection investigations are stalling
legislation. Reports of unrest among those in the west wing of the
white house have been in the news for days. Several names to replace
the current crew have been mentioned. Some from the campaign days.

This business with Trumps son n law has caused Trump some consternation.
He claims it's unfounded because it's from unknown sources. Yet
he made that claim from a Fox news report that came from a unknown
source as well. As usual Trump ties his self to any story he feels
will help verify his side of things.

Trump could put an end to this if he would just open up and tell
the truth about why he wants good relations. Is it personal relations
or better ones for the country?  Only time will tell. There are
currently around 20 people under investigation for this and that
tied to the white house. If it turns out to  be illegal they may
all be facing jail time. It appears there could be a lot of money in
the mix. So it could be all about Russian money for Trump and his
loyal friends.

Trumps approval rating edged up a bit with his trip to the middle
east. Why? Who knows. Looked like he caused our country more trouble
than anything else. The Saudi arms sales was pretty much a done deal
anyway as they are always buying arms.

Since Trumps trip gave him a little boost in approval he may be
out of the country more often.

There are reports the senate GOP leader says there isan't enough
votes to pass a replacement for the ACA at this time. This will
stall the Tax Cut bill since they need to cut medicaid in the
health bill so the government can afford the big tax cuts for
the top 2 percent of the rich.

About everytime you see a GOP member answer questions about
the cuts to medicaid they stutter around trying to make good
excuses for their shameful actions. Making stupid claims
they can big cuts in medicaid witout hurting anyone. It's
nothing but a big tax cut for their rich supporters, of
course they don't want to talk about that.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 01, 2017, 12:23:51 pm
Trump day 132
Our man Trump is likely going to back us out of the clean energy
agreement. If he does it will put the USA behind other country's
in clean energy development over the next several yearss. We will
fall behind the rest of the world. In fact China will likely lead
the world in clean energy production.

You can be sure Saudi Arabia wants us to buy more of their oil.
Continuing to depend on crude oil for energy will fund the terrorists
of the middle east. If the world could cut back on the use of crude
oil it would reduce the money for places like Syeria, and Iran. It's
oil money that allows them to keep a strong military.

It's likely Trump told Saudi Arabia we would continue to  protect
their oil shipments with our military, and as long as we depend
on crude oil we need to.

There is a report that Trump may be letting the Russians move back in
to the two fancy homes that Obama made them leave because of their
interference of our presidential election. Trump is supposed to be making
some kind of deal. Time will tell what Trump does.

The GOP is the only conservative Party in the world that claims global
warming is a fantasy created by environmentalists. Why? It's likely
because they get millions of dollars to support their re election from
big Oil, Gas, and the coal industry who wants us to continue to burn dirty
fuels. Seems our friendly GOP thinks more of the dollar than the  future
of our planet, and future jobs for our people.

The GOP points to China saying they are building coal fired power plants,
one every 10 days. This is wrong. They are shutting coal plants down. China
is spending billions on solar, and other clean energy. In fact their investment
in solar has driven the cost of solar down for us all.. They know using fossil
fuel is bad for their cities, and the people living there.

Over 300,000 people work in the clean energy business, and it's growing.
Trump and the GOP could slow this growth by passing regulations to hurt
clean energy and help dirty energy. The government should be supporting
clean energy. Not slow it.

The FBI directory that Trump fired has been cleared to testify at congressional
hearings. A public hearing by the way. It will be interesting to see what he
has to say about his meetings with Trump.

H Clinton spoke out today. Not as a candidate, but to explain what she thinks
of Trump and why we should be concerned as a nation. Also she feels women
are still treated differently. Taken less seriously. A double standard. I
felt at the time more people would have voted for her if she had been a
man. I have heard people say. "I don't think a woman should be president"
She didn't loose the real election. She lost the electoral election. A
an outdated process that should be done away with.  Of course the
GOP likes it as it's helped them win 2 presidential elections even
though their canidates lost the popular vote both times.

After hearing what she said. Trump tweeted. "Crooked Hilary." Rather
strange statement since she isn't under investigation and he is. Poor
Trump. He still hates the fact Clinton beat him big in the popular vote.

I think Clinton would serve the democrats better by not talking
about the election of Trump. Many people see it as sour grapds on
her part. Besides it gives Trump an excuse to run her down.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 02, 2017, 11:28:01 am
Trump Day 133
Our man Trump pulls us out of the Pais accords. To hear
Trump talk the world is out to get us. A very cynical
view of the world. The Pairs agreement was is voluntary,
Trum made it sound like we were bound by it. Trump and
the GOP is wanting to send us to the past not the future.

If we stand still the country will suffer. We must
train workers for the jobs of the future not the past. Big
business is always slow to change, but we must be willing to
change or we will loose to those who will.

Trumps speeches always seem to be so dark. Full of gloom and
doom if we don't do what he says. Trump continues to play on
the fears of the public. Clean energy is the future. The days
of oil and coal is in the past.  Especially Coal.

Many large corporations understand this, but Trump and the GOP
wish to follow their big money supporters who want to keep us in
the past. To force people to use energy from coal instead of Solar, Wind
or Natural gas, all of which is cleaner. I understand many jobs depend
on coal. Around 80,000, but clean energy employs well over one million
jobs and counting.

Change is always hard for those affected. When motor cars became
popular many people lost jobs making horse drawn carriages and
wagons. They adapted as people have over the centuries with each
form of progress. Those who won't are left behind.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 03, 2017, 01:01:53 pm
Trump day 134
Our man Trump is making it possible for business owners who have
religious problems with providing contraception for their women
employees Not only that he expanded it to any morel conviction.
I am not sure why religious people are against contraception.
Could be they don't like sex except for reproduction. I have
a hunch most of those kind of people are sexual hypocrites. It's
just another attack on women's rights by Trump and the GOP.

During his speech about withdrawing from the Paris accord Trump
said the Tax cut bill is moving through congress. This is another
lie by Trump. The change to the ACA will have to happen first or
there won't be enough money to cover a tax cut for the rich.

Also Trump claimed he was elected by Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to
withdraw. Well the people of Pittsburgh voted 80 percent for Clinton
not Trump. They didn't ask Trump to pull out of the Paris accord either.
They are working hard to improve their economy in spite of Trump.

There is a report that Trump is calling the ex FBI director a lier.
Seems Trump is even looking into stopping any testimony by the
FBI director to congress. Trump just continues to add more
and more suspicion on his self and his people.

There are reports that Trump wanted to drop all sanctions on Russia 
soon after he took office. Perhaps Trump believes Putin will be a nice
guy if Trump is nice. Well Putin isn't nice unless he wants to be. Perhaps
Trump is wanting a big loan to cover some debts? Only time will tell.

I just found out Trump has twitter bots. His total follower base is
likely half of what it appears to be. Seems Trump thinks he has
to prove people like him even when it's a lie. This kind of thing
is just sad. more proof Trump is a narcissist

The GOP is still working to replace the ACA so they can work on their
big tax cut. They should be working to balance the budget not cutting
taxes for the rich or big corporations who will likely use any savings
to automate not hiring more people.

The GOP should also we working to regulate drug prices. While
the CEO's big drug corporations are paid muli million dollar bonuses
the common man is charged huge prices for drugs they need. They
claim it's to cover research and development, but they spend millions
on advertising selling drugs and add that to the cost of drugs that
have been around for many years.

I heard a report Trump asked why the government can't bargain
prices with drug company's. He only needs to ask the GOP as they
agreed not to.

Many industries operate on greed and lies. It's time we regulate
to keep them honest and limited to a good profit, not a huge one
for products because people need them to live. Other countries put
reasonable limits on prices for life saving drugs, and products.

Prices for luxury items can be controlled by the market place as
it's a choice people can live without.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on June 03, 2017, 10:47:39 pm
Loc just recently posted about the London terror incidents that happened tonight.

You can bet that Trump will try and spin this to his advantage and push for his "travel ban" to be reinstated. But the thing is, you can't put out a travel ban on terrorists that are "already" in a country and maybe have been so for quite some time. Travel bans will not stop terrorists. In this day and age of computers, cellphones, social networking, etc., a terrorist organization doesn't need to send it's militants overseas anymore to create havoc when instead it can recruit and radicalise people who are already living in Western countries through the Internet like social networking.
This is the new face of terrorism. The new threat.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 04, 2017, 01:05:32 pm
Trump Day 135  Most news is about terrorist.

Our man Trump responds poorly to the attack in England. His
claims this shows we need his travel ban is wrong. The last
thing we want to do is make the Islamic people feel  like
second class citizens. It is a very small minority who are involved
with terrorism. When people feel they have  no future they are
more likely to kill themselves. Especially if it gives them power
over those they see as powerful.

The far right of the GOP may push for radical actions if we have
any more terrorist acts in the USA. Talk of internment camps are
reported. This would be the worst thing Trump could do. I hope
the report is wrong.  When we start putting people in jail because
of their religion, or dress, we can expect them to push back.

I wish Trump would quit only worrying about the people who
voted for him, and think about the country as a whole. The GOP
has apparently convinced him to follow them, and the rest of us
can jump in a lake. Trump could be a great president, but he
only thinks about his self and plays to those he feels he can
con into following him.

I think Trump knows to stay in office and have a chance to be
re elected he has to play to his base of support. He has a solid
30 percent of the GOP behind him. He would have to do something
totally stupid to loose many of them. The far right of the GOP is
working hard to reinforce local support across the country. Local news
outlets are being asked or perhaps told to only say good things about
the GOP and Trump.

Seems the longer the Trump administration is around the more Trump
thinks he can do whatever he wants. Unless the GOP puts a stop to it
he will just go farther to the right.

The GOP is mostly supporting Trumps withdrawal form the Paris accord.
Making excuses for Trumps decision as usual.  They keep saying climate
is just haveing a natural warming period. I wonder who made the GOP
expertson climate? They have lots of excuses, but their biggest excuse is
it will hurt jobs and the economy. Well clean renewable energy is where the
good jobs are growing. If we don't push for it other countries will have the
jobs instead.

Already coastal cities are having to raise sea walls, and building pumping
stations to  deal with higher tides. Sea rise will hurt the economy much
more than regulations on emissions. Most of our power plants have
converted to natural gas. I heard a senator saying we need coal becuse
it can be stored at the power plant. Well a power plan goes through train
loads of coal. Storage of enough to last months would be difficult at best.

It's just political excuses that will likely hurt us all in the end.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 05, 2017, 12:54:38 pm
Trump Day 136
Our man Trump loves to brag about what he wants to do. Most of
it is smoke and mirrors. He has already made excuses for not pushing
for good health care even though he campaigned he was for full
protection for all. I think he has people around him who don't care
if people have good health care, The problem with Trump is he listens
to friends for advice instead of professionals who really understand
what the people and country needs.

Trump still wants the 3 month ban on Travel. Perhaps someone should
tell him it's been 4 months since he made his executive order. Trump
and others seem to think we can prevent terrorisim by locking the
boarders against Muslims. This will not stop terrorisim. We have
had more terrorist activities by home people than foreigners.

Trump is still bad mouthing the Mayor of London, England with tweets.
Claiming he left the public vulnerable by saying there was no reason
to be alarmed. I think the Mayor was trying to calm the public. Trump
is just hurting his self with these tweets.

Trump is still claims he is for making the country Great again. Pushing
to rebuild our infrastructure. This is fine, but Obama called for it 4
years ago, and the GOP said no. Not surprisingly Trump is claiming
credit for job and economic gains even though he hasn't done much of
anything except lie and make empty promises.

While Trump is being cozy with Russias Putin he should ask him to
stop sending shiploads of coal and other industrial products to North Korea.
At least till North Korea stops it's missile and nuke program. Shipments
have increased 70% over the last few months. Perhaps to make up for
China's slow down.

Trump is claiming to make the VA better. Only time will tell. Many
have tried over the years.

Trump is wanting to change the Air Traffic control system. Moving to
a GPS instead of radar and ground based navigation aids. Trump will
likely find out how slow change happens. Trump wants to Privatize the
air control system. One operating on non profit. I really hate to see us
move to GPS dependence. Satellite navigation works well, but if there
was a war they are very vulnerable, and subject to signal jamming.
Trump bad mouthed Obama saying he spent billions with no improvement.
Well this will take years to fully implement. It will still require to operate
under government regulation. So even though it's a good idea it's more
about politics by Trump than anything else.

The GOP wants to privatize everything. This is well and good as long
as we can keep greedy people out and maintain public safety. Almost
everything paid for with  taxes are vulnerable to corruption. Many
politicians are guilty of corruption. GOP and Democrat.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 06, 2017, 12:28:45 pm
Trump Day 137
Our man Trump is on the twitter path. Still running down the
Mayor of London, England. He took a statement the mayor said
out of context. Now he is tweeting about his Travel Ban again.
I think Trump is doing all this to get his supporters stirred up
about Muslims, because he promised to keep them out.

Trump is going to hit a wall. The courts don't run for office so
he can't get his supporters to fire any judge. Trump is just
killing his chances to get a Travel Ban with his Tweets. Trump has
managed to win court cases with high priced lawyers so perhaps
the thinks he can do it as president.

Trump seems to think he can do anything as long as his supporters
are happy. He needs to understand there are many more who didn't
vote for him, and if he doesn't work to bring the country togeather.
He won't get anything done. That means compromise, a word that
probably doesn't exist in his vocabuary.

Trump continues to hide his tax records from the public. Even as
president. What is he hiding? He has claimed people will use them
to create fake news about him. If Trump  has nothing to hide he
would benifit a lot by releasing his taxes..

Trump even after almost 5 months in office hasn't filled many jobs
that are needed to  run the government. With all his claimes to be a
good manager he seems to play more than work. Golf, watching tv, and
tweeting wierd statments.

The GOP seems to be afraid of Trumps supporters and the far
right. They best move away from the far right if they want
to stay in office.

When Trump spoke to the NATO allience he failed to declare
he would stand by artical 5. Which means if one is attacked
all will stand with that one even in war. By not stating it
in clear terms it worries the allience. Hopefully NATO will
work more to  protect it's self.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 07, 2017, 02:35:51 pm
Trump day 138
Our man Trump seems to be loosing control. He appears t bes trying to
blame everyone but his self for his problems. He seems to think
everyone should follow him no matter what he does.

Trump seems to treat others like they don't know anything. He acted
this way during his campaign. Like those in government are not to
be believed or listened to.

Seems when Trump gets an idea he goes with it instead of asking for
advice first. This can get people in trouble. If Trump
continues to work like this he is asking for more trouble..

It is true government does seem rather inept at times, but it's the
process of trying to follow laws and regulations that gums up the works.
Trump seems to think common sense answers should be followed.The
country and world is way too complex for this to work.

Trump acts like a coffee shop politiecan who thinks they have all
the answers, but knows little of how government works. People like
this would be lost and frustrated as Trump is trying to be president.
People need years of government experience to do a passable job
running a country. The common sense approach may sound good, but it
will lead to failure. Trump has apparently operated his businesses by
brute force for years. This has worked for him, but it won't work as
president. The only thing saving him is the fact the GOP congress
continues to cover for him.

The ex FBI director will testify tomorrow in congress about his
meetings with Trump. It's likely the GOP will try to spin this to
help Trump once again. A paper has been released saying the
FBI didn't have Trump under investigation. I am sure the GOP
will use this to defend Trump.

Who can say, but Trump and the GOP want to get out from under
the Russian connections with Trumps campaign. So they can carry
on with making health care more expensive, so they can cut taxes
for their rich supporters.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on June 07, 2017, 03:44:47 pm


Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 08, 2017, 12:14:12 pm



Thanks for the info Kobuk

Trump DAy 139
Our man Trumps meeting with the ex FBI direcort will be
covered in a congressional committee. It appears it's
going to be more contentous between the GOP and Democrats.
Not counting tweets by Trump while it's going on.

Trump asks for Loyalty from those he feels work for him. This
is fine in business, but not in government as each government
employee is to follow the constitution first, even if a
president asks them to do otherwise. Trump told the FBI
director he wanted loyalty to him, apparntly over the
constitution, and the law.

Already the GOP is saying they see no real problem with any
of Trumps meetings. Even though if the director says the same
thing under oath as he said in his prepretory statement, law
professionals feel Trump has crossed the line. Even if he has
only congress can pull the plug on Trumps presidentcy, and that
isn't likely to happen unless Trump does something they can't
cover up.

One GOP sentator said we have no plans to get rid ot Trump
as we have an agenda to pass. Sounds like he felt the ends
justify the means. I imagine if asked the senator would have
a spin on it.

I will comment on the hearing when I lean more about it.
I do think it was rather partisan for the GOP chairman to limit
the senators to one question each. Was he afraid someone might
ask to many questions for Trumps own good? Usually it's 
only a time limit for questions.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on June 08, 2017, 12:23:05 pm
Holds signs and starts chanting:

"Lock him (Trump) up! Lock him up!"   :goldpissed:
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 09, 2017, 12:56:40 pm
Trump day 140
Reports of Trump claiming the ex FBI director is lying about
Trump said he didn't ask for Loyalty even though he has a habit
of asking for loyalty of all who work for him. He claimed the
director leaked what was said in a meeting after he warned
of having taped the meeting. The director made the leak hoping
to get the justice department to put a special prosecutor in place,
not to punish Trump.

Also the director said he would be glad to have any and all
tapes release if they exsist. I will be surprised if any
tapes show up. Even though Trump is in the habit of having
his meetings recorded.

The director felt Trump wanted him to stop investigating Flynn
even if Trump only said he hoped the director would.

I think the hearing indicated Trumps actions and meeting with the
ex FBI director clearly show good reason for the house to begin
impeachment proceedings. It's a process that may or may not end up
showing cause for Trump to be removed. If the GOP fails to do their
duty they should replaced with those who will.

Will the people believe the director who has the the respect of
many people for being honest,  or Trump a man who has the habit
of lying at the drop of a hat.

The GOP is continueing to stall, claiming they need to work on
their agenda instead of worrying about this investigation. They
should be more concerned about the government instead of their
rich supporters who want their taxes cut and and leave health
care to the states.

After all this the Russian investigation goes on, and may end
up including Trump and many of those around him.

Only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 10, 2017, 12:13:34 pm
Trump Day 141
Our man Trump said he would sware under oath his side of
what happented in the meetings with the ex FBI director. I
have a hunch his lawyer cringed at Trumps words. Trump
thinks he is so smart he can defend is own actions. I kind of
think he is in for a shock if the Democrats take over in 2018

Trump still hints there are tapes of his meetings with the ex FBI
director. He should turn them over. It would prove who is right.

Trump is always promising to do this or that. "In a short period
time." Or some other amount. It would be nice if he would quit
playing games and support the country as a whole, and not just
those who voted for him.

I can hear Trump now. Vote for the GOP because the democrats
want to get rid of me. That will be his campaign speech for GOP
congress members running for office.

As it happens in the Senate the GOP are creating a replacement
for the ACA in a back room hidden from the public and press. No
hearings, or any public discussion. They seem to be afraid if the
public found out they would pressure the senators to vote against
it. The GOP needs to get rid of the ACA so they can cut taxe for
their rich supporters. In fact anyone who makes over a quarter of
a million dollars a year. Their excuse is "This will help creat jobs."

I have news for them, the rich will likely buy real estate or some other
non job creating thing. The big corporations probably don't pay much
tax anyway, so the tax savings will likely go for bonuses to the CEO and
his people.

Who pays for this? The working poor and people with health problems.
Well you can be sure those rich people who support the GOP could care

Also our friendly GOP is removing regulations on banks so they can
start gambling with the money the contro again. The very reguations
that were put in place the last time the banks lost giving out risky
loans. Then the tax payer had to bail them out. So thanks to the
GOP and Trump the tax payers will likely end up paying again.

I know I pick on the GOP alot, but the Democrats do bad thing too.
We need to study and check voting records of our congress. Watch
to see what the president does as well. If we the people sit back
and let others decide we may loose our rights to the those at the
top of society. Take the time to VOTE. It's the only way a democracy
will work for all.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 11, 2017, 12:50:49 pm
Trump Day 142
Trump needs to consider where we have military bases in the middle east
before he bad mouths the country our troops are based. Seems Trump is
backing the Saudi's. Is it due to promises he made.. The Saudi's gave a
Trump foundation 100 million. Odd he would accept it after making such a
big deal out of Clinton taking money from the Saudi's. I wonder what else
the Saudi government might have paid Trump to do?

Trumps tweets is where he gives his self most of his problems. He should
toss his phone in the trash compactor and forget it.

The GOP though troubled by Trumps actions and tweets, they still stand
up for him, and make excuses for him and those he has appointed. They
want to please all those lobbyists who promise them millions in re election
money. All they have to do is pass bills that support their interests.

The Democrats aren't totally innocent when it comes to letting big money
lead them around, but the GOP is running the government now. So it's
theirs to explain if things go bad.

The GOP is out to cut taxes for the richest 2 percent of americans. They
could care less if it hurts people. They claim they care, but their actions
show otherwise. They cut taxes in the mid 1980;s claiming it would make
the economy stronger. All it did was hurt the middle class and make the
rich a lot richer. Now they want to do it again.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 12, 2017, 03:44:47 pm
Trump Day 143
Our man Trump is still saying the ex FBI directory is
lying. Claims he has a recording of the meetings . Well
it's time Trump makes the recordings aviable or admit he
lied. No hope for that of course. Trump never admits he
ever makes a mistake.

Trump is being sued for taking money from forign governments
for his own business. Trump calls it politics, but it's a constitutional
issue  even he dosen't want to admit it.

The Russian investigation continues about Trump and his campaign.
Even the atterney general is to  appear before congress for his
involvement while working with Trump and his campaign.

Our friendly GOP is still trying to run interference to help Trump and
his people.  Like I said they appear to not care what Trump does as
long as they get to pass their agenda.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 13, 2017, 01:04:11 pm
Trump Day 144
Our man Trump is considering to fire the special prosecuter. If
he does it just adds another layer of suspicion on the Trump

Trump who said he never asks for loyalty had his cabinet
lay praise on him. Almost like he thinks he should be treated
like some kind of emperor over our country.

Trump lives for this kind of thing. Praise and cheering for
him. He may not visit England this fall because they might
not give him enough praise. Or boo him. He wouldn't be able
to make those who boo'd to leave like he does here.

Our friendly GOP continues to hide behind closed doors to
work on their version of the ACA replacemennt bill. I think
we can be sure it will be bad for millions of people or
they wouldln't be hiding the details.

The GOP leader of the senate has no shame. He refused to
have a vote for Obamas pick for the supreme court. Even
though it was obviously a political decision

It's rather interessting that the GOP praised the special
prosecuter when appointed. Now they are running him down.
Apparnetly because they think he is doing too good a job.
They are all but giving Trump the ok to to fire him.

I think the GOP feels even if they loose control of congress
in 2018 election. They feel with a GOP president still in office the
democrats can't undo their work. It taks a 2/3 vote to override
a veto, and they know it.

Some people call the GOP the business man's party. I often wonder
why the working people support it so. Most people in business are
good people, and are willing to give a helping hand to those in need.
But unfortuantly it seems the more successful people are they tend to
think anyone can be successful if they only work hard. Trouble is there
are many ways to fail. A bank won't approve a needed loan, a sickness
or an accident can destroy any chance to succeed. Hospital bills can easily
bankrupt the average family. This is why we as a society should work
together. Not to only think of ones self, but for the country and those
who live in it. This is why people are willing to die for their country, to
give us all a chance to live in freedom and happiness. That right should
include health as well.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 14, 2017, 12:52:02 pm
Trump Day 145
Our man Trump is calling the ACA replacement bill the house
passed Mean. Even though he praised the house for the same
bill a few weeks ago. Now he is saying the senate is making a
good plan. The word is the senate plan is moving to extend the
house plan so it will take longer to cut medicaid for the needy
at a later date. to make health costs for older people and those
with preexisting conditions outrageously high. This way they hope
the public will put them back in power in 2018. So by the time
their plan really hurts people it may be 2020 and too late to
put a democrat in the white house.

I wonder how many will suffer and die befor people wake up to what
the GOP has plans to do?  Sometimes I think we need more veterens in
government. At least they know what kind of  country they were willing to
die for. Now days it's mostly rich people, many of them have never known
what i's like to be hungry or cold with no place to go. They seem to think
anyone can make it with hard work, and some don't really care since they
made it on their own.

The presidents son apparently started a new fad today. he got off
the presidential helicopter wearing a gray shirt with the word
"Expert" across the front. I understand the web site selling them
sold out the same day. Kind of appears, like father like son. I 
don't think it was planned though.

The Atterney General testified at a hearing today. Rather made
excuses for not answering questions. One excuse was "Trump might
not want him to answer as he might decide to claim executive
privilege." There is no law that gives a president a future
chance to claim executive privilege after the fact. So the atterney
generals excuse was just that an excuse.

It seems the GOP really doesn't care if the Russians hacked
the election. Perhaps they think the Russians will work to
keep them and Trump in power. The GOP used to never trust
the Russians. So why change now?

The GOP claim they are all for private enterprise, and capitalizim,
but they support the drug industry which cares little for following
free enterprise. In fact they do all they can to eliminate competition.
People have little or no choice when buying medicine. No free
market to control prices. Yet the politicians especially the GOP
do little to regulate it. Without competition regulation is all
there is to keep prices under control. We in the USA pay more for
medicine than anyone else in the world. Why? Because they have
no limits on their prices. They have raised prices 11 percent
a year for the last two years alone. Inflation has been nearly
flat so there was no excuse other than greed to raise prices
that much.

It will only change if the people vote for politicians who
are willing to stand up against the greed of the drug
industry. If the people do the drug industry will do all
they can to stop price controls including lies and fear
tactics in advertising. They would claim it would be the
end of research for new drugs, but this would be a lie
as they have no plans to stop making drugs. Price controls
in other countries have had little if any affect on their
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 15, 2017, 12:32:49 pm
Trump Day 146
Our man Trump appears to be under investigation for obstructing
justice. Of course even if he is found guilty of it nothing will be
don unless the GOP is willing to hold Trump accountable.

If that happens people should replace those in Congress who don't
care about justice for all. Including the president.

That's up to the voters of course, and I hope they do the right thing.

Our friendly GOP was attacked by a lone gunman. Though I have little
respect for the GOP. Violence is absolutely the wrong thing for anyone
to do toward government officials. Or anyone except for defense.

The rule of law has to be obeyed or the country will fall into anarchy.
Those in the GOP should remember this as well. Covering Trump to
protect their agenda is breaking laws they expect the rest of us to
obey. Apparently thinking the ends justify the means.

When some people see the rule of law being ignored for the sake
of politics it can lead to a few taking the law into their own hands.
This like any act of vigilantism always leads to terrible events
that ignores the rights of others.

I think it's time congress takes a good look at them selves instead
of hiding behind locked  doors and bodyguards. They aren't totally
innocent as one new member physically attacked a member of
the press who was only asking a simple question. I wonder if
the congressman had had a gun would he have used it on the
reporter instead of his hands? I hope not, but with more people
being able to carry guns these days, who can say.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 16, 2017, 12:41:56 pm
Trump Day 147
Our man Trump apparently tweeted he was under investigation. So
it's he who leaked that bit of information. Seems the vice precident
found a high dollar lawyer to keep him out of trouble. There are
reports he is out raising money to pay what it costs to have a fancy
lawyer. It's a shame the rest of us can't do that when we need a good

Also I understand several of those in the white house have retained
lawyers. Trump ought to pay for them as he is likely at the root of
any troubles they may have. There were over 60 who were under
indictment that worked for Nixon. Several went to jail. So working
for a president who doesn't follow the constitution is risky business.

I understand the special prosecutors investigation is growing by the
day. I wonder if Trump can keep from firing him? He is bound to be
nervous. This guy can probably require Trump to give up his precious
tax returns too. If Trump is truly innocent of wrong doing he should
quit acting like he has something to hide.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason Trump doesn't talk is due to a habit
where in business one can't tell the public everything. I am sure Trump
has made huge profits that only his tax man knows about. It's likely
he has had some big losses too.  Trump needs to change his mindset as
president of the country he doesn't have to hide everything. It just makes
him appear suspicious of doing something wrong.

Trump did do something I commend him for. He closed down a committee
that was looking for a way to deal with data problems Y2K might cause.
One might think. Why have a committee working on a problem that ended
17 years ago?  Ask congress.... There are many useless committee's in
Washington that should be shut down. I am sure the reason they still exist
is to please powerful congressmen and senators. The old pay for play deal.

They probably told Trump he could shut this one down to help him politically.

Our friendly GOP lost to the Democrats in their charity basball game. It's
been a regular event since 1909. I understand this win gives the democrats
a one game lead over the years.

Even with calls of trying to work together the GOP controlled senate is still
playing hide and seek with their health bill. I imagine they make sure they
have very good health care when needed.

I kind of think all the talk about getting along and working to get along better
was just more politics for the folks back home.  They say "We are good friends
with congressman who ever." I would have to see it to believe it. If they were
truly that way they would be happy to do townhall meetings, and not hide from
their voters.

Those in congress should be talking to the voters not lobbyist  of big corporations.
Those lobbyists set up meetings at resorts around the world. It's no wonder
those in congress enjoy the perks that come with the job.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 17, 2017, 12:58:57 pm
Trump Day 148
Our man Trump made a few changes in our relationship with Cuba.
He tried to make it sound like he did a way with Obams deal, but
in reality there wasn't much of a change. People can still go to
Cuba to visit.  I have hear Trump would like to build one of his
hotels in Cupa. So he might be keeping the rules so he can.

The government of Cuba does bad things, but we are almost the
only country in the world that makes a big deal about Cuba activities.

If Cuba was litke North Korea I could understand it. Cubas government
tells it's people that the USA is bad. The more we can be involved in
Cuba's economy the harder it will be for their government to make
that case.

Trump continues to claim the economy is doing great, but many
people are loosing jobs. Lots of businesses closing. If the ACA
is removed it will cost a million jobs in health care. Those are
usually good paying jobs that could be lost.

The national debt continues to climb, even thought the GOP
congress and Trump want to cut taxes. Seems even though
the GOP complains more about debt the democrats have
a better record of controlling spending. The GOP claims they
want to cut government, but with their tax cuts the debt
continues to  climb.

Our friendly GOP  is investigating Trump and his people. But it seems
it's a bit half hearted though.  Each time the democrats want to
people to testify the GOP leadership stalls with excuses.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 18, 2017, 12:10:36 pm
Trump Day 149
Being the weekend there isn't much new to say about Trump. I did
hear a report he was saying the democrats should tone down their
complaints after the attack on the GOP.. What a hypocrite. After all the
inflamed hate speach he has spewed out  over the last 20 years.
Hate speech only creates more hate. Just like violence creates violence.

The senate did pass a bill to put more sanctions on Russia. Trump is
asking it to be moderated. Apparently Trump still doesn't want to
hold Russia accountable for their election hacking.

Our friendly GOP complains about voter fraud, and spends millions trying to
keep honest people from voting. They make the Russian hacking look like
childs play compared to the numbers of voters they have removed from
the roles. Why? Because they are likely to not vote for the GOP.

They use every trick legal or not to win elections. They know if they played
by the rules they would loose dozens of congressional seats across the
nation. Why? because they are a minority party. About 30% of the
population. The main thing that keeps them in power is they as a party
work harder to stay in power. The Democrats in many cases don't
get as excited about politics as those in the GOP.

I think this gets back to the GOP being the party of businessmen.
To be successful in business you have to be willing to work long
hours. These kind of people generally are better at winning
elections. After all they know how to sell ideas to the public. Just
as they would selling their wares in their business. I was in business
for over 30 years. So I can see our politicians being salesmen. Be it
something bad or good.

Trump is a master salesman. He knew from experience he could
appeal to a solid 30%. People who like an attack dog style of
of speaking. Not one that is politically correct. So he took a chance
and won. With the GOP's help of restricting votes, and Clintons
email baggage. Trump was the worst pick, but the recession had
hurt enough of the working poor, causing them to vote for someone
different. Hoping for a change that would benifit them.

We can only hope those dissatisfied with the GOP and Trump
will come out in huge numbers to vote. Otherwise I fear minorities
and the working poor will have years of hard times ahead.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 19, 2017, 12:21:25 pm
Trump Day 150
Our man Trump seems to be more interested in politics
than running the government. Many agencies are undermaned.
Trump is trying to blime the Democrats for this, but they have
not control over who he picks, and little ability to stop anyone
from being confermed. It's just another one of Trumps lies.

So fare nothing has been heard from Trump on how to stop
the Russians from affecting the election in 2018. He still acts
like it hasn't been proven they did affect his election. I think
it's because he hates the idea he didn't win wihtout help from
outsiede foreces.. Like I said in my pkrevious post the GOP
likely do more to corrupt the election process than what
the Russians did. Trump continues to talk about his election even
after almost 7 months. Trumps egomainia is one of his biggest

Trump lives for his money. He has made tens of millions since his
election. He as president is staying as his resorts, and other faciiities
where he cana send the bill to the government. This shows he cares
more about making money for his self than saving money for the

I think this is why the investigations worry Trump so much. Who can
say where Trumps money will lead investigators. He continues to hide
his tax returns, but the special prosecute can and may look at those
returns even if Trump doesn't like it.

Trump calls the press names, but this is just his way to discrediting
their reporting. He doesn't want those who voted for him to think
he is the con artist he really is. It's interesting how he brags on
news reports that make him look good, and calls other reports fake.

Trump still claims the wants to replace the ACA with a good health
bill. He calls the bill the Senate is working that good bill. Time will
tell. He claims the Democrats are blocking his tax cuts, but he fails
tomention the cuts for the richest people in the country. He doesn't
talk about how his budget will hurt the, elderly, poor, and the sick.
Even though in his campaign he promised to help protect them same

Our friendly GOP wants to pass the their draconian health bill before
their next break. The leader of the senate doesn't want to wait till
afterwords because he knows they will be called on the carpet for
their deeds. The GOP leadership and Trump want to get rid of the
so they can cuts taxes for the rich. Even if it causes death and suffering.
People Trump likely considers as loosers. I heard a member of the GOP
say "Why pay to save people that are going to die anyway." It's not a
quote, but close to it.

The democrats are doing all they can to slow down the senates work
because of the GOP's dirty tricks. They want to spotlight the acts of
the GOP. They keep saying the ACA is bad, and insurance companies
are leaving because of they don't know what will happen. Not because
they don't like the plan. If the GOP would work with the Democrats to
fix the ACA the costs would likely drop.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 20, 2017, 11:41:16 am
Trump Day 151
Our man Trump and those working in the white house are hiring
lawyers. Some like Trump are hiring more than one.

The young man who was held in N Korea died after he was returned
to the US. He should have been returned when he became sick.

Trump has called for other americans to be released at once. I doubt
short of war anything could be done. Perhaps Trump should ask Putin
for help. Russia has been an ally of N Korea since wwII. Trump is still
asking China for help.

Our friendly GOP spent millions trying to keep the house seat from
Georgia. I think the money would have been better spent helping
the disadvantaged. One member of congress is not worth the price.

I think they fear if this seat is lost to the democrats there will be a
mass defection by the GOP membership. Fearing they too will need
a new job after the next election.

The founders did a fine job writing the constitution, but I have a hunch
they would make a few changes if they could have seen the future. I
I think giving the majority total control of committees is a bad idea. It
should be co chaired to keep the majority from running roughshod over
the minority. I think single party control is bad government. I know
sometimes it's a quicker way to pass legislation, but not always a fair

The GOP complained up one side and down the other when they weren't in
power. They made claims of how unfair the democrats were. Now they are
not only doing the same thing they fussed about, but worse. The democrats
had hearings on legislation. Allowed amendments by the GOP.. But the GOP
isn't allowing any of this. Like bullies on a playground, they should be

Only time will tell if the public votes them out. Even then they will likely
work to help the rich with claims they are just wanting to create jobs, but
they usually end up getting rid of good paying jobs to save their rich friends
extra expense. I think they would do away with the minimum wage if they
thought they could get by with it. We know they sure don't want to raise it.

The GOP and Trump both say they are only doing what they were elected
to do. That's fine to  say, but they should follow the wishes of the majority
of the people, not the majority of their party. Especially when it affects
us all.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 21, 2017, 01:42:23 pm
Trump Day 152
Our man Trump continues to complain that the investigations
are interfering with his agenda. Well he could put an end ot it
by being open. Releasing his taxes, and any other info. But
no he hides everything of record.

Trump is having a ralley in Iwoa, I guess Trump needed a pick me
up with the cheers of a big crowd of supporters.  He should be doing
his job instead. There are many agency jobs needing filled.  Trump
just tweets, complains, and plays Golf. More than anything else.

Well as I expected the GOP canidate won in Georgia yesterday. The
did show a tighter than normal race though. So the GOP election did
show they are going to have a tough time holding on to their seats
in 2018. One senator tried to say sure other contries have free health
but no food. This is misleading. Health care via the government is paid
with Taxes. Why not pay for the health coverage with a tax instead of
paying out thousands for insurance you will loose the first month you
miss a premium payment. With the government coverage you only
loose coverage if you give up your citizenship.

Not because you loose your job, or get too sick.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 22, 2017, 12:18:02 pm
Trump Day 153
Our man Trump said the democrats wouldn't support any health
bill no matter how good it was. This of course is ridiculous. The
GOP claims all the democrats want is socialized medicine., I think
most would rather have that than nothing  they can afford. Medicare
has been around for 50 years with few complaints. In fact the VA has
worse record help veterans with their health that Medicare has, so why
not have Medicare for all. Let people buy supplemental if they want fancy
health care.

The GOP claims the ACA is collapsing. What they don't say iss due to
the fact the insurance industry feels the GOP will make changes and
they don't want to be caught in the lurch.

This business with killing the ACA is mostly about money for the rich.
Lobbyists for the insurance, and health industry has spent almost 80
million in thefirst quarter of this year. The leadership won't talk to leaders
of health care for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, ect, but does talk to
the big money people in the health industry.

The problem I have always seen is healthy people only worry about health
care. Young people who are healthy feel they won't get sick. So it's hard to
convince people they really need good coverage. Instead they buy a cheap
plan that promises everything, but pays little in the fine print. This is what
ACA did. It got rid of these cheap do nothing plans. If the ACA goes those
plans will come right back. Leaving a lot of people bankrupt, and hospitals
in small towns going broke and closing.

The GOP leaders are having people in wheelchairs carried out of the
Capital building because they were in the way. It shows just how little
the GOP cares for the disadvantaged.

I think they should take the GOP to several nursing homes and explain
to those under care why they can't pay for the care they need. Sometimes
seeing the need has much more effect that looking at numbers on a page.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on June 22, 2017, 01:11:27 pm
It would be nice, OR, if you would put links in your posts to further news stories. ;)

Further reading about the health care bill being proposed today:

Trump may win in 2020.  >:(

Trump doesn't want "poor people".  >:(
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 23, 2017, 12:59:42 pm
I would like to post links Kobuk, but my vision gets fuzzy if I read very
much. So I refer people to www.msnbc.com   I know some may feel the
major media is out to get Trump, but they interview both parties. The GOP
members shy away from them. I think they don't want to answer the
questions that tend to embarrass members of the GOP. Trump doesn't
talk to the press that much as he usually puts his foot in his mouth. He
talks on Fox News, but i have a hunch it's pre scripted. Msnbc idoes
favor the democrats, but mainly because the GOP steps on minorities,
women, and the handicapped. I am sure some GOP members feel they
are working to make a stronger economy. If socialized medicine is so
bad for a country then how to Canada, the UK and others survived with
it? They have even claimed our taxes are higher than these other countries.
If that's the case we should easily be able to have it.

I think it all boils down to big business, and their greed. Socialized medicine
would cut into their huge profits. Especially those of insurance and  the
pharmaceutical industry.. For over 150 years this country has been a
Bastion for big business and the very rich. They will fight tooth and nail
to keep it that way. It's they who sent us into Korea, viet nam, and Iraq.
Why because of money they might loose if we didn't. Viet Nam was
thought to have vast oil reserves.  Korea was to stop communism whice
they feared would destroy capitalism. Iraq and the middle eas  has always
been about oil. and stilli is. Unless the people vote to change it, It will
continue. They know how to convince the majority of the people to
follow thier lies.

IBack to the links. I would appreciate it if you posted links now and

Trump Day 154.
Our man Trump is saying he is for the Senate bill. I doubt if he has even
read it. Probably listens to Bannon instead.  Trump claimed he wanted
to protect  social programs, but now he appears to have flipped on that
promise.  I wonder how his supporters who depend on those programs
will feel when they get a letter saying their benifits have been discontinued
due to legislation.

Trump has made almost 200 million dollars for his buisnesses  by using
his office of president. When he travels he goes to his resorts, and golf
courses. They bill the governlmlent for the costs. You can be sure Trump
doesn't give the Government a break on prices.  He should use other
locations to help others in business.

Trump is signing a bill that's supposed to make the VA more efficent.  I
will be suprised it it changed much of anything for the veterans . Only
time will tell. It's likely the changes Obama made that will help the most.

Trump claimes he is for our troops, but then he cuts the state department
to the bone. The one agency that works to prevent wars and other actions
that put our troops iln danger. Trump might be a bood business man, but a
poor leader for our country.

Trump mentioned the people that helped bring veterans to Washington DC
to see the war memorials.  He bragged about how good it was.  He didn't
mention if he had helped any veterans so they could see the memorials.  I
mean he has a big plane he could use. No one asked, but I bet he would
have frowned if they had.

Will the house of representatives vote to approve the senate health bill? If
they do it could become law by the first of July. We need to nag our
congressmen letting them know how we feel about it.  3 GOP votes could
stop it cold.

It should take 60 votes for any major legislation. No matter which party
has a majority in the senate.  Simple majority votes should not apply
to tax changes, or other legislation that affects the majority of the

I have seen law makers change the rules  in the past so they
could get tax increases with a simple majority. When it was supposed
to be a 2/3 vote.  If a tax increase is needed. Make the casse instead.
of changing the rules. Changing rules to get ones way is childish, a easy
to force their ideas that are often poor on everyone. Super majorities were
made to protect us from quick fixes that are often end up bad.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 24, 2017, 12:47:34 pm
Trump Day 155
Trump man continues his lies. When at his ralley in Iowa he
said housing starts were higher since he was elected. Well
the facts show even in Iowa housing starts are down over
the last eight months. He isn't helping housing starts at all.
As usual his supporters eat up everything he says. Perhaps
when their Trump balloon bursts they will see the  light.

Our man Trump supports getting tougher on crime. Now at
first look that sound good, but crime isn't going up accross
the country. Except in a few cities. Those activities art tied
to drugs any more than any where else. The Atterney General
apparntly feels building more prisons will solve the crime
problem. We need to fix the reason for crime. This country
has the larges prison population in the world. So we must
be doing something wrong.

Even conservative judges complain they are forced to give
stiff prison sentances when it isn't warrentd. Obama was trying
to move the country toward a softer approch, but Trump is trying
to say a non exsistant increase in crime is the falut of Obama.

The GOP complains the government is too big, but they support
tossing people in prisons. I have heard it can cost over 50,000
a year to keep one person in jail. That would go a long way in
paying  to educate people so they can live without resorting to
 Gcriminal activity. Sure some will never learn, and some might find
prison a good way to live, but if we don't work to help rather than
hurt we will be spending more an moe on prisons.

The GOP leadership and Trump apparently are going to have to
twist a few arms to get enough votes to pass their draconican
health bill.  Seems if they make it softer the conservatives won't
vote, and if they make it tougher the moderats won't vote for it.
So the GOP leaders are tweaking and fussing. Not counting
threats to members who won't vote for it. I heard a report
a pack is threatening to spend over a million dollars to defeate
a senator if he didn't vot for it. These PAC's should be illeagle.
they can spend millions  to put people in office where individuyals
can't. I think people should only be able to give a politician no
more than a poor person could.

If Trump care is passed. There will be a lot of people with cheap
insurance that leaves them unconvered when they need it. It's
just human nature to want to save money. The ACA forced the
iusurance companies to sell good health insuracan. Of course
good insurance costs more when it pays the bills.

In the past I can remember guys coming around selling
insurance that only paid for the hospital room. So one
would be on hook for the nursing and all other costs.
At the time if you were healthy a good major medical plan
wasn't too pricey, if you had a health problem forget it. but
the cheap plans were very cheap, and a lot of people ended
up bankrupt depending on them. If the GOP have their way
it will happen again.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 25, 2017, 12:54:59 pm
Trump Day 156
Our man Trumps blame game is causing a lot of unrest in the country.
There are a lot of people who feel threatened by foreigners, or anyone
who is or looks different. These people look up to Trump partly because
he says things they want to believe. I doubt if Trump stops his blame
game because he would loose a lot of support from those who voted for
him. Trump may not know how to run a country, but he does know how
to manipulate people.

I fear minorities, women, LGBT, and the hadicapped are going to have
it tough for a few years. I just hope it doesn't lead to violence accross
the country.  Though already some people are causing harm to those
Trump is laying blame on.

A lot of people are closet racists, biggots, and all around haters. Some
use the excuse they are protecting family and jobs. Trouble is its mostly
due to ignorance of the facts. Trumps supporters watch the far right on
tv, and listen to the same on talk radio. They should take the time to
listen to a more balanced reporting before deciding who is right and
wrong. Or who is costing jobs, making jobs. If they don't they are going
to be loosers in the end. We could all loose in the end as well.

I heard something that suprised me a bit. Turns out in France people have
a right to health care at practically no cost. Working people pay little in
income tax.  One might think how could that work? Turns out they do tax
the very rich. People with incomes of over a half million a year pay enough
in taxes to run the country.  Our GOP friends would claim this would
ruin the economy, but France has a strong economy. I am sure people pay
more for some things, but if a country like France can make it work there
is no reason we can't. It's corporate greed that stands in the way..

Those in the GOP claims people in countrys with socialized medicine have
to get in line to get health care. This is true in some cases, but usually
only for care that can wait, More people die due to lack of care in the USA
than they do in countrys with socialized medicine. This is something the
GOP doesn't want to talk about.

The GOP wants to keep health care in the market place to control prices.
This only works if you insure healthy people. The market place will not
work for people with exsisting health problems. The only realistic way
to handle health care is to have everyone pay for health care via the
government  Otherwise many won't be able to afford to get health care
at all. Premiums for hi risk people will be more than their total income.
The GOP say they will help pay this, but not untill they are are destitute
if at all.

The GOP has played politics with the ACA since Obama first introduced it.
They should be a shamed as this plan was a GOP plan to begin with.
Now they want to get rid of it co they can cut taxes for the very rich.
Trump would  get a 7 million dollar cut in his taxes alone.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 26, 2017, 12:49:18 pm
Trump Day 157
Our man Trump had some good news today. The supreme court
allowed part of his travel ban to be put into effect. Only people
who have relatives, job or going to school can travel from the
banned countries to the USA.

This is a temporary decision as they will take up arguments this
fall. Personally I think the supreme court is playing politics as the
travel ban was only good for 90 days. That alone should have caused
the supreme court to not even look at the case. I think it's just to
help Trump more than doing their job. The deciding vote was by the judge
Trump picked. Looks political to me.

Now Trump is claiming the supreme court is saying the lower court
stays were wrong. This is misleading. The court has only allowed
a small part of the travel ban to work. The court will decide who is right
or wrong this fall.

Also the supreme court decided a religious school in Missouri should
get public funds for recovering a playground. If so shouldn't the church
school pay taxes too? This is a dangerous decision as it weakens the
separation between church and state.

Over the years some judges have let personal beliefs color their
decisions. Granted they are only human, but if the senate did their
job properly they would investigate each appointment to learn their
personal records and previous decisions that affect people. Some
say they are supposed to make decisions based on the constitution.
Sometimes decisions have to be based on cultural changes, but
careful not to make laws. Congress is supposed to make adjustments
to laws they pass, not the court. The GOP wants the court to make
decisions that are politically unpopular so they won't get the  blame.

Above all the senate should try to put party neutral people on the
court. Instead over the years both of the major parties have been guilty
of playing politics with the supreme court. If a judge was found
to pull the court left or right. Then the next appointment should be
someone who would likely return it to a neutral position. It's doubtful
a president or the senate will ever work this way as human nature is
always selfish.

They are still trying to get enough senators to pass their version of
Trump care. It would be nice if they would just pass Medicare for all.
then let people buy supplements for extra care. I have to pay almost
$300 a month for health insurance with Medicare. They have advantage
plans which are less costly, but if you go to the wrong hospital or doctor
you get to pay instead.

The GOP is more interested in saving money for businesses and their
owners than anything else. They promise jobs, and tax cuts, but not
good jobs, and the tax cuts are mostly for the rich. If they had their way
there wouldn't be any unions or any costly health regulations to protect
workers. They would sell the national parks if they could get by with it.
I find it odd how they can stay in power. You would think the public
would notice how the GOP leadership treats the average person.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 27, 2017, 01:11:30 pm
Trump Day 158
Our man Trump sent out a report thata Syeria was about to kill more people
with gas, and he Trump would likely see they paid for it.. I am thinking
Trump made this report trying to devert attention from the health bill in
the senate. I could be wrong, but Trump is capable of about anything if
he wants something bad enough.

Other than that Trumps son n law hired another lawyer. Apparently
he feels he might need legal help. Only thing just because a lawyer charges
a big fee doesn't mean he can get a guilty person out of serious trouble.

Trump and the GOP leadership is twisting arms trying to get the votes needed
to pass the senate health bill. The senate leader is afraid if they don't pass it
now the public will convince a senator or two to vote no.  He and Trump both
should be ashamed trying to rush this bill which could cost millions their
health care, and raise insurance rates for millions more. Not counting those
with health issues will see rates sky rocket. The GOP say they have subsities
to help, but not enough for the working poor.

If they pass it, I think it's only the beginning. They will go after other social
programs next. Medicaid,  Medicare, and social security. The GOP wants to
privatize it all..  History has shown it won't work, people will put off saving
for retirment, put of buying insurance. Then when they loose their job they
are standing in the streets begging. This will lead to more crime, and family
violence.  Free market works fine for many things, but sometimes we have
to help people help themselves.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 28, 2017, 12:03:26 pm
Trump Day 159
Our man Trump had a meeting at the white hous with the GOP members
of the senate. It appeared Trump had them there to discuss the
health bil, but he seemed to have problems keeping on the subject
at hand. Trump should learn more about a bill if he wants to convince
people to vote for it.

Trump continues to call the main media fake news. Sometimes I think he
thinks acting like Russias Putin is a good idea.Trump seems to think all very
rich men are smart even if they steal the money like Putin has. This is how
all authoritarian leaders do. They tell the people what to believe, and not to
believe any one else. Trump has a lot of people who think he is smart enough
to make their lives better, Trump will continue to blame everyone one but his
self for our problems. Hopefully those supporters will see Trump for what he
really is. He only wants people to think he is a Great leader, and if he
fails it will be the opposition at fault.

The GOP leadership gave up on the vote for the health bil, but it's just
a temporary stay. They will be back at it in a couple weeks. So thoose
who want good health care best keep the pressure on, because the GOP
plan will hurt the working poor with a hand out to the rich.

Our friendly GOP continue to say the ACA is failing, but it's the
uncertainty of what will happen that is driving the insurance companies
away. They want to know the rules before they play the game.

It's true several states never set up the medicaid expansion,, so it is
possible more people might have insurance with the new plan in those
states. The problem is over all the GOP wants to cut medicade and put
limits on the money states can have for medicaid.

The GOP keeps claiming they need to cut taxes to improve the economy.
Cutting services like medicaid removes Billions of dollars from the economy.
Cutting taxes for rich fat cats doesn't put money in to the conomey. They
invest in real estate for the most part due to  tax benifits. That's why
Trump likes dealing in real estate. It doesn't make all that many good jobs

The GOP continues to claim free enterprise is the best way. People should
buy insurance to fit their needs. This is fine for healthy people if they are
in a group plan. Individuals trying to buy insurance pay through the nose
for insurance that gives good coverage. Insurance companies are out to
make all the money they can. Only when hundreds of people or more get
together do the companies offer plans at a better price. This is why the
government should be able to get the lowest possible price.. That is till
a lobbyist comes along crying the blues, and offering money to congress
to get a better deal for the insurance company they work for. This is why
people need to get out and vote. Kick out those in congress who turn
against the people for their own profit.

This is one reason many people feel they have good coverage. They work
for a big business who have good health coverage that comes with the
job. This is fine, but if they loose their job they loose the health coverage.
This is when they find out what it's like to owe thousands for some small
health problem, and end up loosing their credit rating, and in many cases
going bankrupt. It's a shame so many people ignore this till it hits them
personally. Since the ACA started almost 50% fewer people have gone
bankrupt. The ACA needs to be fixed. When Obama worked to get it
passed the GOP made a lot of amendments to weaken the plan. I think
they did this to help the big insurance compainies make more money
and change the ACA so the public wouldn't like it.

The GOP is out to help big business even if it hurts the little guy.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 29, 2017, 12:03:21 pm
Trump day 160
Trump continues to claim the press is feeding fake news to the public
because they want him to look bad. I really doubt those in the media
would or could stick togather well enough to not expose others in the
press of lying.

Each time Trump makes a speech he never gives details. He just says
something he likes is very good, or great for the people, and
many other terms of embelishment. When he talked in his campaign he
said he was going to get smart people, but never said who they were.
It's time Trump started telling us how he plans to do things, and
not just say how good it is, or how bad it is.

Trump has run his business by bluster and embelishment for years,
and is likely not to change.

Is Trump worried about not creating enough jobs? He is picking on
Amazon, saying it's killing jobs in department stores. Amazon is
opening brick and morter stores in case Trump doesn't know. It's
buying by computer that is hurting department stores. Even walmart
is getting into it. Also he promised to Carrier workers more jobs,
but it was a lie as 550 people are loosingt their jobs anyway. I
believe those jobs are moving to Mexico. I wonder what Trump has
to say now?

The EPA under Trump is firing scientists that won't lie or not talk
about the dangers of pesticide and other hazards. Apparently the new
EPA is siding with big business to let them sell chemicals that could
cause cancer.

The GOP is pushing for harsher laws against immigrants. As if
they are the only people who put the public at risk. Typical
conservative way of thinking. Getting tough has failed in the
past. It sounds good, but when people are treated like dirt you
can't expect them to be good citizens. They point to violence as
an excuse to be tougher. We need to work on the why people do
crime, not just toss people in jail. You never hear the GOP talk
about how many people are already in prison. The USA has the
largest prison population in the world. I think it's mostly due to the
GOP's war on drugs. Instead of putting users in jail they should work
to get them off drugs, Other countries have had success with this. So
we can too. 

The GOP is still trying to protect Trump. Even trying to discredit
the FBI investigation of Trumps administration and Russia. Not
counting about Trumps obstruction of justise. It would appear to me
the GOP is obstructing justice as well. Unfortunately only the Voters
can punish those in congress for their bad deeds.

I think it's discusting how the GOP has had handicapped people arested
for demonstrating in the halls of congress. Are they so afraid of
people in wheelchairs they don't want to walk past them? Is there
no shame in their hearts at all?  I am beginning to think not.

The Trump care bill was planned out by lobbyists and leaders of big
business. They want the bill to help their rich friends. Those rich
fat cats who pay for their re election.

The senate leader kept the Trump care bill out of the finance committee
because it would have failed there. The GOP senate leader has been
avoiding the rules trying to win for the GOP and Trump. It is sad how
the GOP is treating our constitution. Just to please Trump and cut taxes
for the rich.

I say they should at least change the eligibility age for medicare form 65
to 50. That's the age most people start getting sick and if they don't it's
usually 60 or  past 65. That would solve some of the problems. The GOP
leadership hates programs that give money to the poor. They tried to undo
social security for years after it was passed. The same with Medicare. I
have seen them stand up and call the poor lazy bums over the years, and
they still do. If they were as religious as they claim to be they should
want to help the poor and disadvantaged.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 30, 2017, 11:52:51 am
Trump day 161
Our man Trump again makes our country look bad with his discusting
tweets. He seems to not realize that his actions reflect how others
see our country. His supporters should be ashamed of his tweets where
he calls people names, and belittles women. I can understand why people
didn't want to vote for Clinton, but this is different, this is a matter
of pride for our country. People died to keep us free, not to help a man
use the white house to make millions for his self.

Trump said he would make America great again. Well it's been almost six
months and he has done little except talk about his self and making
money using the office of president. Sometimes he acts more like a kid
pretending to be president. Or a kid that has been given a toy store. It has
been reported he shouts at tv screens. This reminds me of some guy sitting
at home on his couch half drunk, and mad because his wife won't get him
another beer. I almost feel sorry for those working for and around him.

Trump is in the process of ruining the state departemnt.The one agency that
does more to keep us out of war than then any other part of government.
 This agency deals with people traveling to and from our country. A matter
of security Trump claims to worry about. Yet he is dismantling it. So who
is going to keep track of visa's and legal immigration.

There is a report that the Trump campaign may have tried to get the lost
Clinton emails from Russian hackers. If this can be proved it may show
callusion with the Russians. Even dealing with hackers is against the law.

Trump is planning a one on one private meeting with Russia's Putin. A man
who likely understands Trump better than Trump his self. He will play Trump
like a harp. We can only hope that Trump doesn't do something dumb. I kind
of think Trump feels if he is nice Putin will be nice in return. Well I
think Putin like the GOP has an agenda, and will get all he can out of Trump.
perhaps even leaving Trump thinking he made a good deal.

The GOP said the tweets by Trump didn't help the process, but later they
only wanted to talk about the health bill. When it comes to Trump the
GOP membership acts like cowards, and should stand up for what is
right instead. History will likely paint the GOP in a very bad light
when writing about this period.

The GOP decided to go home a day early. Now they can hide from thei
voters over the 4th of july recess. This might be hard as the holiday
is a patriotic one so if the elected officials stay away it will really
make them look bad.

We as the voting public should hold our elected officals accountable
even if they don't want to them selves. If we don't they can get by with
anything they want. A democracy will fail if we sit back and let them
lead us around by the nose. It is a mistake to give one party total
control of the government. We need at least two party control because
one will likely try to push their ideas on us all.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 01, 2017, 11:36:55 am
Trump day 162
Our man Trump is still claiming millions of people committed voter fraud.
This is rediculous and unproven. It's hard enough to get people to vote
much less vote more than once. Trump is working with the GOP to limit
voting. This will lead to voter supression across the country. All some
state has to do is prosicute an individual for trying to vote more than
once, and it will keep many people away from the polls. There is no
punishment for prosicuting someone without evidence. Except to lose
their office.

The GOP has been trying to suppress voting for years by people they
know usually vote for democrats. Now with Trump to push it they may
succeed in making it even harder to vote when voting should be incuraged
not supressed. A commission Trump started has asked states to release
voter rolls showing what party people voted for, and military status,
last four digits of their social security number. Their address.  So
far the states have refused stating in most cases state laws prevent
this. With the GOP controlling most state governments, how long will it
be before they turn over this information to the federal governmlent for
who knows what purpose.

You can Thank Trump and the GOP for this invasion of your voting
privacy. Trump wants to run in 2020, and will do what ever it
takes to win.

Now Trump is pushing to repeal the ACA without a replacement. This
will affect over 30 million if it's done. Seems Trump thinks he
can do anything without his base complaining. Or the GOP for that
matter. If this doesn't bust Trumps bubble I doubt if anything
will. I understand his support is already slipping.

If the GOP takes health care from enough people it is going to
cause a lot of public dispair. If people are hurt bad enough
they may eventually do more than complain. I hope not, but the
1960's showed just how violent people can get if the government
treats people bad enough. Trump has people stirred up already
so I am afraid we may be reaching a flash point soon. Especially
how the GOP congressional members appear to not care how much
people are hurt by their agenda.

The GOP keeps saying get rid of the ACA because the free market is
the best way to sell insurance at a lower price.. Well how come there
was so many people uninsured before the ACA when insurance was
in the free market? I kind of think if they get rid of the ACA and 30
million are removed from insurance the prices will shoot even higher.
Because it's all about numbers. It takes more money to cover a few
and less to cover a lot. That's one reason group plans are cheaper.

Without the ACA people can have insurance that may costs less , but
when you need it will want a huge deductible before it pays. Even
then it may have limits for this and that. Left to their own devices
the insurance companies will take advantage everywhere they can
So you  best read the fine print with a magnifying glass.

Neither thee GOP or Trump one is working to stop Russian hacking for
the next election. Other countries are so there is plenty of ideas to
help prevent it. Makes me wonder if the GOP feels the Russians will
help them again in 2018.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 02, 2017, 12:55:13 pm
Trump Day 163
Our man Trump was out preaching to the choir last night. Now it
good to give our troops the recognition they deserve, but I got
the feeling he was using them. Politicians have done this in the
past, but Trump really gives one the feeling of being used. It's
easy to get cheers in a auditorium full of supporters.

He never wants to talk to people who don't support him. During his
campaign he would have opponets kicked out. Even for holding
up a sign that he didn't agree with. Claiming it was a  private supporters
only meeting.

A true elected leader of the country should want to hear from those
who oppose them. Otherwise how do they learn? Certainly not by only
listening to the Amen crowd.

Trump continues to lie about the press, even to individuals in the press.
It's the press that keeps government open. Other wise our politicians
could do terrible things to many people. It's this alone that shows Trump
to be a very bad greedy person.

I was listening to a person on msnbc's show "AM Joy". Theree was an
opinon about why the USA hasn't had Universal health care. while
many other countries do. Our country has a history of racism, anti-
immigration, homosexuals, and yes even hatred of women. So anytime
universal health care is brought up those in the GOP know it will cover
the very people they don't like, and in some cases hate.

Of course the GOP uses every other excuse from free market to raising
taxes to not support it. Now I am not saying ever person who is a member
of the GOP is the same. Many people in the party are good caring people,
but there is enough who don't, or see the poor as lazy to stop any progress
toward Universal health care.

The GOP has an agenda of getting rid of abortion, welfare at the federal level
at least, and slowing immigration. In moderation these things do need to be
looked at, but the far right GOP has become radical about it.

Much of this agenda is driven by a few rich people who spend literally millions
to support and elect GOP people to congress. They reach out to the closet haters
of minorities, LGBT, and non christian religous groups to get their votes. In
reality they don't care about the average working person. They like Trump are
just wanting to use them to help them and their friends to get richer, and to
have the little guy fight and die in wars to protect their riches.

This all paints rich people in a very bad light, but think about it. If you had millions
it's likely you will do most anything to keep it. It's been shown that money is like
an narcotic in that it causes people to want more and more. Why else would a
person with billions want more? I mean they could support hundreds of people
for entire lifetimes. Also rich people like the rest of us often get the idea they
know what's best for the rest of us. The problem is they have enough money
to do things, good or bad.

Fortunately there are many rich people who want to help people, and it's they who
give the rest of us a chance to vote for good people in government. If we don't we
will be at the mercy of the greedy rich.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on July 02, 2017, 08:34:57 pm
@cause the rat:  How many days did you say till Trump was impeached? 180? 190? We're already a little over 160. You might have to revise your figure.  ;)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 03, 2017, 01:11:51 pm
Trump Day 164
Our man Trump made an offer to a family in England to pay for experiental
care for their very sick baby. Now if Trump was for the support of medicaid
that is largely used to pay for the care of children, I might say that was
good of him. But he is not. So to me this looks like a political ploy trying to
make his self look good. I am sure his supports will hail him because he in
their eyes can do no wrong. But I see his talk of helping kids is limited to
improve his standing in the polls and nothing more. One of his by lines is
"I am President and your not." What a childish claim. Could it be he
thinks most people are so dumb he has to dumb down his comments? It
looks that way sometimes when he never goes into detail on anything

Trump claims his tweets are his way of speaking to the people. If that's the
case he is just making his self look bad with each wierd or discusting tweet.
I heard a report that Trump tweets from the bathroom. With all the weird
tweets he made over the weekend perhaps he was constipated. . Just a
guess on my part.

Trump goes to the G20 meeting this week. I am sure he upon return
will claim he made great deals for the US. The people he w ill be metting
with are not supporters of Trump and his ideas. So he is likely to have
a tough time. I am sure he will blame everyone but his self  for any

If Trump would stand up and say why he supports this or that. Go through
the basic details he would get more respect. Instead he just talks about
how great he is and how good his ideas are for the people. If he was a
democrat the GOP would be all over the news finding fault with him, but
the cowards just stand around making meek comments if at all.

Trump seems to be afraid to have a news conference like other
presidents had. Instead he has his press secretary try to  explain
his tweets and lies. It's no wonder he has so much trouble getting
good people to take government jobs under his control.

The leader of the senate is saying he is still working on Trump care.
So they can get a jump start when they return to Washington DC. The
GOP is fretting because after almost 6 months they haven't accomplsied
anything of great substance.

The GOP has complained in the past about the democrats pushing bills
through congress. Then they turn around and try to do the very same
thing, only worse. The democrats allowed the GOP to make amendments.,
but the GOP has not. The democrats had committee meetings about their
bills. The GOP has not. Instead they blame the democrats for their problems. Sometimes ihink kids could do a better job of passing legislation

I could be wrong, but I think term limits would be a good way to stop people
from being career politicians. I know it would cost us good people, but overall
it would make it harder for lobbyists to buy congress. Also there should be
limits on how much each individual, and only individuals can give to any
elected offical. It should be according to how much the working poor can
afford. The way it is millionaires can give huge sums to help a political
party. Or none of these high priced meetings where people pay thousands
to be with a candidate or politician. If a canidate can't get enough people
talked into supporting them, they should go home.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 04, 2017, 12:11:42 pm
Trump Day 165
Apparently N Korea launched a missile that might could reach Alaska,
or perhaps the US lower 48 in a year or two. Our military doesn't know
if N Korea has the tech to keep a war head survivable after such a flight.
Or small enough to ride such a missile.

I fear Trump hasn't the good sense to not let this descend  into war.
Even if we can stop any and all of their misses they will likely turn
S Korea into ruin. Japan may even be hit by N Korea as well.

The new leader of S Korea wants to make a deal with N Korea. This
is very unlikely to lead anywhere as the leader of N Korea wants all
of Korea under his thumb. He want's to be a big shot in the world as
well. It's likely he will continue to build nukes and missiles, and likely
plans to sell them in the future. I understand N Korea is a big weapons
dealer including short range missiles right now.

Trumps trade ideas and moving away from  the climate control agreement
has made Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China stronger economically. Russia and
the Arab states want the price of oil to go up. It's the high price of crude oil
that keeps these countries from going broke, and their leaders rich.

Trump is good at selling real estate, but he  is not a good leader, or understands
how to keep peace in the world. Bombs won't do it. It takes a lot of negotiation
between world leaders. Each one has their own agenda. So a balance has to be
made, and in some cases agree to disagree. Otherwise the world will descend
into war time and time again. All you have to do is look at history to prove it.

In some cases war is the only option, but to survive the people of this world have
to work out a way to live together.

I am sure our GOP members are out today making speeches, and riding in parades.
All those things politicians do. It's what they do when they get back to Washington DC
that counts. If we don't keep the pressure on them they will ignore the wishes of the
people to pass the agenda of the GOP.

The Conservative crowd in the senate are pushing an amendment that would allow
people to buy what I would call fake insurance via the ACA. This goes against the i
dea of the ACA to make sure people have the coverage they need. It doesn't help to
have insurance that doesn't pay much when you get sick or hurt.

Happy 4th of July to all US Americans. Hopefully we will see many more with life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness intact.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 05, 2017, 01:10:49 pm
Trump Day 166
Our man Trump is heading for the G20. Tri,[ os trying to pressure
China to stop N Korea with the nukes and long rang missile work. It's
likely too late to do much short of war with N Korea. This isn't Trump's
fault as much as it's been side stepped since the end of the Korean war.

I hope Trump doesn't mess up with the N Korean issue. He is making
noise like he is getting impatient with China over the deal. There is no
good way to use war against N Korea so we should use deterrents that
will encourage the leader to back off.  Just hope the N Korean leader
doesn't have a death wish.

Our GOP crowd is out hiding or in some cases trying to convince voters
they know what they are doing.  Time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 06, 2017, 12:12:14 pm
Trump Day 167
Our man Trump is in Europe for the G20 meeting. I imagine Trump
will come back bragging that he did great for the country. I
have yet to hear Trump ever admit making a mistake. No one is
perfect even when they do their best. We all make mistakes.
Usually people respect someone that admits doing so.

It seems Trump can't help but talk about his problems with
the investigations going on over his people and their connnection
with Russia. Hanging out a countries dirty laundry is bad for for
any president. Trump seems to forget it's all about the country and
not his personal problems. It appears he cares more for his own
reputation than the countries.

Trump even blaims Obama because he didn't say anything about
the Russian hacking before the election. If Obama had Trump and
the GOP would have said Obama was spreading lies trying to help
Clinton win the election. So it's just Trump trying to devert attention
away from his self.

We can hope Trump doesn't give the store away when
he meets Putin.

Trump should back off on this fake news thing. It is hurting
our country. It's a free press that keeps the rich from
steping on us all.

World economics always favors the rich. It has throughout
history.  Kings and Emperors start wars not the common man.
There will always be poor people, but I think there should a
system that tries to  limit human suffering wherever possible.
This can't be done by one country, it has to be a world effort.
I understand the 3 riches men in the world have more money
than the lowest 3 billion people in the world together.  It's
this kind of unbalance in wealth that causes a lot of unrest
around the world.

It wouldn't surprise me if the world ends up in another
world war by or in the next decade. It's almost like there are
natural forces at work to limit population. If Trump foolishly
starts a war with N Korea it could spread to China. Russia is
friendly with N Korea too. So would they stand by or do as
they did before and try to help them against us? We hear all
this talk about N Korea and their missiles. What would keep
them from putting a bomb on a ship and sailing right up to one
of our coastal cities? They could have one near all our coastal
cities, docked in Cuba or even Mexico.  Even at 3 miles a nuke
would cause a lot of damage.

Only Time will tell.

Seems the GOP members mostly want to  hide. Even to call
the police to move voters out of their way. Or so they don't
have to listen to them. This is shameful, I think the Police
should only protect the offical from physical injury, and not
to save their ears from cries of injustice by their voters.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 07, 2017, 11:56:26 am
Trump Day 168
Our man Trump is in Germany talking with other members
of the G20. Also Trump is meeting with Putin. There isn't any
reports about the meeting yet.  The news is mainly about how
big the protests are in Hamburg where the meetings are..

It's said the protests haven't been this big since 2009.  There are
opposing groups among the protesters so there is potention for
a lot of violence if they get together. Seems to me it would be
better to not say where they are going to meet till the day before.

Trump shouldn't relax any of the sanctions if he wants to keep any
pressure on Putin. Putin will likely try to make Trump feel good with
flattery. I get the feeling Trump thinks if he removes some of the
sanctions he will get on Putins good side. Putin will  likely see this
as a sign of weakness, and press to get more.

After WWII Russia continued to occupy eastern Europe till the Soviet
Union was dismantaled in the late 1980's. Due to this perhaps millions
of  Russian citizens moved into these countries to do various jobs, and
the military. Putin is using this as an excuse to claim he needs to
protect those Russians that still live there. If those people don't like
how they are being treated, Putin should tell them to move back to
Russia instead.

There isn't much else to say till the meetings end. I am sure  Trump
will put a good face on it no matter what he and Putin work out.

Go to www.msnbc.com if you want to see more reports and videos..

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 08, 2017, 12:56:05 pm
Trump Day 169
Our man Trump met with Russias Putin for 2 hours. Apparently Trump agreed
to forget about the hacking because Putin said he didn't, and Trump left
it at that. Why? Because Trump doesn't believe the CIA. Why? Because they
supposedly said Iraq had weapons of mass distruction and they didn't. If
Trump was willing to find the truth he would find Pres Bush wanted the war to
get more oil out of Iraq. Not to steal the oil, but to help them produce more

This whole business with Trump wanting to cozy up to Putin is about money. The
secretary of state in the past had a 1/2 trillion dollar deal with Putin to drill for
oil in  Siberia and other places that require american expertise to reach. That's
likely the reason he was at the meeting with Trump.

I was shocked to hear that almost half of GOP voters think Putin is a nice guy.
Just misunderstood, and all the bad things in the news are fake. It's a shame
those who were killed wanting to show Putin for what he is. Can't be heard
He is a crime boss.with  the Russian military behind him. Actually in front of
him, because like all dictators they have to hide behind their body guards.

It is true Putin's Russia has morality laws much the same as the Far Right
wants for our country. So I guess that's the big attraction Putin has for them.
Well perhaps they would like Putins Gun laws too. Or get thrown in jail
without  any rights to due process. Russians can have hunting weapons, but
nothing like we have in the USA. It's true they have contests for sharp shooting
there, but guns for target shooting would be limited, and likely licensed.

Somehow I don't think americans are ready to give up their guns, but it could
come to that if we loose our democracy.

I want to say first "Not" all those in the GOP really like Trump or the far right.
Many do care about their fellow man. It's a minority who feel we should return
to the past. Trouble is many people only remember the good things when they
think about the so called good old days. They weren't very good when you stop
to think about them.

No Cell phones.
No smart phones.
No internet
No Tablets
No laptops
No desktop computers. In the 1950's computers filled a room, and slower
than your smartphone.
No dvd's
No cd's
No video games
No minimum wage
To name a few things people take for granted today.

No one talks publicly about it much, but many of those in the GOP didn't like
the fact we had a black president. Why else would the GOP have said "NO" to
everything Obama wanted. Even things they would have wanted otherwise.

I grew up in a town that didn't have one black man in the whole community.
In fact in the 1950's a black man would have been put in jail if he was found
in town after dark. I have known people who in private would bad mouth
minorities, and the LGBT would have been run out of town. So I have a pretty
good idea what Obama was up against with those in the GOP.

They preached for years they were going to  get rid of Obama Care. Not the
ACA, but Obama Care. Even to mislead their voters to think  they weren't
the same. They had all those years to work out a good health plan, but no
they want to get rid of all entitlements. To return us to the days where the
poor, old and in-firmed had to beg for help.  Or living in desperation. Why?
Because they think giving the rich a big tax break will make the economy
stronger for all.  This has been disproven over the years, but they keep
trying. I think it's partly because they don't want to help blacks, Hispanics,
or the LGBT. In the 1960's these people put their kids in private schools
so they wouldn't have to  be with black kids. Just kids they felt their
kids should associate with. This just extended racial hatred, and prejudice
against minorities, and LGBT.

The leader of the senate has set a deadline for passage of Trumpcare. He
wants it done befor the august break. that gives them 14 days. After getting
an earful from voters, it's doubtful he can get 50 votes for a plan that will
cause more people to die and rural hospitals to close. Even cost thousands
their jobs.

Come on Trump, you promised more jobs, not less.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 09, 2017, 11:56:44 am
Trump day 170.
Our man Trump has returned to the nest. Tweeting up a storm about all
the good things he did at the G20 and with Putin.

Trump ran for election to make America Great again. Well a person has
to be able to stand up to other leaders in the world. Especially those
who are opponents. Let them know were we/he stands on issues. As is
it seems to be a Tiger in front of a audience of supporters, but turns into
a mouse when talking to someone he can't control or a lleader who doesn't
agree with him.  That doesn't mean he shouldn't be diplomatic, but other
leaders have to know where we stand on things. Backing down trying to
play nice only makes him look weak.

Those leaders in China and Russia aren't looking for a buddy when they
talk to our president. They have an agenda, and will oppose us even
more if they see us as weak. When other world leaders start doing bad
things because they think we are weak or don't care is dangerous. Wars
are often started because of mistakes or miscalulations.

The USA has often been called a paper Tiger, and it seems Trump is
turning out to be the same. A loud mouth at home and meek abroad.
Trump can't make america great by giving other countries advantages
in trade, or loosing the respect of countries around the world. He was
more  like a by stander at the G20 when he could have set the agenda.
I don't think Trump wants the responsibility of being a world leader., much
less make america great. So far he has made a lot of noice while playing
golf. Then charges the tax payers to stay at his own resorts.

Trump has a habit of being a nice guy if he thinks he can gain from
it. This likely did well for him in business, but it likely will be his
downfall, and may drag our country down with him.

The GOP leadership is still trying to pass Trumpcare. Moving this way
and that trying to dodge the pitfalls. They appear to be moving toward
tax reform. They just want to  cut medicaid so they can cut taxes for
the richest americans and corportations. Many of them don't pay much
in taxes as is.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 10, 2017, 12:53:07 pm
Trump day 171
Our man Trump has been keeping busy on twitter lately. Trying
to defend his meetings in Europe. All he has to do is be honest
instead of all this  spin and lies. Seems he thinks he has to keep
everything secret. Then when someone in the white house leaks
something to the press he calls it fake apparently to cover up the
truth. Sometimes I think he is at the bottom of these leaks trying
to discredit the media.

Nearly all of Trumps people have had meetings with Russians. The
strange thing is they all forgot till the press found out, and reported
it. Then they all remember  suddenly. It appears Trump has had a
connection with Russia for over 10 years. Trump has a habit of being
slow to pay bank loans or declaring bankruptcy. So US banks won't
loan him money. So he goes to Russia and perhaps China for money.
Or perhaps the Russians came to him in the first place. Money has
always been a good way to put pressure on big shots  like Trump.

There may be nothing to this Russian connection, but much of what
Trump and family does makes them look suspicious. Not reporting
contacts with foreign governments can get one jail time when applying
for security permits. Personally I think if one of us did this we would
be in jail by now.

I have said in the past when our leaders fail to hold people accountable
for breaking laws it leads to anarchy. The average man will loose respect
for the law. I hope the GOP understands this as they should. Trump
like many rich people probably feels he can do most anything with a good
lawyer., and enough money.

When Trump ran for office he said he would spend all of his time working
for the country. Instead he complains about the media, playing golf, trying
to make money for his self, and tweets comments that have hurt his
reputation and the country. He seems to think we the USA can sit back
and let the world go by. If we don't work to pressure other countries to
stay honest the rich and crooks of the world will make life miserable for all.
This will wreck our economy in the long run. People only stay honest when
they have to. What will happen when a ship hauling goods has to pay a big
fee to cross a bit of ocean because a leader wants it. This  already
happens, but it will be world wide if no one puts a stop to  it. Driving up
the price of goods for us all. This is just one thing we do as a world
power for our own security.

Putin wants Russia to be a world power, he knows short of nukes he
can't do it militarily. So he is working to  change the world governments
by getting friendly leaders elected. This way he can rebuild the power
the USSR had in the past. At least this is his plan according to those
who understand him. Getting Trump elected apparently has helped him
much more than hurt.  By standing with Putin, Trump made him look
like a equal to Trump and the USA. Trump should have treated Putin
only as a leader not so friendly since Putin hacked our 2016 election.
I think Trump doesn't want to admit to anything that might discredit
his election.

The cease fire in Syria only amounted to a tiny part of the country. The
cyber commission with Russia is like a fox telling chickens he will help
make their hen house more secure. It's more likely it will be less secure
in the end.

Russia has had problems with crime bosses down through history. People
who give protection for money. Putin happens to be Mr Big at this time.
Hopefully this will change in the future, but only time will tell.

Trump has said he had to deal with the criminal element to get jobs done.
So he should understand what kind of person Putin is. Only thing Putin
wants more than just money, he wants to lead the world.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 11, 2017, 01:28:44 pm
Trump day 172
Our man Trump is telling congress to just do away with the ACA and worry
about replacing it later. This shows how little he cares about the working
poor. He promised to stand against the GOP if they didn't make a good
health care plan for all. Just another one of his lies.

Also it appears the top people in Trumps campaign met with a Russian who
told them she had a lot of dirt on Clinton. Trump said he didn't know, but I
really don't think much happened wtih his campaign that he didn't know. At
the same time Trump was asking Russia to do what ever it takes to find Clinton
emails. The stories have been shifting left and right about this, but it could
end up with people going to jail. Even if they didn't get any info. They as any
american should have told the FBI when the Russian contacted them. Instead
they met with her hoping to affect the outcome of our presidential election.

The GOP leadership and Trump want to finish this health care mess so they can
get on to the Tax reform they want. Gotta save the rich people money. They
need it so bad.

The public is shouting and calling their congress members, even in the halls of
the capital. Driving the GOP to distraction. They should be ashamed calling the
police to arrest people speaking out for their rights.

The best way to get the attention of any lawmaker that ignores you is get out
and vote to kick them out of office.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on July 11, 2017, 06:19:29 pm
Well, well, well. When you play with fire, you're going to get burned!  :o








Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 12, 2017, 12:07:24 pm
Trump Day 173
Our man Trump and the GOP will likely do all they can to twist contacts wiht
Russia away from them and toward the democrats and Clinton before it's over.

TRump has a history of trying to expand into Russia to build one or more hotel
towers. Putin has stood in his way, so it's possible Trump could offer Putin more
than he shouldl as president for personal profit.

Those in the GOP leadership continue to say the democrats are standing in the way
of their agenda. This is strange as the GOP controls both houses of congress and the
white house. Working together they can just about do anything they want. So excuses
against the other party is just crying on the part of the GOP. It's time they listen to
the people of this country, and not only the wishes of their own party.

Laws and legislation by one patty has rarely stood for more than a few years.  It's
because when the opposing party gets control they reverse it. It's much better to have
both parties working together in an honest manner to pass legislation that affects the
majority of the people. Like entitlements and taxes.

It appears the GOP due to personal feelings about Obama, or possibly due to their
supporters not liking it because a black man was pressident. The GOP has changed
after years of promising to get rid us of Obama care, and almost anything Obama
achieved while in office.  I hope I am wrong, but something has pushed or is pushing
it to the far right. This makes the democrats look like they are moving to the left.
They haven't changed it's the GOP that has.  In my opiion anyway.

The ACA was a GOP health plan, but when Obama tied his hopes to it the GOP lied
about it and worked to stop it's passage. Added amendments reducing it's ability to
work well for the public,  protect the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
Now they are telling lies again. The ACA is falutering due to the uncerainty of what
of what it will look like after the GOP gets through with it. It needs to be fixed not
removed. Left to the GOP it will take years to replace it if at all. They want to  return
to the old way that leaves people bankrupt and dying. If they have a health problem
they are on their own.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 13, 2017, 11:06:00 am
Trump Day 174
Our man Trump claims he didn't know about the meeting his son
and the top people in his campaign met with a Russian lawyer.
Who had promised to have dirt on H.Clinton. Odd thing the same
day Trump made a campaign speech saying he was going to expose
all of her crooked activities with Russia the following monday. By
the way he never didcome up with the information after all.

Could it be it was because the Russian lawyer turned out to not
have any dirt on Clinton as promised. So perhaps that's why Trump
never made that speech exposing H.Clinton Russia activities. I think
he knew aboutthe meeting and was expecting the information.
Obviously there isn't any solid proof, but it sure looks suspicious that
Trump knew all about it.

Trump has made many many promises to do things and never follows
up with them. His wife was going to show she was working legally in
the US 20 years ago, but we never saw it. Seems his supporters over
look all this bluster.  I really think if Trump did shoot someone
the GOP and his supporters would try to make excuses for him.

Trump is off to Europe again. I think it's part of the French Bastille
day celebration. I imagine Trump will visit the WWII war memorials
while he is there. I still have my doubts how much he really cares
about our military and the soldiers who fight for us. With all his
lies one never knows when he is telling the truth. It seems he
only got religious after he started running for president.

Trump said Putin wouldn't have wanted him as president. Why? because
he Trump is building up the military. Well Putin isn't likely wanting to
fight a war with us. He is wanting sanctions removed, and with a friendly
man in the white house he feels he can get the sanctions removed. Then
Putin can  hire Exxon to drill deep for oil to feed the Russian economy. This
makes Trumps claim rather doubtful.

Hopefully the GOP will fail to take health care away from millions
this summer. If they do I imagine the GOP may see the biggest
losses they have had in many years during the midterm election.
They have tied their star to getting rid of Obamacare (ACA). They
use the excuse it's all about a promise they have made to their
supporters. I feel it's just an excuse to give the richest Americans
and corporations a big tax break.

The GOP seem to think they can get by with ignoring the people who
didn't vote for them. As if they don't even exsist. The economy is
doing pretty good today. Partly due to the stock market feeling good
about Trump and the tax cuts the GOP are promising. Mostly the
economy is doing well because of what Obama has done over the years.
Trump called the job growth fake news till he was elected. Now it's all
great and due to all his fine work as president. Looks more like fake
work to me.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 14, 2017, 12:16:23 pm
Trump day 175
Our man Trump has claimed for months he didn't know anyone in Russia. Also
he says he and his family share all information, but then turns around and
says he didn't know his son was meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt
on Clinton. I think Trumps lies are starting to catch up with him. Trump seems
to beleave one shouldn't ever tell the truth when a lie will do. I think this is
why he never uses email. It would be a digital paper trail tying him down to the

As it is with many crooks the boss is very good at side stepping the law, but
his/her cohorts usually that spill the beans. I think Trump has in the past
only followed the law when he couldn't side step it. He might be really good
at it, but he has people around him that may not hold true.

Trump loves pomp and ceremony. The French president has played up to
Trump apparently to gain his favor. Trump was in true form when he started
flirting with the French presidents wife. I am sure Trump would have just
said he was being nice.

Trump supposedly gives corportations a hard time for outsourcing their
work to other countries. Trouble is he isn't saying anything about family
businesses who go to  other countries to have their products made.  Most
are where the labor is low cost. Their excuse is we have to go overseas to
be profitable.

I wonder how american workers feel about how the Trump family who says
they want to support them, but go to other countries instead. I think Trump
should explain to his voters why he is such a hypocrite. Explain why he lied
when he promised to protect health care for all.

Trump best get some better lawyers, I understand they have lost some
cases trying to keep some rich people out of jail. Somehow I feel when
Trump falls he will drag a few big wigs with him. Unless of course he pardons
a few on his way out. The VP might forget to pardon Trump if his political
future is ruined.

The senate leader is working hard to get 50 votes to pass their crappy
health bill. I am sure whoever was to cause it to fail would catch a lot of
heat from the GOP base. So unless someone is keeping a no vote to them
selves there is a chance it will get 50 votes, then the VP will vote  for the
GOP to win.

If they do win there is a good chance they will go after medicare and social
security in 2019. The Speaker of the house wants to privatize them both.
The GOP hates entitlements, they say people should stand on their own.
I agree, people should, but what about the handicapped, and people born
with health issues. What about people who at no fault of their own end up
broke to starve and die without help. We as a people are better than this,
we are always there to help when our fellows need it. It's a small minority
who don't care, and would probably leave a crying child to die in the street
then deny they saw the kid if asked. This happens  in other countries. If we
let extreemists that don't care about the constitution gain control of the
government it could  happen here. It's a small step from a democracy to a
dictatorship. If you doubt it look at Russia.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 15, 2017, 12:20:18 pm
Trump day 176
Our man Trump is on vacation again spending the weekend at his
resort where a golf match is occurint. I heard a supporter say they wish
the media would leave Trump alone so he could do hhs work. Well
when does he work? He tweets, and yells at tv screens. Fusses at the
media because they won't do what he wants. Tells the GOP to take
health care from the poor.  Claims he doesn't know any Russians which
is just another of his numerous lies. I think this supporter is watching
Fox news and listening to talk radio. All of which is full of misleading stories
of out bad the major media treats the GOP and Trump.

I think the reason the GOP leadership is looking the other
way over all these things Trump and family are involved with., is
because they are just as guilty as Trump is. If a person watches
another break the law and doesn't report it could be found
complicit in the breaking of the law. Especially if they work to
cover it up. Think about the police standing by doing nothing while
someone holds you up and takes your money. The GOP leadership
has been working to cover up Trumps activities as president. They
proably will get by with it politics being what it is, but history
will paint them for what they are.

In the not too distant past the GOP would have had kittens if some
one in the white house was being cozy with the Russians. I am not
sure what happened to them. Even the far right would have been
crying out warnings of disaster for the country. Now they say. Oh
it's a good thing, we need to work with the Russians. Putin is likely
siting with a broad smile on his face.

Trump will sell the country out to the Russians if it makes him millions.
Being the salesman he is Trump knows how to sell his self. He only needed
to agree with every coffee shop politician to get the blessings of the
average white hard working guy accross the nation.  Many people only
remember things about government that irritate them. The $100.00
hammers, the gold toliet seats reported bought be government officials.
Most all of these stories were limited in scope, but it stays in the hearts of
many people.

I think many of Trumps supporters look at Trump as a guy who will stir the
pot of government. To clean up government waste. I know all this sounds
good, but I think they will be disappointed when truth of what he is doing
finally hits home and their wallets. Of course like some people still believe
we never landed on the moon, there will be those who will  always make
excuses for Trump, and blame his problems on others.

Not much to say about them, but to say they are still trying to pass Trumps
health bill.  They are ignoring any and all connections Trump has with
Russia. I hope the voters hold them accountable in 2018, but only time
will tell.

The GOP continues to claim the ACA is crashing. This is a lie. The problems it has
is mostly due to the GOP causing uncertainty in the market.  Also the problem with
high prices mainly affects less than 10 % of the population.  States that accepted
the plan are still doing well with several insurance companies in their market place.
It's the ones that didn't who have the problems with insurance leaving. Due to not
knowing what the GOP will end up with.  Like all complex laws the ACA needs fixing
and the GOP should work with the democrats to fix it.

They continue offering their help to fix the ACA, but the GOP just
ignores that help. Even insurance compainies are saying Trumpcare
will be disaster for those who need coverage. But the GOP leadership
acts like a Ostrich sticking its head in the sand.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 16, 2017, 12:29:03 pm
Trump day 177
Our man Trump and the far right media are still calling the meeting with Trumps
people and the Russian government agent a nothing burger. Well our man Trump
has been shown as a lier saying he doesn't known any Russians or had meetings
with them and his campaign. This shouldn't be a suprise as he lies all the time.

His taking credia for how the economy is doing is typical for any politician sI don't
really think much about that. He is even taking credit for the win agains issus in Iraq.
Though  it was in work before he took office.

The economy is doing well for some, but  not others, mainly the working poor. He is
on record for being against the minimum wage.  He like most well off people
call the poor lazy or poorly educated. Why? Because to be rich you have to be
smart. Trump calls rich people smart, so what are less rich people? What ever the
opposite of smart is I guess. You suppose that's why he figured he could win?

Con Artists like Trump depend on people being foolish, needy, or greedy. I imagine
Trump believes the saying. "There is fool born every minute."  I guess that makes the
Russian govenment is very smart. They are oligarchs and we know how rich they are.
I think Trump envies them because he is poor in compassion. 

I can understand why the public is worried more about the economy and jobs than
they are the Russians. But they should be concerned when our leaders break laws or
the constitution.

The vote for the health care bill has been delayed while a senator recovers after minor
surgery. I am sure that senator was very glad he had insurance coverage. He should
remember that when he returns to the senate. If the loss of one vote wrecks the GOP's
plan they should have hearing to see why, and change it to get more votes. Twisting
arms to get votes is just more dirty tricks.

The GOP are working hard to  discredit this Russian meeting with Trumps campaign.
They should instead be concerned about it. These people have no business in our
government. We need honest people who care more about our country than being or
staying in congress. In the past the parties were more moderate, they could agree
to disagree. Now they don't want to work for the country, just for their party.

All the GOP wants is tax reform so they can cut taxes for the very rich. Where is
the infrastructure bill?We have a lot of infrastructure that is failing. Bridges, railroads,
and many other things our economy depends on.

Instead they work to take health care from those who need it the most, and
tax cuts for the rich. It's time the GOP stood up for the people instead of their
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 17, 2017, 12:07:19 pm
Trump day 178
Our man Trump has been in office for about 6 months.  He brags about all the work he is
doing. Seems each week has a new theme. Themes are all well and good, but it takes more
than a press release to get things done.  Trump can't get off this I am the president thing. If
he wants to get things done he should move away from the GOP and try to work with the
democrats. Not to tell them what to do, but ask them what they will agree to. Governing is
all about comprimise. Agreeing to disagree on some things and working to  find common
ground on other things.

He claims compainies should keep their jobs in the USA, but Trump and family hires factories
in other countries to make the products they sell.  Think about that if you think Trump is
all about america first.

He claims he is working for his base, but several of his promises were not reall promises, but
ideas he was tossing out. His wall is still in limbo, his promise of good health care for all is
apparently an empty promisse. Also where are all the jobs  he promised? Many people are
loosing jobs in the retail industry, Some who have jobs don't make enough to pay the bills
and end up in debt they can't pay. The economy growth Obama started is still working, and
of course Trump is claiming credie even though he has done little to help. Mostly pulling
regulations that the big corportations want gone. It saves them money, but how many jobs
does it make? Industry is moving to automation not more workers.

Trump seems to care more about how much money he can make while president than
about the country. He tweeted more about the golf tournament at his resort than he
has about Trump care. Untill Trump get down to doing the jobhe promised to do it's likely
he will continue to h ave problems. Blaming the media for his problems isn't going to
work when his voters loose health care and jobs.

I think the GOP is in sad shape when they can't work with anyone but their own party. Now
they are waiting for a senator who is recovering from surgery. One senator shouldn't stand
in the way of a bill that affects most of the population. If the GOP does pass it, it's l ikely it
will be replaced when the Democrats take over in the future. Any law thata one party puts
in place will likely be changed. The GOP should fix the ACA. It's a good free market plan. The
trouble is the GOP tied the removal of to their agenda. The problems with the ACA affect a
small percentage, basic plans are sold for $500.00 a year in New York. lWith 13 insurance
companies in their ACA market place. New York did this by putting a 1/2 milling people
on the same plan. Big insurance will offer good deals with enough people in a group.

The market place can be used if the GOP will get off this kill the plan business and
fix it. When elderly grand parents are kicked out of nursing homes, needing care
thay can't get at home. I think our politicians will have to  help or loose their job.
I have a friend who has a grand child that has been on medicaid ever since she was
born. Due to brain damage during birth. She will likely die if she looses the help.
This only  one of who knows how many need help across the country.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 18, 2017, 01:25:29 pm
Trump day 179
Our man Trump is apparently frustrated because the Senate hasn't passed this Trump car.
He is calling to kill the ACA (Obamacare) then come up with a replacement later. This would
cause big increases in premiums and cut over 30 million from the health coverage
they need.  If Trump thinks the GOP is going to replace it he doesn't know them very well. The
GOP wants to privatise all entitlements, social security, medicare and do away with medicaid.

Other countries provide affordable health cre so we can too. The GOP wants to protect the rich
from high taxes.

Trump failed to kill the Iran treaty like he promised, He hasn't started his wall yet. He hasn't provided
good health care for all. Just a few promises he hasn't fulfilled. Where is the infrastructure bill?

I often wonder if Trump has mental issues. The man can't think on his feet very well..  When he makes a
speech he repeats his self, and chcanges from one sentance to another.  It's almost like he has short term
memory issues. I imagine if Trump was suffering from mental problems family and others would try to
hide it. It wouldn't be the first tiime a presidents health problems have been covered up.

The leader of the senate wants to just remove the ACA. Does he really think the GOP can vote to take
health care from 30 million people?  The GOP doesn't want government health care, much less come up
with a replacement.

The democrates would be happy to work with the GOP to fix the ACA. Not kill it. People need coverage
with the high price of health care. We need to address the high cost as well as fix the ACA. Canada
provideds good health care for 60 percent of the cost here in the USA. Yes sometimes people have to
wait if the need isn't great. Or other low priority care. Like high priced nursing homes, if people want
faster fancier care let them pay for it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 19, 2017, 12:19:03 pm
Trump day 180
Our man Trump continues to keep secrets. Trump seems to think we should trust him
in all matters. Including his talks with someone like Putin.  If Trump didn't have a history
of telling lies, being childish, keeping his taxes secret, and believing people who tell him
how good he is. Trying to stop investigations we might trust him.

Trump at best is a poor business man. With 4 banrupcies that were due to his bad
judgement, though he blaims others. Most people could make money by not paying
bank loans and workers.

I know people want to believe Trump is good for the country, but they need to quit
listening to people like Rush limbaugh, and dig into the facts. Talk Radio guys will
say anything to build their audience. If they think their listeners like  TRump they
will brag on everything he does. Telling half truths and spinning stories so they 
sound good.

Trump tries to blaim others for his problems. The media, the russian investigation,
talk about his campaign.. Well Trump should let go of the fact he lost the popular
vote. Quit worrying how the media paints him.  There will always be people
reporting problems no matter how good a president is.  If Trump can't let go of
his narcissistic woes he will never get much done.

Trump set up a commission on voting. Suppoesdy to stop voter fraud. Well the
GOP does more to suppress voting than any other party. Worry over voting
fraud is nothig more than a GOP plan to reduce voting by people who may not
vote for the GOP. There is ilttle evidence of voting fraud accross the nation.

Trump can't stand the fact he lost the popular vote. He has been crying over
this since the election. Trump has to be number one about everything even if
he has to cheat to make it so.

The GOP may still try to remove the ACA even if they don't have the votes. Trump
is crying the blues because congress hasn't given him a big win. I don't call pulling
the plug on public health a win. If he does it's time to impeach him.  Along with
those in the GOP who agree with him. The high cost for insurance isn't the fault
of the ACA, It's the fault of the GOP for not fixing it. Untill everying one is in the
pool prices will stay high.

The GOP leadership a\nd their rich supporters are a bunch of money grubbing,
power hungry bums. If they weren't they would want to work with the
democrats to fix the ACA. Not create an unworkable health care system. The
GOP seems to be blind to anything but a free mreket system. Well some things
just won't work that way. Free markets work fine when you have good compitition.
Or if people are buying luxury items. Without regulation greedy people will work
to gouge people in a free market. Just like the guy who charges a huge price
for a product people need during a disaster. Or huge prices for medicine to
make a huge profit.

The democrats are far from being perfect, but they try to work for the little
guy. For Unions, to help the poor, and needy. Most religions say we should
help the poor and disadvantaged. The GOP who claims they support the
religious right should remember this. Many people don't know, but many
in the religious right leadership are more interested in making money than
saving  souls.

There is money to be made from the pulpit and they  know it. Most believe
they are helping people find religion, but the love of money corrupts almost
everyone it touches. It has been proven when some people get rich they will
do about anything to keep it or make more of it. Just like a drug addict.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 20, 2017, 12:10:20 pm
Trump day 181
Our man Trump is now complaining the man he appointed to be atterney general has excused
his self from the investigation of Trump and the Russian connection or anything that applies to
it.  Now why would Trump complain about this? Could it be he appointed him because he felt
as atterney general his friend would break the law and cover for him? Sure looks that way.
Not only that Trump said the special council better stay out of his personal finances. I
doubt if this threat prevents the special council rom doing his job. Even if it requires looking
at Trumps finances.

After running down the atterney general for following the law, I am suprised the atterney
general didn't resign. Will Trump fire him? Only time will tell.

It seems Trump thinks he has to repeat his self over and over again when he talks. Just like
he did during the campaign. Sometimes I wonder if Trump even knoiws he is doing it. Almost
like he forgot what he said a minute earlier.  It's likely his supporters worry about it, but I
imagine world leaders wonder if Trump is right in the head. I understand in meetings he never
stays on the subject at hand, instead just talks about what ever comes to mind.

People say Trump has done alot. Mostly it's just changes to regulations that were intended to
protect people and workers. I think most have been to  help big business make more money. 
It's doubtful they will hire more people with the savings. Or give them a raise. Rich people invest
in the stock market and real estate due to the tax breaks. Congress has always worked to keep
taxes down for those dealing in real estate over the years. Why? Because those in congress
own real estate, or invest in it.

During his campaign Trump claimed he would work every day as president. Well in the last six
months he has spent 54 days at his resorts. Mostly with a golf club in his hands. He has done
some government work while at his resorts, but not much of significance.  It has though made
millions for him, because he can bill the US government for his stay as president.  Theses stays
harm local business,they shut down local airports, streets, and likely costs jobs for the locals.

I hear Congress is going on their augest vacation after all. If they do they are going to have
to work hard to get much done. They have to get the new budget passed by October.  I
think they are running out of time to get anything done this year.

I wish the GOP would stand up to Trump and do their jobs. Trump is a leader not a dictator.
Trump all but threatened a senator the other day because he didn't support Trump.
I wonder if Trump will ever learn how to govern.. Being president is not the same as being
a CEO of a corporation. He is onely president. The congress can out vote him with a two
thirds vote in both houses. The Court can shut down any law Trump and congress makes.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 21, 2017, 12:07:41 pm
Trump day 182
Our man Trump was reported to be checking into the power of the president on
giving pardons for his staff, family and even to pardon his self. Now this could just
be couriosity, but it makes one wonder if he has a skeleton in his closet he fears
will put him in jail.

Supporters of Trump complain the media talks about the Russia connection with 
Trump all the time. Well it's Trump that keeps the talk alive. He fired the head of
the FBI over the Russian investigation. His people continue ttrying to cover up their
meetings with Russians. Trump had more than one meeting with Putin. That in it's
self is okay, but he did it wiout guidennce or a translator. Trump had to depend on
Putins translator who could have lead Trump to the wrong conclusions.

The Russian talk in the media would die off  if Trump would quit talking about it
in his tweets. The media doesn't make the news, they report it. I admit some
news services do embelish to the left or to the right. Fox news is big for the
far right along with most talk radiao.  The major media trys to be balanced
on their reporting, but there are left leaning stories as well. 

Trump could help his self a lot by not telling lies all the time. Then call it fake
news when the facts show his lies. This hurts his ability to do his job.

Will the GOP work with the democrats to fix the ACA and help lower drug costs?
I have my doubts. The GOP wants to let the private market control everything.
They claim they want to reduce health costs, but turn around and help the
costs to rise. The Free market will never work well for health care. Except to
make the drug and insurance industry richer.  It's the drug industy that pushes
the pain medicine that  people get addicted to. The GOP claim they want to
help stop this, but I think they will be slow to do it with all the money they
get from the drug industry.

Trump continues trying to discredit the special council. I wonder how long
it will be bfore Trump tries to fire every one doing investigations.

Latest news. Trumps press secretary resigns. I am suprised he stayed as long
as he did. I mean having to make so many excuses for Trump and all.

The democrats continue to off help to fix the ACA,  and reduce health costs,
but the GOP just ignores them. Or claims the democrats are hurting their
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on July 21, 2017, 02:08:29 pm
Sean Spicer is out! Hooray!  :D  :D  :D  Now all we need to do is get Bannon, Trump, and Trump's family out of Washington.  >:(
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 22, 2017, 12:12:56 pm
Sean Spicer is out! Hooray!  :D  :D  :D  Now all we need to do is get Bannon, Trump, and Trump's family out of Washington.  >:(

The new guy said he loooovvves Trump.. Now isn't interesting this guy has bad
mouthed Trump in the past. Just another guy like Trump who goes where the
money is.

I think Trump feels this guy will go out and lie for him on TV. He is a smooth talker and
will make the GOP base feel good.

Trump day 183
Our man Trump is on the war path. The special council is digging into Trumps finances. Even those
oh so secret tax records of his. So he has Fox News running the special council down. Also some
of the GOP doing the same. Problem is the special council is well liked by both parties. So if Trump
does get rid of him it may spread all the info out to the public eye.

Trump supporters claim the media spends too much time talking about Russia. Well it's
leaks and Tweets from the white house that keeps it going. Also Trump firing the FBI director. If
Trump had fired Flynn when he was told he lied about meeting with the Russians
instead of wating almost 3 weeks. The whole russia thing mgith be gone by now.

It's Trumps super ego that is causing him problems. It won't let him accept
the fact the Russian hacks helped him get elected. Then when he lost the popular
vote his ego can't accept that. So he claims there was 5 million illlegal votes for Clinton.
Trump can't let all this go. He embraces Putin, and bad mouths our allies. Why? It's
likely due to the fact Russia loans him money, and may let him build Trump Towers
in Russia. So it's no wonder he would try to be buddies with Putin. Even when it hurts
the country he is suppoed to protect.  People say whats wrong with being nice to
Russia?  Well if Putin gets his way our economy will suffer. He will control a large
percentage of the world economy. That will pull us down and not First like Trump
claims he wants.

Trump only wants to talk about wins not failures. If we ignore the failures we will
repeat them. No CEO worth their salt would ever ignore problems or try to blaim
them on someone else like Trump does.

By the way Trumps immigration bans are causing real trouble with crop harvests
in the southwest. Fruit and vegetables are going to waste because they don't have
any workers to pick them. Before Trump Migrants from Mexico did the work. Few
Americans are willing or able to do stoop labor in the fields.  So all you supporters
of Trump can thank him for higher food prices this fall.

Don't let the leader of the senate fool you. He hasn't given up on getting rid of the ACA
yet. The GOP leadership wants to get the federal government out of the business of
helping the working poor, much less the poor. They want private interprise to help
the poor. Just like the did at the late 18 hundreds. Where people lived hand to mouth on
public charity. That is if the public cared enouth to help. The rich guys in the GOP know to
take care of the approximate 15% of people who need help they would have to pay higher
taxes. Many poor people are minorities they don't want to help in the first place. Much less
pay higher taxes to help.

The country always does best when we work together. Leaving the disadvantaged to suffer
and die is where we are headed if the GOP stays in power. It is sad that a party of at best
less than 40% of the populations has control of the government. Especially with the agenda
it has.

I think we have GOP people in the senate and congress that have violated their oath of office. I
wonder if there is a law against that. If there is they should be held accountable for their actions.
Even if it has to wait till the democrats take power. If we let people in congress get by with this it
will happen again and again. No matter who is in power. Politics should never be an excusefor
violating the constitution.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 23, 2017, 11:56:32 am
Trump Day 184
Our man Trump continues pressing to end the investigation over his connection
to the Russians. He is telling his supporters it's a witch hunt. Well if the facts
are a witch hunt then so be it. Using conspiracy theories are not facts, but Trump
and the GOP spread them around like they are. This country is moving away from
democracy toward authoritarianism. All the signs are there. Every free democracy
has fallen first by loosing the free press. The government takes over the press so
they can feed the people lies and theories to discredit good people that are trying
to protect us all.

Tv stations across the country are being required to air conservatives spewing lies
and half truths trying to discredit anyone in government who won't support Trump or
those he wants in power. They play on the fears of the people to gain support from a
active minority. They know the majority will stand back untill it's too late to stop them.

Once they have control the rest of us will either submit or go to jail. Because they will
brain wash enforcment to follow them. This is how countries like Russia, China, and
other autoritarian goverments keep their people in line.

I am sure most people who read this will think I am over reacting, but if we ignore the
truth, and let others worry about things. One day we may find our selves wishing we
had. One day in the future your grand children may ask. "Why did the police take our
neighbor away? He was a nice man who told us of how the country was in the past.
You will have to say "it's not allowed to speak out against the president or country."

I think having a president who will stir things up is fine, but not to ignore what makes
the country great. It's our rule of law, and constitution that makes the country great. Not
some guy who is out to fatten his wallet at our expense. Trump does what he wants even
uif it's against the contitution.

Trump was on an aircraft carrier making a speech about how strong we are. Well Aircraft
carrier strike groups are fine, but they are much more vulnerable to attack and distruction
with the advent of low level anti ship missiles.  We  should move toward more smaller ships
instead of more huge aircraft carriers that can be sunk with the loss of many sailors and
and many aircraft in one fell swoop. At the end of the soviet union they were perfecting a high
speed attack ship designed to take out aircraft carrier groups. I am sure Putin has continued
to support this. Also China has built misssiles designed to destroy aircraft carriers. Aircraft
carriers were fine in the past, but like the battleships of the past their day is closing.
Let's spend our billions on smaller ships that are low profile to radar for launching air attacks
in the future.

It's time our congress stands up for the constitution not for their party. We can only hope
the public will teach them right from wrong in 2018. Only Time will tell.

It always amazes me when a polictical party claims it has a mandate of all the people.
Just because they won by perhaps 1 to 3 percent of the vote. If they had won by 2/3
of the vote, then I would agree they have a mandate. Trump claims a mandate when
he lost the vote for president. Claiming a mandate due to the electorial vote instead
of the popular vote is wrong.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 24, 2017, 12:30:36 pm
Trump day 185
Our man Trump is still giving his atterney general a hard time. If he doesn't like
his work, why not fire him?  I think he wants him to  resign to keep him self from
looking like the bad guy.

Trump and the GOP are trying to twist the Russian connection to H. Clinton and the
democrats. Now isn't that interesting since it's he and his people who are talking
to the Russians. Trump has been borrowing money from Russia, selling to Russian
oligarchs. It has been found the oligarchs are involved in money laundering, so did
Trump get his hands dirty washing their money? Perhaps that's what Trump is worried
about. Trump and his people have claimed they had no meetings with Russia untill it
was found out. This asked the question why hide this fact?

Trumps son n law claims it wa staff that caused his security clearence form to be
wrong or lack data.  I really doubt if he signs anything without reading it first. So to
me this is a lame excuse.

During his campaign Trump mused he could shoot someone and not loose votes. Now
he is checking to see if he can pardon his self. If this was allowed, in theory Trump could
order the military to give him a fully automatic machine gun. Then use it to kill his staff
Turn around and pardon his self to get away with murder. Now I know this is taking it to
the extreme, but it shows why letting any president pardon his self is wrong.

The GOP continues to try to cover for Trump and his people. I really don't know
why they worry about Trump. The VP would likely sign their dirty bills into law as
well. Still they put the hearing with Trumps son and son n law in a closed meeting
when it was reported to be an open one in the beginning. Did Trump push for a closed
meeting? If so why? Is he afraid the public might hear something bad about him, or
some deal he has done? Only Trump or the GOP can say.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 25, 2017, 01:35:31 pm
Trump Day 186
Our man Trump continues to say connections with Russsia had nothing
to do with helping him win the presidency. Trump apparenly is planning
to get rid of the atterney general. Possibly to stop all investigations
of him and his campaign. Or to render them impudent.

Trumps son n law was in a senate committe today. According to a senator
who was there the man was answering questions in a way to keep his
answers so it would be almost impossible to say he wasn't being truthful. Kind
of like a politician.

It seems everyone connected to the Trump camplaign had memory loss for
meetings with Russians untill they were reminded by the press. I could
understand where someone might forget if he/she had met with many
foreign dimplomats during the same time. I understand they didn't
meet with anyone except Russians. So to me it's just more lame
excuses trying to keep them selves and Trump out of trouble.

No one in past presidential campaigns has had this much trouble with
remembering such things.

Trump and company can continue telling lies and breaking their oath
to keep the constitution as long as those responsible to enforce
these rules refuse to hole them accountable.

Untill Trumps supporters take the time to see what Trump is doing
instead of listening to fake news from the far right. I fear little
will be done to correct it.

Trump should be ashamed the way he talked to the Boy Scouts. Making
an adult style political speech to kids of all people. is he thinking
some of them will be voters by 2020? Who can say with Trump. He should
have been telling them to be good citizens not Trump supporters.

The senators will be voting to debate the GOP plan to get rid of the
ACA again, with no replacement. Attention Trump supporters, your man
said he would make sure the GOP passes a health plan for everyone that
was lower in cost. You keep saying he is doing a good job. How about
his health care promise? The senate needs 50 votes to put the bill up
for debate. So Arizona senator Mc cain is coming back after surgery
hoping to get the votes. I think it's discusting for them to ignore
the people who didn't vote for the GOP. Health care is about everybody,
not just republicans. If it only affected the GOP it would be ok, but
this affects everyone. I bet Mc Cain keeps his government funded health
care, along with the other senators, representatives, and Trump.

This debate thing is just an excuse to get the bill on the senate floor.
The senate leader plans to call for a vote to remove any amendments
at the end of the debate. Then vote to repeal the ACA with NO replacement.
If successful they will use the savings they got by cutting medicaid to
cut taxes for the richest americans. To hear them this will create Jobs
Jobs Jobs. Sure when pigs fly. It will just make richer billionairs, and
few if any Jobs while thousands suffer and die for lack of health care.

In my own state of Missouri people elected a GOP govenor who is cutting
social programs so he can keep from raising taxes. Thousands of people
needing rest home care are at risk of being ejected because the
govenor refused to sign a bill that would have protected these people.
Seems in some cases the GOP will stop at nothing to save their rich
friends a dollar. I didn't vote for him, and proud to say so.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 26, 2017, 12:23:16 pm
Trump day 187
Our man Trump still complaining that his Atterney General
isn't doing a good job. He wants him to investigate
H Clinton for her connections with Russia. She only
had connections with Russia as part of her job for petes
sake. As for her emails. Trump h as given away more
secrets than H Clinton ever had on her email server.

His Atterney general is doing more to follow Trumps
promises about getting ride of ilegal immagrints and
makeing punishment for law breakers. More for the poor
and minorities. Not for those with money and power.

Trump wants total loyalty from people as he did when
he was hiring those to work for him. Trump either
doesn't understand or care that people who work for
the government are loyal to the constitution first
ant the law. Trump seems to think he can do anything
that comes to his mind, and if people in government
don't follow him they are terrible people.

Trump has to learn he is NOT above the law. Of course
if thoes that enforce the laws let him get by with it
he isn't likely to  change. I think some of his supporters
love it when Trump breaks the rules.. I bet they wouldn't
like it if they were victimized and the authorities did
nothing to stop it. HIs supporters need to realize this
stuff is serious, and not a game to laugh at.

I imagine in another year when budget cuts and loss of
health insurance comes home to roost, many of his
supporters will start falling away. Already some of his
base is not happy with the promises of health care for
all isn't coming to pass like Trump promised. Instead
Trump is pushing to get rid of health care.

Trump is all bluster when at a ralley, on TV, or Tweeting in the
oval office. He is surrounded with armed guards in those places,
but he hasn't the guts to call the Atterney general into his
office and fire him if he won't resign. On his TV show his one
on one firing was all an act.

I think Trump is actually a coward. He has lived with body
guards for many years, and likely fears to physically confront
anyone. He waited till the FBI director was out of town to
fire him. Then he did it by having a body guard deliver
the message. I don't think this is the case with women. I
think we know how he treats them.

The stock market may be setting it's self up for a big fall. I
understand banks have been buying stocks to help it stay
up. This can only go on for so long. Then what?

The GOP had 90 people arrested today be cause they were
peacefully disrupting the GOP from trying to get rid of
the ACA. Shows the GOP is more than willing to toss
people out if they get in their way. I am suprised
the GOP hasn't passed a law to fine people for trying
to be heard.

They are using all means to slow the process to give
people time to let their senators know how they feel.
Otherwise there is little they can do since the GOP
can change rules to  suit their purposes.

As I have said in the past. Only by voting a party out
can stop corruption of government by any political
party, be they democrats or republicans.

If we don't, some day we may have people in power
who will find a way to keep power no matter what we
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 27, 2017, 11:21:30 am
Trump day 188
Our man Trump tweeted to not allow Transgender people
in the military. I wonder if he knew we have about
15,000 serving. Removing that many people will cause
problems from the top down. It's possible Trump might
back up on this once he see's the trouble it will
cause. Trump claims he discussed this with military
people, but that is another one of his lies.

There is a report Trump did this because conservatives
in congress didn't want to pay for health issues many
Transgender have. Well seems the military spent over 40
million on Viagra and other impotent problems service
men had. The Transgender costs were at most 5 million.
Seems they were holding funding for the ridiculous wall
with Mexico hostage over it.

This whole mess has likely staarted with him wanting
to remove the atterney general. Turns out the far right
likes the atterney general, and is giving Trump some
static over his removal. So now Trump is talking about
how bad Mexicans are again. Hoping to let his base know
that removing the atterney general won't make it easier
on illegal aliens.

What is it about the investigation that has Trump so
worried he must try to stop it? Even if he has to fire
the atterney general to get it done. This may be enough
to turn enough GOP members to set up an congressional
investigational council that Trump can't touch.

I don't think Trump even cares about immigrants in the
first place. It's just a sore spot with a lot of people
he is using to get support. Many of the people he has
hired to work for him were aliens. He authorized work
visa's for a large group so they could work at his
resorts this spring. Guess what? they work cheap.

Trumps Tweets could get us in a war, since Trump doesn't
seem to understand that other netions take his words as
american policy. Tweet or vocal.

Trump appointed a man to the criminal divison of the
justest department that has ties to Russia. Seems Trump
never learns. He complains about the press talking about
the Russian investigation and he continues to feed it.
Oh this guy says he won't excuse his self even though
he worked for Trumps campaign. Is this a man Trump hopes
will stop any movemnt to cause trouble for Trump and
family? Only time will tell.

Trump is making not so veiled threats against the people
of Alaska because their senator failed to support Trump and
the so called health bill he wanted. Every day Trump just
digs his self deeper into trouble. Senators don't take threats
like this kindly.

The senate leadership is trying it's best to pass a bill
to get rid of the ACA. Trump wants a win and they seem to
think they have to give him one. No matter who it hurts.

The GOP and Democrats have passed more sanctions against
Russia, Iran, and N korea. Trump may not want to sign as the
Russians are saying these sanctions will hurt relations. Well
they attacked our election, so it's likely congress will over ride
any veto Trump may try to use to stop it. Only time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 28, 2017, 12:00:02 pm
Trump day 189
Our man Trumps new man is a real potty mouth. It appears
Trump wanted someone to be out there doing whant he
doesn't have the nerve to do on his own. I wonder how
many of his religious supporters like this kind of
language coming from the white house. You would think
Trump would want someone who could express his self
better. Calling people dirty names looks dumb. This
reflects poorly on the president of the country.

It seems Trump is still trying to puressure the FBI by
accusing top people in the FBI for leaking security
information. To discredit the FBI because they artn't
loyal to him.

Troump is out to stop the investigation about him and
his campaigns connection to Russia. To discredit any
people who are trying to investigate him.

Trump must be getting more desperate, he hired two
people who protected the Govenor of New Jersy form
bridge gate.

There must be a terrible truth Trump is trying to
hide. Perhaps even to destroy him financially and
perhaps put and others in prison. Otherwise why is
he trying to wreck the careers of anyone who is
investigating him.

The strange thing is Trump has done all this to his
self. For some reason he has the idea he is above the
law. This is what is getting him in trouble. The more
he tries to stop the investigation the more trouble he
will have. Even if he fires people, others will carry
on. The only way he could stop it would be to declare
marshal law. Then hide in the white house hoping people
would support him.

GOP members made noise like they would punish Trump if
he fired the attorney general. I have my doubts. Their
rich supporters are leading the GOP by the nose. If they
fail to do what they are told their campaign money will
be gone. At least from the billionaires. Only a few GOP
members are ignoring the money and listening to the

This is why the GOP leadership is still psushing, yes still
pushing to kill the ACA. The billionaires that support them
want to get rid of all the social programs that cost them money.
That includes Health care, medicare, social security
medicaid, and health care for the veterans. Yes even
those who are retired from the military.

Trump tweeted lets let the ACA die, and hurt americans.  Trump
appears to be pushing to sabotage the ACA, to punish people
because they let him fail. A president works for the people not
against them. He even said let's change the rules so 51 votes
win. This is weird. Besides I think it's in the constitution that
requires a majority vote to pass.

Even though the GOP lost the vote they will not stop trying to
get rid of entitlements. They want to privatize everything wither
it works or not. Mc Cain voted it down over the process more
than anything else. To move the bill through committes instead
of closed back rooms controlled by rich supporters of the GOP.
Only time will tell if the GOP returns to good government or not.

If the GOP continues to stand with Trump they will fall with him. I
have a hunch they will scatter like rats if and when Trumps ship of
power sinks.


Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 29, 2017, 11:13:51 am
Trump Day 190
Our man Trump made a speech in front of an audience of police, He
encouraged them to be physically tough with those they arrest. Trump
claimst to be for law enforcement then truns about and tells our police
to break the law. We did our best to get rid of police brutallity in the
1960's. Now Trump wants to go back to it? Many innocent people
were seriously injured with mob violence, and that's what police
brutality is.

Supporters of Trump say let Trump be Trump. Let him decided how
to be president. Well a president is for all americans not just for the
man or woman wearing the title. When a president acts like an idiot
or childish it makes us all look bad.

Trump took an oath to keep the constitutions and the law. Then he
turned around and told all agencies in government to not support the
ACA which is the law of the land. It is the job of congress to get rid of
a law. NOT the president.  He did this so he could claim the ACA was
failing when it was and is not failing on  it's own. It is the GOP controlled
government who is failing the ACA and the americans who need it.
Trump and the GOP continue to break the rule of law in the name of

As I have said in the past. The GOP and Trump don't want to help the
poor or minorities because they see them as lazy people. There isn't
anything new about this. They won't publically admit it because they
could loose votes. Trump goes even farther calling them ignorant. If
didn't why does he call rich people smart?

The GOP claimes if they help the poor or minorities they will become
dependant on the government. Well then teach them to help them
selves. Religion teaches us that it's better to teach a man to fish than
to just give him a fish. Most people don't fish these days, but the
same idea applies.

They should set up regualtions that don't take help away when people
start to help them selves. Doing this discourages people from wanting
to help them selves. The help should be reduced slowly as to not
discourage people from standing on their own. When people on aid
get help that could cost more than they would get on minimum wage,
how can we askt hem to give it up? If minimum wage doesn't pay
enough to equal the aid then minimum wage should be increased.

The religioun that the GOP mostly clings to tells us to help the poor and
the lame. To provide food for the hungry and to help children. So why
do they still turn around and ignore the beliefs they claim to hold?

Just saying I made it so anyone who tries can doesn't work in many cases.
People are born with handicaps, and mental problems. Som learn slower
than most. To ignore the disadvantaged only creates desperate people
who will turn to  crime. Nothing is perfect,, but to ignore the needy is

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 30, 2017, 12:03:41 pm
Trump day 191
Our man Trump hired a new chief of staff. A 4 star general
without much political experience. Is he just another yes man
for Trump?  Or will he tell Trump to give him the authority he
needs to do the job? Or tell Trump when not to tweet? If he
can't or doesn't nothing will change. Only time will tell.

Trump wants to  run the White house like the hub of a wheel.
With him as the hub. Many years has shown it's better to let
staff deal with the chaff of government. The president is there
to make the decisions that only he has an authority to make..
Trump seems to only want to talk about how good he is, play golf
and Tweet instead of being president. The way it is he just wants
to play the part of a president. Much as he played the part of a
CEO in his TV show "The Apprentice". This is why people need the
experience of government to be a good president.

The Sinclaire broadcast group is requiring their affiliates to
play pro Trump reports by a man who has a Russian
accent 9 times a week.. What's next a fireside chat with
Putin? This is another step toward fascism. They are trying
to convince the general public to  support the far right
agenda. The Sinclair group reaches 70% of the country.

Florida agreed to send Voting information to Trumps
voting fraud investigation. There is no evidence of
voting fraud except in Trumps mind. So far most states
are refusing to do this.

N Korea continues to threaten the USA with missile launches
and bomb tests. If Trump doesn't work to convince N Korea
we aren't out to depose the N Korean leader, we could be headed
for a disastrous war that  could include attacks to our own
mainland. Trump has cut the State Department to the bone.
An agency that works to keep the peace and used to  have
people with a lot of experience dealing with bad leaders.

Will Trump go down in history as starting or causing a war that
costs the lives of millions? I hope not. If he does he will blame
it on someone else, that I am sure.

The GOP will need to hold Trump and his people accountable
if they want to stay in power.

There are  a lot of people running as democrats for office accross
the country for 2018. Has the GOP stepped into one meadow muffin
too many? Only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 31, 2017, 12:23:11 pm
Trump Day 192
Our man Trump calls his new Chief of staff a great man. Of course
Trump calls everyone he likes great. This man has a lot of experience
in the military, but not much in politics. In the military he could order
people to do their job, but can he lead civilians the same way? I think
he will find one has to work with civilians not order them. Otherwise
they will turn against him.

Trump seems to  think people from the military can do a better job
of running the white house. Well the military works differently than
civilians do, and with politics its mostly comprimise.

Trump is still pushing to change health care to give tax breaks to
the rich, and insurance companies. This encludes tax breaks on
the big bonuses the CEO's of those compainies get. Trump ran
claiming to be a friend of the common man, but instead he is
a friend of rich men, especially the very rich. .

Trump says N Korea will be dealt with, and blaims China for not
helping or stoping N Korea. China would likely have to envade
N Korea to stop N Korea, but they want the government of
N Korea to stay. They don't want a democratic nation sitting
against their boarder. Russia supports N Korea too. We have
to find a diplomatic way or it will end up in a war.

We should use sanctions against N Korea and other countries
that support  N Korea and their military build up. I would
rather see the N Korean leader sitting on his thumb than
starting a war.

Now Trump is threatening to not pay the substies that the working
poor depend on to get insurance.Just the suggestion of doing this
will cause insurance companies to bail out. This is sabotage by

Trump continues to  claim the economy is doing much better
since he took office. Well if the economy continues as is it will
have a very modest increase of 1.9 percent. Which isn't very
great. Trump was saying he would have us up to 6 percent.
He and the GOP will have to work much harder to get that.

They are still trying to find a way to get rid of the ACA instead
of fixing the problems the GOP likely added to it with all the
amendments they tacked on to it in the first place. Some to
prevent the government from making better deals wiht insurance
and drug companies.

The only way to cut costs for health care is by regulation. Too
many people won't buy insurance. Then when they end up in
the hospital they go broke. This runs costs up for everyone
else because losses are passed along to those who do have
insurance We have to have everyone paying or prices will stay
high especially for individuals, and those with health problems.

The GOP didn't like Obama because he is a black man. They can
deny it, but why else would have treated the president the way
they did. No other president was treated this way by the GOP did
over the last 8 years. Obama had his faults, but the GOP just said
NO to everything he tried to do. Even for job creatiing infrastructure
the country desperately needs. Obama asked congress to  work on it
but they said NO.

The GOP has used the ACA as a battle cry for almost a decade,
but haen't come up with a good replacement. I think it's because
the ACA was a plan they liked, but since Obama passed it they
couldn't agree with it wiithout giving a black man credit for it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 01, 2017, 01:35:31 pm
Trump day 193
Our man Trump is under a law suit about writing a false news story
during the campaign.  Also it has been reported Trump drafted a
false story for his son and the meeting with the Russian lawyer.

Seems Trumps problems just keep stacking up. Most of them are
by his own hand. He continues to call them fake news apparently
to keep him and his famly out of trouble.  The way it's going I
don't think his lies are going to keep the troubles away.

Trumps new chief of staff did fire the potty mouth new guy. So
that was a plus at least. I understand he was lead out of the
white house.

Nothing much new with the augest recess coming up. I think
they are planning to keep the senate open to keep Trump from
doing recess appointments.

They are continuing to do what they can to protect health care and
keep the rich guys from getting big tax breaks on the backs of the
working poor.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 02, 2017, 12:32:12 pm
Trump day 194
The Trump administration justest department is moving
to undo affirmative action by sewing colleges and
schools to stop them from applying affirmative action.

Also the Justest department is saying gays do onot
have civil rights protection against discrimination.

I could be wrong, but this smells of the Far right
pushing to move our country back to the 1950's.
I think it's a first step moving in that direction.
Nothing heard from the white house as yet. In
the end the Supreme court will decided it.

Trump is apparently stalling on signing the
bill that puts sacnctions on Russia, Iran, and
N Korea. I think this bill puts Trump in a box.
If he signs it, he is admitting the Russians
helped him win the election. If he doesn't
sign it, then it, it makes him look like Putin
has something on Trump.

Trump finally signed it witout photos or
fanfair, but complained that congress was
wrong to pass it.

As outspoken Trump is it's odd Trump hasn't
commented on what Putin has done since congress
passed the bill. Not one public word or tweet.

Day two for the new chief of staff. It would
seem he is okay with the rest of the staff. No
more firings anyhow.

Trump is pushing to change our immigration policy
of over 100 years to one where someone has to
speak english, and to have a skill to get a Green
card. Skill based immigration goes against the
promise to accept the poor and disadvantaged of
the world. Sure letting people in because they
have a useful skill is fine. It will keep them off
the welfare roles. I wonder how skilled people
will feel when a immigrant takes a good job
from them.

I guess that's why Trump hires skilled  foreign
workers for his hotels and resorts. Instead of
using home people to do the work. Could it
be they work cheaper?

Trump doesn't like Amazon for some reason. Could
it be the owner of that huge corportation doesn't
support Trumps ideas? One thing the owner of Amazon
is much richer than Trump, and he did it witout a
millionair father to start him out. So according to
Trump law (Intelligence based on riches) he is much
much smarter than Trump or any one else who he
calls smart.

Trump is bragging about the stock market hitting
a record 22,000. Brag on Trump, most people in
the country can't afford stocks. So it doesn't
really reflect a growing economy. So far this
year the average is less than 2 percent. It
was 2.5 percent or more under Obama.

Those of us who want good health care need to
keep the pressure on, because the GOP leadership
in the house and senate want to get rid of the
entitlements. The ACA, Mediaid, Medicare,
Social Security, and the Veterans health care.
All to be privatized so they can cut taxes
for the very rich. In other counrtries the
very rich pay the bulk of the social costs. They
don't want that here..Very rich are people that
have 100's of milliions, and billions of
dollars, and they want more no matter who
it hurts.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 03, 2017, 11:38:27 am
Trump day 195
Our man Trump is telling lies again. Claiming the national
office of the boy scouts called him. They didn't. He claimed
the leader of Mexico called him. He didn't. Could it be
Trump really believes he got these calls? Or just trying to
look important.

I really do wonder if Trump is having memory problems. To lie
about things like this seems counter productive at best. It's
so easy to fact check them. I know his supporters don't worry
much about his lies, but if foriegn countries can't believe
him. What would happen in a crisis where a few words could
start or stop a war.

If Trump does have memory problems he should resign for the
good of the country. Problem is Trump probably wouldn't admit
it to his self. or want to. If he does it's likely those around him
would want to hide it. To keep their jobs and the power Trump
brings them.

Trump seems to be afraid of Putin. He never talks against Putin.
It can't be the nukes as China has more than enough of them
to cause much the same damage as Russia could cause. So
why would Trump cow to Putin? He bad mouths all other countries
including China, but not Russia. Perhaps the investigation of Trump 
will bring it to light.

Trump and the GOP continue trying to limit immigration. Even
though our economy depends on the labor foreign workers
provide. Also these people harvest crops we need for the
food we need to eat.

During a press conference today a reporter was reminded the
script at the base of the statue of libery was added later. About
20 years. Well the administration should also remember
the Bill of rights was added to our constitution about 20 years
later too. I think in both cases the importance of their content is

Trump is loosing ground in the polls. This is likely to worry
the GOP. Perhpas it's why the GOP isn't listening to Trump like
they were before.

Trump scolded his generals because the ware in Afghanistan
isn't going well. Trump promised he had a winning strategy
there. Trump even was complaining that China was mining
minerals there while we spend money and lives. Trump isn't
likely a scholar of history. If he was he would know you can't
win a war with bombs. The people of a country have to want
to change. Otherwise the same people will move right back
in when we leave.

Even though Trump told the GOP to keep trying to  get rid
of the ACA they are moving on to other business. They will
be up against a debt increase when they return from their
augest recess. Also the budget has to be passed this fall or
the goverenment will shut down.

They have left on vacation even though Trump said they
couldn't leave.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 04, 2017, 12:32:27 pm
Trump day 196
Our man Trump proved how greedy he is by charging
the secret service so much at Trump Tower they moved
out into a trailer on the sidewalk. A rather shameful
thing to do. Trumps people said they had to charge
the price due to costs. I feel so sorry for Trump that
he has to charge such high prices to not go broke. "NOT"

Trump was in West Virgina having another rally. He
should be doing his job instead of having a brag fest.
He continues to call the Russian investigation a witch
hunt. Well time will tell, but Trump should leave it
alone, and let it run it's course. If he is truthful
and honest he hasn't anything to worry about.

There is a report a grand jury has been put together in
Washington DC for the investigation. Trump might fire
Muller, but the grand jury is part of the judicial system
outside Trumps control. Congree is working to protect
Muller so if he is fired, a 3 judge panel will check to
see if there was good cause to fire him. If not he will
be reinstated. Hopefully congress is successful in setting
this up.

West Virgina's Billionaire govener decided to switch
parties. From democrat to republican. Which he was in
the past. Did he run as a democrat just to get elected?
I wonder who orwhat caused that? It seems the more
money people havethe more they want. If there is an
afterlife, I fear they are going to be very miserable in it.

A couple of transcrips were leaked. Here are links to the
transcripts of the calls.

Call to Mexico

https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/politics/australia-mexico-transcripts/?hpid=hp_rhp-top-table-main_trumpcalls-915a-flipper%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.53b0b91d6912 (https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/politics/australia-mexico-transcripts/?hpid=hp_rhp-top-table-main_trumpcalls-915a-flipper%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.53b0b91d6912)

Call to Australia

https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/politics/australia-mexico-transcripts/?utm_term=.91255b745d3d (https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/politics/australia-mexico-transcripts/?utm_term=.91255b745d3d)

The attorney general made a speech saying the justist department
will be working investigate all leaks that affects national security.
We should hope they don't use this as an excuse to curb the press
from publishing the truth about our government. The only real damaging
leak was by Trumpwhen he had the Russians in the oval office. Phone
calls by the president shouldn't be made public in that it could keep a
forilgn leader from being open in a conversation with our president.

In Trumps rally it sounded like Trump is saying if the democrats win
they will use this hoax about the Russians to impeach me. I think this
will be his rallying cry for the 2018 mid term election. Vote to keep
the GOP in power, or you will loose me as president. Time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 05, 2017, 12:20:32 pm
Trump day 197
Our man Trump called the white house a real dump. Asked, his people
claimed he didn't say it. Then when pressed with the facts they
said "Oh its just a joke, he didn't meann it." Now he is at one of
his golf resorts for two weeks to have what he called a working
vacation. In my opinon he has been on a vacation sence he was

What else would you call someone sitting around watching cable
news and tweeting. Not counting all his complaints about the
media because they don't brag about him.

Trump and the GOP still claim global warming is a hoax,, but
China and India are turning clean energy into jobs while here
in the US we are starting to fall behind.

Big business here in the US is holding us back because they
don't want to change.from the fossil fuels that has made them
incredibly rich. Trump should be pushing for clean energy.
If we don't the rest of the world will leave us in the dustbin
of the past.

Let's use petroleum for chemicals. and heat and  cool our homes and
factories with electricity. Along with cars and trucks. It's the
future even if the rich GOP supporters want to keep us in
the past.

Coal miners are wanting to hold on to the jobs of the past.
We need to educate them so they can do the jobs of the
future instead of trying to bring coal back. It's more
expensive, and makes our air hard to breath. Anyone
who has been around coal smoke should know you can
taste it as well as smell it. In the old days there were
much fewer people using it. Even then our cities were
black from the soot of coal smoke.

Change is hard for anyone, but if we don't we will fall
behind. China and India has learned the hard way that
they needed clean energy. I hope we don't have to learn
the same lesson.

The GOP will give us fewer good jobs instead of more.
Manufacturing is moving to automation with fewer
jobs. Machines are replacing the jobs people used to 
do with hands. Ignoring this is a dead end for unskilled
workers of the future. We need more trade schools to
train workers for high tech jobs. Most people can learn
to do about any job with training. College is fine, but
we shouldn't require people to have a college education
to do a job that a trade school could teach them to do.

A bit on the ACA. If Trump doesn't pay the insurance
companies the subsidies for those who can't afford
the premiums under the ACA. Then premiums will go
up for all.

Ever use a pay day loan? Well Trump and GOP want to
cut back on regulations over them. These loans are
predatory and cost those who can afford it the least
a lot of money. They need to be regulated.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 06, 2017, 12:02:21 pm
Trump day 198
Our man Trump loves Fox News. His supporters
watch the channel religiously. If someone on the
channel speaks against Trump, the ratings drop.
So it's no wonder they promote Trump.

Fox is a male run channel. Women are not
given respect there. Not to say all men that
work there are bad, but the channel is very
conservative. Seems conservatives believe
women should stay in the home. So it's no
wonder women have had to work against
conservatives to  gain any rights.

Trump treats women who work for him
like he owns them instead of  like human
beings. Sure he is publicly nice to women
in his family, and others, but I wonder what
it's like in private? Past reports have shown
him to not respect women.

I often wonder why women vote for the
same type of men who act like they
are god's gift to women, but many do.

I know a conservative friend of mine
says he tells his wife  how to vote. In
this case I am sure a woman would want
to please her husband. I often wonder
how many women follow this way of

I understand black women tend to vote
the way they want, not their husbands way.
Not to say most women are doormats, but
in general around the world very conservative
men try to dominate their wives. I think this is
why men in very conservative circles treat women
like sex objects insead of intelegent people.

Trump needs to  get rid of the far right
conservatives. The trouble is Trumps base
of voters tend to like the far right. So he
would likely be afraid to get rid of people
like Bannon.

That puts Trump and the GOP in a box.
Because they have to please people who
are going to hurt them with the majority
of the people of our country. To keep power
the GOP needs a broad base, not just  the
far right. In 2010 the GOP won enough
seats in state houses with lies about
Obama nad the ACA  to gerrymander  voting
districts to favor voters who support the GOP.

This way they had a better chance to win
elections to congress. Otherwise the congress
would reflect the feelings of the country instead
of those that reflect a conservative minority.

The United Nations placed sanctions on N. Korea.
Now if China will stand by th sanctions? S. Korea
has given N Korea money. If the sanctions aren't
inforced nothing will change.

Will the Trump administration stop saber rattling
toward N Korea or try to work out a diplomatic
solution. I doubt if the N Korean leader wants to
preside over rubble. I understand the guy worries
about being deposed more than anything else. People
of N Korea look on his family as if they were some
kind of divinity. It's no wonder they support him the
way they do. War with people like this would be
almost to their last man. Much like Japan would
have been if the Emperor hadn't told the people to
lay down their arms.

Trump needs to understand we can't bomb people
like this into submission. So we must work to
deal with them and try to give them what they
want. Russia and China are friendly with them. So
perhaps there is away we can learn to agree to
disagree if nothing else.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 07, 2017, 12:20:31 pm
Trump Day 199
Our many Trump is on what he calls a working vacation. Well
perhaps playing Golf is working for him. Trump feels being
president is a 9-5 five day a week job. I have news for him
it's a 24 hour 7 day a week job. There is reason people get
gray headed in the job. It's very stressful with long hours.
Just because Trump wants to goof off won't get it if we have
a crisis.

Trump is claiming he is creating lots of jobs. Well the last
six months with Trump as president shows the same job
growth as the previous six months when Obama still in
office. When Trump was running for office he was calling
job growth fake news. Now with him in office it's great news.

The economy is doing pretty well for many people, but is the
economy doing well for those who voted for Trump? He promised
he would make things great. He can make a nice speech, but
I wonder how long his supporters will wait for the results.

Trump seems to need the cheers of adoring crowds in the rally's he only allows
supporters to attend as he did during his campaign. Only talking to supporters seems
to be Trumps way to keep his base strong. As a business many he should know zero
growth is a way to go out of business. The same is likely to happen by not trying to build
a larger base. Only allowing the supporters in may make for a adoring crowd, but it's
basically living a lie. Every president has supporters and those who don't support them.
Ignoring those who don't support him fails to teach him what he needs to know. Treating
people who don't support him like looser's will cause him to fail. His conservative base
cheers him on, but for how long?

Trump calls any news that doesn't brag on him fake news. Ronald Reagan said
honesty should be fact checked. The GOP and Trump should follow his

Will Trump end up starting a war with N. Korea? Or will he do what's right and find
a diplomatic solution. Trump doesn't seem to believe in diplomacy as he has cut the
State Department to the bone. The one agency that knows how to prevent wars.
Conservatives have a record of  starting wars.. Both of the Bush presidencies
got us into wars. Clinton was involved in east European wars. Obama started us
with Isis, and returning to Iraq. Seems all presidents find a way to get us involved
with other countries wars. Trump claimed he would end the wars with Afghanistan, and
Isis, but after six months the war in Afghanistan is growing. Isis is slowly retreating from
Iraq, but they are moving into other parts of the world. Now Trump is blaming our Generals
for failing to get the job done. As usual Trump never takes responsibility for anything.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 08, 2017, 01:01:31 pm
Trump day 200
Our man Trump was giving his vice president a warning to stay
loyal. Seems the VP is doing a bit of politics on the side. Perhaps
thinking Trump might be damaged goods by 2020. So why not be prepared
to run for president just in case. The VP claimed no such thing, but
he didn't deny he was out raising campaign money in Iowa.

One serious problem I see with Trump is his attention span. It has been
reported it's about 2 minutes. People around Trump are thinking about
makeing videos for Trump to watch since he has trouble concentrating
long enough to read one page of a report. Trump claims to be so smart,
but he can't follow a report from his security people, or the military.
Trumps at the age some people start having problems remembering or
concentrating very long. So it is possible he is suffering from mental
loss, and his family and the GOP are keeping it hidden from the public.
He could still function pretty well with assistance, but if his attention
span gets much shorter it will be hard to cover up. Other presidents have
had problems. Even Ronald Reagan was known to fall asleep during the day.

Trump is doing his best to call his vacation a working vacation. What
he calls work and real work isn't likely the same.

Trump seems to  be preparing his base by saying the Democrats are out to
get him over the Russian connection. So if and when charges are brought
against him he can say. I told you they were out to get me. This will
likely work for a fair percentage of his base, but I am sure moany wants
the truth to come out.

Trumps new chief of staff seems to be doing a good job, but he isn't doing
well keeping Trump off of tweeter. Lots of tweets coming down the pike. Some
of his base feel Trump should give his phone a toss, and work on his promisses.

Trump wants to hire 70 foreign workers for his resort in Florida for the
winter season. I wonder if his supporters like this. After all Trump has
said we need to hire american workers. So why isn't he doing it? He
claims he can't find workers. He did put a advertisment in a local
paper. The ad was in tiny print. You suppose he is looking for
people with extra sharp vision? Or was it so local people wouldn't
see it?

Trumps washington DC hotel is making money from lobbyists and foreign
people, corporate leaders. GOP members, ect. Trump is making a lot of
money providing rooms and large dinners and such. It's ok to make money,
but this just another case of Trump using the office of the president to
make money. Some is likely against the constitution.. Trump isn't in
the habit of following rules if there is money to be made.

there are a few in the GOP that are joining the Democrats to  protect the
special council Muller that is investigating Trump and his campaign.

The GOP says it's going to work on tax reform when they come back in
september. I wonder what happened to infrastructure? They have to pass a
new budget and raise the national debt ceiling as well. Seems they have a lot to
do in a short time.

Our friendly democrats need to get out and make sure they have good people
running for office. Not just getting people out to vote.

GOP is against workers having Unions.
Democrats favor workers Unions.
GOP is against raising the minimum wage.
Democrats favor it.
GOP is for cutting taxes for the rich and big
Democrats are not.
GOP is for removing regulations that protect the environment so
big business can make more money
Democrats do not.
GOP is working to restrict voting
Democrats are not.
GOP doesn't want to help people get a college educations.
Democrats want to help.
GOP doesn't want people to have the right to health care.
Democrats think people should have the right to health care.

This is just a few things that seperates the two parties. The
democrats need to make sure the public knows where they
stand compared to the GOP.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 09, 2017, 12:42:36 pm
Trump day 201
Our man Trump put N. Korea on notice. Saying he won't stand for
more threats. Now N. Korea has threatened Guam. An American
territory in the pacific ocean. It would appear N;. Korea is
calling Trumps bluff. I hope it was a bluff. If Trump was to
attack N. Korea before they actually attack us. How will the
world look at the USA for causing the deaths of Millions?

It's not likely N. Korea will actually attack first unless
the leader has a death wish. The problem is saber rattling
and brinkmanship could lead to an mistake. Once the first
shot is fired it's almost impossible to stop. Especially
when both sides have inexperienced leaders. N. Korea and
the USA with Trump. Will the American people stand by Trump
if a war is started by Trump? Or will  the name Trump go
down in disgrace along with the USA for starting a war
that kills millions.

I hope Trump isn't trying to impress his voting
base by threatening N. Korea.

I hope our military refuses to start a war unless it's
in response to an attack. Trump is unpredictable, and
he should be checked if need be.

The Trump campaign has been turning over thousands
of papers to congress. I wonder if any are missing?
Only time will tell.

There is an report that Trump is thinking about changing to a hired
army to replace our military in Afghanistan. I don't know how serious
this is, but it would be something Trump might like since he thinks
people will do anything for money.

I hope cooler heads prevail. Bombs rarely solve problems in
the long run. It usually causes more trouble than not.

With a state department cut to the bone and a president
who thinks force wins over diplomacy. Who knows where
all this will end up.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 10, 2017, 12:43:48 pm
Trump day 202
Our man Trump made a speech about the Opioide crisis in our country.
Would you believe he said "Just say no" Now isn't that bright of him.
People get on Opioids via prescription for pain. They don't decide to
start using this highly addictive drug for fun. Doctors need to not give
a big prescription for pain that isn't likely to last more than a few
days. I can't point to anyone, but in the past Doctors have been known
to get kick backs from drug makers if they will prescribe a drug. It
is possible this might be going on. Drug companies make a lot of money
with the sale of Opioids.

Trump again acts like he knows it all. Instead of just making an off
the cuff speech, he should have his staff work up a speech that makes
good sense for a change.

The FBI did a raid on one of Trumps campaign managers in July. Apparently
looking for evidence of wrong doing. To do this a federal judge had to
sign off on it. A judge requires very good reason to grant a warrent for
search and seizure acts by authorities. This man has ties to pro Russian
people. Possible money ties as well.

There were reports that N Korea has managed to size down their nukes
enough to be carried on their missiles. This report is a bit uncertain
at this time, but enough to get the attention of the defense department.

Trump doesn't have to tell N Korea we can turn their country into bouncing
rubble. They know that, it's best to let them know life will be tough on
them if they continue to build up a threat to the USA. If they wish to
discontinue the threat we would be willing to help improve their economy.
There is a report N Korea has been experimenting with private enterprise.
It would nice to see them move toward one like China, and forget about
trying to be a world power, of which there is little advantage. They
would do much better selling us things we don't need. Much as China does.

Trump continues to tweet, even more while on his vacation. Can't leave it
to the news. He claims he and Paul Manafort are at war now.. I guess he is
worried his old campaign managers troubles might rub off on him.

N Korea   claims they will fire four misiles at Guam. Not
to hit it, but apparently to show they can. Will this start
us toward war? Only Trump and those in power can say.
What if one accidentally lands on Guam? This kind of thing
is dangerous, and we know Trump never backs down or
admits making a mistake. So war may be inevitable unless
someone says No to Trump. Will Trumps generals follow
Trump in lock step into war? I wish we had some Generals
from WWII. They would know what kind of mayhem war with
N Korea would cause.  Only time will tell.

During the 1990's the Clinton administration had some
success stopping N Korea moving to have Nukes, but when
president Bush took over he decided to give up on it because
of some cheating and wanted to change the N Korean government.
Moving away from a diplomatic solution. When people don't
talk trust goes away and problems grow.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 11, 2017, 11:50:29 am
Trump day 203
Our man Trump is complaining that congress isn't doing it's job. He is bad
mouthing the leader of the senate. Now I am no fan of the GOP leader of the
senate, but Trump needs his good graces to get anything he wants done. So
Trump is hurting his self with these comments.

Trump continues to spar with N Korea. It's typical of Trump to repeat
his self once he gets on a subject of any kind. In this case it's putting
us and our allies in the far east in danger. If Trump doesn't understand
what is needed to really fight a war, then we are facing a lot of trouble.

It could be he is depending on the Generals to take care of the details, but
it takes time to get troops and material into the area. I hope the military
tells him he can't just fight a war only with missiles and bombs.

We may know where all of N Korea's launch sites are, but what happens
after we knock them out? N Korea has a lot of mobile missiles that
can reach S Korea, Japan, and Guam. If we miss a ICBM site we might
have one coming toward the USA mainland. Our missile defense isn't
perfect. Who knows where all their ships and submarines are? We have
a very powerful military, but I fear Trump hasn't any idea how to
handle a war if he starts one. I imagine if he does he will
be blaming everyone but his self for all the deaths.

Trump thanked Putin for removing over 700 american diplomats.
He made out like it saved our government money. Well those
diplomats still work for the government until Trump or the secretary
of State's fire or affect employment of diplomats. Makes one wonder
if Trump is Putins puppet, or just crazy. I remember  during one of
the debates. Clinten inferred that Trump could be a puppet. That
got to Trump. Is it because he knows he has to be nice to Russia?
Only time will tell.

I think it's time congress removes Trump from office for national
security reasons. At least till his mental health can be determined.
The VP is a government professional who isn't likely to drag us into
a war to save face. Trump is dragging the country down
instead of making it great again.

I am sure Trump and his base would make a big fuss, but temporarily
removing removing a president for the purpose of checking to see if a
president is mentally or physically  competent is constitutional.

Trump isn't another Hitler, but like Hitler Trump seems to think he is
smarter than the military. This is one reason Germany and their allies
lost WWII.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 12, 2017, 12:26:21 pm
Trump day 204
Our man Trump continues to spar with N Korea as he has for the
last four days. Trump said "Lock n load" We are ready to respond.
Well the military is generally always ready to defend the country.
The plan to attack missile sites from bombers over the ocean may
not keep N Korea from deciding to attack our base in S Korea.

If missiles are fired toward Guam and land in international waters,
will Trump call it an attack? Or only if they land in territorial waters?
What if they just splash down with no blast? So many unknowns.
They may or may not be armed. We wouldn't knowtill after they splash
down or blow up.

Not only that Trump imploded we might send troops to Venezuela. This is
probably just Trump making noise, but he doesn't seem to understand
when the US president speaks the world listens.

All you nationalists out there take note. Trump seems to think the military
is the best way to solve a problem. I wonder how well Trumps poll numbers
do when a lot of body bags start coming home? Trump should always use
deplomacy first, but it seems to not believe in it. Seems ever since the
report N Korea was able to miniturize a bomb Trump has increased his
rhetoric. Last week the UN passed some tough sanctionsagainst N Korea.
 Trump should have called this a win, but he seems to have ignored it.

Trump may be offering a cabinet position to a democrat senator from
W Virginia. If this is true the govenor of W Virgina would replace the
seat with someone from the GOP to replace him. This would give the
GOP another vote in the Senate. I would hope the senator declines
the offer. He should know what Trump is up to with this manuver.
Trump will likely come up with an excuse to fire him soon after anyway.

If Trump pulls this off he will likely say to the leader of the senate.
"There I got you another GOP vote. Now let's do Obamacare remove
and replace again." Time will tell. It seems Trump is out to undo
everything Obama did while he president. No matter who it hurts.

Will Trump speak out against racism and fascism in our country?
He needs to clean the Far Right from his administration. To show
he doesn't approve of violence by fascist organizations in this
country. Not just say it, but work to stop it. It will be interesting
to see if the justice department and FBI do anything about it.

If they don't I fear it will grow and spread across the country.
It's things like this that spread across Germany in the early
1930's. I think we know how that worked out for their country.

If people want to keep confederate historical items
protected. They should set up museums, and cemeteries
to honer those who died for their beliefs. It should be
left to history where it belongs.

The GOP needs to show they are a party of justice
and stand by the constitution. Otherwise they could
find them selves tied to the far right and their activites.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 13, 2017, 12:20:39 pm
Trump day 205 
President Trump comments about the demonstration and violence that
occurred in Virginia. For the most part his comments were appropriate.
But instead  of denouncing the hate groups that attacked clergy and 
other peaceful protesters there. Trump implied all groups were equally
guilty over the years. Trump should have called out the White supremacists
for being Terrorists. After attacking clergy with brass knuckles, clubs, and
bottles of liquid. Lined up with guns as if they were soldiers of an army.
If it had been a Muslim group it's likely he would have called out the
national guard. As it was he called them all bad people.

Trump has a history of racisim, so it's not too surprising he would
 imply minorities would be guilty of racial violence. There are trouble
makers in all groups, but the white supremacists have a history about
hating those they don't like. If he wants to prove he isn't a racist let
him fire Bannon, and other Alt Right supporters in his administration.

Trump isn't likely to do much of anything about the Alt Right. They gave
him untold thousands of votes that helped put him in the white house.
So he isn't likely to do anything to turn them against him.

Trump claims he supports those in the military, but he hasn't said a word
about veterans who have been attacked by white supremacist followers.

How come Trump hasn't called for the justest department to go after the
guilty parties in Virginia? How come the new Attorney General of the US
who has been pushing law and order seems to be looking the other way
except to agree with Trumps comments. He is saying now he will look
into the possibility of hate crimes by those in Virginia.

I think the police should have stood between the groups in Virginia when
the attacks started. Instead they stood back waiting for riot squads. It
seems they were afraid of getting hurt. Well getting hurt is always a
possibility for a policeman. I think the police is trained to protect the public
first and them selves second. I could be wrong though. It is possible they
were told to stand back. It should be investigated, seems when minorities
riot the police is out in force,  so why not when whites riot?

When our country was founded,  they stood up for the rights of the people. If
we fail to do the same our country can fall to those who use hate and violence
to control us all.

For more information about the Virginia attack go to
www.msnbc.com   Or any other major news outlet.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 14, 2017, 12:58:33 pm
Trump day 206
President Trump still hasn't spoken out against hate groups by name or the
leaders of them by name. In the past Trump has tried to side step comment
about hate groups. He speaks out against Muslims, and immigrants, but he fails
to be specific with hate groups. Seems Trump wants the support of hate groups.
To get their votes. During the campaign it was hard to get even a weak condemnation
from Trump of those who hate minorities, jews, and the LGBT community.

The attorney general is speaking out now, but in the past he didn't vote to  curb
hate groups when he was in the senate. He and Trump call for law and order, but
they look the other way for most hate crimes.

I commend the GOP for speaking out against these hate groups, but will they
still stand against hate when this attack is forgotten.? If they continue to
support and vote to put people in power that won't promise to stand
hate. Nothing will change. The New GOP isn't doing a good job when it comes
to protecting, women, minorities, or the LGBT. This needs to be changed or
there will be more problems in the future.

Trump has cut funding for agencies that have worked against terrorists in
our own country. Instead he has been pushing to watch Muslim Americans.

Even if Trump comes out and names hate groups and those involved after
waiting two days. If nothing changes it won't mean much. He needs to
support voting rights, and the rights of minorities.

All this has pushed the Korean problem to the background, but it's still there.
We can only hope cooler heads will find a solution.

Better late than never.
Trump did make a speech naming some hate groups, but no individuals
who lead them. He didn't denounce their approval of him. He didn't say
"I don't want their support or votes.." Trump knows who they are. It's
time the government holds these people and their groups accountable.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 15, 2017, 01:00:18 pm
Trump day 207
President Trumps ex chief of staff is to be questioned
by the special council. A man who likely knows most of
Trumps political activities over the past year. This may
cause Trump some worries.

Also his son n law may have some financial troubles for
Trump to worry about as well. Yes it's the special council
looking for dirty money.

Trump is considering using his power to pardon for a sheriff
that ignored a federal judge. Trump calls him a great man
because he was looking for illegal immigrants in a way he
was told not to.

I wonder how often Trump plans to use his power to
pardon between now and when he leaves office? I think
he still thinks he can pardon his self, and I am sure
he would pardon family, or loyal friends. Only time
will tell.

Today two CEO's resigned from Trumps manufacturing council
today because Trump didn't come down against hate the way
they felt he should.. One was a black man, and one was a
white man. Trump didn't wait two days to repsond. He blasted
the black CEO, never said a word to the white CEO. Rather
odd for someone who claims he isn't a racist. A third CEO left
later. Trump set up this council to lower drug costs. It's doubtful
he cares how much we pay for medicine. Rich people rarely care
about such things unless they can benifit from it.

We must look carefully at our politicians in 2018 to see
who or what they support. If we don't stand up against the
hate in our country. It will consume us.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 16, 2017, 12:11:35 pm
Trump day 208
I was surprised at Trumps news conference, and that is saying a lot.

President Trump made statements that bring shame on him and the
GOP by showing support for hate groups. Saying both sides act the
same is a lie. Trump says people on both sides who do bad things.
But I see hate groups working toward making the country white,
nationalistic, with only the protestant christian religion. They use
violence trying to get their way when they don't have the votes for
it. There is evidence they want to  start a race war in our country.
They believe in seperation of the races. Not together.

Where as the opposition wants religious freedom, voting rights,
civil rights, LGBT, and womens rights. They don't use violence,
even in the 1960's when some were pushing to use violence
leaders like Martin Luther King called for peaceful protests, and
many people were injured by police, and by hate groups, but they
still peacefully protested in the vast majority of cases. Sometimes
they use civil disabeadiance, but it's still with aims to be peaceful.

I know times during demonstrations there are fires set, and looting, along
with some violence, but it's by people trying to stir up trouble, not protesters
I sometimes wonder if they are hired to cause problems, and to make the protestors look bad. I get this impression because many times it's the
same people showing up that cause trouble. They probably know when
damage and violence is done they will loose support from the public.

Trump lied when he said the groups pushing to keep Lee's statue was
quietly marching. They were loud and rude. Also carrying baseball bats,
and some were wearing Trumps Make America Great hats. The fight broke
out the next day when they started to attck the clergy, and other peaceful protesters. Mainly to protect them from that attack. Trump should have told
them to not wear his Make America Graet hats period.

I think Trump did this trying to keep the suport of the hate groups.
Trump didn't call it American Terrorisim which it is, or make a statement
of support for those who were injured. Trump is about Trump, he will do
what it takes to stay in power or make money as president, no matter
who it hurts.

Where will the GOP stand on this? Will they just talk about how bad
this is. Then turn around and continue as before? They risk distruction
of the GOP if they ignore Trumps racist and unconstitutional activities.
Already in the GOP are saying how much they are against hate, but
not calling out Trump for his support of it. It's up to we the voter to
show them the error of their ways.

For more information go to www.msnbc.com  or other major news
outlets. I noticed even Fox news has been against Trump lately.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 17, 2017, 12:58:13 pm
Trump day 209
President Trump discontinued the manufacturing council. A group
Trump bragged about to create jobs. Apparently everyone was in
the process of resigning, and Trump didn't want the embarrassment
of watching his council die away because of his support of hate
groups. Saying there are fine people in them.

I am rather surprised he hasn't had some resignations of white
house staff over his comments. But there is a report Trump had
been saying this stuff off the record. So perhaps they are only
surprised he said it on TV.

The chiefs of staff from the military branches all said they
stand against any and all hate. This could cause Trump some
consternation since he is the commander in chief, and probably
thinks they should toe any mark he makes.

Trump cries about the media telling fake news, but they mainly
report his own tweets, and statements. The vast majority of his
troubles are self inflicted. He still seems to think he is some
kind of an authoritarian who can command all those in the
government. This will cause him nothing but trouble. Presidents
have a hard time as is without trying to be a tin placed dictator.
In Trumps case that would be gold.

Will congress censure Trump over his support of hate? I will be
surprised if they do even this much. It's time those in congress
think more about the country than their job in congress. Stand
up to prove they mean what they claim, and impeach this president.
Along with the VP if he continues to support Trumps stand on hate.

Confederate statues, monuments, and symbols acrpss tje south are
being removed or likely will be in the future. I am sure this will
cause more trouble. Though I am sure many people feel it's part
of history, and should be maintained. Trouble is they are a symbol
of hate and racism to many more people.

If Trump didn't have enough trouble, he is standing with those who
think the symbols of the confederacy should stay. Then compare
those monuments to those in Washington DC. It turns out there
are about a dozen statues to confederate men in the us capital
building. Sent by states that felt they were representative of their
state. I have a hunch these will go as well. Using a confederate
leader representing a state was likely a protest at the time.

A bit of history.
The civil war ended with a lot of hate in our country. Unfortunately
some people can't  let it go. During reconstruction the US government
forced the states of the confederacy to let ex slaves vote. Several
became representatives of state government and a few in the
federal government. When reconstruction ended the feds
(carpet baggars) as some were called, left. Black people were
were kept from voting, tossed out, intimidated, hung, or tossed in
jail by the white supremacists and KKK, or those who supported
them.. They are the ones who put up monuments in protest of the
(North) US government. Trump should be helping to heal the
country, not pushing us to support the past.

It's time we put this hate behind us, and bring our
country together. The GOP claims to be the party
of Lincoln. Let them prove it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 18, 2017, 11:57:59 am
Trump day 210
President Trump is attacking members of the GOP. This
will likely add to his troubles. He needs good relations
with the house and senate to get his agenda passed.

The GOP doesn't have much time to pass a increase
in the national debt, and a new budget. If they don't
the government will have to shut down. Not raising the
debt ceiling would likely cause the US credit rating to
drop, and cause intest on the national debt to rise.
If they spend time trying to pass a tax cut, or try to
remove the ACA again or pass an infrastructure bill.
They will likely run out of time.

Some of this will require help from the democrats. So
the GOP can't tack stuff on without approval by the
democrats. I have heard the GOP wanted to put some
things in to favor big business at the expense of tax
payers. I don't think the democrats will go along without
some comprimises.

Trump may not want to compromise, so things could get
tricky, and a lot of government workers could be on unpaid
leave. I am sure the GOP will try to blaime the democrats,
but the GOP owns the government and should be able to
keep everything running smoothly instead of blaiming others
for their troubles.

Already there is talk of a presidential primary in 2019. Where the GOP may try
to run someone against Trump if he is still president.

Reports are flying that the Trump administration is considering hiring a
private army to fight in Afghanistan. That might get sticky since a private
army might not worry about killing civilians, or bombing hospitals going
after the bad guys. That would likely make us look bad since the army would
be working for us. Time will tell.

The Russian connection is still going strong. I wonder how long Trump will
be able to watch while his finances are being looked at. Trump has done some
things in the past I am sure he wouldn't want made public. Before it's over
we could be saying Crooked Trump instead of president Trump.

The vice president is returning from a trip to south America early to be at a
meeting at camp David about Afghanistan. One wonders why the VP had to
cut a  trip short just for a meeting he wouldn't likely have much say in.
Time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on August 18, 2017, 01:12:46 pm


Guess when Trump mentioned about "draining the swamp" in Washington D.C., he didn't realise it would be his own staff! LOL!  :D  :D  :D

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 19, 2017, 12:25:28 pm
Yes Kobuk, Bannon is out, but I wonder if Trump will still call him
as he has Flynn. Or is it war between the agenda of Trump and
the agenda of Bannon? Reports say Bannon feels Trump has lost his
agenda/promise to his voters. Now we will see if President
Trumps thin skin can handle Bannons message.

Trump day 211
President Trump apparently decided to have his chief of
staff fire Bannon. Mr Alt Right his self. I wonder if
this will make any change by Trump. It's hard to say.

Bannon may take some of Trumps support away from
him. His politics are more in line with White Nationalists
than most of the GOP is. He has a billionaire to pay for
Bannons costs to spread his words which may conflict
with Trump.

Reports say Bannon is already saying Trump is working with
Globalists and must return to nationalism. Trump seems like a
Nationalist to me. Perhaps Bannon wants Nationalism to the

Trump may still hold his voting base, but he is loosing big
business over this apparent support for hate groups.

If the GOP doesn't distance it's self from hate, and extremism
they will cease to  be a viable political party. Not just in their
words, but their actions.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 20, 2017, 12:46:05 pm
Trump Day 212
If President Trump continues to  say there are fine people in
hate groups, its likely he will loose support. Fine people wouldn't
give hate groups the time of day. Their whole ideaoligy is self
distructive. It goes against the human instinct to look after our
fellow man. We need each other, and to deny this leads to failure

Its reported Bannon is working to have a network preaching
far right ideas. Likely to use hate and fear trying to grow support
for white nationalism.  We need to rember people like this twist
the ideas to make them look acceptable. Much like a cult does to
recrut people to their cause.

Communisum failed because it fails to recognise self need.
To succeed an ideaoligy must allow for the human psyche.
Not just self, want, hate, fear, or apathy but the whole thing.

Democracy is a fine ideaoligy, but if people sit back and let
others do the work. It will fall to those who think only of
them selves. It's a very small step to a society controlled
by the very rich. Look at Russia and it's oligarchs. In the
late 1800's the nation had to pass laws to limit the vary
rich. The monopolies they were creating were hurting
the working class and the national economy.

Today we have billionaires, and pople taking advantage of
the working poor wanting to be multi billionaires. Big
money is addictive, and I think as in the 1800's will have
to be regulated. A billion dollars is more money than
most people can get their head around, but those who
have it want more. I really think there is a race going
to see who is going to be the first Trillionaire. I lay odds
Russias Putin. I think he is currently at 200 billion.
We have 2 here in the USA pushing 90 billion in worth.

The business with removing confederate monuments is
becoming policitcal. I know many feel they are historical,
but their history is more about hate than the civil war. I
say put them in musems, and cemetaries with the rest of
the history about the civil war. If people feel these statues
are so important to history. Let's put up monuments to the
Union leaders and generals of the civil war.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 21, 2017, 11:13:09 am
Trump day 213
President Trump ran for president saying what he thinks. Or at least he claimed he did.
Trouble is saying what he personally thinks or what he thinks his suppporters want to
hear often does more harm than good. He needs to think about what's good for the country, not whats good for himself when he makes a speech. I know his supporters 
like his outspoken way, but his supporters are only  a manority, and to be a good
president he must support all of the people. Not just those who voted for him.

It appears Trump is pulling away from the GOP. His attacks on the GOP leadership
sure won't help his agenda. Perhaps he and Bannon are planing to create a new
party. I know Trump felt the GOP failed him by not replaceing the ACA. I wonder
what happens if the GOP fails to do tax reform, Trumps wall or infrastructure
this fall?

Trump and Bannon may think they can build enough support to start a new party,
but even the Reform party that started with Ross Paroh failed after 10 years.
It could be Trump thinks he can resurrect it. Time will tell.

This is speculation, but with Trump who can say.

If it's 1 pm eastern aug 21 2017 Click to follow the Solar eclipse
https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive/#NASA+TV+Public+Channel (https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive/#NASA+TV+Public+Channel)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Kobuk on August 21, 2017, 06:05:02 pm
The stupidity of Trump knows no bounds.  >:(  :D

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 22, 2017, 12:37:37 pm
Trump trying to see the eclipse without protection
is more about ignorance than being stupid. Trump
has a bad habit of thinking he knows it all. Which
is rather childish. Could be a sign of mental defect
as well.

Trump day 214
President Trump made a speech on the war in afganistan. Trump seems to
want to wear down the Taliban instead of defeating them or leaving. This
could drag out the war to who knows when. Trump also told Packastan they
need to stop giving aid and support of the Taliban or other terrorist groups.
I wonder how they respond to that? They provide paths to move materieals
into afganistan. Also he wants India to help, it's doubtful Packastand will like
India's military moving into satanist, or doing anything else for that matter.
Russia has been rearming the Taliban. I wonder why Trump didn't mention

Trump said we should get out of afganistan during his campaign. Did his
generals talk him into attacking the Taliban again?  Who can say. I wonder
if Trump made this speech trying to change the subject with the media. I
mean he called the VP back early from a trip. The VP wouldn't have been on
a trip if this had been in planning for a while. Also the first part of
his speech was about how much he is against hate in the military
and country.

He didn't appoligize for saying there are fine people in the white
supremists, and other hate groups. This move to upgrade the war
afganistan could come back to bite Trump. Many of his supporters
want us out, not deeper into it.

At first Trump called the anti hate people that  protested
in Boston Anti police. Then changed his tweet to call the
protesters good. I wonder who got Trump to change it?
Trump should learn how to spell, or check his spelling
before posting tweets. To heal isn't spelled "Heel"

Trump is heading to Arizona on tuesday Aug 22 for a ralley.
I wonder if he follows his tele prompter or goes into Trump
mode to get cheers? Time will tell.

If there is a big anti Trump crowd outside the ralley for
Trump. It could be very combustible.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 23, 2017, 12:51:35 pm
Trump day 215
There is a report that president Trump called the leader
of the senate abpit why he wasn't protecting him (Trump)
from the Russian investigations in the senate. According to
reports the conversation was heated and filled with profanity
by Trump and the senate leader. This could add to Trumps
troubles as interference with the investigation. This time with
the senate.

Also there was an committee meeting that asked questions
from a man who wrote a dossier about the connnection with
the Trump campaign and the Russians. The meeting lasted
for 10 hours. It's possible a transcript of the meeting
may be made public. That hasn't been decided yet.

Here is something Trump supporters might like to know.. A
billionaire friend of Trump asked to to be given control of
carbon regulation for oil production. Just happened this
billionaire owns a oil refinery. By changing regulatory costs
his companies stock doubled in value. Netting the billionaire
hundreds of millions of dollars. Now the Trump administration.
is trying to cover for him. I wonder if Trump or his family
made any money over this?

Trump claimed he would shut down the government if the
democrats didn't support his boarder wall. Trump said Mexico
was paying for the wall. So why is Trump crying about the
democrats stopping the wall?  Trump should explain why
Mexico isn't going going to pay for it, and tell his supporters
he lied when he said Mexico was going to pay for it. If he does
shut the government down, I think it will hurt him and the GOP
much more that it will the democrats.

In his speech Trump spent a half hour blaming the media for all
his troubles. Troubles he has brought on his self. He also bad
mouthed GOP senators, and said he will work to defeat GOP
senators who don't give him their loyalty. Trump seems to think
all those in government should follow his every word or order.
This talk may make his supporters cheer, but it is a plan for
failure for his presidentcy.

Trump implied he would pardon the sheriff who was convicted
following a federal judges order. This man even lost his last
run for the office of sheriff. So most people didn't vote to keep
him in office. A pardon my hurt Trump in the long run.

In this speech once again Trump proves he thinks more of his
self than the country. He could have talked about others who
helped the country, and what people could do for the country.
Also to encourage our the people to come together instead of
dividing them.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 24, 2017, 12:23:57 pm
Trump day 216
Seems Trump is moving on with the Transgender ban to
serve in the military. It seems it will start with not supplying
medical care, or medicine for said members. No info on how
current Transgender members will be handled. Mention was
made about readyness to serve. I would go to www.msnbc.com
for more info on this. Don't go on what I am saying. I have
a hunch it will change over time, but I wouldn't be surprised
if this is a first step to remove anyone in the LBGT community
from serving. Also possibly to return to the policy of not
letting women serve in combat. Only time will tell.

Trump spoke to the American legion today. Not one word
in condolance for the sailors lost in the navy ship
collisions. Little about Afghanistan. He did continue
to comment about how much he is against biggotry, but
he didn't appoligize for saying there were fine people
in the white suprimists,  or saying the protesters
being the same. Trump only cares about Trump.

He should have set his rally aside with respect of those
sailors lost instead, or at least made a public statement
of condolences for the families. I wonder if he has even
called the families to give his personal condolences?

Morality is beyond Trump. He has lived his whole life
for his self, and only his self. So he isn't going to
change. He will continue to lie and cheat to serve his
self and family over our country. I think his running to
be president was all about making money to enrich his
self and his family.  He charged charities tens of thousands
to use his name and facilities. Thats the mark  of a greedy
person if you ask me.

Trump and his family has cost tax payers over 100 million
because they won't limit their billionaire lifestyle. The secret
service has used up their entire budget for a year to cover
Trump and his family in 8 months due to all their travels and
property to protect. Shows you how unpatriotic they are. They
seem to think they deserve it. I remember the GOP complaining
because the clintons charged the secret service rent. That's
nothing compared to what Trumis charging the secret service
to protect his properties. Some will continue as long as he
and his wife lives. Think about this when you pay your
taxes. Gotta support that billionaire.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 25, 2017, 12:05:56 pm
Trump day 217
President Trump is looking into us mining Afganistan mineral resources
to help pay us to fignt their war. It seems we went there in the first
place to attack the Taliban. They didn't ask us to go there. So it seems
we shouldn't be charging them for something we are doing on our own.

Trump likes to brag about what he has done over the past 7 months. Well
here is a list of thing he has undone.He would likely call it done items.
 Click on the link to see the list. I would have posted it, but it's better
 to follow the link.

http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2157366-List-of-things-Trump-has-undone-or-done-since-Inauguration  (http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2157366-List-of-things-Trump-has-undone-or-done-since-Inauguration)

Most of these are to help big business make more money at
the expense of the inviroment, animals, and the health of
many people.

The investigation of the Trump campaign, and Trump trying to
stop it continues. Trump has been calling senators, giving them
the business because they aren't working to stop the Russian
investigation. Even complaining about a bill moving through
congress to keep him from firing special council. Seems Trump
will stop at nothing to keep his connection with Russia a secret.

Trump has the pardon in work for the Arizona Sheriff that ignored
a federal judge. I understand it only waits for Trumps signature. One
might wonder how many people Trump will end up giving a pardon to.
Only time will tell.

Trumps response to hurricane Harvey looks good so far.  I imagine
he will use this opportunity to make his self look good. So  we will
likely see a lot of federal aid this go around. Trump aside I hope
the storm doesn't cause a lot of damage or loss of life. I fear many
people will suffer a lot of flooding.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 26, 2017, 12:24:42 pm
Trump day 218
President Trump did pardon the Arizona sheriff who was convicted of
breaking the law. This appears to be a political decision by Trump.
Perhaps Trump is planning to pardon more if family or friends are
found to have broken the law. Trump seems to think he can pardon
his self. This may have to be decided by the supreme court.

The pardon power of the president wasn't made to give a president
power to protect law breakers for his/her benefit, but to help heal
situations where people broke laws defending perceived rights. Then
only if they show remorse. Trump seems to think it gives him the
right to protect loyal friends, and family from the law. Just shows
Trump has no business being president. A man who appears to think
he and other very rich people should be above the law.

Also Trump signed orders to ban Transgender people from serving in
the military. Reports say he is leaving it up the secretary of defense
wither those in the military can stay or not over the next 6 months.

The big excuse for this is the claim that medical needs of Transgender
people are too costly. Well the truth is the so called normal people
in the military cost 5 times as much due to taking care of problems
with impotence of male soldiers. Viagra and other drugs for impotence
are very expensive.

One wonders if Trump made these two decisions with hurricane Harvey
hitting the Texas gulf coast so it wouldn't have top billing in the news
media. He has declared emergency status for the affected areas. That
is good at least.

The hurricane may sit and rain for the next 5 days. If it does there will
be record rains for south eastern Texas. It could slide east where it may
cause more flooding in Louisiana. We hope the storm fades much sooner
than prodected.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 27, 2017, 12:32:30 pm
Trump day 219
President Trump is flying again. Traveling the country to promote
his tax bill. Tax cut for the big corporations and the rich. I doubt if he
mentions that  part of it. Big corportations pay little taxes anyway, using
every loop hole they can find. Just like Trump does. One part of his
tax cut will save him millions.

Hurricane Harvey will cost the government billions, and he wants
a tax cut? The GOP is always complaining democrats tax and spend.
This is going to be a spend to help people who need it. Trump wants
a wall that will likely cost 100 billion, and increases for the military. So
cutting taxes though popular isn't always wise, especially with the
extra spending. Trump complained about how big the debt is and
wants to cut taxes?  The GOP claims it will help expand the economy,
but that has yet to be proved. In the past it just helps the rich get richer
and the working class gets poorer. The GOP wants to take  food from the
mouths of children, and  health care for the poor so they can cut taxes
for their rich supporters.

Trump is tweeting all is going well with support for victims
of Harvey in Texas. It's still early, and I don't think all is
going well, just as well as possible. How will the support
be in a month or two? There are going to be a lot of small
communities needing help. Unlike the big cities they won't
give Trump much to showboat about.

Trumps pardon of a man who defied a federal judge shows he doesn't
respect the rule of law. How about other law enforcement officers?
Will they defy judges and look to Trump to defend them? Trump claims
to be for law and order, but it looks like that was another lie.

If the special council finds many of Trumps people guilty, will
Trump pardon them? Will the people look at that and say Trump
did a good thing?  I hope not. If our government doesn't hold
people accountable for breaking the law, who will?
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 28, 2017, 11:57:26 am
Trump day 220
President Trump knew when he went to Camp David for the weekend
hurricane Harvey was moving toward the Texas gulf coast.  He should
have stayed at the white house. Now I know he can do his job from
there, but it made it look like he was more interested in having a fun
weekend than staying in the white house to monitor this hurricane, and
the problems  it's causing.

It's just more proof that Trump thinks more of his self than
the people of our country. Yes he is monitoring the storm, and
it's affects to Texas, but I figure it's more about looking good than
real concern for the people. If I was in the flood area, I would be
thanking President Trump for any help. Still the proof will be how
the people get help from Trump and the GOP over the months/years

Politicans are always on hand at the time of a disaster, but
after it leaves the news they generally loose interest. I am
sure with Trump and the GOP they will be worried more about
getting their agenda passed than the good people of Texas
in a few months. Of course with primaries coming in the
spring the affected  districts will get attention from their

Not much else in the news except for the storm in Texas.
I wish them all the best. More than the "Good Luck" from
Trump. No shame from this president though.  :P  You can be
sure if something goes wrong it won't be his fault.

I hope immigration doesn't use this storm to catch illegal aliens
in shelters. With Trump anything is possible.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 29, 2017, 01:18:41 pm
Trump day 221
It appears Trump was trying to build s Trump Tower in Moscow
Russia during his campaign for president. He signed a letter of
intent in October of 2015. He has claimed over and over that
he has no business with Russia. Or trying to do business there.
Now it's not illegal trying to do business in another country,
but why does Trump keep denying he has business interests in
Russia? This doesn't include the millions the Trumps have barrowed
from Russian banks.

Could this be why he never saying anything against Putin? It has
been reported Trumps wife was invited to sit in Putins office chair.
Seems to me the Trumps are closer to the Russian leadership than Trump
wants to admit. I think we can be sure Trump is always after a dollar.
Even if it hurts our country.

Trump threatened to shut down the government if congress fails to
fund his wall with Mexico. Well if he does it will discontinue any
help the people of Texas get from the government. It's likely those
in congress will combine an increase of the national debit with aid to
the Texas recovery. It is the habit of congress to add pork spending
to emergency funding. If they do it could slow any passage of funds
for the Texas disaster. It's not uncomon over the last dozen years
for congress to spend monnths providing funds for desasters. In 2005
the VP and other GOP congressmen decided not to automatically fund
disasters without cutting government programs. They didn't get their
way, but it did result in slowing funding for disasters since then.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 30, 2017, 12:00:22 pm
Trump day 222
President Trump was in the affected area of Texas. He as most
politicians talked about how bad it is and how strong the people
are in the face of a disaster. Then in the face of a large
friendly crowd he basically started a campaign style speech.
Trump will never change, and will say anything trying to make
his self look like a winner. Even in front of desperate people.

Trump wasn't happy with how his Rally in Phoenix went. Some seats
were shown to be empty. Trump claimed there wasn't many protesters
outside which was a lie he told the crowd. Trump was so upset after
the Rally he fired a man who had been setting up rallies for Trump
almost from the beginning.

For the sake of the people in Texas, I hope Trump doesn't start
playing politics with the help they need. Agendas that Trump and
the GOP want passed can wait. The people of our country should
take prescience  over any politicians agenda.

Congress has a lot on it's plate for September, and Hurricane
Harvey just added more to it. Trump was saying he would shut
the government down if he didn't get money for his wall. So it
will be interesting to see how things go over the next 4 weeks
in the nations capital. I think Trump could have helped his self
a lot by saying forget the wall, the people in Texas need the
money for recovery. It would be the first decent thing he has
done as president if he did.

I do commend the government for sending naval helicopters to help
with the rescue. I hope more military resourses are used since there
are thousands who are still in dire need of help. If I was president
I would be pushing to give them all the help our government could
provide. Trouble is Trump is not a person who cares about people
except for their votes. As a very rich man he basically lives in an
Ivory tower where he lived without want. He sat up a charitable
 foundation, then used it to pay is own expenses.

The hat Trump was wearing is on his campaign website offering
it for forty dollars. Not to  help the people in Texas, but to help
pay his bills for his political campaign. The hat offered may only
be a copy of the one he wore.  Trump should be asking people to
give to a charity for the people in Texas instead of his campaign.
Trump is a billionaire. He could make a sizable donation his self.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 31, 2017, 11:53:57 am
Trump day 223
President Trump made a speech in Missouri today about his desire to
change the tax laws in our country. The problem I saw was he had no
details other than a few figures, and claims the GOP make about tax
reduction. The last tax cut did more to make rich people richer than
making jobs or helping the middle class. Over the las 30 years since
the last tax cut the middle class has lost real spending power while
the top 5 percent has gotten a lot richer. Now Trump and the GOP want
to repeat it. As if billionaires need more money.

Trump claimed corporate taxes should be lowered. They only pay an
effective 2 percent, not 35 percent, or the 15 percent Trump talked
about. The tax cut is for rich people not the working class. Trump
and the GOP lie every time they talk about taxes.

He didn't mention the 21 deaths in Texas during his speech. The only
words he did make about Texas was written for him. Trump just hasn't
the empathy to speak or care for others. Telling the Coast Guard, Navy,
Army, and Air Force to help with the evacuation of the flooded areas is
the easy part. and I commend him for that. The hard part will be the
recovery which will take months and years.

Trump still hasn't filled many government jobs even after 7 months in
office. He also wanted to cut a billion dollars from disaster aid to
help pay for his wall. I wonder how far that goes?

The special council investigating the Russian connection with the
Trump campaign is working with the attorney general of New York state.
Possibly to prosecute some of Trumps people under state law. Trump
couldn't Pardon a person prosecuted by state courts. I have a hunch
Trump is throwing things at his lawyers. Or wants to.. Trump had planned
to pardon his way out of trouble. This would stop this cold.

Trump says he will stand by Texas till they are taken care of. I have a
hunch when Texas is out of the nightly news Trump will move on without
the people of Texas or Louisianan.

Trumps son is going to be called up in front of a senate committee. Trump
called the chairman of that committee to talk about something one day
after it was announced his son would appear. Somehow I think Trump was
wanting something more than the time of day.

Our friendly GOP have plans to cut funding to government disaster aid.
Possibly in the near future. Also to cut funding for flood insurance.
I am sure funding for the Texas disaster is going to be up front when
congress comes back next week. Back when New Jersey was hit by a storm
a few years back, GOP congressmen from Texas voted against giving them
enough aid for recovery. I wonder how they vote this go around?

It will be interesting to see if the GOP cares enough to give the people
of Texas the aid they need. If they don't the 2018 election may turn some
GOP smiles upside down.

I saw a report today where several rich people and corporations
were making sizable donations. One was $100,000.00.. Okay Trump
lets see you open your wallet if you care as much as you claim to.
It's likely he would use his foundation to send money. Only thing
Trump never put much if any of his own money in his foundation.

Last report 28 dead. It's very likely this will grow. Hopefully not
much if any.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 01, 2017, 12:12:05 pm
Trump day 224
President Trump claimed he is going to donate one million dollars
to help those in Texas after hearing others donating large sums. This
is only .001 percent of one of his billions, of which he claims to have
nine. It would be like a millionaire giving 100 dollars. In the past he
has promised to give money, but somehow forgets, or lets someone
else do it for him. Time will tell if he actually gives some of his personal
money to help the needs of the people of Texas. I have a hunch the
media will remind him if he doesn't.

The investigation by the special council continues. Trumps lawyers
are trying to say Trump wasn't guilty of obstructing Justice when he
fired the head of the FBI. Even though Trump said in an interview
he did it to stop the FBI's investigation of the Russian connection
with his campaign.

Trump is still wanting to get rid of the ACA. I am sure it's because
if they don't it will be very difficult to pass the tax cut he is wanting.
A cut that will likely save him millions. While millions of people
loose health care.

The State department has shut down 3 Russian controlled diplomatic
locations across the country. It didn't remove any Russian diplomats
though. I think Trump is trying to show he is pushing back without
doing anything of significance.

Trump new Chief of staff is getting under his skin. The isolation
General Kelly is doing to keep the white house staff from having easy
access isn't to Trumps liking.

Lately Trump and his cabinet seem to be disconnected to a
degree. Trump says one thing and those in the cabinet seem to
be saying something different. Time will tell how longTrump will let
this slide.

There is a report that council Muller has brought in the income
tax people to go over finances relative to the Russian connection.
Trump may not like his Taxes looked at.

Trump is planning to stop the Dreamer/DOCA program for illegal
aliens who were brought into the country  as young children. This
could affect almost a million kids and young people. Most are
going to school or working, and some are in the military. If
it's removed Trump said they could stay till their cards
expire. Then they must leave. There is a lot of objection
to this. Even among Trump supporters.

Reports are the GOP is hoping to get bi partisan support for a
budget with aid for Texas without funding for Trumps wall. Perhaps
just a boarder security package without the wall. Somehow I think
Trump isn't going to give up on his crazy wall. Walls do little to stop
people since the invention of gunpowder in the middle ages.  Drug
dealers could fly up to 50 pounds of drugs with commercially available
drones over a wall using a drone programed to land at a GPS location.
Or they could blow a hole in the wall. Or tunnel under it. A  2000
mile long wall would be a maintenance nightmare.  It would be better
to use electronic sensors to watch for people sneaking across the 
boarder. Even a wall will require sensors to detect damage or people
crossing it. Also a wall with Mexico won't stop drugs or aliens coming
in from the far east, like China and the Philippines to  name two.

Trumps wall is just showboat politics. A common sense idea without any
worth. An arcane method that will fail to control a long boarder.

The Vice president visited Texas, a man who wants to cut funding for
natural disasters.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 02, 2017, 12:04:32 pm
Trump day 225
President Trump claims he will make a decision on wither to keep DOCA or
not. He says it will be made on September 5. If he stops the program almost
a million young immigrants will face expulsion from the country. Over 90
percent of these people are productive and are not on any kind of government
aid like welfare. Many are college graduates, business owners, in the military,
and hard working people. If these people are removed it will cost the economy
many millions of dollars. DOCA members are right now helping people in the
storm ravaged areas of Texas and the gulf coast.

There are reports that Trump may hire a police cheif
 that was fired for improper use of his power. I hope
this isn't the case, but Trump seems to like police who
use excessive force and abuse against people they stop
or take to jail. It has been proven that treating people
without any respect causes more trouble than anything
else. People may be cowed at the moment, but will learn
to disrespect authority with mistreatment.

Will the GOP and Trump work to rebuild Texas? I think since
Texas is mainly a GOP red state. It's likely they will recieve
a lot of federal aid. When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast
and did billions in damage to the mostly democrat state of
New Jersy. The GOP made excuses, and many people in New 
Jersy are still waiting for flood insurance checks and federal
aid. The GOP govenor was called out for not spending federal
aid properly. I have a hunch there will be many politicians making
sure their rich supporters get money first. The little guy will be
lucky to get aid months from now.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 03, 2017, 12:08:35 pm
Trump day 226
President Trump appeared at a Texas refugee center on saturday. He made
a good show of handing filled food plates to the people. Even to glad hand a
bit. Oh and he did hold a kid or two.  While doing this the was telling people
about all the help he was doing for the people of Texas, and how happy they
should be. Well Trump can't stand it. It always has to be about him, and how
much he is doing.  We should remember Trump is a professional actor. So he
knows how to smile and make a good show. Whet counts is the results, not
how many orders he signs. So lets see how he does in the future.

North Korea apparently detonated a Hydrogen bomb. Trump responded with some
tweets that I doubt helped anything. We need to put economic pressure on China to
get them to shut down their aid to N Korea. The leader of N Korea doesn't care
much about Trump tweets, but he would care if he lost trade and economic help
from China.

A letter Trump appearently dictated while waiting out a rainstorm at one of
his golf resorts showed up. It was about the directory of the FBI and mainly
a rant about him. The letter hasn't been released to the public yet, but bits of
of it have been reported. If the letter has Trumps own words it will be another
strike against him. Also it was reported the VP and  about everyone in the White
house read the letter. So when they backed Trump up when he lied about the
attorney general wanted the director of the FBI fired. This puts them all in legal
jeopardy of conspiring to obstruct justice, including the Vice President.

It would appear Trump not only has put his self in legal jeopardy, but almost
everyone in the white house too. At this rate Trump may get writing cramps
with all the partdons he will have to sign.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 04, 2017, 12:42:23 pm
Trump day 227
President Trump seems to live in a world of his own. He would do much better
if he worked to build his base of voters. Just playing to those who voted for him
is proof he is afraid to loose his voting base. Trouble is his voting base will not
get him re elected. He won't have Clinton to run against. She won't be there to
give people an excuse to vote for Trump because they didn't like Clinton. The
democrats will need to have a canidate who is clean to defeat Trump. Someone
Trump can't find real fault with. The GOP had been running Clinton down ever
since 2012 when they realized she was going to run in 2016, using millions in
tax payer dollars. Using an excuse they needed to investigate her activities while
she was the secretary of state. It's no wonder the public had a trust problem
with her.

We need to  get rid of these big money PACKs that spend millions to elect
people they want elected. This makes it impossible for good people to run
for office. Instead we get people who work for big business to get their

I think we should limit any donation from any one person for any one
canidate to $100.00. Also people shouldn't be able to use their own
money to help keep rich people from controlling congress.

People should be elected because they are liked, not because they were
bought. Many felt Trump would be a good president because he couldn't
be bought. Well it turns out he can be. All someone needs is a bag of
money to get his ear. He has used the office of president to make millions
of dollars. So for Trump it's all about money, and pride. He was already
asking for money before the election. Anyone getting over 5 percent
in the election receives millions of tax payer dollars to help pay election
costs. I am sure Trump was glad to  receive this. Being a billionaire he
could have donated this money to help retired disabled Military people.
After all he brags on them all the time. Words are cheap mr President.

It will be interesting to  see if he stops DOCA. A program to help
kids who were brought to this country. Giving them a chance to
be americans other than being kicked out of the country. Most
immigrants are hard working people. As with all people there are
those who hold out their hand. But over 90% of the DOCA people
are working or going to school. They can't ask for government
aid, or they would be kicked out of the program.

It will be interesting to see what the GOP does over the next few
weeks. Time will tell if the GOP can do a good job when the chips
are down.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 05, 2017, 01:37:41 pm
Trump day 228.
President Trump tossed DOCA in the lap of congress. Now we can see if
the GOP will protect 800,000 kids that were brought to this country as
small kids or babies. Or will they toss them out where they have no where
to go. I think this is a slap in the face of our founders by Trump.
His excuse is that DOCA isn't legal.

Immigration has been a sore spot with the GOP for many years. They have
run for office with the promise to get rid of immigrants. People seem to
want to blaime immigrants for lost jobs, Or high taxes, or any other
problem that they face in life.

In reallity immigration has been the strength of our country. Immigrants
provided the man power for industry, for harvesting crops. Many have
been highly educated bringing technoligy to our counntry. It is true
some immigrants are guilty of crimes, but all races have a crimminal
element. So it's a poor excuse as most every excuse people use
against immigrants.

During the late 1800's we had a large number of Irish immigrants.
People complained then about immigration. In the late 1930's we
turned thosands away who ended up dieing in WWII because they
were Jewish. We should pass immigrationreform and be done with
it. Seems the GOP wants to play politics with it. This is shameful.
The religious right stands with the GOP. A party who hasa record of
turning their backs on the poor, and needy unless it's to their advatage

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 06, 2017, 12:00:18 pm
Trump Day 229.
President Trump is calling for congress to  get busy, but
congress is going to be hard pressed to get things done
they have, much less the stuff Trump wants to please his
supporters and his rich friends.

There are reports that some in congress are trying to discredit
The Russian hacking. They are comming up with all kinds of
excuses to support Trump.  The GOP continues to impead the
investigation, and opposes the democrats when they try to get
relevent information. Unless the public pressures the GOP
to hold Trump and those involved accounatble. I think it will
be white washed by the GOP. The GOP would have likely done this
with President Nixon if it wasn't for public pressure.

I think Trump would like for N Korea to start something so
he could attack N Korea. Then brag about how how well he
planned a response. I hope I am wrong, but he continues
to push the N Korean leader into a corner. At some point
a mistake may be made and millions will die. Some will
be Americans too.

The GOP spent nearly 8 years running against Obama and the
democrats. They ran against anything that Obama touched. Now
that they have control they are finding out that legislating
is a lot harder than just saying "NO". The GOP is so divided
they will likely fail if they don't reach out to the democrats.

The GOP has a history of being against immigration into the
country. Epecially during the 1920's. They seemed to like
people from England, western Europe, and Scandinavia. For
some reason, which maybe due to a long boarder with Mexico.
Latino's seem to be especially disliked. Trump started his
campign running down immigrants from south of the boarder.
The DOCA program started by Obama because congress couldn't
decide on what to do with the children of illegal immigrants.
These children had no choice but to come with their parents.
The GOP with it's history of not liking immigrants couldn't
get togeather on the issue. President Reagan did give many
children of immigrants a path to citizenship, but the GOP
put an end to it.

DOCA despite the GOP's claims affects children of immigrants
from many countries. Not just hispanics. Trump wants a wall
with Mexico to stop drugs and immigrants. He doesn't mention
how many come here from south asia along with drugs.. Not
through Mexico, but by ship and aircraft. Neither of which
wiil be stopped by his stupid wall.

I have a hunch most of the DOCA people will move to Canada
if they are due to being deported to who knows where. This
will be a big loss for the USA and a big gain for Canada. Vancouver,
just north of Washingto state, has taken in thousands from Hong Kong,
when China regained possession from England. This shows how progressive
Canada is over the US, and has profited by it.

The new Hurricane that is predicted
to hit Florida by the end of the week.
I hope all our members are safe, along
with others in it's path.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 07, 2017, 11:51:45 am
Trump day 230
President Trump reached out to the dmocrats today, and agreed with
a 3 month extension on the debt ceiling. This caught the GOP off
guard. They were wanting a 18 month extension because they didn't
want to have to increase the debt with the 2018 mid term election
cloing in on them. The speaker of the house had the nerve to accuse
the democrats playing politics with the national debt. When the GOP
has been doing that for years.

Is Russias Putin outflanking Trump with his talks with Japan, China,
N Korea, and S Korea. He said he felt N Korea would set their arms
program on hold if the US, and S Korea would stop their military
exercises. Though I think this has been tried in the past, but
N Korea proceeds undercover. Though it probably wouldn't hurt
to back off to see if a deal could be struck. We could still
work to improve our missile defense.

Trump is pushing the GOP hard with complaints. How long will
they continue to support him. Trump might move away from the
GOP. Ever since they failed to deal with the ACA Trump has been
fussing at the GOP membership more than the democrats.

Trump ran as a great deal maker. To make good deals one has to
understand what they want first. Trump doesn't seem to know
much about details. Just outlines of ideas. It's no wonder he
hasn't had much success getting his agenda done. Seems like he
can't understand why the congressional GOP won't follow him
the way those at his rallies do.

Congress is working on releif funding for Texas. Of course it
appears Florida and the east coast may need billions in aid as
well. With all this expence the GOP is still wanting to cut taxes
for their rich supporters. I know they claim the cuts will allow
growth, and the government will get more in taxes. But it hasn't
proved to stimulate that much growth. The cuts during the Reagan
administration were much larger, so in  that case growth would
have been more. Even at that the rich gained much more than
the middle class did. Since then the  middle class hasn't gained
buying power the way they were during the years prior to the 
the Reagan cuts. Even at this the GOP loves to point to the Reagan
cuts as working proof.

It will surprise me if anything gets done about those affected by
DOCA.  Only time will tell.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 08, 2017, 11:36:51 am
Trump day 231
President Trumps son was questioned for 5 hours by staff in the
senate. Believe it or not he came up with a fourth story about the
meeting with 4 Russians at Trump Tower. For such a young
man he seemed to have memory loss too.. Perhaps it will come to
him next time he goes to congress. In case anyone forgot the meeting
was about getting dirt on Clinton from the Russians to help Trump
win the election. If Trumps son lied he will likely need a pardon
from daddy Trump.

The GOP is still smarting from Trumps desicsian to only extend the
debt ceiling for 3 months instead of the 18 months. Is this a one
time thing with Trump and the democrats? Only time will tell. The
Democrats should pressure Trump to work with them to pass DOCA while
he is in the mood.

Congress with the help of democrats are working to make over 15
billion dollars that Fima can use to aid the victims of Harvey and
Erma. At this time Fima is almost out of money. The speaker of the
house tried to push to cut foreign aid to help pay for this package.
This might seem like a good thing, but foreign aid saves us money
in the long run. If the speaker wants to save money vote for good
health care. When people put off going to the doctor that they can't
pay for, they end up being seriously ill and the costs skyrocket.

Also they could save the government money by regulating the drug
industry to lower drug costs that are currently over inflated. If
people can't afford their medicine they don't buy it or take it
like they should. There again people get seriously ill and the costs
skyrocket. If there isn't any way to pay doctors and or hospitals
they will go out of business. Many rural areas loose hospitals nad
have to travel long distance to see a doctor. If they can't they end
up needing high cost care.. The GOP is supposed to know what it takes
to have a strong economy then the do things that hurt the people of
small towns. It's the thousands of small towns that have all those
small businesses that make our economy. Instead they support a relatively
few big businesses who avoid paying taxes and go elsewhere to get cheap

All the best to all those affected by Harvey and Erma. I fear many more people
will be homeless after hurricane Erma is finished.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 09, 2017, 11:27:42 am
Trump day 232
Not a big day for politics with the Hurricane news.

The special council is planning to question several of Trumps white house staff
in the near future. He has called for the paper work and relevant data about
the Russian connection with Trumps campaign.  Now all these people nearly
went down on their knees giving their loyalty to Trump. Will they go to jail
to protect him? I have a hunch Trump has promised them a pardon if they
do. So time will tell how all this works out.

Florida's west coast may catch the brunt of the storm. Trump apparently is
fascinated by hurricanes because I heard a report he was giving it is full
attention. Now it's good he is keeping up with it. I just hope he isn't planning
to play politics with people's lives.

I wonder how much longer the GOP will continue to deny climate change? The guy
Trump picked for the EPA said this isn't the time to talk about climate change. So
when is a good time? The longer they wait the more it will cost in the future. I doubt
if the big business interests care how much our children will pay due to the continued
of fossil fuels, and the damage it's doing to  to our planet.

Again I wish all the best for those affected by both Harvey and Erma.. I understand
we have another following Erma. Hopefully it will turn north in to the mid atlantic
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 10, 2017, 12:26:27 pm
Trump day 233
President Trump is at Camp David while those in Texas and Florida are dealing
with a disaster. He ought to be at the white house in my opinon. Not cooling his
heels at a presidental hidaway.

I do give him credit for keeping up with the weather. I wonder if he would be
working as hard if the states affected had voted for H. Clinton. As it turns out
this is a fairly easy job for any president. In fact for Trump this might be the
one thing he has some experience with. Working with construction and housing
is right down his alley. Though his part was mostly walking around a construction
sites changing this and that. Something I have seen in my working lifetime.

If the people in the affected areas are happy with Fima this time next year. The
GOP and Trump will be doing pretty well politically. If they are not then they will
be in more trouble because of it. Even if they do well over the next month or
so. The GOP is going to have to spend about a half trillion dollars to repair all
the damage from the fires out west and the hurricanes.  I don't think the  GOP
will want to do that. They would rather give the money to their rich supporters
in tax cuts.  Time will tell.

A big reason there is so much damage with hurricanes is due to how real estate
people build housing. They buy land that can flood. Then build housing with
little  or no consideration for flooding. Cities should reqire housing to be high
enough to handle at least 500 year floods.  Troulbe is many politicians worry
more about staying in office than doing the right thing. So rich real estate dealers
and housing contractors support politicians that will let them build where in areas
that may flood , but not likely to.  It's all about making money, not to  benefit
the public.  Unfortuantly it's not likely to change.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 11, 2017, 12:49:59 pm
Trump day 234
President Trump spoke about the 911 Trade center attack.
Trump  did well representing the office of president speaking
about it today.

Personally I think he should have let the Vice president make
the speech. Trump should have been ashamed to show his face.
During his campaign he lied about the attack. He lied about  there
being thousands of Moslem cheering the collapse from New Jersey.
On the news at the time they mentioned a report of a few on a
building top having a party afterwards, not thousands. He lied when
he said he watched people jump to their deaths. Trump Tower is
too far away for him to see them. He lied when said he attended
funerals for friends he knew who died during the attack. It all
came down to the fact that he used this terrible event to benefit
his campaign.

It's just more proof Trump will use anyone or anything to benefit
himself. He should apologize, but I doubt if he has the morals
to even consider it.

Trump has been doing a good job with the disasters so far. I
commend him for it. Hopefully he and the GOP don't forget
about Puerto Rico. An island of american Citizens. A million
who have lost electrical power on the Island. Also the other
American island territories in the Caribbean.

The GOP has had a bad habit of ignoring the needs of these
island territories. Especially Puerto Rico. I noticed the Media
hasn't said much either. I did hear Fima is in Puerto Rico. I
hope they get the same help as any American should.

These Hurricanes show how much Climate Change can cause harm
to people and the economy. As the oceans become warmer the storms
witll be stronger, and larger.  The GOP is saying this isn't the time to talk
about  Climate Change.  That's the same as saying after a terriest attack
it's not time to talk about terrorisim. It's just an excuse to avoid an issue
their rich supporters don't want to deal with.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 12, 2017, 01:25:38 pm
Trump day 235
President Trump had the Russian ambassator in the Oval office of
the white house while hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida.
We wouldn't know about it except the Russian media talked about it
with pictures even. After that the Trump administration admitted it.

You suppose it was timed so the US media would have it's attention
diverted with a hurricane?  Kind of looks that way. Guess Trump wanted
to show off the new decorations in the white house to the Russians.

Seems lots of lawyers are being hired by white house staff. Seems
several people in the white house want Trump to remove his son n law
out of the white house. It's doubtful that will heppen. I understand
Trump listens his advice, and has for years.

I understand Trump is going to the US Virgin Islands next week to look
at the damage. Reports are they are getting quite a bit of help from
Fima and the military. But it will take a long time to repair the damage
there. They are getting some help from big business, but it will take
months if not years to bring it back. These people are US citizens, so
they should get the same help as any American. Puerto Rico needs aid to
help repair their electrical infrastructure. They are US citizens as well.

I haven't heard how Trumps golf resort faired with Hurricane Irma. He might
not be staying there for a while. Bannan is still in the news. Saying he
is going to work to help elect conservative congressmen for Trump. He doesn't
have a good record. The last person he tried to get elected only got 15% of
the vote. He will likely hurt Trump more than help him.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 13, 2017, 12:27:42 pm
Trump day 236
President Trump could be looking to the democrats to help pass a bill for
DOCA Dreamers. Trump apparently is saying he would support it without
funds for his wall. Of course the GOP has to allow a vote or nothing will
happen. Time will tell if the GOP will go for it. They have a history of
being against allowing illegal aliens any way to stay.

Will we ever find out why the Trump administration has lied at almost every
turn about connections to the Russian government. Starting with Trumps
campaign to the present. They lie and try to blame others for any deals with
Russia. Trump was trying to get approval to build a massive Trump tower in
Moscow during his campaign. This could be one reason he has been trying
to butter up Putin. Well Putin like Trump looks out for himself. Since the deal
fell through I wonder what Trump is up to now?

Trump purposely hid this deal with Russia. He claimed to not even know the
man who was working to get his Moscow Tower approved. We should be
wondering what other deals Trump is planning to do while president. He can
offer other countries pay for play deals. The same thing he was accusing
H Clinton of doing. He has committed almost every bad thing he accouse H.
Clinton of. The GOP should have impeached Trump months ago, but they are
scared of loosing Trump who promised to sign any bill they sent to him.

The Russian government is using the internet to get the American public to 
turn againsts Moslems, and other immigrants. I kind of think this is to cause
divisions in our country. The old saying United we stand, divided we fall is
just as true now as it was when we started our country. Putin knows it, and
will likely try to  divide us all.

We should look to the major media for information, not the fake news online.
The major media can't lie for long because they are in compitition with others
in the same business. They would love to report a major news telling a lie on

Trump seems to be ready to push his tax reform. He gives little or no details
on the plan. He talks about cutting taxes for the Middle Class. This may be
true, but he wants to cut taxes on the very rich most of all. I don't think
the democrats are going to go along with cutting taxes for the rich when we
are looking at huge spending for aid and repairs for hurricane victims, and

Trump and the GOP clame lower taxes will create huge numbers of jobs,
and big growth in the economy.  They say we will cut your taxes, but how
much in actual dollars for the average tax payer? For the very rich anc
corporations it will be millions of dollars, but for the average tax payer,
who can say. They sure don't want to say, because it might not even be
5 dollars a week for a lot of workers.

They say big business will spend those tax savings creating jobs. Well
over the last decade big business is more likely to  buy high tech machines
to to do the work than to hire more workers.  Repetitious factory work
is becoming a thing of the past. GOP politicians want to avoid this fact,
or claim it isn't true.

H. Clinton tried to  tell coal miners they will need to learn new jobs.
Trump and the GOP turned it around and claimed they would bring
back the coal industry. An industry that is much more automated
than in the past. Coal is dirty fuel since most of what remains is
soft coal that has a lot of sulfur in it. I can remember when the
school in my town used coal for heat.  You could small it blocks
away downwind.,and a coal fired power plant pollutes much more.
That's why China is moving away from coal to renewable energy.
Much faster than we are.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 14, 2017, 11:33:16 am
Trump day 237
President Trump asked ESPM to fire one of their employees because she
called him a white supremacist. She wasn't fired, but was called up on
the carpet over it. Why would ESPN not want an employee to call Trump
a white supremacist? After all Trump is on record of supporting them. I
say tell it like it is. Trump ran saying people should be plain in
their speaking. Unless it's about him I suppose.

The internets social media may have to start looking at ads they sell
space for. To make sure they are not pushing fake news. Especially by
foreign countries. Personally I don't follow most social media, but
many people do. Your going to find all kinds of conspiracy theories on
the internet. I used to hear people on CB and ham radio talking about
things that made no sense at all. Now they are on the internet makeing
the same claims.

The special council Muller is looking at Mike Flynns son as well.
Perhaps to pressure his father to tell what he knows. Flynn has
been involved with several countries in business deals. There
isn't anything wrong doing business, but you have to tell the
government if you want security clearance, and Flynn didn't.

The Trump administration is trying to say the Director of the FBI
he fired broke the law by releasing his memos. Those memos were
the property of the director not Trump. So he didn't break any law.
It's just Trump trying to turn his troubles toward the ex director
of the FBI. This will likely cause Trump more problems.

Trump seemed to think being president allows him to do anything
he wants. It's this thinking that has caused him so much trouble.
All his working life secrecy has been a big thing with him. So as
president he is trying to run the government like one of his
corporations. He is finding out he can't get by with keeping
secrets, because the people want to know what the president
is doing. So the news media will be watching his every move.

Every time Trump talks to the news media he wants total control.
He won't let people ask a questionw without him interrupting as
if he knows what the question is about. This is one reason
Trump is so ignorant about so many things. He seems to think
he already knows it all.

Trump has been inviting democrats to have dinner with him lately.
Even to not invite GOP leaders. It will be interesting to see
how this works out. Is Trump trying to pull the wool over the
eyes of the democrats?  I doubt if they will go along with Trump
unless it's a on the level compromise.

Trump continues to call the major media fake news. I haven't
seen any purposeful fake news by the media. If we don't listen
to the people who actually go after real news. We will be at
the mercy of Trump and the government, and only know what
they want us to know. This is how Putin controls the people of
Russia, and the people of any other authoritarian controlled

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 15, 2017, 11:30:31 am
Trump day 238
President Trump strikes again. His remarks about the terrorist
attack on a train in England.  He said scotland Yard knew about
the person who placed the exposive device.  Fortuantly no one
was killed, but Trump didn't have any business telling England
how to respond to terrorists. They are probably better at stopping
attacks than we are. Seems he has to act like a know it all even
when he shouldn't even comment except perhaps make an offer
to assist.

President Trump went to florida, and made some speeches. Even to
ask people to vote for a GOP senator from Florida. Not counting
handing out some food packages. Most people like to see our
polictical leaders at times of disaster. Trump is pretty good
a putting on a good show for the public. He has signed off on
declarations to help the hurrican victimes. Which is a good thing.
I hope for their sake he really cares. Time will tell.

Trump is catching a bit of flack for his apparent support of the
DOCA people. The GOP Right is beside them selves that Trump is
putting off the big boarder wall, and his deal with the democrats
for DOCA and boarder security. I will be surprised if Trump stands
up against the GOP Right. Polls show his base approves of helping
the DOCA people, and not tossing them to who knows where. Personally
I think anyone who has served in our melitary risking their lives
for this country should be offered the chance to be a citizen. To
not do so is rather discusting. But the GOP on the right are ready
to toss them out with no offer to let them apply for citizenship.

Trump continues to claim that some of the people who are against
white supremist are just as bad. This just stirs up problems he
dosen't need to deal with. Trump can't stand to admit being wrong.
We all make mistakes in life, but as president he should take the
high ground by never comparing socially bad people with others.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 16, 2017, 11:53:14 am
Trump day 239
President Trump is still trying to limit immigration from Moslem
countries. Kind of strange as it was only supposed to be a few
months to begin with. It's been almost 8 months. So it would seem
he has had plenty of time to work out a immigration plan by now.
Even though almost all terrorists activities in the USA have been
done by US citizens. Oddly enough Trump never seems to notice them.
Trumps anti Moslem plan will likely cause more trouble than protect

It's interesting to know that "Facebook" accepted payment for ad space
in Russian currency. Seems that should have been a sign who was buying
.ad space. Don't you think? Yet "Facebook" claimed they didn't know of
any Russian buys. I think more is going to come out over time. I think
if a foreign government pays for ad space it should be tagged so the
public can know where it's comming fron or who supports it.

Well they are at it again. Trying to get rid of the ACA. The GOP
is giving red states sweet deals to get enough votes from undecided
senators to pass a bill thata will cut medicade, and allow insurance
companies to charge huge premiums for those with health problems. I
find it hard to believe the GOP to be so heartless to let people die
just because they are too poor to buy insurance that will pay the bills.

All this will do is put rural hospitals, clinics, and doctors out of
business. Making it much harder for low income people to get the care
they need. Especially the working poor in rural areas. If they accomplish
this terrible act, I hope they pay dearly at the voting booths in
2018. This is just so they can cut taxes for the top 1 or 2 percent of
americans. People who spend huge sums to help them get re elected. The
GOP is largly bought and paid for by the rich. I am sure some democrats
feel pressure by supporters, but the GOP is front and center.

Another reason the conservative wing of the GOP wants to cut health
care for the poor is because minorities make up a big percentage of
the poor, and they don't want to help them. It's this kind of thing
that causes a lot of unrest in our cities. When disadvantaged people
are treated like second class citizens become deperate enough they
fight back. Then the GOP points and says they don't deserve any help.

Senator Sandars and 16 other senators have sponsered a bill that would
setup Medicare for all. You can be sure the GOP will cry. "It will raise your
taxes alot." Well people pay thousands of dollars a year for insurance
that requires huge copays, and deductibles. Yes taxes would go up, but
I have a hunch it would be significanly less than the thousands people
pay in insurance premiums now. I am sure the pharmaceutical industry,
,hospitals, clinics and doctors will be agaisnt it due to  regulations that
will require them to charge less for their products and services. Many
in the health care industry are getting gold plated rich, and will fight
hard to protect their health care gold mine. Even if it means many
poor people including children will suffer and die.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 17, 2017, 12:01:19 pm
Trump day 240
President Trump is going home to New York on September 19
to make a speech at the United Nations. It will be interesting
to see if he can follow his teleprompter for the whole thing. Or
will he go nuclear and make a fool of himself and our country?

Personally I think the UN should be moved to Switzerland. It is
nothing but a nest of spies anyway. It would save New York a pie
of money with all the diplomats gone. It would still be able to
do what little good it does anyway.

Even with all the terrible weather we are having Trump and
the GOP still don't believe in Global warming. I guess they
will still be denying it when they have to use a boat to get
to the capital building in washington DC.

A book written by H Clinton  and her campaign was released
this past week. Trump felt he had to defend himself even
though he won the election.  Poor Trump he worries so much
when he hears people talk about him. Unless of course if
they call him "Great".

Some in the GOP are calling to have the military to
shoot down one of N Koreas missiles. This won't likely
change the mind of the N Koreans leader. If we missed
it would  give the N. Korean something to brag about.
If we did shoot it down he would likely call it an attack
against them. Let's save that for a missile that is headed
for us or an ally.

Congress is working on bills to place sanctions on China
to press them to not continue to trade with N Korea. Even
if China does end trade. Russia does a lot of trade with
N Korea as well. We should remember that during the
Korean war both China and Russia supported N Korea
with material and jet planes. They trained pilots and
even flew some against the american forces. Who's
to say they won't side with N Korea again even if
N Korea starts a war. China is saying they won't
support N Korea if they start a war, but only time
will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 18, 2017, 12:29:10 pm
Trump Day 241
President Trump posted a video implying he hit H Clinton with
a golf ball. Anyone who thinks this is funny should stop and think
is this something we expect from our president? Even if you don't
like Clinton or what she stands for. Violence is never an answer to
anything other than self defense of your person.

Trump has implyed violence is proper from the days of his campaign.
Encouraging his followers to commit violence agains those who  opposed
him. I think he should have been called down then, but instead people
made excuses for him. Including  the media. I think he should have faced
charges for incitment to riot. I think that's why  Trump decided to not have
his rally in Chicogo. If people had riotedhe could  have been blaimed for it.
Trump still promotes violence,telling police to be rough  on those they take
to jail. More than one of his video tweets have shown violence  toward others. 
The president shouldn't act like a school yard yard bully, but until people of
influencecall him down for his childish actions it will continue. joke, or just
politis. Well if anyone posted a video showing someone hitting him, they would
likely be in jail.

Still the GOP makes excuses for him, even laughing about it.  I wonder if the
video had been with a GOP senator or the speaker of the house, would they
still be laughing and saying "Oh it's just Trump." It just shows the GOP is still
cowing down to Trump and his followers. I think it's a terrible example by a
president, and his lack of respect  for others. Encluding the GOP.

The state department continues to suffer under the Trump administration.
Trump doesn't seem to understand that deplomacy does more to prevent wars
than the military does. Just like any family, the world community  needs to talk
with each other. Also to hold out a helping hand when a people  need help. In
the past before missiles it took hours if not days to start a war. Now it only
requires minutes. Without diplomats to pass along our ideas and plans otherwise
misunderstandings can start a conflict that could lead to a disaster affecting
millions of people.  A nuclear war would make the hurricane damage look like
what a thunderstorm might cause in compassion. Add killing radiation on
top of it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 19, 2017, 01:04:04 pm
Trump day 242
President Trump will be speaking to the United Nations. It will be
interesting to see what his speech is about and if he stays on subject.

Trump is still talking about undoing the agreement with Iran. An agreement
that limits their move to having nuclear weapons. To do so will allow them
to proceed as North Korea has. It may be that Iran may try to cheat, but no
agreement is worse than one that lets us inspect them as this does. The only
other alternative is war. I have a hunch Iran will be tougher to win against
than Iraq. Are we ready to spend another Trillion or more with a new war?
Who can say Russia won't supply them with weapons if we do.

Trumps campaign manager Matafort has been told he will be indicted in
conjunction with the Russian connection investigation. So the investigation
deepens. This may give Trump reason to sweat. Only time will tell.

Trump met with the Malayan leader even though he was apparently caught
laundering a billion dollars buying products from the USA. The Justice
department is currently hunting down said property to bring it back to
the US. Trump is basically  sticking his thumb in the eye of law
enforcement by meeting with him. This is nothing new for Trump he
doesn't respect law and order unless its to his advantage.

They continue to ignore the needs of the working poor. The
GOP seems to think if you can't afford insurance, it's just
too bad. You can just go begging.  Some don't care if it's
your parents, children or spouse. Shows you how indifferent
some rich people are. They claim we can't afford it as a
nation, but they are ready to cut taxes for the rich by
hundreds of millions of dollars. Money the rich would hardly
miss. The GOP claim it will make jobs. The rich don't buy
much of what  the average person works to make. They
invest in items they hope will gain value over time. Diamonds,
Silver, gold and collectables. Not jobs. Factories buy
automation more than hiring new workers.

So when the ACA is gone the insurance companies will stop
insuring sick people, and charge older americans higher premiums,
and other things the ACA did not allow them to do. So they can
make even more money, and sell insurance that doesn't cover you,
GOP supporters should call to tell their GOP congressmen and
Trump you are glad  to see your local hospital close and no local
dotor or clinic. If the GOP is re elected in 2018 they will try to
privatize medicare, medicaid, social security and the VA. Mark my
words, because they want to get rid of all government aid or care
so the private sector do it all. If they don't you can just suffer
and or die. Just  like poor people did a 100 years and more.

Most people today don't remember how poor people suffered
in the past. I just hope we don't return to those days so the
rich can get richer. Already many many people have to either
go without food, power, to buy medicine. No money for a
doctor, or dentist. Kids go without good shoes or warm
clothes. Granted there are a lot of charities providing for
people, but charities don't have the funding to help everyone
who needs it.

The GOP claims hey are helping the economy grow, but when
they cut aid there is a lot less money going to grocery stores or
doctors, or hospitals. To even cause some to close.  Causing
people to loose jobs. Something they don't want to admit.

The GOP wants capitalism, and free enterprise, but we
have to regulate industry or they will put profit above
health and the environment. They should remember
in the 1930's how the great depression was seeding
discontent, and calls for socialism over capitalizim.  We
need to accept some socialistizim to protect the poor
elderly and disabled. If we don't it will destroy our
country. President Roosevelt saved our country with
his jobs programs. Then WWII forced the government
to feed industry with enough funding to employ
thousands. Then after the war the government gave
low interest loans to ex service men to buy and build
homes. This lead to a lot of growth during the 1950's

The GOP needs to pass a good infrastructure bill to
rebuild the country. It would provide millions of good
paying jobs. Which would feed industry for even more
growth. Instead they want to cut taxes for the rich who
will do little to help the economy.

Sorry about the long speech, but we need to think
about growth, not feeding the rich who can take care
of them selves.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 20, 2017, 12:25:03 pm
Trump day 243
President Trump is using campaign funds to pay for lawyers. These
lawyers are for Trump and his family. It's legal, but for a man
who claims to have 9 billion dollars, I think should be ashamed
to use donations to elect him for lawyers. So far it's nearing
$400,000.00  dollars. So all you Trump supporters, be proud
because you know Trump is using your money to keep him and
family out of jail.

Hurricane Maria is spreading distruction in the Caribbean. US territory
islands, The Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. This will affect not
just a few thousand, but over 3 million US citizens that live on these
islands and call them home. Will Trump and the GOP help them in the
same manner that they did those on the US mainland? As an american I
hope they do. But in the past the GOP hasn't paid much attention to
these territories. I hope the media holds the GOP and Trump accountable
if they ignore the needs of our fellow citizens in the Caribbean.

President Trump made a speech at the United Nation tuesday. I really
think Trump accually hopes the leader of North Korea will start a war.
China has said it won't defend N Korea if they start a war with the US.
So perhaps this is why Trump continues to insult the N Korean
leader. How will history paint the united states after nearlyall of
the Korean country is destroyed along with it's people.

Trump may want to please his voters, but the average Trump voter
has llttle real knowledge of diplomacy or how to work with other
nations. This kind of speak just confuses other leaders, and makes
them distrust the US when our President talks about nationalism.
I think some left seeing Trump as a hate monger with thoughts
f war in his heart.

If Trump continues to not use diplomacy with other countries it's
very likely we will be in a new war. Communication is the only key
to lasting peace. The Clinton admistration was moving toward
peasce with N Korea, but when President Bush took over he scrapped
the peace initative. That was when N. Korea began serious development
of nuclear weapons and missils to deliver them. So we can thank Bush
and the GOP for convincing the N. Koreans to persue their nuclear
defense.  The GOP isn't the only party that has got us into war,
but the GOP has done their part.

I think the GOP congress will be getting an earful for following
the wishes of 25% of the country instead of the majority. The
GOP is betting that a large percentage of that 25$ or more will
outvote the majority in the next election. With all the gerrymandered
districts and their work to  limit minorities and others voting they
may be right.

It can be difficult to defeat people who work to  deceive by
blaming others, using the publics fear and ignorance to do so.
This is nothing new. Bad people have done this to gain power
many times down through history.

The twin disasters of an earthquake in Mexico and the Hurricane
in the Caribbean is in work. We can pray for those affected. So
far Trump has sent help to  Mexico and declared a disaster for
Puerto Rico  and affected territories. I commend our President
for that. Hopefully help will continue for all US citizens affected
by hurricanes this year.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 21, 2017, 12:47:11 pm
Trump day 244
President Trump continues to have chats with various diplomats and leaders. I have
noticed Trump always talks about how great something is. He was speaking to some
African leaders about how happy they should be because of the resources they are
selling to rich business men. Well it seems Trump doesn't understand that rich business
men often take advantage of poor countries. This is why Trump needs to
listen to people that understand this, before making us look bad or uncaring.

This is why it's so important to have diplomats that understand the language and
culture of foreign countries. Trouble is Trump seems to think he is great about
everything, and doesn't listen to people that know. Sill the State department has
many jobs to fill. Many are diplomats that need to represent and communicate US
 policy. Also to give Americans a place to go when they have problems.
Still Trump leaves these jobs unfilled, supposedly to save tax dollars, and has
caused many experienced people to leave the state department.

There are reports that Trumps cabinet members are using chartered airplane to
 travel short  distances they could travel in a car. They should be using commercial
flights instead of spending millions of tax dollars for their own comfort. This shows
how little rich people think about the money they spend. Millionairs and Billionaires
think more of their own comfort than saving money for the tax payer.

Trump signed on to sanctions to countries and businesses that deal with N Korea.
Time will tell how well this works. We can't always believe Trump so we will have to
wait and see how much is true.

We have sent people and equipment to help rescue people under earthquake
rubble in Mexico.  I hope help for our territories in the Caribbean is forthcoming
as well. The flooding in Puerto Rico has people on rooftopsnow. Areas there got
36 inches of rain in 24 hours. The amount Huston Texas got after 3 days. Kinda
tells how bad it is there.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 22, 2017, 12:17:51 pm
Trump day 245
North Korea is claiming it will fire a nuclear armed  missile into
the Pacific ocean in the near future. Apparently to prove they have
the capability to hit the USA or it's allies.

Iran is saying they have multi warhead missiles that can fly upto 1200
miles. This threatens the entire middle east. It's likely Israel will find this
to be a serious threat.

Trump should not be making threats with his tweets. Will these tweets cause
Iran or N Korea feel Trump might start a war.

The new sanctions against N Korea could get the attention of the N Korean
leader. As a leader he needs the support of people around him. These sanctions
could cause them to rethink their support.

I am sure Trump wants a win. Something to point at when running for re election
in 2020 if he hasn't been removed from office. I just hope his desire to stay president
doesn't end up starting a war we all may regret.

Our friendly GOP is still working to kill the ACA. This is all about cutting taxes for
their rich supporters. Some who have said they wouldn't give them any money if
they don't cut taxes for them. These are billionaires who shouldn't be asking for
tax relief in the first place. They hire tax lawyers that keep their tax rates lower
than the average american as it is.

The GOP could reduce the need for so much money to run for office. Just make
that limits how much people can donate to anyone running for office.  Prior to
television people could run for office with a few thousand dollars. Now it takes
hundreds of thousands to millions. With the internet they don't need so much
TV coverage.

As with most people change is always hard, and the GOP is scared to death the
country is moving toward socializim. Well I have news for them. If people get
desperate enough they will call for social changes, and vote the GOP out.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 23, 2017, 12:00:53 pm
Trump day 246
President Trump met with the Turkish leader and gave him praise. This
leader had his security people attack peaceful demonstrators in front
of the Turkish embassy last year. Not on embassy grounds, but outside.
15 of these security men have been charged, but will likely not return
to the country for prosecution. Trump should be telling the Turkish leader
to have these people returned instead of giving him praise. But Trump
has a Trump tower in the capital of Turkey, so I doubt if he wants to
cause any trouble that might cost him some of his precious  profits.

Trumps inauguration fund ended up being $107 million in donations.
We don't know for sure how much was spent for the inauguration, but
Obamas cost less than the $25 million Trump claimed to spend, and
was bigger with many top names for entertainment. The inauguration
committee has been asked about where the extra money went. Trump
claimed they spent around $25 million, but gave no proof. Turns out
Trump can pocket the rest if he wants. To do what he wants. Remember
he offered a donation of 1 million to the Texas relief fund. Just one million,
and still had at least $75 million he could use for anything in his
inaguration fund. Wasn't that nice of him for being so generous? "NOT"

Puerto Rico is getting federal aid, but I wonder how long the GOP and
Trump will support aid to those Caribbean territories?

After 9 months the federal government finally said 21 states
were hacked by someone. 3 states said it was apparently the
Russians. The Trump campaign and his campaign manager are
still under investigation about involvement with Russia. Trump
continues to deny any involvement with Russia. Trump lies and
tries to blame others for his problems. So time will tell.

I think there are people who feel the Russian investigation
is just politics. I have a link to a webpage that lays out why
we should be concerned over what Russia did.

www.investigaterussia.org (http://www.investigaterussia.org)

I think if and when Trump is impeached he won't go down without
a fight, and will continue to claime he was treated unfairly by
the media, GOP, and the Democrats. Even if he stays till 2020
and looses the election he will be on fox news claiming the
election was rigged, and stolen from him.

The GOP gave up a bipartisan effort to improve the ACA to make a try
to kill it. Even trying to pay off some senators by offering their states
more money. If they have all this money, then why are they claiming
the country can't afford it? I think many of our friendly GOP have sold
them selves to rich supporters. That is probably why they ignore the
voters at home. It's a shame they don't have to wear a sign on their
back with the names of their owners.

Sure they have to beg to get money for their campaigns, but they could
reduce the costs by limiting donations to individual members running
for congress, and the amount of money spent by anyone running. Instead
they worked to allow political action committes to help support members
running. These PACKS have few limits on how much they can spend
since it's not about individuals donating for any one canidate
running for office. It's more about supporting a party platform
 than individuals.

If congress would actually work to reform campaign spending it
would allow more qualified people to run for office. Also it would
give them more time to do the job instead of raising money from
the rich crowd wanting a pay for play agreement. I think many in
congress want it to be limited to rich players. So change will
be slow to come, if ever.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 24, 2017, 11:52:25 am
Trump day 247
President Trumps call to  fire NFL players if they don't stand for the
National anthem is wrong. It's none of Trumps business to tell people
to fire others. These players are protesting the way the police is killing
black people. Not against the country or our military. Obama had been
pushing for change in  how the police treat minorities. Trump and his
atterney general are returning us to the days of the past where
minorities were treated like second class citizens.

Trump will do anything to build his support. This fight against the
NFL may be a big mistake. Americans love Football. I don't think
they are worried very much about a player not standing up for the
National anthem. In 2011 Trump said it was ok to burn the American
flag. Trumps wife had to remind him to put his hand over his heart
during the anthem earlier this year. So it goes to show it's not about
American symbols, but Trump. We should remember Trump is against
anyone who doesn't support or praise him.

The Trump administration and the GOP are still working hard to limit
voting in our country. Claiming it's all about voter fraud when there
is no evidence of such fraud. It's all about the GOP wanting to win
elections so they can discriminate against minorities and the LGBT.
They know they are in the minority so the only way they can win is
with dirty tricks. If those of us don't get out and vote the GOP will
take and keep control of our country. If they get a conservative majority
in the Supreme Court they can do just about anything they want.
There are many ways to take rights away from people if you control
the government. The bill of rights can be interpreted in many ways.
You might think only the left or liberals want to take your guns. A very
conservative government may decide you don't need them at all. Or
have a right to speak out against them.

Trump continues to bluster against the leader of N Korea. Short of turning
N Korea into bouncing rubble. Threats to do this isn't change N Korea, we
have to use diplomacy. The more talk the better. It would be better to kiss
up to the N Korean leader than killing millions of people trying to get rid of
him. Why should we care if he can brag about winning the ware of words.
We should have left the Koreans alone in the first place. By now they would
likely be more like China with a growing economy, and we would have saved
hundreds of billions and saved the lives of 50,000 UN and American soldiers
in the Korean war 65 years ago.

The GOP continues trying to get rid of the ACA, It's all about saving movey for
the rich, not the middle class. They lie and lie trying to claim it's to save people
money. Most people are insured by employers, the ones that will suffer is the
working poor, and disadvantaged. Canada offers good health care for all it's
people for less money.  That proves we can do the same. They aren't going
broke like the GOP claims we would. Price regulations and preventative care
will cut costs for us all.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 25, 2017, 12:32:18 pm
Trump day 248.
N. Korea claims Trump has declared war on them. Perhaps the N Korean leader said
this hoping to get support from China, and Russia. The UN passed tough sanctions
that will hurt N Korea if countries follow through with them. Time will tell.

Trump had some military aircraft fly north over international water along
N. Koreas coast. Apparently as a show of force. I don't know why Trump
thinks the N Korean leader is ignorant of our power. He knows we can
destroy his country, but he also knows that S Korea will suffer the same
fate, and perhaps one or more of his missiles will hit US territory.
It would be much better to talk.

Trumps son n law is using a private email since Trumps election.  Using it to message
others in the white house. This is what Trump was calling H. Clinton a crook over. Not
turning in all emails she sent or received. I think anyone with a email account has
deleted thosands of emails that are personal or spam. So calling Clinton a crook for
deleting personal email is just a lot of noise by a man who has and is doing the same

Trump and the GOP leadership is still trying to get enough votes to kill the ACA and cut
Medicaid to please their rich supporters, not their voters. I wonder how many GOP
members have been to medicaid supported nursing homes? To tell them why they may
have to go without care, or by relatives who may or may not be able to give them
the care they need. Many of these people served in the military, and gave of themselves
to help others when they were younger. It is rather shameful how we treat our elders in
this country. When my mother was in the rest home. I went to visit almost every day. I
rarely saw others getting visits by family. Almost like their families were glad to be rid
of them. Not everyone treats their elder families this way, but many could do much more
than they do.

Come on Trump. Our Caribbean territories are not getting the aid they should be getting.
Even after a week people are in desperate need of water and fuel to run generators and
vehicles. If we don't provide the help they need there will be a mass migration to the US
mainland. Not a few thousand, but possibly a million or more. I really think we should build
a large naval base in Puerto Rico to replace the one in Cuba. If we did it would pretty much
solve the economic problems there.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 26, 2017, 01:18:23 pm
Trump day 249
The investigation continues about Russias involvement in our election. Some
with  ads on facebook and bots on twitter. Not counting trying to hack into
voting data. Trump continues to claim it's a hoax. Probably because he feels
it discredits his presidency. Well in my opinon loosing the popular vote by
millions is what discredits his election the most.

There isn't much new. N Korea is on the edge of a hot war with us, The
white houseis using private emails for government information. Aid for
the Caribbean territories is taking too long with many people desperate
for water, and fuel. Trump just says we are handling the situation. Then
complains about football players for not standing up during the
national anthem. Something that isn't the business of any president.

If our friendly GOP took the same interest they did for H Clinton, perhaps
more would be getting done. They continue to  ignore Trumps indiscretions,
and tweets that do more harm than good for our country. Trump and the
GOP should care more about the people of our country than their agenda.
Trump should care about the country as a whole, not just those who voted
for him.

Puerto Rico has applied for statehood more then once, but our congress,
mostly the GOP have denied it. Now they are blaming them for having a
poor  infrastructure. Puerto Rico has been treated like an unwanted step
child for years. I think it's because of it's Hispanic background, and we
know how the GOP feels about Hispanics.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 27, 2017, 12:03:43 pm
Trump day 250
The GOP decided to give up on removing the ACA due to not having the votes.
Not because it's a bad thing to do. Trump said he was disappointed that it failed.
I guess in spite of his promise to have affordable health care for all, he was
ready to sign a bill that would take it away from millions of americans.  Including
many of those who voted for him.

Trump and the GOP are moving to  do tax reform, claiming to
cut taxes for corportations and the middle class. Details are
in work.

Two people died in a hospital in Puerto Rico because their emergency generator
ran out of fuel. Fuel that should have been delivered to all hospitals there.  It's
been a week after all. I hardly think we could expect a hospital would have more
thana weeks supply of fuel on hand. RED TAPE is slowing aid. Trump could have
the military make sure fuel and water is supplied to all hospitals immediatly. As
well as a communications system for the island till the civilian system is repaired. 
How many more people will die due to government bureaucracy when Trump
has the powerto give the military full power to save lives. He claims he has
people there checking to see what is needed. They could decided that after
the emergency has past.

A hospital ship has been ordered to Puerto Rico. It may be 4 days before it
even starts the 5 day trip. Why did they wait so long. H. Clinton on twutter
told Trump he should send one. Soon after the order was made. It wasn't
her job to request it, Trump was busy fussing about the NFL when he
should have had relief for the Caribbean territories in mind.

A lot of aid is moving, but it has been a slow start. People will begin to
get sick, and die in the thousands if aid isn't forthcomming. 3 million
people need a lot of aid and need it fast. This could end up being the
largest human disaster in the history of the USA.

The Jones ACT, a 100 year old law made to protect american shipping
following ww1. This costs Puerto Rico economy hundreds of millions.
This ACT was bought and paid for by rich shipping interests.  This
ACT should have been done away with years ago. To have a law
like this and then to blame Puerto Rico for being broke is discussing.

Here is a link to the Jones ACT .. This doesn't affect the US mainland
like it does Puerto Rico. Also if needed it should be updated as the
Merchant Marine service isn't near what it was in 1920.
Florida was given a waiver after Hurricane Irma. So why not Puerto Rico?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_Marine_Act_of_1920 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_Marine_Act_of_1920)
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 28, 2017, 01:06:51 pm
Trump day 251
President Trump is continuing to sabotage the ACA by not guaranteeing
subsidy payments to insurance carriers. Causing an almost 50 percent
increase in premiums. Also they are cutting advertising for sign up
to the ACA this fall. They know if fewer people are signed up the higher
the premiums will be, and in some areas no insurance at all. After all
this Trump and the GOP have the Gall to blame the ACA for failing and
costs going higher.

They want the public to believe it's a bad law. The ACA is just a free
market to sell insurance. The law does require policies to pay the bills
and provide for preventative tests. Without the ACA we will return to
the days when insurance companies selling policies that pay little
leaving people with debt that drives them into bankruptcy and no
credit. All this because Trump and the GOP leaders hated the fact
a black man was president. The ACA is a GOP idea that Obama worked
to get passed. So for the past 7 years they have used their hateful
lies to gain seats in congress.

Alabama voted for a religious radical man as a canidate for the US senate.
This country was started because people wanted religious freedom. If we
put people in office who want only one religious belief it will set freedom
back decades. This guy wants to put homosexuals  in jail for homosexual
acts. He claimes the terrorist attacks are due to morality. By his standars
I suppose. It's this kind of thinking that has caused the suffering of
millions down through history.

Tax reform or tax cuts? It was reported Trump could end up with more
than 75 percent in savings for his self. Trump has hundreds of corporations
who will benifit if Trump gets the tax reform he wants. Tax rates for the
lowest earners will go up from 10 to 12 percent.  Middle class will likely
end up paying about the same. Due to large increases in personal and
family cost deductions. The rest goes to cut taxes for the very rich with
cutting rid of capital gains, and inheritance taxes.  Most of which mostly
affects millionaires.

Time will tell, but it's not likely tax reform will end up with much of Trumps

Trump is still saying he is working to help Puerto Rico, but people are dying
while Trump and the GOP play politics. This disaster needs military force to
solve. They need help now not next week.   
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 29, 2017, 12:33:52 pm
Trump Day 252
Will President Trump hold Tom Price accountable for spending tax dollars for charter
flights when he could have saved the tax pagers hundreds of thosands. Price offered
to pay for his seat in the aircraft when it was he who wanted a whole plane. He is
responsible for the whole plane not just a pot to sit on. He needs to pay the whole
cost he signed off on.

Trump continues to claim he is doing all he can for Puerto Rico. While people go
without fuel, food, and water. A cruise ship is helping thousands off the island
on it's own.  There are thousands of shipping containers siting on docks waiting
to be dilivered. The US military should be there in force with the means to help
the US citizens of Puerto Rico. This is not a foreign country, but a US territory
that needs our help, not promises and bragging by a president who is worried
more about cutting his taxes than the people of Puerto Rico. It's likely there
will be tens of thousands migrating to the US mainland where they can vote in
2018 in case the GOP and Trump have forgotten.

The special council is pulling white house staff in for questions along with
all paperwork and data about the Trump campaign, and administration. So
Trump and company best get their stories stright.The special council isn't a
GOP buddy trying to cover for Trump.

The Russians are still trolling Twitter, and other social media sites. Working
to divide our country. Anytime you see negative remarks about people who are
talking against the GOP or Trump it's very possible it's a Russian bot or Troll.
It's another good reason to follow the televised news and newspapers instead
of social media for any political news. There is proof that Russian hackers and
Trolls by the thousands are working to divide our and other democracies around
the world. No matter what Trump or the GOP claim to the contrary.

Trump is talking more than the GOP would like about tax reform. They will likely
try to ram this through before the public learn the dirty truth that they mainly
want to cut taxes for their rich supporters and other very rich people. Rich
people buy stocks and invest to make more money. They don't by toasters and
washing machines and other products that make jobs.. Each time they cut taxes
for the rich and corporations the government looses money. Each time they raise
taxes on them the government gains in tax revenue. In spite of the lies the
GOP wants to feed the public.

Trump and his people continue to call news repoarts from and about Puerto Rico
misleading and not telling the truth. People on the ground can see the response
isn't as much as Trump claims it is. They could have been on the Island right
after the storm. Excuses about bureaucracy is common cop out by politicians.

If our military was run like this during a war, we wouild likely loose.  This disaster
needed full control by the military to do the job.  One order was all they needed.
"Do what it takes to save the people of our Caribbean territories NOW." The
president has emergency powers that can bypass RED TAPE. Then sort it out
afterwords. This inaction by Trump will hang over his head from now on.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on September 30, 2017, 12:03:11 pm
Trump Day 253
I am ashamed to call Trump our president. After his tweets attacking the Mayor of the
largest city in Puerto Rico made a passionate pea to save the lives there. Calling her
and the people of Puerto Rico lazy because they are asking for help. These are US
citizens who deserve the help they need no matter what Trump thinks about them.

Why? Because he can't be at fault. It has to be the fault of Puerto Rico and the media.
Trump never takes responsibility for anything. Even the 3 star General Trump sent there
said there isn't enough men or equipment there to do the job.

I think it's partly due to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands don't vote for president, and
Trump only cares about those who voted for him, and not even all of those. Trump can
deny it, but he is a racist, and doesn't think women or minorities should be elected to
any public office, or own a business of any size. He wants everyone to brag on him and
lay praise on him for anything he does. If they don't he is ready to step on them.

If Trump was as smart as he claims to be he would know presidents never get lasting
praise. Like any politician they are only constantly liked by blind supporters who look
the other way. They don't want to see any evil, hear any evil, or speak any evil about
the man they voted for. In Trumps case that's about 30 percent of the population.

The GOP is talking about the Carabbean territories needing help, but I have my doubts
if they work very hard to help them. Unlike Florida or Texas there isn't any representatives
in congress to speak out. Fortunately there are some democrats speaking out. Those in
the GOP are mostly making excuses for Trump.

By the way Trump still wants to build a huge Trump Tower in Moscow Russia so he
will continue trying to please Putin.

They will likely be working to pass their big tax cuts for the very rich, and leave
Puerto Rico to Trumps not so tender mercy.

I could say more, but hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 01, 2017, 12:31:52 pm
Trump day 254
President Trump has been playing golf for 4 days and tweeting
whild the people of Puerto Rico suffer in long lines for feul, ice,
water, and food.  They arn't in a air condition room while waiting,
but standing in 100 degree weather for hours on end. Trump claims
these people are just looking for handouts because they are too
lazy to work. If he does go to Puerto Rico he won't stand in the
sun. I think he will tell his staff round up a crowd of supporters to
cheer when he makes a speech talking about how good everything
is being taken care of at his command. Because Trump always has
to look good.

While Trump rides around on a fancy golf cart the government
has to rent a golf cart from Trumps resort to follow him around.
The rentals are over $12.000.00  dollars so far. Trump continues
to use his office to make money hnad over fist. It's no wonder
why his cabinet members think they can spend tax dollars for
chartered planes along with air force planes for work and
vacations. Just like boss Trump does.

Trump made more tweets telling the secretary of state to not
spend a lot of time trying to talk to N. Korea.

This business with Trump and the NFL over the national anthem
still continues. This is a first amentment right. People in other
countries are shot and tortured for speaking or acting out their
beliefs. That is why our founders made it right. Trump doesn't
really care about this, it's just another way he is playing to his
supporters and getting acheers at a ralley.

The majority of the public just want to watch the game, and
don't really care or want to deal with the politics of how the
players or Trump feels. I think even his supporters will grow
weary of this over time.

Trrumps habits and use of wifi for tweets and emails make H.
Clintons email problems totall insignificant in comparison.
Perhaps it's time to lock up Trump and his people instead.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 02, 2017, 12:15:04 pm
Trump Day 255
President Trump spoke condolance to the people in Las Vegas.
He plans to be in Las Vegas on wensday Oct 4 2017.

Congress will be making their condolances as well. Some
talk about gun control. For and against. I really doubt if
gun control could prevent a determined person from using
weopons to  kill others.

One good note is the Caribbean territories are getting
better recovery help after almost 10 days.

All news will be centered on the shooting in Las Vegas, so I
have nothing more today.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 03, 2017, 01:04:43 pm
Trump Day 256.
President Trump arrived in Puerto Rico today. Then to a photo op
Where he bragged on the military, fima, and the Govenor of Puerto
Rico.  He shook hands with the mayor of San Juan, then turn away
not saying anything. She was placed out of camera range while
Trump bragged on how well the government had helped the Island
of Puerto Rico. He claimed he wasn't being political, but it was
obvious he didn't want the Mayor to have any attentiono. In fact
she was the only dignitary who wasn't invited to speak by Trump.

Trump reminded the Governor that Puerto rico owed a lot of money, and how
much this is costing the government. Hopefully Trump will go to the hard hit
areas and not just the areas that had strong sturctures that survived.

Trump continues to act like a child anytime someone doesn't brag on
him. Trump talked about political correctness, but when this woman
told a truth that embarrassed Trump he did his best to embarrassed her.

Trump plans to have another photo op with him talking to some locals, but
I wonder how hand picked these people were. We can be sure Trump
wouldn't want to be boo'ed at or fussed at on camera.

Then he is to be flown around the island in the Marine One Helicopter. Then
to land on one of the Navy ships to make another speech.

Trump didn't want to talk about gun laws. Saying it's not the
time to talk about gun control. He and the GOP want to wait
till the public cools off so they can do what they want about
gun control.

Gun control should be more about gun safety, and not letting
poeple who have serious mental problems to not have them.
Background checks may be a hassel, but even though a crook
can steal  a gun or buy one from some individula. It takes time
and trouble to do so. Adding a little trouble to buy a firearem
can save lives. The NRA didn't even want the tech to keep a gun
from being used by any but the person who owns it. This would
save the lives of both the police and children who are killed by
accidental shootings.

It's not likely we will see any change. The GOP has passed laws
that allow the mentally ill to have guns, and were in the process
of allowing silencers for individual gun owners. They are reconsidering
this idea.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 04, 2017, 01:19:59 pm
Trump day 257
President Trump is in Los Vegas visiting hospitals, and making speeches. Why 
didn't he do the same in Puerto Rico. Already 34 have died there. Instead he cut
his visit short. At least hospital visits would have shown he cared.  He should
order an aircraft carrier with many helicopters to carry food to isolated villages and
bring out the sick and infermed. Trump only cares about those who voted for him.

Well there are a lot of people in this country who have family on the island of Puerto
Rico, and I hope they show the GOP and Trump their feelings at the voting booth.

Not much in the news about anythig but the shooting. Congress is avoiding the
issue of gun safety and control. Heaven forbid they do anything to cause the NRA
bad mouth the GOP about gun control.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 05, 2017, 12:31:48 pm
Trump day 258
President Trump is having trouble getting along with his cabinet. Trump still wants
to run the white house like a big corporation with him as the CEO. "I am the "Boss"
and everyone must live with it.

Trump never admits being wrong about anything. This may work well for a salesman
selling products to the public, but not as president. I really don't think he knows
anything except how to sell real estate, play golf, and perhaps how to be an actor.
This idea of his to always fight back when attacked may have served him in the
past, but it makes him look look bad as president. Being a bully will only hurt him.

It's no wonder those in the white house talk behind Trumps back and leak problems
he has to the press. The secretary of state apparently called Trump a Moron. It's
likely  he isn't the only one in Trumps staff who feels the same about Trump.

Trump acts like he is some kind of emperor who like the story can't
tell he has no clothes, and expects everyone in his domain to tell
him how great he is, and how fine his clothes are. In Trumps case
the clothes refers to how smart he is.

Trump said we would remove Puerto Rico's prestorm debt. His people
and the GOP are trying to say we shouldn't believe everything Trump
says. Time will tell, but it's not likely the debt will be cleared.
Even though Trump said it would be.

They continue trying to cover for Trump. A senate partial report
about the Russian involvement in the 2016 election, the GOP is
trying to say there isn't any real evidence they were helping
Trump over Clinton. They know Trump would have a fit if they
found he won with the Russians help.

The GOP say it's too soon to talk about gun control. They just want
to stall till the public pressure lessens for gun control laws. They
are scared of the NRA. It's too bad health care doesn't have as much
clout. We do need good safety laws for gun ownership. Just as we do
for other dangerous devices or products.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 06, 2017, 12:54:37 pm
Trump day 259
President Trump has removed the requirement for womens coverage to
prevent unwanted pregnacies from the ACA. Trump says it's to keep
government from making people do whats against their religion. Even
if it costs the rights of others.

Trump made some comments that there is a comming storm. It appears
to involve the military, but he didn't say what it might be. Trump never
seems to understand how such statements affect our allies, and those
countries who might think we are out to get. It's this type of thing that
start wars.  Perhaps Trump is hoping it will.

Trump talks like he will undo the treaty with Iran over their development
of nuclear weapons.  This will likely cause them to restart their program
at full speed. 7 nations made this treaty, not just the USA. So it's not
likely we will have any support to attack Iran. In fact we can be sure
Russia will take Irans side, and sell them weapons and material. Not
counting China who is a trading ally of Iran.

Trump should be impeached before he causes a war that could cost
millions of lives. He has already committed impeachable acts, but
the GOP is scared he would turn his followers against them. They
know it would likely cost them both houses of congress. Even at
that they should care more about the country, and their agenda

Trump continues to call the major news fake. It's to be sure to
cover up his mistakes, and to mislead his supporters. The major
media is in a business, if they started lying those in competition
who are in business would be happy to report it.

The GOP passed a law change that allows the seriously mentally ill to
buy weapons. It would appear the GOP and Trump wants to undo any
and all decisions made by Obama including this law. They don't seem
to care that people who are so mentally ill they can't decide how to
spend their money would have any business with a firearm. Trump was
glad to sign this change in the law.

It would seem the GOP and Trump trust the menally ill to not shoot
people. The very ones who generally end up shooting people.

So our friendly GOP will put us all at risk just to pass their agenda no
matter how stupid it is. As long as it undo's Obama's work while in
the white house.

The GOP claims they can't contact Christifer Steel in Britain. About his
report about Trump and the Russians. Mr Steel has said he will speak
to them anytime they want. So I think the GOP isn't being totally honest.
Seems ever since Trump won the election lies are flying even from
congress as well as Trump. That's nothing new, GOP politics are filled
with lies. Even the democrats at times, but the GOP wins the race
hands down. The GOP leaders will do anything to win their agenda
even if it hurts the country.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 07, 2017, 12:07:08 pm
Trump day 260
President Trumps polls show his approval at 32%, and only 24% feel the
country is moving in the right direction. I think his support is fading as
the months go by. I wonder if the GOP is noticing this?

Trump killed a waiver for Iowa that would lower health insurance
premiums under the ACA. He and the GOP are continuing to cause
the cost of health insurance to climb under the ACA for Americans.
So all those who voted for Trump and the GOP should call them up
and thank them, or perhaps complain.

Still half the people of Puerto Rico are without electric power or
clean drinking water. People in the mountain areas haven't even
seen any aid or help after three weeks.  This after Trump claims
how good a job is being done there. In a country of 3.5 million
americans there are only 15,000 federal workers helping. There
should be 50,000 which is not even 2 people for every hundred.
As is it's less than 1 person for every 200. Florida and Texas both
got more help.

Trump made the comment that Puerto Rico owed 70 Billion. Well
this is from bankers who gambled that they would make money
loaning Puerto Rico money. So it's their loss not tax payers, or
even the people of Puerto Rico. Though Trumop made it sound
like it was to be paid back. Instead of trying to sound cute by
speaking the name Puerto Rico with a spanish accent he should
be working to help the americans there.

The secretary of the Treasury has cost the tax payers $800.000.00
riding in air force planes since taking office. Why? because he wants
a connection to Washington DC at all times in case he is needed. I
hardly think the secretary of the Treasury is needed a all times.
He could call in after landing taking a commercial jet. He is just
another fat cat that wants a cozy ride on someone elses money.

Trump during his campaign complained about waste of tax payer
money, just another lie as he and his staff have spent nearly 100
million on travel in the past 8 months. His staff could be using
commercial flights for domestic travel, at around 1% of the cost.

Obama and his staff spent less than 100 million for demestic travel
over the entire 8 years he was in office.

Trump removed contraceptive care from women that need it through
the ACA. Supposedly to protect religious rights, or morality. This is
just Trump playing to the religious right voters. The GOP and Trump
complain about the cost of medicaid to the government. This action
will just increse medicaid costs when those women who can't afford
birth control start getting pregnant and having babies.

The GOP leadership and Trump are out to make everyone do what
they think is correct. Womens rights, minority rights, and LGBT
rights mean little or nothing to them.

For the first time in seven years jobs didn't increase over the
last quarter.. Jobs dropped. Strangely enough Trump didn't take
credit for it. I am surprised he isn't calling it fake news.  Now he
has had Fima remove hurricane recovery statistics from their
website. Is he ashamed for people to see the slow recovery in
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands? Who can say.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 08, 2017, 12:22:39 pm
Trump Day 261
President Trump continues to ignore the needs of the Americans
in Puerto Rico. Instead he sits around freting about the news not
giving him praise.

Trump continues to work to keep his voting base. a group who are
slowly leaving him anyway. I am sure he will keep a solid 20 %, but
if he thinks that will get him elected he will be left standing alone in

I just hope he doesn't get us in a war that kills millions, encluding
Americans. He doesn't mind seeing the working poor to go without
health care, or other needs. I don't think he cares about the brave
people in the military. If we go to war it's  likely thousands will die.
With Trump blaming the generals for the losses.

A GOP senator called  the white house an adult day care center.
After Trump called the senator a coward for not running for
re-election. I wish the rest of the GOP would stand up to

Trump is reaching out to the Democrats to help pass a health
care fix. They said they would work to fix the ACA, but not
to get rid of it. So time will tell. The GOP isn't happy about
Trump talking to the Democrats. So time will tell.

The GOP leadership work to delay or not pass sensible gun control
for the country, but they won't allow the public to enter the halls of
congress without going through metal detectors or carry guns there.
I guess they feel their lives are more  important than ours.

There is a movement within the GOP to have a constituional amendment
convention. They wish to give more power to the states. They want states
to have the power to discriminate againsnt minorities and LGBT, not counting
anyone who doesn't agree with the state agenda. People would have little
chance to appeal to the central government. To even give the states a way
to over rule the supreme court.

You might think this isn't possible, but most states have GOP govenors and
legislatures. So if the US congress can start the ball rolling there are likely
enough states to ratify it.

The GOP has for many years pushed for states rights. They claim to be the
party of Lincoln, but this could even give the states a way to leave the Union.
Something that Lincoln started a civil war to prevent.

They sing a song that it will make the country as the founders wanted, but
don't believe them. It's a far right movement to gain full control for the GOP. 
Why? Because they  and the super rich know in a decade or so the country
will shift far enough to the left to kick the far right out of power. At that
point the super rich will loose much of their control as well.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 09, 2017, 01:37:00 pm
Trump day 262.
The VP left a football game, because some of the players didn't
stand for the national anthem. I can't say for sure, but I have a
hunch the VP didn't want to get chewed out by Trump for not
leaving. Personally I doubt many if any of those who went to
see the game left as well.

There are more important things to worry over than giving
people a hard time for  quietly protesting.

Personally I don't think any VP or President should attend
any sporting event. The cost, and disruption of the local
area shows a lack of consideration for the public at large.
I really doubt if many went to the game because the VP
was there. In fact some may have stayed home because
he was there.

Trump continues to stir the pot in Korea. I still think
he hopes N. Korea will do something Trump can
respond to. A plane shot down, or a missile from
N. Korea going a miss.

Trump is trying to add some immigration inforcement
to the dreamers protection bill. When he had promised
to give the dreamer kids protection without adding on
anything else. The GOP hopes to use this to get the
democrats to  vote for more immigration inforcement.

The dreamer kids are working hard to  stay in the
country without asking for handouts. They will likely
move to Canada who will benefit  from these hard
working people.

It's unfortuant Trump can't see beyond his supporters.
Many of which seem to be short sighted as well.

Fima isn't doing a very good job in Puerto Rico. I
kind of wonder if Trump is telling Fima to do as
little as possible there, and the Virgin Islands.

The govenor of Puerto Rico i s asking for more
money needed to  get the power grid back up.
The death toll is climbing even if Trump doesn't
want to admit his failure there.

They can't seem to  get zeroed in on any one
thing. They want to protect Trump, misleading
the public about tax reform, and anything that
might help them stay in power. It would be nice
if the GOP and Trump really cared about the
country instead of their agenda.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 10, 2017, 01:23:31 pm
Trump Day 263
President Trump according to staff he screams at his people when
things doesn't go his way, or when he feels insulted. So far he is
being held in check by his top secretaries. Makes one wonder
what Trump might do in one of these times of rage. The GOP
needs to kick Trump out before he starts a war or something
to harm the country and perhaps the world.

Trumps lack of belief in diplomacy, and his thinking military
threats work instead we are headed to a probable disaster.

He doesn't seem to understand that some people will go to
war over words. Even if they can't win. Pride has brought down
many leaders through history.

I wonder how bad things have to get before the GOP wakes up
and works for the good of the country?
Only time will tell.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 10, 2017, 01:33:25 pm
Trump day 264
President Trump claimed he was rich enough to not owe
anyone, but has had his hand out for money almost from the
beginning. I think he is nice to the Russians, because he and
his family owes them millions of dollars.

Those who voted for Trump said they wanted to clean the swamp
by voting for Trump, but he has it running over with the money
grubbing super rich. Trumps friend and hero Bannan is out to get
rid of almost all GOP senators using the money of a super rich
billionaire who wants to control the government because he
wants to change it to benifit him and the super rich.

If by some chance he and Bannon succeed we all may
 loose our basic rights. Especially for minorities,
and the LGBT, with women and disabled not far behind.
The GOP managed to clear the way to let the super rich
spend tens of millions to mislead the american
public with lies and conspiracy theories.

Once they load the GOP with white supremacists who
hate anyone who is different. This country could decend
into a civil war. Then marchal law could bedeclared and
we will be at the mercy of a small group of super rich
men just like Russia.

The GOP continues trying to protect Trump. Even though
they know how unstable Trump is. Seems they don't
mind betting the lives of our brave military by not dealing
with Trump. If Trump discontinues the treaty with Iran it
will give the radicals in Iran a way to gain more power. If
they do then they may try to control other middle eastern
countries with military power or threats. If they bring their
Nuclear program back up to speed, then will Trump decide
to stop them with a war?

Trump doesn't seem to understand how one actioncan
cause even worse problems in other countries. World politics
is like a chess game. If you play without planning you will
likely loose in the end.

There is a report that Trump wants to increase our nuclear weapons
and the means to deliver them by a factor of 10. Trump doesn't seem
to understand that this would immediately start an arms race. We
have enough to turn most of the world into bouncing rubble. With
an treaty breaking arms race life on the planet could be completly
destroyed if we had a nuclear war. There might be a few suvivers
crawling out of shelters, but even they would  likely be dead in a
few years. Due to radiation poisoning of land air and water. It
was after this when the secretary of state called Trump
a moron later.

It would take many years to grow our nuclear force 10 times, and
cost several thousands of billions of dollars we don't have to spend.

Trump claims to be so smart, but he acts just like ignorant people
I have seen who think common sense ideas will fix anything. I hope
the people who voted for him will see him for what he is. A danger
to our country and way of life. Perhaps even the world.

Like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned. Trump talks about people
not respecting the flag while California burns and people in Puerto Rico
die. If he continues to ignore his job he may yet be impeached.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 12, 2017, 12:27:16 pm
Trump day 265
President Trump made comments that perhaps NBC should loose it's license
to broadcast. Well Trump is showing his ignorance again. NBC is broadcast
by individual television stations, by sattelite providers and cable. They don't
have a broadcast license to loose.

Trump claimed he hated everyone in the white house. Except for one or two,
perhaps he likes his family. How can anyone respect someone who makes 
childish statements like this.

Trump is promising to reduce the national debt. He points to the stock
market growth as reducing the debt. Profits on the stock market only
help stock holders who only pay taxes on stocks they cash in.

Trump claims the stock market is doing great, well it's been growing
for many years slow and steady. Mostly under Obama. 

The stock market makes money mostly for rich Americans. It
does little or nothing to reduce the national debt.

Watch out Trump care is  here. Trump is promising cheap insurance that
gives great coverage. You better read the fine print. Cheap plans will not
pay the high costs of heath care. Trump claims this will cause more 
compitition across state lines. He didn't say anything about people who 
have health issues. This whole deal is designed to harm the ACA even
more than it has been harmed by the Trump administration over the last
several months. All designed to drive up premium costs trying to prove
the ACA is a bad deal. They should fix the ACA instead.

Trump and the GOP are hoping if they hurt the ACA enough the public
will want to get rid of it. Well I kind of think if they do destroy health 
care for people who can't afford it. Only to make cheap plans that
don't pay the bills. The public may decide to replace them as well.
Puerto Rico still isn't getting the help they need. Fima just wants
people to fill out forms, and does little to help. Even the hospital 
ship is only helping seven people when they could be helping many
more. It's likely due to paperwork and lack of transportation. I have
a hunch Trump will say the hospital ship is costing to much with for
the care it's providing. I understand Trump is already saying the 
Caribbean  territories may have to handle repairs on their own, and
congress is saying they want to loan the territories the money for repairs
and for them to pay it back costs to the government. I really believe the
GOP wants the territories to ask for independence, because congress has
stalled  for many years to allow their request for statehood.

It's too bad they can't vote, You know they wouldn't pull that with Florida,
or Texas.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 13, 2017, 12:39:20 pm
Trump day 266
President Trump sent his chief of staff out to defend
his lack of ability to lead our country. The news conference
by General Kelly was basicly a whitewash of Trumps problems.

He said being chief of staff for Trump was the toughest
job he ever had. Sounds like he is saying Trump is very
hard to work for. A good president should be easy to work
for. I think we know Trump is constantly changing his mind
except for his plans to make his self look great and richer.

Trump said the country would stand by Puerto Rico last
week. Now he is wanting to leave Puerto Rico to recover
on it's own. New Orleans had help from Fima and the
government for 6 years after the Hurrican Catrina, not
a few weeks. The Americans in Puerto Rico deserve the
same consideration and aid.

I see this as more proof of Trumps racist feelings. I think
he see's Puerto Rico as a foreign country of latinos who he
considers to be lazy people looking for a hand out.

He ran for office blaiming latinos for the countries
drug problem, and dangerous people who needed to be walled
out of our country. He never mentions those coming from
China and the far east who deal in drugs and a sex trade.
I am sure many of his supporters consider most spanish speaking
people as being lazy and looking for a free ride.

I wonder how Trumps supporters will feel when they see food
shortages with prices sky rocketing due to a lack of foreign workers
to harvest vegetable crops. Stoop labor isn't a favorite work for
most Americans, so the large farms find it hard to get home grown

Now Trump and the GOP are working to wreck the ACA which will
cause millions of people to loose affordable health insurance.
Replaced by insurance that won't cover existing healh problems
even pay all needed costs of a hospital stay. This will cause
people to not get needed care and if they don't die will end
up on medicaid as a last resort. Costing the government
billions more in the long run. Not counting work and taxes 
lost due to people being sick because they can't afford a
doctor or the medicine.
What's next. Trump wants to break the nuclear treaty with
Iran. Then we will have another country like N. Korea
working to have nuclear weapons.

Trump is giving it to congress where the GOP may do

The GOP's hate of Obama goes on and on. Even to put us
all at risk.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 14, 2017, 01:07:35 pm
Trump day 267
President Trump claims to hold Cristian beliefs. A man who grabs women, kisses
them without their permission. A man who says the people in Puerto Rico and Virgin
Islands are getting good care and doing fine, when they are not. A man who wants
to take health care from the poor.

As I understand the Christian religion it's about love, and helping the poor, and above
all the children. I can see why someone in the Religous right not aprove of homosexuals
and abortion, but no one is telling them to be gay, or have an abortion. They can
disprove of anything they want, but to tell others they can't love someone of the
same sex or a different race or no choice to have a baby or not is wrong.

This country was founded on religious freedom. Not any one religion as the far
right would have us believe.

Religion should lead by example, not by force of law. Countries who are theocracies
have few if any personal freedoms that are contrary to the state religioun. We should
remember the days when religions tortured and burnt people at stakes because they
wouldn't agree with a state religion.

I am sure Trump and the religious right would deny they want a theocracy, but I can
see someone like Trump giving them a cabinet position in the future. Especially if
Trump thought it might give him more votes.

Unfortuantly there are many people who feel one man control of a country is a
good thing. It is not,  no matter how good that one man might be. One man
can easily be corrupted by moneyor blackmail. There will always be people
who would try to control a leader with money or lies. Just like lobbyists who
work to convince our people  in government to make lawsto the advantage
of those they work for. Much of the time it is not in the best interests of
the country.

Trump is a good example of a one man government. Over the last 10 months
he has changed rules and regulations he feels will give him more votes. His
tax reform is for his benifit and his rich friends. Not for the middle class and
the poor. When congress  couldn't change health care he is trying to change
it his self. He is giving big business more access to the enviroment even though
it puts it at risk. Big business and  even small business will put profit over the
enviroment every time. It's up to the government to regulate them.

Free enterprise is a great thing, but without regualtions it will go wild with greed.
That is why we have laws against monopolies, and many other regulations to
control businesses.

Trumps actions with N Korea and Iran may cause us to be
at war in a few months. If we are I fear the public will not
want to change government during a war. I hope this isn't
a plan Trump has in mind. Our anti missile tech is about
50/50 not 97% as Trump claimes. The 97% only applies
if we fire 4 intercepting missiles against every one coming
our way.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 15, 2017, 12:30:33 pm
Trump day 268
President Trump continues to tweet about the NFL Perhaps only between
golf shots. I heard Trump cheats at golf. Not just a little but in a way he
seems to think no one notices. Now cheating at golf isn't all that serious,
but it does show what kind of man he is. It shows he will do anything I
mean anything to win. Even to break the rules to do so. With golf it's just
a childish thing, but where does it end?

By the way while Trump may get cheers when he says how bad the NFL is.
Supporters may boo when a player doesn't stand for the anthem and flag, but
cheer when the game starts. Few if any leave like the VP did. People like
football as much as they do the flag, or national anthem. Perhaps more.

Trump continues to suck up to the Russians. Congress voted to add more
sanctions to Russia, but Trump hasn't implemented them. Even though the
law required them to be on the first of October, 2017. That was two weeks

Trump continues to disrespect his secretary of state. How can the secretary
do his job if Trump changes his mind without telling the secretary first. Trump
has no respect for diplomacy period. He appears to think if I can't bully or
threaten a country into doing what I want I will destroy them.

Trumps Tax plan will cause some middle class to pay more iln taxes, even more
in the future, and the fat cats like Trump  and his family will  save millions in
taxes.  Oh he denys it, but it isn't the first lie he has told.

Trump lay's blame on the Democrats for preventing his success, but the GOP
could pass just about any law or regulation they want. So it's a dumb excuse
by the GOP and Trump because they can't control members of their own party.

Will the GOP run scared from Bannon's threats to run people against them
in the primaries? So far they publicly say no, but politicians hardly ever admit
what they really think or feel. So time will tell. Right now I doubt if Bannons
so called League of smart canidates will do very well against the GOP favorites.
People give congress about 12% over all, but their own congress man or woman
over 50%. It's a good ole boy thing. "My daddy voted for him so I will." Or
"He got that bridge built that no one else would." Even if the bridge was nothing
but portk barrel politics.  It's hard to defeat a politician that knows what his
supporters want to hear.

Bannon brags after his man won against the GOP and Trumps pick. Only thing
he didn't stand behind the man who won after the polls showed he would likely
win. Kind of odd for a man who claims he can defeat the GOP members up for

We aren't hearing much from the Democrats these days. They have a standing
offer to work with the GOP as long as it's a compromise and not a capitulation
to what the GOP and Trump wants to accomplish. The Democrats needs to come
up with  a policy that reflects what the country wants. I think they should say.
"We wil impeach Trump" Perhaps the VP if his hands are dirty too. They need to
say this because the GOP will claim it anyway. Also say they will listen to the
GOP about abortion, but not take womens rights to have one away. Women
should have a right to make dieticians about their own health and body.

I think people want the Democrats to be out spoken on their policy. I think a
lot of people liked Senator Sanders because he stood up for what he believed.
If people didn't want it, so be it.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 16, 2017, 12:58:29 pm
Trump day 269
President Trump expects everyone in his Cabinet to swear an Loyalty
oath. Well everyone who works for the governlment swears an other to
support the constitution. Trump asking for an oath of loyality is just
a hangup for Trump. Something he demanded from all those who worked
for him in the past.

Trump keeps saying he is just trying to fulfill his campaign promises. Then
why isn't he working to give everyone affordable health care like he promised?
Seems he only fulfills the promises he wants to and makes excuses why he
doesn't do them all. Seems his only plan is to destroy everything Obama  tryed
to do good or bad. Now he wants to lower inspections for the food we eat. I
suppose not only does he want to cut health care, he wants to cut inspections
for the food we buy and eat.

He seems to think regulations aren't needed. Like everyone is honest and wouldn't
hurt anyone to save money or time. In his tax plan he trys to tell us that industry
will use tax savings to cut prices and increase worker pay. Well I have news for
Trump, big business works to make money for themselves, not the people they use
to make it. Not to say they all are like this, but many of them are.

I think getting rid of regulations is to help Trumps businesses to make money for
hisself and his family and friends. I am sure some regulations do little good, and
it's good to revisit their usefulness, but removing them without study is bad.

Trump is treating his cabinet like a board of directors in a big business. Wanting
them to report how much they have cut spending instead of the job they are doing
for the public. He continues to ask for the wall with Mexico, but doesn't mention
immigratioin and drugs from the far east to the west coast.

Trump continues to claim rich people are the best for government agency leaders and
blaims the democrats when the GOP runs congress. These so called smart people end
up spending tax dollars to continue the life style they are accostomed to while doing a
poor job for the agency Trump offered them to run.

Trump said he stopped the subsidies for health insurance to get congress and the
insurance talking. These subsidies are there so the working poor can get health care
not to make the insurance companies rich. If Trump thinks insurance is too high
then go after them not the working poor.

Trump continues to claim his failures are due to the democrats even though the
GOP is in control of the goverhment. It's the GOP who isn't getting things done
not the Democrats. The GOP spent 7 years saying NO to Obama, now they don't
know how to properly pass anything. They have too many radicals to do a proper
job. Trump has little or no plan other than saying "Get it done"

The GOP was lobbied to change wording in a law to limit distribution of Dpioids. To
do this GOP members got large contributions for relelection. In all the pharmasutical
industry spent over 100 million to get the change done. So they can sell all the
Oploids they want. Kind of shows how big the profits are with drugs when the
drug industry will spend huge sums to lobby congress. Trump claims he wants to
lower drug costs. Time will tell if he really means it.

I hope the democrats can get their act together. They need to be working to get
more democrats in state governments. Otherwise the GOP will use them to keep
control of the federal government. 2020 will bring a new census and GOP controlled
state will gerrymander state districts so help keep GOP members in congress. They
know they are a minority party and will do anything to stay in power. Even to stop
people from voting especially if those voters are for democrats.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 17, 2017, 12:29:46 pm
Trump day 270
President Trump took questions for 40 minutes. As usual he takes
questions then twists them to suit his self. He was asked about his
contacting the families of the soldiers killed in Africa. He tried twist
it to say Obama didn't do it, which Obam always did. Then after
pressed he said he planned to mail them a letter soon. This proves
Trump doesn't really care about the military as much as he claims.
It reminds me of when he was disrespectful to the Gold Star family
during the campaign. Even to say Mc Cain wasn't a good soldier
because he was captured. Perahaps Trump doesn't respect an
soldier who is captured or killed. Kind of seems that way.

It has been two weeks since the soldiers were killed. Trump has played
golf more than once since, so there he has no excuse for the delay.

Trump stood with the leader of the senate. Both claiming how friendly they
are. I hardly think friends would be cussing each other over the phone which
had been reported a few weeks ago. It seems all Trump has to do is tell the
GOP to jump, and they ask how far. They are kissing up to him. So sad.
Seems only members of the GOP who are willing to say what they think
about Trump are retiring.

A panel of professional psychiatrists claim Trump isn't mentally fit to  be president. In
fact they claim he a danger to the security of the country, and could at a moment of
rage could push the nuclear button. Under the 25th amendment Trump should be
removed from office until a bipartisan panel of psychiatrists can certify Trumps
mental health. I rather doubt this will happen because they know Trump would
retaliate against the GOP even if he was or wasn't cirtified as fit. So it's likely we will
stay in the hands of a man who is likely mentally ill. Who could start a nuclear war
during a tramper tantrum.

Congress should pass a law that would require congress to approve the use of
nuclear weapons except to respond to an nuclear attack. There is a bill in work
to do this, but the GOP is stalling it's passage. Odd as it would affect any
president, not just Trump.

President Trump has already hurt this countrys standing in the world. We are
not the beacon of hope for those who wish freedom, and has helped those
who wish to have total authority over their population. No longer do we
reach out to help people in other countries to gain more freedom.
We only help fight terrorists who might attack our homeland.

Trump wants to make the USA a business interprise instead of a country who
leads the world in the persuit of human rights and freedom.

Trump has no shame. Stoping subsidies to insurance for the ACA costs
us all.

They only have 30 working days in 2017 to finish the budget,
tax reform/cuts, health care, infrastructure, and several other
bills. I wonder how much they really manage to get done
this year.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 18, 2017, 01:19:56 pm
Trump day 271
President Trump a man with little respect for the feelings of others
talked to the mother of one of the soldiers killed. He made a comment
that it getting killed was something her son accepted when he joined
the military. Such a cold unfeeling statement shows how little he
understands one of the basic requirements by a president to  give
comfort and respect to remaining family of those he sends into danger.
Instead he turns the whole issue in to a political football.

Now Trump claims he didn't say it. Trump has a habit to say others lie
to cover his mistakes or indiscression. He isn't a moral person. He didn't
even remember the soldiers name or the womans name.

Trump is trying to push tax reform /cuts, can't stay on subject as usual.
Just has to defend his self, no matter how imoral he acts.

The  attorney general is answering questions in committee today. About his
converstations with the Russians and the Trump campaign. He claimed he
didn't even talk with Russans, later he admitted talking with them.

The bipartisan work to reinstate the subsidies for the ACA is in work. Time
tell if it goes anywhere. Trump is for it one minute and against it the next.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 19, 2017, 12:37:53 pm
Trump day 272
President Trump is very good at stiring up the anger
some people have toward government, but he cares not
for anyone but Trump.

People may think Trump ran for office to make america
great again, but he ran to fill a personal and financal
need of his own. Trump is a pitiful man who will put s
us all at risk, and his only worry is having to stand
over our dead soldiers frowning because they didn't win
for him.

A man who had time to play golf, but not enough time to
console the parents of brave soldiers who died for our
country. Then when he is forced to do it, he knows not
how, and is afraid to admit it. Every president since
Lincoln understood their duty to console the fmailys of
those who died serving our country.

I think the reason he didn't want to talk about
the soldiers who died in Africa, is because France pulled
our men out, and he doesn't seem to respect those who
die or get captured. Just as he gave no respect to Mc Cain
during his campaign.

Trump claims the stock market is growing due to him.
The market grew studily durning Obama's time in office.
Trump called the rise a bubble during his campaign,
but he has forgot the term bubble now. I fear the stock
marrket is over priced, and is likely due for a big adjustment,
or even a large drop if there a big selloff. The markets
around  the world have been supported by big banks for
several years. This isn't likely to last.

In spite of Trump claiming big business needs tax relief, they
 are growing with large profits. That's another reason the market
is doing well.

The bipartisan bill to reverse Trumps action to stop the
substidies to help the working poor get health insurance
via the ACA. Has apparently been stalled because Trump
wanted it stopped, and we know the GOP won't oppose
Trump. Hopefully they do pass it over his objections.

In the senates Judicial committee the atterney general
dodged and danced around questions of his involvement
with Trumps firing of the director of the FBI. Also questions
about his involvement with the Russans during Trumps
campaign. Mostly by claiming Trump might not want him to

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 20, 2017, 12:28:31 pm
Trump day 273
The president had the gall to say he has done a great job
in Puerto Rico after four weeks  of making excuses of
why the people there should be doing more on their own.
Trump keeps hollering "Fake" news. I think we should start
calling him a "Fake" president.

Claiming they are lazy. The govenor of Puerto Rico appeared
to be prasiing Trump. Perhpas hoping it get more help for
Puerto Rico and the American citizens therein.

I saw on my local  tv station an advertisement saying the
democrats are blocking tax cuts. Well if anyone is blocking
tax cuts it's the GOP as they are running the country. I think
this is only the beginning of the GOP trying to pass the blame
for their do nothing work to the democrats.

People standing  lines for water, ice, food and fuel for generators.
Sleeping in the open or in homes with no roofs. Trump talking about
how much money Puerto Rio owes. Much of which they owe to Trumps
fat cat buddies. Trump shouldn't be talking as he is going to Russia to
borrow money because banks his credit isn't worth anything here.  I
understand the VP put the state of Indiana deep in debt, when he was
govenor. I wonder why Trump hasn't mentioned that.

The conservatives in the GOP again are pushing to privatize the
VA. So all you veterans out there may get to buy insurance for
health care. I wonder how that will work as many veterans have
health problems. Existing health problems due to service. I can
imagine the private insuance industry will want rather large
premiums to cover veterans with existing issues.

I should say it's mainly a proposal right now, but bears
close watching.

Just more proof that the GOP and the Trump administration
doesn't really care for our veterans. They will use the excuse
they want to give veterans better care. We have heard about
veterans having to wait months to  get care. I think this isn't
as much of a problem now, but it will be another excuse to kill
the VA. I doubt if the GOP will provide enough money to pay for
insurance or medicine the vetreans will need to get the same care
through the VA now.

Turns out in Wisconsin last November 11% of democrat voters
didn't vote because of restrictive voting laws. The GOP has been
working to make it harder to hccrpss the mation. With the excuse
to stop non existant voting fraud.  A claim that is just to help the
GOP win elections as there is no proof of significan voter fraud. We
should be incuraging people to vote, not discouraging them.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 21, 2017, 12:22:11 pm
Trump day 274
President Trump is interviewing possible nominees for atterney
general for the area Trump Tower in New York  sits. And in
Washington DC. It's possible Trump is wanting people that won't
come after him for legal offenses.  Also Trump has nominated
unqualified men for federal judges. Some have radical religious
opinons. I fear people in the LGBT community may be facing tough
times if these kind of people  are made federal judges. Much less
womens rights.

It seems Trump feels it's okay to bend or break the law if he
can get away with it.

By the way Trumps tax cuts will increase the national debt by over a
Trillion dollars. That's a 1000 billion people. These tax cuts are for
corporations, and the fat cats like Trump. By the time the middle
class finds how little the tax reform/cut works for them it will be too
late. Anyone notice the way it seems Trumps belly is growing?
Perhaps it's those fancy chocolate cakes. Maybe he should leave
his golf cart at the club house. LOL.

Trump apparently sent his chief of staff out to back him up on his
unfeeling phone call to a greving mother about her son being
killed. This is something Trump should have done personally
instead of hiding behind a spokesman. Chief of staff Kelly not
only backed up Trump, he lied about the florida congress woman
who told the press what Trump said. A black woman who who
has done much for her district, and is a close friend of the
family of the fallen soldier. Chief Kelly turns out
to not only support Trump, he acts like him, and after
telling a false story about the congress woman he should
hang his head in shame.

The Trump administration put the African country of Chad
on a list of Moslem countries that can't get visa's to the USA.
So the leader of Chad pulled his army out of the area our
men were killed in. Trump had no business putting Chad
on the no visa to the USA list. They were helping us fight
Isis terrorists in the neighboring country untill Trump screwed
up. It's very possible this was a direct cause for the deaths of
the soldiers. If the Chad soldiers had been there the sneak
attack probably couldn't have happened. Trump never seems
to think about cause and effect in foreign policy.

Puerto Rico has had less than a third the aid and help Texas
recieved after the hurricane hit them. The army could have
provided fuel, water, ad transportation to the american citizens
there. Trump claims he has done a great job, but it's more
like a fake job. almost 60,000 people  have moved to the
mainland in the past month. They could turn Florida into
a blue democrat state for the next election and for 2020.

A news man asked Trump, how about making Puerto Rico a
state?. Trump replied, 'Not now". Well I think this would
be a good time to do it. They have applyed several times
over the years. They pay taxes, and their young people
serve in the military. But congress continues to stall on
the application for statehood for Puerto Rico, and the
Virgin Islands.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 22, 2017, 12:28:18 pm
Trump day 275
It's only 90 days till Trumps first year of being president is over. So far
he has done little but undo Obama's regulations, and even trying to
remove protection for the enviroment. Trump complains that the GOP
hasn't passed anything for him to sign. It's mostly due to his lack of
leadership. Instead he tweets and plays Golf.

Trump continues to poke the leader of N Korea by shows of force by
our military. I hardly think the leader of N. Korea has to be shown
our military power. If he was that stupid I doubt if he would be
a leader. I still think Trump hopes N Korea will do something
that Trump will feel he has a right to respond to. At that point
it's likely to increase to all out war.

I understand about 50% of Trumps supporters think we
should go to war with N. Korea. I wonder if they would
still feel that way if the military draft was in effect. I
haven't heard of people lining up to join the armed
forces. Would Trump still be pushing N. Korea
if his family was at risk?  I doubt it. He got out of going
to Viet Nam because a doctor said he had bad feet. Yet
he is a big golf player. Guess his feet improved.

Trump and the GOP complain about the national debt, then they want
to cut taxes for big business and the ric to the tune of about 200 billion
a year. "Oh it will grow the econ9my" The cry of the GOP, but  there is
no evidence of it working. They point to the 1980's with the Reagan
tax cuts. Well it was huge cut which did work to make the rich a lot
richer. The middle class lost over the years since then.

The age old claim that trickle down economics will help the worker
by helping big business. This is false as big business rarely passes
any savings along to their workers. That's why unions were started.
Big business almost always fails to increase benefits to their workers.
It's human nature to be greedy, and big businessmen are no exception.
CEO's will get millons in bonuses while the workers get nothing.
Along with Trump and his fat cat friends in his cabinet.

It is a big shame that the GOP still fails to support equality for men and
women. Trump runs woment down by saying they will let hem do what
ever he likes, even sexually.  I think the biggest reason H. Clinton lost was
because she is a woman. I heard local women say. "I don't think a woman
should be president." Yes even women say it. Also many women will follow
their husbands wishes, a friend of mine said he always tells his wife how to
vote. I think many men treat their wives more like children than an intelligent
individual. It's probably a hang up from the past when women felt they
had to act dependent and give up all decisions to their husbands. Otherwise
they would end up an old maid with no support. Girls were taught this as
children. To feed the ego of men.  Boys were taught they must protect
women (The weaker sex ) To think they are too ignorant to survive on
their own. This is changing, but will take time as many religions give
men rule over women. Or at least emply it.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 23, 2017, 12:04:05 pm
Trump day 276
President Trump continues adding to his shame over his argument and lack
of respect for the family of the fallen soldier he started last week. Trump is
unable to apologize for anything he does, no matter how bad.

It's this crazy way of thinking that could cause us to end up in a war. I hope
his supporters hold Trump responsible for his bad actions as well as those
they feel are good. The GOP sure hasn't.

Trumps test walls are almost finished. He will go to the site where they built
them to check out how they look and perhpas watch someone try to scale
them. Well they won't keep drugs, and people who are determined to cross.
Reports show boarder crossings are the lowest in many years. A big problem
that gets little attention is it will disrupt migrations of wild animals. I am sure
cares little for the migration problems of wild animals. Many wild animals
migrate accross the region every year.

Our friendly GOP wants to reduce the amount of money people can put in IRA's
that isn't taxable. From 18,000.00 a year to 2,400.00 a year. Why? To pay for
the big tax cuts for corporations and the rich fat cats like Trump. I wonder if
Trumps supporters like that? Trump is claiming it's not true, but it's in the GOP
proposal in the new tax bill.

Trump claims the new tax bill will give workers pay raises, because of the tax
savings to Corporations. Why not just cut taxes for the workers instead? Big
business never passes along tax savings to anyone but stock holders.
and most big stock holders don't need the money except to feed their greed.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 24, 2017, 01:20:53 pm
Trump day 277
President Trump like most politicians lie and tell half truths to mislead
the public and their supporters. This business of Trickle down economics
never works the way he and the GOP claims it does. Also bottom up
regulations don't work near as well as top down regulations do. Local
government can be intimidated by big business in a way they can't
the state or federal government. That's why big business likes local

Trump and the GOP are promising to create millions of high paying
jobs, when they have failed to do it time and time again. The GOP is
run by big business. So they will never with honesty work to help
the little guy or gal. The working man or woman are just tools of
the trade to big business. This is why people need unions to protect
workers rights.

The GOP promises tax cuts to gain prosperity. But all it does is
increase the national debt. Everytime the democrats work for
economic responibility the GOP calls it tax and spend. When
President Clinton left office we had a balanced budget. So it
goes back and forth.

Trump promises jobs, but the world is changing and even
Trump doesn't have products he sells made in the USA.
Automation is the future so factery work for humans will
be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. Any
job that is repetitious will be automated. It's likely the
service industry is the best future for the common worker. 

The people like tax cuts so the GOP use them to get elected,
not to reduce the debt with a growing as they claim. Neither
party is without guilt so we all need to work to put the best
people in government.

Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 25, 2017, 01:22:49 pm
Trump day 278
President Trump made his way to the capital to meet with  with
senators as part of a lunch meeting.  According to reports even
though he went there to promote his tax plan he  ended up talking
about how much he has done in the last 9 months. This seems
to be a habit of Trump. He has to talk about his self and forgets
the important subject at hand.

The Trump administration is working to prevent a teenage girl
who is a immigrant from having a legal abortion at her
own expense. A federal court judge told the government to
allow her to have the abortioin, but the Trump administration
continues to not allow the girl her rights. It appears those
holding her are trying to prevent the abortion untill the
pregnancy has gone past the point she can get a legal abortion.
The man Trump apointed by Trump who can release the girl is
a radical who is totally against abortions and has even put the girl
through unwanted counseling trying to convince her to not have
the abortion. Just another case where Trump cares more about
his supporters than the rights of others.

Trump is reaching out to  religious radicals and their followers
for their votes. People who have murdered doctors who preform
abortions, and acts of hate against the LGBT community. People
have a right to speak out even if it's hate, but they don't have a
right to push their beliefs on others.

Trump continues to  make tweets against against senators and
those in congress. The very people he needs to pass his agenda.
It's more proof Trump has no idea how to be president of our
country. He claimed to drain the swamp, and turned around and
filled it with fat cat billionaires. He may think rich people are very
smart, but many of them got rich by stepping on others. The way
they spend tax dollors for them selves and to keep their life style
shows it.

People might be okay with Trump blowing tax dollars to keep his
billionaire life style, but I don't think the people want to see it in
 those he hires to help run the country, and most of them have
done a poor job of it. It's likely because public service doesn't work
the same as running a business. Something Trump needs to learn.

Investigations about the soldiers who were killed in Africa continue.s
It turns out they didn't have much battlefield experience. Not to
say they weren't good soldiers, but I kind of think even well trained
soldiers need experience to be the best at what they do. It appears
their mission may have been changed to trying to go after a local
Isis recruiter. Did they have proper planning or support? Hopefully
if there was a fault it won't be repeated in the future.

A US company was giving a $300 million dollar contract to help rebuild
the power grid in Puerto Rico. This may have been a deal made because
they were a friend of someone in the Trump administration. The company
is owned and run by 2 people.  The last contract they had was a million
dollar job here in the states. The costs appear to be large for the work
needed. There are some complaints by other power compainies saying
they should have been given the job because of multistate agreements
where power compainies work to help each other. Only thing is it has
the appearence of being a deal made for politics instead of for the
benifit of the people of Puerto Rico.

Hopefully the job is done correctly. Sometimes people in deals like
this aren't that good.
Title: Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
Post by: Old Rabbit on October 26, 2017, 11:50:58 am
Trump day 279
President Trump and the GOP is trying to cover up or
divert attention from Trumps involvement with Russia.
They are trying to say the Russian thing is just the
democrats making an excuse for why they lost, and the
real Russian deal is with H. Clinton and the Obama
admistration over the sale of uranium. H. Clinton didn't
get any money for making the deal. Though now the
GOP will likely spend millions more in tax dollars
investigating this. This occurred seven years ago. If it's
such a big deal how come the GOP waited till now to
worry about it? It wasn't secret as nine government
agencies signed off on the deal.

Trump still hasn't implemented the sanctions on Russia
passed by a huge majority in both houses of congress.
This was supposed to be done by October 01 2017.
Congress has requested that Trump impl