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Title: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on June 24, 2015, 11:17:24 am
Just for fun, here is a place to tell some spooky,  creepy, or downright scary stories that you know, dreamt, or experienced. They can be real or supernatural; long or short.

The camp fire is set and the story stick is ready to be passed around.

Let's start things off with this little gem:

(Didn't happen to me) I stayed the night at a friend's house during the summer break of my freshman year of high school. He is an only child and so the family doesn't have a spare bed at their apartment. So that night I crashed on their couch with the extra pillow and blanket. Now I know he lives in a sketchy part of town but wasn't ready for what happened around 4 am.
I woke up to the sound of someone just outside and when I looked out the nearby window there was someone staring back at me. It was spooky but I just figured it was one of the druggies that lived nearby. However, he disappeared from the window and then I heard the sound of a key slipping into the lock. The door opened and he strolled right in. He looked around and locked eyes with me. The man smiled darkly and walked to the kitchen and came back with a huge butcher knife, raising it as he came closer and closer. I screamed as loud as I could and my friend's Dad, who works for the police,  ran into the living room with a rifle of some sort. He commanded the man drop the weapon and get to his knees.
Instead he threw it at him and ran...he was never caught and to this day I can't sleep on couches even during the day.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Timberwuff on June 24, 2015, 01:36:21 pm

That's the absolutely scariest story ever! Why did they have a key?!? That's crazy! :D :o
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 27, 2015, 12:31:59 pm
Gah..That would keep you up at night.  Is odd he had a key. Perhaps the door
lock was subject to being opened by a master key. 

Your lucky the guy was more afraid of dieing than wanting kill or injure you.

Glad you weren't physically hurt..
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on June 27, 2015, 04:40:04 pm
Oh no, I put in parentheses that it did not happen to me. Lol
It's just a story I read years ago.
That's what this thread is for. To tell scary stories. 😁
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: HazardJackal on June 28, 2015, 12:00:54 am
The Greatest Ombute Horror Story Ever



For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, that's just as well, this story is translated from the Ombute language, and they don't have as many words available as most people.  (They also seem to worship rocks.  In the primitive minds of the Ombute, this is likely a very traumatic tale.)
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on June 30, 2015, 02:52:20 am
So this one did happen to me. It started off as a dream that became a nightmare, then prevented my ability to sleep that night.

It started off simple enough, at home helping the parents clean out the garage on some Saturday afternoon. When I noticed a Victorian era full body mirror leaning upward so I could see the rafters above some shelves. I don't know why but I felt uneasy about it even being there; I felt like it should have been covered up. However my thoughts were interrupted when a neighbor arrived, offering to help out. As she got closer to the mirror I felt my heart race. I took one step forward and saw it! There in the mirror was a black shadow creature with white eyes and long spider-like appendages. He-it was staring at the neighbor, hunger in his eyes. She was mere feet away when I shouted to get away from the mirror, but I was too late. The creature lunged from the roof at the mirror...no, not the mirror, but our neighbor on the other side of it. Its arms came out from the glass and pulled her in. It looked at me, smiled then bit down on her throat.

I woke up at that point and was staring directly at myself in the mirror opposite my bed. I stared unblinkingly at it and only one thought on my mind, "Don't you dare..."

Couldn't sleep the rest of the night...just stared at myself.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Timberwuff on June 30, 2015, 11:18:59 am
Are you hosting some evil demon spirit in you?! :o :D

That's seriously creepy! I dislike dreams like that, though my nightmares usually involve my computer crashing and displaying images of skulls. x_x
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on June 30, 2015, 11:27:11 am
Yes I missed the part about it not being you. Sorry about that.  :-[

Your nightmare certainly was creepy. Mirrors have a magical quality about
them anyway. Especially full length ones.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on June 30, 2015, 01:05:50 pm
Haven't had any nightmares in a long while. That dream was while I was still in college.
I absolutely love reading & telling horror stories. The main reason is that the reader puts him/her self in the situation and uses places they have been or are currently at as the setting. It makes it feel more relatable and when the scary starts, they feel that cold chill and a sense of unease. Looking around to make sure the horror isn't watching
To me, that is much better than any horror movie or game where everything is plopped in front of them. There is no real way to add themselves to the narrative. The music and overall atmosphere feels forced and becomes more of a haunted house event. Not fun in my opinion.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 03, 2015, 12:31:02 pm
Yes all good stories drag the reader in emotionally. I agree the minds eye can make a
better show than any movie, or video. Which is someone elses vision of what the scene
should look like.  I have found if you turn the sound off they totally loose the effect anyway.  :P

Keep writing. I like scary stories, along with science fiction. :orbunny:

Let's try to keep the stories mostly furry related everyone. If we see there is enough
interest we can start a non furry story thread in the future.  :)
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 03, 2015, 12:54:49 pm
Well I so have one that happened on new year's of 2014/2015.
My wife, brother-in-law,  and I were visiting their grandparents in Nevada. It's a very small town where there might be four homes to every mile. We arrived in time for Christmas and had a lovely time.
New Year's eve, around 8:00, the grandparents decided to turn in early. My brother-in-law went to bed around 10:00. It was just my wife and I at this point. Midnight, we quietly wished each other a happy new year,  kissed and started to shut everything down. All that was left were the lights when there was a knock at the door. We stopped,  frozen in both fear and confusion.  As I mentioned before, the homes in this area are far and few between. Another knock, my wife placed herself against a wall with the phone in her hands, 911 already dialed and ready to call. Suddenly the handle started to jiggle and the person, who never said a word, tried to push the door open.

We don't know what caused the stranger to leave, maybe a nearby cyote scared him off or something. We didn't sleep easily that night and didn't tell our grandparents either. It hasn't happened since that night but I do wonder and worry about who that person might have been and what they wanted.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Timberwuff on July 03, 2015, 02:04:14 pm
Creepy! :o

Maybe it was some scared dog or animal trying to get indoors, away from the fireworks?
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 03, 2015, 03:18:01 pm
Nope, knuckle on door knocking.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Amducious on July 03, 2015, 05:21:56 pm
When I was backpacking we set up our tents and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to a dog barking out in the distance I thought nothing of it till it stopped mid-bark and just silence. It freaked me out a little since we met some other hikers with a dog. Another time I was scouting for game(we were deer hunting at the time) when I heard something running fast towards me(twigs snapping bushes being pushed down). Since their were bears in the area and they wander through sometimes, I grabbed my rifle(Merlin 30-30) as fast as I could and raised it up to meet the threat. I heard it stop then turn around and it left, my heart was pounding it didn't know if it was a bear or not but that sure scared the crap out of me!

Kinda horror story I don't know just some stuff that happened. I've had weird things happen before while camping or driving up the mountain.(I DON'T believe in Bigfoot so it was probably a bear)
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 05, 2015, 11:24:55 pm
Supernatural or not, I'd nope out.

Kind of reminds me of a story on youtube.
Some guys went camping out in some really deep woods. One night around the campfire they decided to tell some stories.  Nothing spooky or anything just things that happen on their daily lives. Suddenly one of them looks up and says loudly, "Who the f*** are you?"
They all got up pulling out their knives. Standing there,  just beyond the tree line and behind a set of bushes stood a ragged look man with a large rock raised above his head.
The man said nothing, he dropped the rock and walked away.  They hardly slept that night and called off the rest of the trip.

If you're interested in more of these look up mr.nightmare on youtube. Some of his stories are really good and I planned to add some on this thread.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Timberwuff on July 05, 2015, 11:44:44 pm
Wow that would be incredibly scary! :o
I'm surprised they spent the first night at all!
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 12, 2015, 02:11:11 am
Oldie but a goodie:

A girl moves in to an apartment for her college classes.  Four months later she gets paired up with a classmate who is notorious for arriving late and appearing as though he has been up all night at some party.
During a study session,  her partner notices the time and asks if he can stay the night as he lives on the other side of town. It's a one room apartment and she is very much against the idea. However,  she doesn't like the idea of him having to walk across town. So she sets up a makeshift bed for him on the floor and they go to sleep.
Suddenly she wakes up to him standing next to her bed. He looks as though he's fighting to stay balanced. Before she screams he says, "I'm hungry,  can we go somewhere?"
"At 4am? No way, there's Ramen in the kitchen."
"I don't want ramen. Can we go somewhere to eat?"
Finally she gives in and gets up. The two get in the car and make there way to a McDonald's.
"I wasn't hungry. There was someone else under your bed."
They call the cops and find out he was a homeless man who has been living there for months.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 12, 2015, 12:02:52 pm
The homeless man was lucky she didn't weigh about 400 pounds.

Then the horror story would have been his.  :o
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Timberwuff on July 12, 2015, 02:26:23 pm
Lol, Old Rabbit, that's too funny! :D
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 12, 2015, 02:36:35 pm
Lol nice!
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: photalysis on July 12, 2015, 05:54:36 pm
Nightmares, you say?

This one's a gem, I had it a few months ago. I'll try to do it some justice and tell a good story. This dream has the distinction of having been vivid enough that it was barely distinguishable from reality, even in hindsight. I'm not sure I've ever experienced a dream so vivid before.

In my dream, it's late at night and I'm alone in the house. It is completely silent save for a loud ringing in my head, even the constant roar of the nearby ocean is absent. I can't possibly describe the feeling, but something about it is unnatural in a way that makes me feel ill. The emptiness seems to have an almost life-like quality to it and I feel like I'm being watched, and that something dire and inescapable is going to happen. But I don't know what.

Out of the emptiness I hear a clunk and the chime of a grandfather clock. There is and has never been such a thing in the house. The sound seems to come from no direction in particular, its acoustic qualities are at odds with the shape of the room. Like the silence before it, it is entirely out of place. It seems to announce the arrival of whatever inevitability it is that stalks me. I can say without any doubt that it is the worst sound I have ever heard. It's such a simple thing, but hearing it fills me with a kind of paralytic dread.

I hear a loud, rhythmic banging on the door, like someone is half-heartedly trying to force their way in. In any other circumstance it would be threatening, but I'm just glad to hear something other than silence or that awful clock. It's a natural sound, something that can be understood. Hearing it actually comes as a relief. The ringing in my head has stopped by now and I can hear the ocean again, which is doubly re-assuring.

I open the door and I'm nearly bowled over by my dad, who has for some reason stopped by in the middle of the night. I notice immediately that something is wrong with him. He's swaying on his feet as if he could collapse at any minute and foaming slightly at the mouth. He's carrying an enormous dripping paper bag that's completely soaked through, which suddenly rips open. Out onto the floor spills a slippery pile of raw meat and sausages in every variety you can imagine. It's more than anyone can possibly eat and it's clearly long since thawed in its entirety, is looks as if he has gathered it out of compulsion. He seems incredibly weak and sickly. He clutches his head and tries to say something but it only comes out as a series of unintelligible moans and wails. By this point I gather that he's suffering some sort of disease. I try to step forward and help him somehow, but he snarls as if he's going to attack me and then breaks down crying. He's obviously not in control of his actions and it's incredibly disturbing to witness.

The dream skips ahead. I'm informed automatically and intuitively that I'm in a hospital searching for a cure for his disease, in that way that dreams do. It's more than that though, I know with complete certainty that the hospital is responsible for the disease in some way. The hospital seems to be have been abandoned for some time now. The silence is back, and with it comes the feeling of being watched again. I'm on an upper floor and it feels like I have been running through its corridors for hours. (I can't remember much about how it looked except that it was incredibly grimy and decrepit, only about half the fluorescent lights hanging above were working and those that did work flickered unevenly.)

I begin to slow down as I sense that I'm closing in on the answer. I stop in the middle of the hall almost involuntarily as if I had reached the edge of an invisible cliff and look to my left. I see a large, transparent wall built out of something that looks bulletproof with two sliding double doors of the same material standing agape. Inside is a dim, blinking red light on the far wall but it's too dark to see anything inside. I enter despite being unnerved by everything that has happened so far.

The second I pass through the doorway, the red light shuts off and bright white fluorescent lighting switches on from the ceiling. The doors slide closed behind me with a heavy locking sound. In the middle of the room I can see about a dozen or little boxes I can't see into completely, and I realize I'm in one of those maternity wards. The sound of shrieking infants fills the room as tiny, bloated and black arms rise vertically into the air from out of the box-beds. I can't convey the subtleties of the exact motion used, but the way in which they moved was sickening. I panic. I try to break through one of the transparent doors but as I suspected it's made from a highly durable material. What can only be described as black, writhing tendrils creep out of the beds and spread over the floor, feeling around the room.

I woke up at that point sweating profusely and didn't sleep until dawn. If you read all of that, congratulations! I hope it was worth the read to you. It sure scared the heck out of me.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Kobuk on July 12, 2015, 10:19:31 pm
The closest thing to a horror story that truly frightened the begeezus out of me happened probably 20 years ago. But if I were to tell it, you probably wouldn't believe me or you'd think I was nuts, or I'd be laughed at. Therefor, I'm not telling it. I'll only say it was at night while I was sleeping. And it was quieter than hell. Damn quiet. Not a single noise or sound could be heard. Not even outside.  :o I had trouble getting to sleep. I kept "on my guard" for anything unusual. Eventually, I did fall asleep, but when I woke up the next morning, I was scared and a nervous wreck.  x_x  That's about as much as I'll tell. Nothing more.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 22, 2015, 01:35:55 pm
Sorry for late post I'very been busy with my new job and trying to fix my brother-in-law's car.

Here's one that I just kind of thought up.

Everyday I go for a morning walk and each time I pass by the back of  a two story aprtment building. I've always disliked that building. I always felt as though I were being watched.
One day I stopped back there to tie my shoes back up, the left one always came undone. Once tied, I took a drink from my water bottle and I saw him!
Standing at a dark, second floor window was a man, just staring, skin pale, eyes wide, and mouth slightly open.  I didn't think, I just ran!
Once I was home I called the local police line and told them everything.  They didn't think it was anything but sent a patrol car. Suddenly I get a call from the police and they informed me that the person was still t he re and that the person never answered the door. They called for backup and came in. The person at the window was a man who had hung himself nearly a month ago.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Amducious on July 22, 2015, 04:04:03 pm
When we were at our grandparent's river house in Blyth(they sold it and moved to Florida), we where sleeping. It was the dove hunting opener, so we went to bed early. We where going to get up at 2:00am to get a spot to set up. Our friend Don,his son, Mitchell(he no longer has them, he's now in the U.S Army) has night terrors so he starts screaming, I wake up not knowing what was happening. So I was shaky for about an hour still in shock in what just happened. Not really a horror story but still scared the living daylights out of me!! Apparently he said, he was dreaming that someone tied him up and threw him off a 20 story building.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 23, 2015, 12:01:40 pm
Interesting dreams and stories all..  I often thought it would be cool to have a nightmare and
know it was a dream. Perhaps one could scare the dickens out of the others in the
dream.  :D

I used to have nightmarish dreams where I was on a roof trying to fix water leaks. But
each time I tried the roof leaks became worse. To the point of falling apart under me.  Then
the dream would start again with me in the building setting out buckets to catch the leaks.
So back on the roof I would go again. The roofs were often very high, so climbing the ladder
to and off the roof became very scary.

I haven't had any dreams like that for some time. I am rather glad. I guess it was related
to the kind of work I did back in the 1970's.. I never did care much for roof work. Seems
like the leaks were always hard to fix.  :P
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 23, 2015, 02:16:17 pm
Nightmares can have a lasting impact on anyone.
I used to have this recurring one  where a giant of a man, too big to fit (anywhere) is fiddling with flowers,  the rubber nubs on tires, anything small and delicate.  All the while he mutters to himself is a soft, high tone. All I can really see in the dream is super close up views of the things he messes with.
Suddenly,  he flies into a rage and demolishes everything around him.
it disturbed me so much that whenever I feel uneasy, I suddenly feel as though I were the same size as him; no longer able to fit in the very room I'm in. It's super surreal.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Aloneness on July 24, 2015, 12:22:37 am
I use to have pretty horrendous nightmares... :/
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Timberwuff on July 24, 2015, 12:44:49 am
I actually, surprisingly consistently, get nightmares after eating pork. Especially if it's low-quality pork like mass-produced companies make.

I have no idea why! The dreams themselves aren't consistent, but very scary. Enough to consistently wake me up paranoid in the middle of the night, afraid to go back to sleep. x_x
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Aloneness on July 24, 2015, 01:49:46 am
I actually, surprisingly consistently, get nightmares after eating pork. Especially if it's low-quality pork like mass-produced companies make.

I have no idea why! The dreams themselves aren't consistent, but very scary. Enough to consistently wake me up paranoid in the middle of the night, afraid to go back to sleep. x_x

Sir the bacon made me do it D:
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on July 31, 2015, 12:42:30 pm
I have a story in mind, but will try to have it up soon.

Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: SchwarzeBomber on July 31, 2015, 05:56:25 pm
Well I know a good story, do you want to hear it?
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on July 31, 2015, 07:47:02 pm
All stories are welcome! Feel free to post them when ever you want.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on August 02, 2015, 09:54:42 pm
I used to live in the downtown area of Oroville CA. The house we rented is definitely one of the older houses built. It is very much a Victorian design complete with a refferbished attic, not well done though, and a basement that was converted to a growing room by the people before us.

My family and I never felt easy at night, the windows always felt like someone was just outside of them yet we were easily 8 feet above the ground. My father stayed an entire week there before we moved in and he set up a makeshift bedroom in the attic. He has always told me that the nights are downright scary.  We've heard walking on the hard wood floors when nobody was even standing. I've heard whispers from the attic while on my own, our TVs would turn on on their own. However,  the wost place was the basement.
The only way into this part of the house was through the backyard, a kind of deck without any shielding along the sides. Everyone feels the same when they step up to the door, a kind of angry presence running at them.
I've always been skeptical about the supernatural but that is a feeling I can't deny. What's more is the face I see in my mind every time I think about that basement.  Gaunt, paper white with black holes for a mouth and eyes...and he's always angry...screaming...
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Amducious on August 02, 2015, 10:45:23 pm
Had a dream this morning, it was actually pretty terrifying. The dream felt real like I wasn't dreaming. In the dream I was minding my own business, I didn't know what I was doing. All of a sudden I was throw into water and I was being pinned down by someone. I could do nothing and I couldn't get any air. Then everything slowly faded away kinda like when you pass out. I woke up all shaky and I had a hard time falling asleep after that. I hate dreams that involve drowning and/or water.

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Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Old Rabbit on August 04, 2015, 12:20:23 am
Here is a short horror story I put together over the last couple days.  I don't claim to be
a good writer, but perhaps you all will get a small thrill out of it. :orbunny:

Forever lost in a lighthouse.

   Golden rays of the setting sun streamed across an old lighthouse along with a few last cries of sea birds were heard as the shadows deepend towored night. Suddently lights flashed across the landscape as a motor car drove up, parking some distance from the lighthouse that was perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean below.. The sound of the ocean surf crashing against the rocks far below was heard as two people walked a narrow path that led toward the lighthouse entrance.

   "Careful sis! Those old flagstones are slippery." said Albert as he grabbed his sisters arm.

   "Thank you, but I don't know why we had to come here tonight anyway. This old lighthouse is spooky anough in the daytime." replied Jenny.

   "You know we have to gather up the last of grandfathers possessions tonight. This place will be off limits while the workers install the automated system starting tomorrow. I want to make one last look around in case we missed  something, and I don't want strangers messing with them." Albert said with some irritation in his voice.

   Jenny nodded as she waited for her brother to unlock the door.

   "It's hard to believe grandfather lived here for nearly 50 years. I can remember him telling us stories about ship wrecks that happened here during storms." said Jenny as she looked at the full moon rising over the ocean.

   "Yea, he sure seemed to enjoy his solitude. I would have thought he would have wanted to leave after grandma died 20 years ago. Ah I got the door open, now for the lights." replied Albert as he shined his flashlight around the large circular entrance room. There was only some trash and a few odds and ends laying about. Most eveything of value had been moved out earlier that week.

   "Ye gods. Hear that wind moaning through the old light, it's sending chills down my spine." whispered Jenny.

   "Come on sis, there isn't anything here to be afraid of. Your don't believe those old ghost stories grandpa told us do you? " Albert said with a grin.

   "Not really, but I must say I remember having a few nightmares after hearing them." said Jenny thoughtfully.

   "There! I got the lights on. I don't see anything here. Let's check the upper floors and the light." said Albert as he began to climb the stone stairway that hugged the curve of the lighthouse wall followed close behind by Jenny.

   They inspected each of the half dozen floors, and finally climbed through a trap door leading inside the windowed room where in the center the carbon arc light stood on a rotating mount with it's large polished reflector set behind it.

   "Should we be up here keeping the light from working?" asked Jenny.

   "It hasn't been used since grandpa died. They have a temporary one on that small tower down the coast."  said Albert pointing toward the light to the south.

   Just then they hear what sounds like a hinge creaking from below. "What was that?" Jenny asked nervously.

   "Probably a draft moving a door I ___" Albert was interrupted by the sound of a door shuting.  Then said "That's likely someone from the coast guard checking up on us. I will go down and see." said Albert not quite as certain as he had been before.

   "Please be careful Albert." said Jenny as she watched him climb down through the trap door.

   A minute or so later Jenny heard Albert call out "Is anyone there?" Jenny started to really get worried after a  few more minutes of silence the lights went out. She crited out. "Albert the lights went out, is everything alright?" Then she heard Albert cry out. "Noooo it can't be." Moments later the sound of running and another cry followed by a loud thud. Jenny was shaking all over by now and afraid to move, but after a few minutes she called out to Albert again with no answer. After a time her vision became accustomed to the dark so she finally crept over and  looked down through the trap door where she could just make out Alberts flashlight beam perhaps two floors below. "That looks like the floor grandfathers bedroom was on." Jenny said to her self. She was afraid, but  she wondered if Albert might be seriously injured,.and  knew she must go down and check to be sure.

   Moments after she climbed down to the platform just below the light room when she heard the sound of something heavy being slowly dragged. She called out again "is that you Albert?" the sound immediately stopped, but no answer from her brother.

   Jenny was breaking out in a cold sweat still frozen in her tracks.  A few minutes later the creaking sound of those hinges were heard again.  Then another heavy thud followed by a door closing. Jenny could hardly breath as she felt her heart pounding ever faster.  She knew she couldn't stay there so she swallowed hard and started slowly creeping down the steps.

   The light from the flashlight grew brighter as she drew closer. Finally she saw where it was laying on the floor. She bent over and after picking it up she looked around the room. Over against the wall was a old wardrobe that had beenshaped to fit the tapered wall so well they had decided to leave it. On the floor she could see in the dust where something had been dragged toward the large clothes cabinet. A fearful thought entered Jenny's mind. "Had someone killed and placed Alberts body in there?"

   But she immediatly decided if that was the case why hadn't it or what come for her. She called out Alberts name once more, but there wasn't any response. Though she didn't like the idea of looking in the wardrobe, she felt if Albert was in there he might need help. So she walked over and tried to calm her fears then slowly opened the large doors.

   Fearing the worst she steped back and shined the light inside. At first it looked empty then a ghostly vapor started to form.  A chill swept over her as the vapor began to take human form. Suddenly she recognized the figure of her grandfather as a blood curdling moan filled the air. She tried to scream, but she was frozen with fear.

   Moments later a figure dressed in Alberts clothes rose from the bottom of the wardrobe. When she saw it's face she cried "Noooo it can't be." the face was that of Albert. Bearly recognizable with sunken eyes and mouth drawn so his teeth were fully visable.  His hands were almost bones as he reached for Jenny. She screemed turning to run, but was met by the spector of her grandmother next to the stairway where she fainted and fell to her death,

   The next day the workers found the couples car, but no sign of anyone in the lighthouse. Albert and Jenny were never seen again, but on nights with a full moon. Folks say they sometimes hear moaning and see ghostly vapors  around the old lighthouse yet today.

The End..


Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Elusive on August 14, 2015, 03:49:12 pm
There are about 4 dreams/experiences of mine that would fit this topic, I'll just post one for now.

This one involves what I think counts as a small amount of blood.

First one that comes to mind is one I had a few days after I got my wisdom teeth removed. The first thing I saw in the dream was that my sister and I have received what looked like gun shot wounds. The wounds however were already clotted and it seemed our lives were not in danger. I let the dream run on for a bit just to see if more details would show up but after a while nothing really changed. I then forced myself awake and slowly raised my head from my pillow to get out of bed but something was off. My face was sticking to the pillow, my initial thought was that I had drooled a lot in my sleep so I slowly peeled off the pillow. After I sat up and rubbed my eyes a bit I looked into my closet door mirror and noticed a dark red crusty substance covering one side of my face. I immediately looked back at my pillow and there was a grapefruit sized stain of the same substance. Not much longer after words I discovered that some of the stitches from the wisdom teeth removal had torn during my sleep. Luckily it seemed to have clotted not too long after.
Title: Re: Horror stories
Post by: Tanu on October 27, 2015, 06:36:17 pm
(A work of pure fiction)

I recently moved in to an apartment complex that over looked a nearly unused park. My friends from college helped me out by letting me use their truck for the week and they even helped me unpack! I decided to treat them to a pizza dinner and a few beers for the last night of the move. This was the first night I had slept here and I was happy to have some company in this unfamiliar town.

During the night I woke to this strange feeling that someone had been moving around in the kitchen. Figuring it was Tony or JD, I rolled over and, although I was still uneasy, fell back to sleep. The next day we discovered the door was open and the rest of the pizza had gone missing. We all joked about some homeless guy or even a raccoon but counted ourselves lucky. I saw them off and was now completely alone in my new apartment; this is going to be the start of my life!

After work I came home, locked the door, took a shower, and watched some tv before going to bed. Yet again I woke up feeling as though I wasn't alone, I sat up and looked around. Nobody, I'm still alone. I double checked the door and it was indeed locked, the window doesn't open so I don't need to worry about it. I looked out the window and to the empty park, feeling a chill run through me I drew the curtains shut, watched the daily show for about an hour and eventually went to bed.

A week had passed and I always felt uneasy in my apartment, I even found the door open again! I decided that enough was enough and on my first payday, I'll head to the store and hook up a surveillance camera and an alarm system. Payday couldn't have come soon enough however, I began to find things moved around, food and clothes gone missing, even a shopping list had been left at my door! Once the system had been set and the lock to my door replaced I spent the next several days checking the tapes, almost religiously, and for the passed few weeks, nothing happened. I even began to feel comfortable at night!

Then one night I felt very uneasy, almost panic stricken. I sat up to hear the door slam shut yet the alarm never went off, I ran to the door to try and catch the person and saw the silhouette running into the park. I called out to them that I was calling the cops and that they were on camera. When the police arrived they took the report and I gave them the tape to review. The next day I received a phone call saying that there was nothing on the tape. The person I had told them about never showed and that it only showed me running out and screaming at seemingly nobody.

This time I knew that I needed to catch the person on my own. So I sat up all night with a knife in hand and waited and waited, and waited. The sun rose and there was no sign of anyone so I went out to check around the apartment and sure enough, I didn't see anyth-there was a note at the camera saying "watch me"

I pulled the tape and ran it though. My heart raced and I screamed! The person was just standing there, staring at the camera, scissors in his hands, he wore a set of sweats with a kind of devil mask covering his face. I took the tape and opened the door to find a second note, "The police won't help you. you're alone"

I then heard laughter from my bedroom and turned in time to avoid the scissors aimed at my throat. I kicked hard and ran out, got to my car and just drove.
I haven't gone back since, hell, he can keep everything I left behind!