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Title: Elemetal Ties that bind (teaser)
Post by: Pix on January 05, 2016, 03:24:54 pm
this i a small teaser of a new stroy im writing wich will end up on the adult bord due rule limatations.
also thank you to the members for letting me use your sonas as charactors ( you all know who you are ;)  )

Ties that bind

Chapter I
First impressions

Sun light breaching the curtains, the sounds of a city buzzing into action and a hum. as usual Pix was suffering the result of heavy weekend as his sound system sprung to life to wake him ready for work, the following thud from Pix falling out of bed was just barley hear able over the music, unfortunately just standing up would prove to be the first of the challenges that awaited that day. starting a new job is a enjoyable but unnerving prospect for most but for Pix it was terrifying, being the shy little ice elemental fox he was he was worried about interacting with everyone and meeting his new boss. Meeting the boss something he wanted to get 100% right but he was bound to mess something up, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake that feeling of impending failure.

Stumbling around his apartment Pix managed to get the kettle boiling while he cleaned him self up, going through a metal check list he knew he couldn't fail today doing so would be letting down his best friend who was putting his neck on the line to get him the job, so first impressions were everything.

After cleaning up coffee was the next thing in his carefully planed out morning that to some may have seamed a tad overboard, pix didn’t make coffee the way most do though he would 1st add milk, sugar then coffee to his flask before adding the hot water, his reason was that it made it taste better but today an extra something to take the edge of his nerves sounded like a plan. due to the early start he decided to skip eating and leave ahead of time to avoid the mad work rush that always just materialised at 8am everyday, content with the thought of having a job and doing something with his life he headed east walking down the street enjoying his flask of coffee, about half way to work pix started to get a sickening feeling that he was being followed, normally this would not be a problem and just brushed off since he always felt like that outside, however recently there had been a few problems involving an unnamed group of humans attacking Altrex's, not wanting to look back and confirm his gut feeling Pix picked up the pace hoping that if it was someone following him they would leave him alone or for it to be just a coincidence.

After a short detour he finally made it to the bright red front door of his new job thankfully alone, as he walked in he couldn't help thinking “it may only be at coffee shop but the pay is good and it's better than no job besides Barista is a fancy job title to have”, judging by the looks he was getting from his new work colleges he had said that aloud rather than thinking it, giggling and waving shyly to them was all he could muster, broken and saved only by “so your the new guy, nice first impression”, looking to see who had saved him from the now awkward situation he realised it was his boss, smiling and clearly finding his minor blunder amusing eased his nerves a little but the hight difference was intimidating to say the least, “I'm Loc, I'm in charge ”, entirely unsure how how respond to that pix remained silent and now ever so slight utterly terrified of Loc and ever getting on her bad side if that was just an intro, Loc now pulling a rather emotionless look pointed to the shop counter,“work” was all she said before heading back to her office.

Getting over momentary confusion of what just happened Pix timidly walked to his colleges hopping one would have mercy and show him the rope's, after a few seconds of chaotic thoughts of “what do I do, were do I stand and some please help” he looked up and stood before him was the most beautiful hybrid wolf/lamia he had ever seen also the only one he had seen offering him the badge and attire required for him to start, suddenly realising that he had been gawking at her for the last minuet or so he took the the badge and attire and in a mumble asked her name, “Phinox” she replied with such a soft sweet voice that pix felt all his worries melt away, now completely embarrassed that he had just gawked then proceeded to crush hard on Phinox looked around for a reason to disappear from existence fortunately a customer walked in at that exact moment giving him ample opportunity to avoid making more of a fool of him self, leaving Phinox giggling and flattered at his unintentional complement's.
Title: Re: Elemetal Ties that bind (teaser)
Post by: Pix on January 05, 2016, 03:44:41 pm
i forgot to say this is only a draft and subject to changes sorry :o
(edit) i wasnt origonaly gonna change this any more but i desied the draft was just to bad to be considered a teaser so i have change the post to mattach the 1st 3rd of chapter 1
Title: Re: Elemetal Ties that bind (teaser)
Post by: Old Rabbit on January 23, 2016, 11:28:50 am
Nothing wrong with posting drafts, it looks like a good start.

Thanks for sharing :orbunny: