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Meanwhile Elsewhere
« on: December 13, 2004, 05:50:55 am »
[OOC:] I'm doing this in a seperate topic because it stops me from becoming confused about where i am with the main story [\OOC]

It was quiet in the broken courtyard of the runied abbey, But the shadows of the night seemed long, almsot alive. In the centre a single figure sat by the light of a small, guttering fire, corsslegged on the ground,his figured hidden by darkness. When he spoke, it seemed to be to no one and his voice had a strange echoing harmonic
"They did well, for a first test. We shall see, however if they can wether the coming challenges. Especially the Otter, the ferret and the wolf. They could be they keys then need.
He waved a hand, an image of a human... or at least something that was once human, now twisted into an almsot elfin figure, bald and ugly. Oh yes... soon they would be ready, and the next test would begin.
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