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Deadwater (IC)

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Koda snapped to attention as Kite spoke to him. "Ah...! I-I'm Ko-oda H-Hamilton... But call me K-Koda.A-And I'm a hacker..." He said, as he shifted on his feet nervously, as he left his face get hot with embarrassment. He really wasn't a fan of talking in front of people. He bit his bottom lip and lowered his eyes slightly, his black hair falling in his face, but still keeping his gaze on Kite and waiting for her instructions.

"Relax, Koda." Kite said, patting him on his shoulder. "You don't have to make a speech. It's good to have a hacker along. First mission's a museum gig. Next in line, name and specialization."

Day Langs eyes wandered breifly checking out the cute hacker, before snapping back to the front. "Da Lang" he said with a bow to the general his long  braided pony tail flopping to the side as he did. "Medical officer, at your service. Pretty handy with a blade too" he stated standing straight as he gave a wink. His voice obviously flamboyant in tone.

"Good. Hopefully we won't need a medic, but we might. Glad you're along for the ride..." She carefully looked him over, scowling. "What you do after hours is none of my concern, but if I think either of you is a distraction for the other, I'll have to do some seperating, understood? Next."

"Jack, Jack Merit. Went by Merit while i was on the police force and would like to keep that going here." Merit looked around at the rest of the team "I'll be you Rifleman." He stuck out his hand to Kite.


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