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WIP fursuit head! Based off of Sportyfox's tutorial!


Hey all! Wanted to share this as I'm really excited for how it's turning out so far!


I have a fan in the muzzle, two more will be in the ear section. ^^

Kay Alett:
Looks like a good staring point. I'm curious about something, where will the muzzle pull air in from? Are you going to airflow holes behind the fan perhaps disguised as whiskers or maybe it pull air in through the nostrils?

The bottom! ^^ I wound up leaving a gap in the roof of the mouth that won't be covered up, and when I make the nose, I'm going to make the nostrils actual holes to draw more in. ^^

Jade Sinapu:
That's pretty neat!
I have not read much on the method you are using.  Do you have a link handy? Looks interesting.

Is the fan loud? 

Thanks for sharing!

Hey Jade!

To answer your question - I won't really know until I get it all thrown together fully - which is going to happen sometime next week, job permitting. I have the fur and the extra foam I need, as well as getting my station fully ready for working on said project. :D My partner is doing the wiring for me and showing me how to for the future, so I'm really excited to see how it turns out!

The tutorial I'm using is here: https://forums.furtopia.org/fursuits-and-plushies/furtopian-fursuit-construction-tutorials/

I usually stream me working on it - if you'd like a link to it, just DM me. :D


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