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Fursuit types, and intended use? Is there any logic to it? Or is it preference


Jade Sinapu:
So, Ive been wondering lately...

At conventions, gathering, and many other things, which suit type gets more "love" so to speak.
Meaning, for those of you who suit often, what type of suit gets more positive reactions, more interaction, more fun, and dare I say is more "popular".

Do people interact more with toony styles more than semi-realistic or realistic?
Is it just a preference, and there is no rhyme/reason to it?

I ask, because I like toony for the fun and cute aspect, but I REALLY like semi-realistic and very realistic, and also find those totally awesome and even cute too.
Is there a right or wrong style to make/buy if a person has a specific goal?

Like for example, browsing YouTube, most fursuiters there have toony styles.  I don't remember seeing any realistic fursuiters on Youtube. And if you know of one, please post a link!

I can also see how some videos might want to star a fursuit that is very realistic, if the video is more artistic and serious in nature.  Where as maybe a toony style fursuit in a video is geared towards a video mainly for fun and play.  Is there any truth to that idea?

If I were to make/commission a realistic suit, would I be , well, not all that "cool" even though I love being that way? 
If I were a realistic representation of my character in public, would it "scare" people away?   

Oh and if veteran Furtopians already know of a previous post like this, please let me know.

Iara Warriorfeather:
Hi Jade!

While I may not own a fursuit myself (yet!) from what I have seen as I interact with other suiters is that:

1-Toony suits are more popular...they are less expensive to make/get, and can be more recognizable in that way
2-No matter which style you get, what counts is your performance! Are you there to just pose for pictures or are you going to really get into character, ham it up, etc? I find suiters that are goofy tend to draw in more people (Telephone of course comes to mind, but many silent suiters are just as silly with pantomime etc)
3-Realism is neat but it does tend to push normies away faster than say a toony friendly looking suiter

In the end, it is your choice to be in suit and act as you wish :3 Don't feel pressured to be popular...most often that comes at a cost emotionally and it's best to be yourself anyway!

I also like realism in suits and when I get Iara done she will be more realistic than toony...:3

Jade Sinapu:
Yeah I like the semi realistic/ semi toony blend.
And if I have a suit, I'm betting I won't be popular at all, but so long as I'm having fun.
I want to be a semi realistic dog, GSD.

It means something to me to be more representative of the animal to a degree more than the toon style.  Maybe that is because I feel a connection to my animal of choice.

Yeah just don't want to set people running and crying.  That would stink.

From what I see, there are more fursuiters with toony suits than with realistic suits. However, the kind of suit does not automatically determine the amount of attention you'll get as a fursuiter from other furries. That depends more on how you act.

Though it does affect how much attention you'll get from children and people who never heard of furries before. They seem to like the toony suits a bit better.

As for what suits fits better in what situation... Just go with your preference. That'll fit the most with you!


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