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Animal Imitators is on now!

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The documentary on furries, "Animal Imitators" is on TLC right now!  If y'all miss it, it's coming on again in a few hours.  I'm recording it for a bit..

BTW, is it just me, or did it get mad quiet on these boards?

SOrry, I had to move stuff into my dorm and lost net access for a while. As for the show... I have cable but for some reason I don't get TLC in hee. It sucks man.

I probably won't bother watching it, until someone has video files of it shared on the net. Heh.
As for the board being quiet, it does seem a bit that way, but do keep in mind that a number of the users here are gearing up for school right now. There's been a handful of announcements from users here that are going to offline for a bit while they settle into school.
Little slumps happen every so often on the boards, MUCKs, and whatnot, so I'm not going to worry.

Well, I just got done watching it and I liked it. It was for sure better then that Mtv one.

I diddnt think it was so bad, but it wasnt ALL about furry really, but even those parts that were were generally not very offensive. Alough they did show those terrible pictures from the vanity fair article, well you cant have it all.
c ya,


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