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Yup, I'm considering going back into teaching again.  It's not a for sure thing at all, depends on what my fall schedule looks like and if I have the ambition to teach while in college.  If I do, the class would be 2-3 hours a night, one day a week for four weeks.  It will be taught at Hampton Adult Community Education in Essexville, and would probably cost around $25-$30.  It would be for ages teen to adult.

I'm not asking "if you would come", I'm asking "If you COULD/WOULD come, which class would you rather take".

Brief rundown of what the course would be:

- Figurative Drawing:  Drawing the human figure with correct anatomy.

- Fantasy Illustrating:  Drawing dragons, wizards, superheroes, scifi characters, and other supernatural beings.

- Photoshop Coloring:  How to color black and white line art with photoshop.  Only problem with that class is I don't know what their computer labs are like.

I'd start with the basics and pick figurative drawing. That would be a good foundation for learning how to draw ninja wizards and color them in Photoshop later on.

Old Rabbit:
Would if I could, but can't since
I am too far away.

Anyhow I would vote for the figurative drawing as it
is a good foundation.

For what it's worth.
Old Rabbit.

I should have added...

... Fantasy Illustration would also touch on anatomy... it would just be more fantasy based.

I agree with the above two responses. Although if you want to teach a spring-semester class too, I feel like if word gets out about it, the fantasy drawing class would bring a big crowd.


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