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I've gotten back into using my CafePress account again.
My old shop, I *heart* ligers!, is still kicking. Oddly enough, it's still making sales in the geek and liger-fan crowds.
I've recently put *ROAR!* back together, with a simple design at a low mark-up rate.
The stuff is now back at CafePress as well. Check out apparel if you'd like some swag boasting the logo of the Canadian furry community web site.

CafePress has now begun to let us do designs on black t-shirts... which is an awesome thing, since those're most popular to wear these days.
For starters, I've done a black t for, which can be found... here! It looks pretty dramatic like that, I must say.

Serra Belvoule:
I need to ask... do you deliver to mexico city? and if so, how much would it cost?

CafePress does international shipping, yeah. They'd probably send it by UPS or something, but I'm not sure what the shipping fee is for Mexico City.


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