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Lately, I haven't been doing much art besides my commissions.  The reason for that being I've been busy
working on character sheets for ALL of my characters.  I've decided to display the ones I have so far.  This list will be updated periodicly as I draw more character sheets.  I've still got quite a few left to go.  And for the record, My human(ish) characters are going to be the ones to get their sheets first, since they need it the most because I rarely draw them.

I'm guessing that there will be around 50 of these when I'm done... and after I'm going to do sheets for my alien species, too... so if you want to know what an ultimarian/verin/etc is, hold on and it will be explained soon.

The list so far, catergorized by species  **WARNING: SOME MAY CONTAIN NON-SEXUAL NUDITY!!!**:

Ulario Zemothe
Libra Ikkatsu
A'Taiaith Shan
Alesto Shan
Mio Ravenhart

Tetra Zemothe
Aredon Bredrit
Kyjja Bredrit
Dominico Samis
Raevynn Tharr
Alora Skye
Ronin Nayumo
Vrik Oahimo
Himnare Zemothe

Magnum Shiosai
Kjata Shiosai
Xuan-Jin Wu
Reval Noir
Astara Teyll

Ramuh Ikkatsu
Hellfire Solarys

Reese Ma'Reth
Kiri Ravenhart

Hatchet Arcane
Aceneth Arcane
Tai'Ann Kinrest
Gideon Rayne

Lucien Nyvrak

Omni Fe

Reptiles and Amphibians
Toshi Osusi

SW Roleplaying characters
Tref Syrris

And since I removed all character's tattoos from the sheets...
My Character's tattoo designs
Aredon's Tattoos
Ronin Nayumo's Tattoo Designs
Vrik's Tattoo Design
Toshi's tattoo

Added 8/29/05:

Omni Fe (verin)
Aceneth Arcane (canine)
Tai'Ann Kinrest (canine)

Ulario i really like these character charts......done fairly well if i may say so myself *smiles*

Phew. Read every single one. It was very enjoyable. It must have taken a lot of work, but I like it when artists do character description sheets. It's fun to have something to read while looking at a character design.

We'll there's going to be quite a few more of them (I don't even think I'm halfway done, yet)... I actually have three more that need to be colored right now.    I'll be sure to add them as they're created.

Yeah, it's been quite a time-consuming project.  


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