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I've been working on a "How to Draw Anthros & Fantasy Creatures" book for ages and I may get it done this weekend if I really work on it.  I'm beginning to have my doubts since I've been feeling a little under the weather tonight.  Even if I get it done, it probably won't be available for sale for maybe another week or so since I still need to finish the cover.  I also decided to turn my "Cooking with Ramuh" series into an actual furry cookbook.  I wasn't going to do it, but the idea was brought up to me, so I decided to go with it

I'm planning to add a bit more to my website this weekend as well... including a link to this forum, my fursuit page, and I'm actually going to work on my character pages a bit.

Anyhoo, I need to work on my own drawings a bit as well, but I've been a bit busy with everything else that's going on, so hopefully I'll get around to it soon.

beyond the darkness:

Keep us posted on your cookbook etc., Ulario! Glad to see you got your own forum!

Updates are taking a bit longer then expected since I'm pretty much redesigning the entire layout of my homepage...

My site just got a total makeover...

... and I just added a holiday cafepress shop because my mother asked me to do some santa-related items so she could give them away as gifts.  It's not furry, but the santa is kinda cute.

Holiday Shop


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