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How to draw Anthros and Fantasy Creatures

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I finally finished that book that I'm working on, but I didn't create a page for it on my website yet.

But since there was a few fursons e-mailing me, asking about it, it's in my Cafe Shop right now.

I'll order as soon as I have a way, my mother hates the internet and wouldn't like me ordering stuff (plus, all of my money is currently in the form of a buttload of change in a jar lamp I made last year.)

LOL.  Don't worry about it.  It's probably going to be up there for quite a while

every see how psyguy went overboard with the stuff you could buy with his characters on it, you could buy a psyguy thong for christsakes!

chimera soul:
i never bought anything off the net so how do i order if i dont have a credit card?


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