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I'm bored.  Commissions are slow.  Does anyone want to do an art trade.  I'll be busy with classes so I will only be able to do one, maybe two.

beyond the darkness:
Ok why not (just to warn you if you do want to trade it won't be that good or anything) I'm up to date with college work!

Ahhh... yes.  College.  The biggest consumer of time.  

I'm up to the trade if you are.  You can pick any one of my characters (on the character page on my website).  If you want a more formal description just let me know.

Oh, and I'll need a description and/or reference picts from you as well.

beyond the darkness:
No problem, I'd love to!
As for reference ehm? Basically, off the cuff. Light brown fur, slightly darker markings round the eyes. Fur on top of head is quite dark and spikey. Wears dark tee shirts, baggy trousers, has a celtic symbol pendent and a silver chain. Hope that is enough for you, if not let me know!

Just making sure.  You're a ferret, right?


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