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You knew it was coming...

Don't reply to this topic. Please send all letters to my furtopia PM (points up to "your messenger") which is Peaches. Letters will be selected, edited (to leave out names) and my reply will be posted. You can select "track this topic" if you wish to read up. I plan to post as often as possible.

This is for entertainment purposes. I'm not a doctor, so obviously my advice isn't always what everyone would suggest. Please keep all topic matter PG. If you have a non-PG problem you need help with, feel free and I'll answer those privately. Just a warning, my advice might not always be what you want to hear, and may include tough love......but it's still love, so don't fret!!

If you have a comment about advice given, or letters, PM your thoughts to me and I'll include them in my post.

Happy reading!

(P.S. If you have a question, feel free! I need letters to answer)

Dear Peaches,

 I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel like I'm lost in a fantasy turned nightmare. It's not just me, all my friends are crazy too, I mean they all think they're a bunch of animals and now they've got me believing I'm one. Sure, by day we all live normal lives- we go to work, come home to our families, etc- but get us online or god forbid a group of us meets up together and we forget what we truely are and try and become the fantastical creatures of our minds!

It's getting harder and harder to tell whats real and what not anymore- lately I've even started dressing up as one of these animals. I've created a complete persona for him- a name, a job, his lifestyles- it can no longer tell whats him and whats me!

Do I need help? Am I (or all of us even) crazy? How long before I lose touch and they lock me up for trying to convince people that I'm one of these fantastical made up creatures called humans--Confuzzled Fox from the Forest


Dear Fox: ZOMG!! It's a mundane! RUN!

Just kidding....

I suggest you do this:

1-Get clothes on (please tell me you can move on to step 2 right away)!

2-Get in your car.

3-Drive out of your forest.

4-Break for Opposums (no....they are NOT tonight's dinner).

5-Pull into the parking lot of the nearest department or home wares store.

6-Buy a MIRROR.

7-Take it home, and hang it.

8-Look into it.

The transformation is complete. Mind the's somewhat fragile.


Dear Peaches,

I'm having a little trouble with my scout troop. When I became a fur I got myself a red dog collar, and seeing as how I only take it off to bathe or wash the collar itself, I wore it to a scout meeting. Just about all younger kids loved it but a week later I was told to take it off, since it wasn't part of the uniform. I followed along for a few weeks but I noticed that I was the only person in the troop being told to remove something, while everyone else wore bracelets, necklaces, ect. The next meeting I wore my collar, when the adults told me to take it off I refused unless they could give me a good reason why they only pressed this rule on me. They couldn't come up with anything.

I was told to take it off in front of my patrol during a meeting. I stood my ground and the leader finally left but the next meeting three of them walked me into a room and blocked the open doorway, demanding it come off. At that point I realized this was kinda threatening but I still refused and managed to get by them with no effort. Six of them came out to my car later and told my mother that I'll be dealt with if I didn't take it off. That really ticked me off since this shouldn't have involved her.

After a call to the councel I learned I was allowed to keep it on, and I was allowed to wear anything I wanted as long as I also kept the uniform. It also turns out more than 5 kids quit the troop because of similar reasons. Despite this, I was told that unless it came off I wouldn't advance anymore, and my parents are gonna see me make Eagle come hell or high water so they force me to take it off every week. I've lost some respect with all the scouts and the adults are now gloating about the kids who left. What should I do? Sneak the collar in and stick up for myself or just sit back and let them keep taking my respect for another 2 years? - Unhappy Camper In Boy Scouts


Dear Unhappy- First of all, my hats off to you for being yourself. It's very hard for teens to be comfortable with themselves today.  How do your parents feel about you wearing your collar to boy scouts? If they don't allow it, I would avoid getting into further trouble with them by "sneaking it in." You might discuss this with them. If they are on your side, your scoutmaster might relent and allow you to wear it to meetings.

The way you made it sound, they are bullying you into taking off your collar each time you wear it to scouts. If there is no rule against it and you've already gotten permission from a higher power, I see no reason why they shouldn't let you wear it. If your parents allow you to wear it, and the bullying continues, you should take it to your counsel with your parents to discuss the matter. Cornering you and forcing you to do something against your will is abusive behavior, and should be ceased immediately.  

Please PM me and let me know how this turns out.


Mika Feldy:
I would just like to say that this was an exelent idea!! Great job Peaches!


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