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Whoa man! Finally back ^_^

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Man, it's been a while! I was working at a new job there for a while, but I may be changing jobs again soon... if that pans out, more free time, and more updates. I've gone through a loooot of drawing style changes in the last few months, but I think it's for the better.

Anyhoo, I did update mah page at long last-

Here:G to PG-13

and here *Warning: Adult content ahead!!*:R to XXX

So if anyone actually does go to my page, enjoy  

beyond the darkness:
Since I've never met you before I'd just like to say hello! *Hugs*

Ooh, Ilikes those pics, bookmarking that site for home viewing of the not so pg pics

*insert usual rant about how I'd like to draw but cant*

I like the one of Victoria stripping.  I take it that's one of the more recent ones in your gallery.
Welcome back, by the way. Good luck in freeing up some more time. I know I cherish having time to myself. It's a must-have.

Welcome back, Justantine! Love all the new pieces!

I have to admit that cute little teddy bear with those nasty teeth will leave a lasting impression in my mind! (LOL) I will make sure to check all bears mouths from now on to make sure none of them have teeth! (LOL)


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