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I hate it when this happens... I get all disatisfied with my drawing style, and I'll sit here and draw and draw and get so frustrated I wanna chew my pencil in half. That ever happen to anyone??

I guess I need some blast of inspiration or something... Maybe two weeks of vacation will help out ^_^

Anyhoo, enough ranting, I just wanted to vent a little  

(giggles) No problem, Justantine! I'm sure it happens to everyone at one time or another. I'm just getting back into drawing since June of this year! That was a long slump.

Take a break. Look at stuff on the internet or something that might pique your interest and give you inspiration. Or look at pictures or cards etc.

Most of all, don't push yourself if your body is saying "hold it!" for a spell. Nothing wrong with that.

Good luck!

beyond the darkness:
Normally I just sit back and relax and don't look for insperation, every now and again I pick up a pecil and just sketch what ever comes into my head then see what happens from there

Well, it's passed now. The drawing has resumed full fledged  

Maybe a little too much now  

(giggles) Can't wait to see your new works, Justantine!


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