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Ok. Yesterday/way early this morning, I created two new sketches for the family. I have one more sketch to complete! I already have an idea how I want to color them. This is getting easier and faster it seems!  

I had scanned both and actually saved them to my harddrive but after doing that on both I didn't like parts so I took my sketch and fixed the parts I thought needed changing. I didn't mind because I am really happy with the results.

The first sketch, "Young
 Cheetah Stalking", I learned a lot from looking at a TON of photos of Cheetahs! I was surprised to see that their 'hair' was rather unruly with young one and as they get older their 'hair' shortens and smooths out. Really an interesting picture.

The second sketch, "Lunch time for the Squirrel Monkey", I tried something new with this creation. I have seen artists use 'boxes/circles' etc., with some of their creations. I really loved the affect it gave the pics but never really tried it before. But, on this particular piece, I wanted that effect. So, I just got the image in my mind and sketched it! I also took liberties with my imagination and created the leaves that were in the photo putting them all over the place and where I thought they would look best.

After scanning and saving it I realized the tail didn't fit the monkey. In the photos I used as reference, these Squirrel Monkeys have very thick prehenstile tails and it looked twice as long as the monkeys body, so I had to re-sketch that as well.

I am very happy with the way the two have turned out! I can't wait to color them!

They're really nice, Kada.  The Cheetah one is interesting with the hair.  I didn't know that about them, either.  I can't wait to see that one all coloured.  I bet it'll be great.  The monkey picture is also good.  The pose does look quite monkey-like, and he's feeding like you see on TV, etc.  Can't wait to see this one coloured, too.  Sorry I can't be very constructive with my words on your art.

Not a problem, DrakonianDanceR. You think they look 'really nice' and that is still a critique. You could have said they were ugly as sin as well!  

So, even telling someone it is something that catches your eye or not even if you can't give them detailed critique, you are still letting them know what you, personally, think of it.

I will work on coloring them tonight and will post them tomorrow. I want to sketch another jaguar and color it before this weekend and I am pushing to get this accomplished!

My health didn't allow me to color both sketches so I colored the one that I really thought would turn out great!

Here it is: "Squirrel Monkey having lunch"

I colored this one with Prisma pencils and a small amount of chalk. It took about 4 hours to colorize. I am really pleased with the way it turned out!

After scanning it, this is getting to be a habit I am noticing, I realized it needed some more shading in areas so I fixed what I thought needed shading and then re-scanned it. I guess looking at it on the monitor after scanning it gives me a different perspective of looking at a piece.

I hope you all enjoy the final work as I enjoyed coloring it!

Enjoy and ANY comments are definitely welcomed!

Wow, that's really impressive.  The colouring looks a lot better than I was thinking it would look like.  Nice work on it - the colouring went really well.  Great stuff.


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