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'nother one!


Yep, another update. No whining from me this time either  

G to PG-13


*Warning!* R to XXX *Warning!*

More to come, probably nothing colored for a while tho. I'm all in pencil sketch mode these days... Now, back to the drawing and no sleep  

beyond the darkness:
I like the Chip and Dale pic! It's real cute! Your whole style is really good actually!

Russano Greenstripe:
Your whole style of drawing is amazing! You could do some seriously good work for Warner Brothers or Disney.

And as to the R-XXX page, I only have four words: Oh, by the Eternal...

Wow, thanks for the compliments!

And about the R to XXX page... hehehe, what can I say? I'm male, that should sum it up  

beyond the darkness:
That would go some way to explaining it! LOL


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