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Ok, having to basically sit home from having a nasty fall yesterday, I sat on the couch and sketched out some new sketches that I will be coloring for the AC 2003 Art show. Not sure yet how many I will be putting in the show but they will ALL be originals, no prints. So far, I have approximately 3 panels worth in my head. Some of these are sketches I created last year but never finished as I kept thinking how I wanted to finish them. I finally have figured out how I want to do those.

Here are the newest sketches for AC 2003!

This first one is a "Clouded Leopard". I think they are so adorable and I love their coat markings! This is my FIRST 'Clouded Leopard'.

This second one is a "Snarling Jaguar". I got hooked on creating these because of the ones I created for my son. I am also feeling more comfortable drawing them.

The third sketch is a what we call a "Jaguar Mud Bath". This particular piece just looked so interesting!

When I have time I will scan the other sketches I have created in the past for this years AC. I have also been organizing EVERYTHING so I will know how many I have per panel and how many more pics I need to create for a particular panel.

We are planning on 6 framed 8 1/2 x 11" originals per panel. At this point I don't think I will be creating anything for the adult section this year.

I don't have any plans as yet for creating dragons. Sorry DrakonianDanceR. Once I get the ones out of my head and if there is still time to come up with something before AC, then I will try creating some dragons.

I will be trying my hand at some pixie/fairy type pieces for AC.

I hope you enjoy the sketches above!  

I hope you aren't too bad from your fall, Kada.  I like all three sketches so far, and I look forward to seeing them progress further.  No worries about the Dragons, it's okay.  So what have you got planned to do next, and in the future?  The fairy/pixie pictures sound interesting - I'd like to see them, when you've got some done on them.

Oh, staying down most of the time not really moving about much but will be ok in a couple more days. Thank you for your concern, DrakonianDanceR.

I'm planning on sketching out EVERYTHING I want to color for AC. Then color them. I will post as I go along. We have also been thinking about more panels so that means more pics that need creating! So far, I have at least 12 pics figured out and some sketched. I will be working on the others in the days to come. I will post the newest sketches as I complete a few at a time.

I will be posting some more sketches to this topic in a couple of hours.

I added 7 scanned sketches to my webpage. Here they are:

"Cougar, 8 - 2002"

"Grey Fox, 8 - 2002"

"Grizzly Bear, 8 - 2002"

"Horse, 8 - 2002"

"Lion, 8 - 2002"

"Kangaroo, 3 - 2003"

"Wolf, 3 - 2003

As I get more sketched I will add them for you to view.

I hope you get better from your fall soon, Kada.

I'm really looking forward to your finished clouded leopard pic. I love spots and those have -very- pretty ones.

That little grey fox looks like it has potential to be really really cute. The sketch is already showing it. hehe. And I'm glad you took my suggestion for kangaroos.  

Have fun with the coloring!


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