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Ok, I created a dragon tonight. Well, actually two of them. They are on my website under the adult section. As soon as I create some that are non-adult, I can post the links here!

I got a couple ideas from DrakonianDanceR and decided to see if I could draw them. I really like how this one turned out. I may make a couple of revisions to it before coloring it, not sure yet though.

So, if you are REALLY interested in seeing this one, you have to be over 18! Sorry kids.

The one that's currently on your site (dragon_love_500.jpg) is very good.  Not how I imagined it to look like when I was giving ideas, but that's a good thing.  I like the expression of the Dragon nearest the front - it's very playful - and obviously enjoying the experience.  I would like to see this one coloured; I think it could turn out very well.

The other one you showed me (oh_yes_500.jpg) is also really nice.  Again, it is different to how I imagined it to look like, when I gave the idea for it, but it's still turned out well.  My only concern on this one is that the Dragon being entered seems to be resting all his weight on the other Dragon's weiner.  Neither foot of the Dragon being entered is touching the ground like the other Dragon's feet are, so it does seem - to me - that the Dragon on the right is keeping himself up purely on the other Dragon's weiner.  It could be possible, I suppose, but I'm ont sure how confortable it would be.  I do really like the body of the Dragon on the left - his legs are rather well done.  Good work on both of these pictures, Kada.

(giggles) Yes, I know. I was having troubles getting his feet to reach the ground with him well, kind of jacked up. I will see what I can do about getting his weight a bit supported.

Thank you, DrakonianDancer.

I could say give me a diagram of how you expected them to be but then if you could do that, you would create them yourself!  

I'm glad you like them.

I would draw a sketch of what I imagine them to look like, but I'm not able to unfortunatly.  And as you say, if I could do that, I'd draw the picture myself.  The sketch you did would work just fine, maybe if you just sorted the aspect I've already mentioned.  Though I do really like the position of the Dragon on the left, and it'd be a shame to lose that.  Perhaps if you made him crouch a little lower, he could enter the other Dragon while he was standing on the ground.  Or, another idea would be to leave the Dragon on the left as he is, and perhaps make the other Dragon slightly bigger, so his increased height would allow him to stand on the ground.  One thing I'd like to suggest is some great expression on the two Dragons' faces.  They are both getting a lot of pleasure from the expreience, and I think that should be shown in their expressions.  I also think it would be more romantic if they had their heads next to each other, perhaps the Dragon entering, on the left, could have his tongue caressing the Dragon being entered, on the right.  I hope I made this clear to understand.

Good suggestions, DrakonianDanceR! I will see what I can do. I will work on that while I am backing up some of my hd since I am out of space!    Basically on two 20-gigs!

Geesh! I remember when I got my first computer. July 1995. Top of the line and everything. It was a 1 gig hd and I thought I would NEVER fill that! (giggles) Look at me now though, I need at least another 100 gigs of free space!

Oh well. I will post the revisions when I get them finished.


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