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Oh, I know what you mean.  My first computer had under 1GB of hard-drive space, and I too thought I'd never fill that up.  And now here I am with about 30GB to play with, and I'm worried of filling it up soon.  Though, if it does get bad, I'll just save a lot of stuff onto CDs, and delete it off the hard-drive.

I look forward to seeing the revisions.

I too am putting things on cd's then deleting them off the hd's. (giggles) so much stuff to save and never enough harddrive space!!

Firestorm Six:
The dragon pics are great ! * Dragons are somthing i have never tryed to draw much, though i would like to, (maybe my lack of practice doing reptiles and dragons*)
It's a good idea to back up images to CD's , either if you HD is almost full, or in case of Hard Drive failure. it happens to often,though my desk top has 40 gigs,  I have an external hard drive that is 80 Gigs, I have all my originals saved there, and copies backed up on CD and stored in a safe place. Hard Drives should never be filled past 95 % of their capacity, as temp files and buffers can corrupt files if there's not much free space left, (your computer tempoary writes data to the HD's free space as buffer-overrun when your ram is exausted).... the drive  responds faster and the PC in general will respond faster if less than 60 % of the drive is used anyway. A high quality JPEG is usually small enough to squeeze alot of images on a CD anyway. TIF or PSD format is very big , and takes up alot of space, though better quality. A JPEG of about 3000 x 2500 pixels saved at 100 % best quality setting is almost as good as a TIF, and only a fraction of the size in Megabytes. I have all my art stored as maximum quality JPEG's .

I've been saving all of them as 600dpi tif's. These I will use later for prints. Then I also save one at 75dpi which I take into PSP 5 and resize to 500 pixels for webpages and then my thumbnails are 100 pixels. (width and jpg.s)

Thank you FireStorm about the dragons. I haven't had much practice either with reptiles etc., if you look at my webpage. Just got a couple suggestions from DrakonianDanceR and an image in my head and went with it.

I did a little touch up to my two dragon pics. I hope you enjoy!

These are both ADULT and they are off limits to those under 18 years of age!

Those over 18 are welcome to check them out in the 2003 adult section of my website.


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