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I finally managed to find a few free minutes to post Chapter 10 of Wild Rose Country. Go. Read, and tell me what you think.  

The next few weeks will be a deciding factor as to whether I return to the furry world or not. Taking a break has helped me work out a few things that were bugging me. A period of introspection can do wonders for one's mental health...

Darius Greywind:
Wow, thats good stuff. Your writing skills have only improved since you started this story. Man I wish I could write like that.

Jon thanks for continuing your story. Hopefully my stuff will some day reach what you've attained in style and re-readability            

Wow..if you where my neighbor i would go over right now and give you a beer. as always, SUPERB writing.

Hello again,

First off, sorry for the late post.  Just got back yesterday from Minnisota.  Secondly, great chapter.  I love how the story is progressing at a nice, steady and very detailed pace.  If only some other authors could keep up that balancing act as well as you have.  But hey if they did you wouldn't be so unique.  Anyway I'm not saying anything new or that other haven't already said far more eliquently then what I am about to say.  Great job on inner thoughts of both characters and the overall story itself.  I love all the hidden subplot and inner stuggles that you have placed in the story even though we only have a slight hint at what those are thus far. Anywho keep it up and I truely hope you post the next chapter soon.


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