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I realized after AC this year, which we weren't able to attend, that because of the move from Philadelphia to Pittsburg they are a LOT closer to us I want to attend next year! Now, instead of being a 12-14 hour drive one way, it is only 4 hours away from us! So MUCH closer! : )

I really LOVE how my wings and feathers have improved though I really haven't done much art for the past 2 years. : )

I also have been getting the 'drawing itch' since I found out how close they are and am working on taking at least 63 pieces of general artwork to put up in the artshow next year. Below is what I have sketched and colored so far. Enjoy! ; )

Helpful hints and critiques are welcome.

Sketched:  7-31-06
Colored:  8-6-06
I felt like creating an eagle and this is what I ended up with. L O L I plan on sketching another of the eagles.

Sketched:  8-4-06
Colored:  8-6-06
I want to create 2 unicorns and this is one of them.

Sketched:  8-1-06
Colored:  8-7-06
I have ALWAYS loved the Lady Gouldian Finches! I used to own a pair actually, back when I was keeping/breeding/selling birds while I took a break from keeping/breeding/selling fish. : )

Sketched:  8-3-06
Colored:  8-9-06
I plan on creating 2 pegasus. : ) This is the first of the 2.

Sketched:  8-3-06
Colored:  8-9-06
For some reason I just had an urge to create an anthro cockatoo. I am only creating one of these. This is it. : )

Now for sketches:

Sketched:  8-10-06
I plan on creating 2 tigresses. I love the color combos on these tigers! Here is the first one. : )

Sketched:  8-10-06
This is the second one of the pegasus.

Sketched:  8-11-06
I plan on creating two of the Clouded Leopards. They are so cute!

I adore the way you do the bird's wings, so they're attached to the arm. I've never been a big fan of the birds who have arms and then wings (unless they're a phoenix or gryphon, of course).

I really hope I can make it to AC next year. I'd like to see your art and others in the show, and not to mention just go to a convention.

Thank you, Khellen.  Just something I thought of trying when I started these. Though you can see the others are wings AND arms. I did like the wings attached to the arms the best though.

I have been struggling to create wings I could be happy with. I actually like how these turned out.

Lost Cat:
I like your style. :mew:

There's some really nice work in there, Kada! I can see you've been making good use of references.  My favorite of the bunch is the second unicorn, I love the pose and the tilt of the head.

Here are some tips, I hope they will be useful:

Your wings have improved a lot, but you should try to make the feathers look less wooly. Feathers have very sharp outlines. The most prominent detail in the feather is the shaft. The barbs are less visible.

Your poses look "flyswatted"; all body parts are drawn either straight on (100% foreshortened) or from the side (0% foreshortened). Try to vary the angles more, it will make your characters look much more 3-D and alive.  (Curious observation: your horse heads don't have this problem.)

Be bold when shading in color. The darker areas are relatively small, and don't contrast much with the rest. (The first pegasus does have some nice shadows in the inkwork though! )


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