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Thank you, Nocte!
Quote There's some really nice work in there, Kada! I can see you've been making good use of references. *smiles*  My favorite of the bunch is the second unicorn, I love the pose and the tilt of the head.

Here are some tips, I hope they will be useful:

Your wings have improved a lot, but you should try to make the feathers look less wooly. Feathers have very sharp outlines. The most prominent detail in the feather is the shaft. The barbs are less visible.
Ok. I will look at more feather pics. *smiles* At least they don't look like they used to! L O L

Quote Your poses look "flyswatted"; all body parts are drawn either straight on (100% foreshortened) or from the side (0% foreshortened). Try to vary the angles more, it will make your characters look much more 3-D and alive.  (Curious observation: your horse heads don't have this problem.)
Yes, I have been trying to improve that in my art as I have been seeing this as well. I will try newer positions. *smiles*

I'm more used to drawing horses since a kid. This past Saturday we were at our gaming GM's parents house and while we were plotting and stuff for attacks, I was doodling with a friends art book, which I have the same one here, and improved GREATLY on my horse heads! I will be scanning all those 'trials' and putting them up as well.

I did notice on my cockatoo that I actually put his 'wing' on backwards! L O L. I may try and redo that pic so the wing goes on properly.

I will also try looking at some other artists works with wings and see how they do them. These just came into my head when I started drawing these. (Don't even ask me where the idea came from cuz I have NO idea!

Quote Be bold when shading in color. The darker areas are relatively small, and don't contrast much with the rest. (The first pegasus does have some nice shadows in the inkwork though! )
Exactly what WS told me when he looked at these pieces.

I will try better with the wings when coloring these other sketches. When I go to create some more sketches I will keep in mind about the 3-D affect. *smiles*

Thank you for the great suggestions, Nocte!

Oh for the second pegasus, I got the position idea from watching "So, you think you can dance?" and "You think you have talent?". *smiles*

Trying to get more ideas of stances and positions.

*edited because this thing didn't like how many emoticons I had* (frowns)

Prince Karo:
*pets the kitty girls*

You're really good with poses.

Thanks. Now to work on some better 3D affects. Like differing poses instead of sideways and head-on.


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