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2 more finished!


I'm trying more diversity with my colors. (Thanks to looking at more of Ayame's art pieces! )  I am liking how they are turning out.  With practice they will get MUCH better and with the art I want to create for AC 2007, I will have TONS of practice ahead of me! lol

I'm really surprised how the colors are coming together in these pieces!

I'm not too fond of the hills in the background on this one. I'm still trying to figure out how to create them. More like trying to get my brain to send down to my hands what I am seeing in my head or in photos and it is taking time to teach my brain how to do some things.

I remember when I didn't even know how to color my art! lol

I have a WHOLE lot more to do ahead of me! At least 88 altogether. phew....

I love your work hun
the first one the pegasus is awesome..   i cant wait to see more..    2 amiling kittys    


*giggles* Thanks, Snowball. I will be finishing up a couple more today.


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