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3 more finished and more sketches. :)


First the two more finished ones.

I LOVE the way this male clouded leopard turned out! *smiles*

My first time with a lot of water and spray. Need more work. *smiles*

I still don't like this set. Just something seems completely off with this one. The yellow 'light' eminating from the horns and ball are actually colored with yellow speckle gel pen. Doesn't show up on the scan though. *sad face*

A cute bunny. *smiles*

A panther playing in a tree not knowing that a panthress is watching him with awe.

I haven't really decided about this one yet as far as keeping it and coloring it. A skunk trying to be friendly to a neighboring skunk.

A bear at his fishing hole.

*giggles* This is one from our IRC. SilverFox decided to duct tape Miss Black Pantheress to a tree. There will be actually 4 pics to this one. *smiles*

My second Orca. Tried doing a different angle again. *smiles*

I may redo the body on this squirrel. I wasn't sure what to draw when I thought of drawing a squirrel. *smiles*

A panthress in deep thought before going to bed.

I wanted to draw a cute panda so this is what I came up with.

Another bear with some of his catch.

Ok, yes I guess I have been getting really busy creating art! What can I say? I have to years of art to catch up on! LOL

Varg the wanderer:
Wow, that's a lot of sketches! I like the panther in the tree, it reminds me of a time I walked up on my sister... I didn't know it was possible to bend like that.

*giggles* Thanks Varge!

I wasn't sure what to draw at that moment but I knew I wanted to draw a panther. This just came into my head. LOL

I figure being a cat, they can probably get into just about any position with ease!


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