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9-27-06  updated/more colored/more sketches


I have been posting my art pieces on my LJ but figured I might as well update here as well. On my LJ Komera points out things I am missing etc which is a GREAT help!

I didn't know that all my links for the ac pieces were broken! I have fixed all the links and also removed all the dupes and triplicate image posts.

Here are some updated images.

In the first colorized version of this piece I forgot about the white areas above the eyes and behind the dorsal fin. (pointed out to me by Komera - THANKS)

I realized after scanning this one that I have to redo the wings where they meet the back of the body.

For this tigress butterfly I decided to swerve away from my normal tiger colorations and make her blue and white. I really love how she turned out!

I wanted to create another squirrel piece and couldn't come up with any ideas so I thought that I would show what happened to the squirrel I did draw after he ate all his nuts that he was saving up for winter!  (Of course I will be redoing a bit of the sketch before coloring)

I wanted to create some zebras and I came up with a couple of ideas. (Sorry there aren't more males everyone.)

Here is the second one relaxing in a field.

My second unicorn watching over his valley.

*giggles* With this piece I was running out of ideas, as you can probably tell, and came up with this one as a silly one. After scanning it I needed to give it a title. I laughed and the only title that seemed fitting for this one was "Dramatic leave". LOL

And here is the last sketch so far. I know. Way too many already. LOL

This is a lion reaching up to the sky in hopes of finding love. *I had some critique on this one on my LJ so I will be making some changes to it before coloring it.


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