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I have several anthro art pieces up for sell on Ebay if anyone is interested.  You can find them here:
Lady Gouldian Finch
"Silent thoughts" pegasus
"Upbeat Cockatoo"
"Dreaming Unicorn"
"Dancing Alicorn"
"Napping tigress"
"Exercising F Clouded Leopard"
"Racing for the win" alicorns m/f
"Playing with waves" dolphin
"Dragon with a broken heart"
"Sexing male Clouded Leopard"
"Sexy bathing buck"
"Silly male panther"
"Want a carrot?"
"Showing off m Pegasus"
"Orca male among friends"
"male  butterfly free falling"
"Sexy f blue butterfly"
"Waking chameleon tigress"

I have colored some more sketches but still need to download the drivers for the scanner.  WS finally got my comp back up and running and now I am having to reload all my programs etc.


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